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the 20th of July and the 20th of dugust, extracted from the London Gazelles.


Fullager Genrge, Chucyrow, Ham.på eadcorn merchant.

( Williams, Curitor Arret

Gammts Charles, Axmiofter, draper. (Adam, 0!* (The Solicitor's Namnes are between Parentheses.) Jewry

Gould John, Harringtnn. paper manufacturer (Cardate ASHWELL James Wallis, Cricheffer, pencer. Daniell,

And Spears, Gray's inund Check. Everinam
Colchriter, and Peacock Eby Place, Holborn

Gibfun Robert, Leicester kreet, vidualler. Allen, Anderson James, Gateshead. Durham. gioce. Bell and

Carlile Atreet, Soho Broderick, Bow lane. Chenpride, and Francis Sey. Hamilrun Chrifopher, Windfor, lisen draper (Jones, mour. Newcarle-ipon Tyne

Martin's lare, Can ftreet Ackland Nathaniel Voion treet. Bishopgate Atreet, woriter Hudgkinfon George, Muftiuahan, cotton Spinner (All. maker. (Popbiu..0, Deau sttect. Sono, and Knight.

top and w 119, Nottinchain Kenfington

Hathaway William. Mudborough, Gloucefterhire, cinthier. Barnes Marriott, Wolverhampton, milliner. (Webb and

(Constable, Symond's inn, and Lainburs, Schoude Tyn:all, Birmingham

Gloucesterthire Brill William, Wooabridge, butcher. (Moore. Wood Hering David, Leicerer fyware, upholderer. (Morton, Mock ftreet

Gray's in care Been Elizaleth, Parliament fract, milliner. (Dixon, Hampion Jamrs, woolwich, upholderer. (fraacs, Bury Allen, ani bent, Pater noter row

Street. $:. Mary's Aye Berriege Williams, Maiden tane, Wuod Arect, horier. Hewet Thomas, John Dowding and Jeremiah Hewett, All fop and Wells, Motringham, and Tayiur, Gray's

chthfair, clothiere (Homes and Luwded, cie.

met's inn, tid Lampard. Warminder Browne John Armitape, and Charles. Leadenhall freet, Harrifun Henry, Yok, rupe make!, (Sykes and Knowles merchants. (Palmer, Tomlinsous, and, 'Thomprom,

New inin, and Martin, H. Copthall court

Harrison William. and William Gont, Little Tower free Biddle john, Birmingham, fafor. (Riddle, Wolverbampe

mercu.c. (Couper and Lowe, Suuthampton tun, and W ams, stories inn

buildiors Ballin Samuel, Wotten- uncer Edge, Gloucet er fivet. Haffelt william. Manchener, grocer. (Hewitt and Kirk frith. (tephard and Aglington, Bedford row,

Manchufter ud Ellis, Chancery lare and Shephard, Lath

Hancock Abraham. Shefirid. erneur. (Thurgue. Shet Briggs Gregory Jeremian, Gravefond, Sopeler. (Burt

heid, ang atiaye, Chancery lane and winford Jiho strett Crutched Friais

Higgins Williant, Neu port. focking mapraturet. Bolton Richard Horth York. Calico manufactures.

(Smith, Wolverhampton, aud Price and Wtiliais (Evane, Hatton Garden. aud Crosby, Bradford

Old Puilainss. (Lincoln Ion Burrough Michael. New Sarum, banker. (Arney. Close, H ay William, Manthorpe, milier. (Walker, Spilbury Srli mury, and take and white, Ec* ireet Strand

and EIL, Chancery lat Bereman Thomas, Bunbull row, calico glazier. (Edward Howaria Peter. Sowerby Briare, linen draper." (Barnet and Lyon, Great Ruled Areet, Bloomsbury

Manchefter, and multy, Tiple Bull Thomas, Wadhurit, ihopkeepif. (Cooper, Lewis, Marfull Ldward George treet Adelphie merchant: and foule and Paimer. Doughty Areet

(Wy ourn and Burke, Crair's cort, Charing Cror Bowler Edelt, Edgware, baker. (Langley, Plumbtree Hitchener William Henry. Henley-upon-Thames, linea Arcet, fromsbury

draper. (Mayu and Kerkely. Gray's inn iguare Buckhurst Stephenle Hainmersmith. carpenter. (Ha! and

Holmrs harles. Bull Head court, Newkate trect, habet. Drake Salters Hold, Cannou freet

dather. (Hughes, Chritt's church pafiage, Nein Baker William sangate, Mip-builder. (Righy and

taie freet Lowlep. Chatham place

Mouk Joseph Bermond fey New nead, victueller (Op. Champion Pauh Darnall, Yurk, victualier. (Thurgar,

charo. 15, Martun Garden heffield

Healey Samuel, Liverpool, merchant. (Avifun, Hanover Clarhe William Water lane. Tower freet, merchant

Arcet (Winbolt. Fore ftreet

Jones Thomas, Colmore row. Birmiopham, tailor. Cooper Matthew, south Shields merchant. (Rainbridee,

(Cooltable. Symond's inn, and Simcom BUR Ring South Shields Bell and Brodrick, Bow lane, Cheap

Birmingham fit

Jackfoo Scaphen, Wendover, linch draper. (Jeffe, ily Child Thomas Bowlas, Neath, Glamore2o, tanner.

Prince s firce., Schu (Powell Neath, aud Cur il cod pear. Gray's inn Jameron William, Irince's tow, Whitechapel road, coal Cockill wiliam, and Wilian Nowell liewsbury, York,

Serchant. (Anthony, Hatton Garden curriers (Rylan, Dew bury, and Crosley, Holburn Kopp Fredericus Cufper. Garden row, Old Atreet roue,

cutler, Concs and Sandell, New cour, Crutched Corbert William, Token House Yard, insurance broker.

friars Reardon and Davis, Curbet duurt, Cracechurch Keymer Ruhert. Colchefer. victualjer. (Writton, Greze: Arcet

james Itreet, Ned ord row Dulin Toomas, St. Margaret Hill Borough Jeweller. Keys Jttery. Gul Drett, Limehou se merehant. (Lle. (searle. Child place, 1 emple par

wcliyr, Fleet Itreet Durham Alexander, Jun. Birininglan, grocer. (Tho. Kerigan Joha, iiverpuol, boot maket. (Wedddwcroft mas Bidole, Wolveritampton, and c. Willian 3,

Gray - inn, Davies, Liverpool taple's ing

Lumb Miniai and Thomas, 1 ceds, York. cabinet makers. Dalzeli Archibald, Great Alie street Goodman's Fields,

(Granker. Leeds, and Crolley. Heibers court Irrth nt. (warrand and Wood, Castle court, Laycock 'I homas, Mštrosics, Rupseller (Adams, Old Burow

Jewry Dickins i humas, South Areer, Hanower fquare, tailer. Lande Abraham, Leadenhall Street, bardwaremau. (Pawfon and Wrattihaw, Warwick Aret, Goiden

(Hirtley.) New Bridgetireet square

Lawne Baxtou, of Weedon, Berks. hawker. (Goodhali. Dickins Thomas, Chapel place. Sonth Audley Areet, tailor.

W ingboro, and Ager, Furuivat's inn (Dawson and waitidam, Warwick areet, Gulues Lavender James. Yeovil, gardner (White, Yeovil, and square

Bpáford, King's Bench Walk, Tempe Downeud Samuel Sheffield.grecer. (Thursr, Shefield, Lloyd Wiliran, Tittal, merchant. (Mefi. Smith, and Battage, Chancery lane

Botol Dawes lohn, William Nodir, Richard Herry Croft and Munt Thomas, Wallington, Berk Feltmonger. (Heder. Bichard Barwick, Pall Mil, bankers. Clayton,

and Son, Walling ford, 3d Price and williams, Liu. cutt. aud Aa inire, New fquare, coussinn

coln's inn Dawson Jannes, Craven Buildincs, Drury lane, is ivtner. Maffet William, Wotton Under Edge. Gloucester linea Saunders, Scot's ya d Buthlane, Cannon rest

draper. (Shephard and Adlington, Bedford row, Davis Philip, Birdham baker. (Pew. Henrietta itreet, + and Speppard. Bath Covent Gaiden, ard 'hamp, Chichest

Moore Henry, Brornley, taylor. (Yogue, Symund's inn. Davis Norris. LIVED Thupkeeper. (Partington, Mitchell Jerie, Tifchheld, linen draper willis. F'sir: Brown ürett, Marchette and Hurd, Inner Temple

horne, and Clarke, Warsford court, TitrogmerkonX Drake Francis, Plymouth Dock, ker. (Elworthy,

treet Plymuih Dock

Malieilien William, and George, Manchester, cotton twise Earle John, Uxbridge. Mopkeeper. (Ruanden and Davis.

dealers. Halüead an. Ainsworth, Mancheter Corbert our G'acechurch Areet

and Milne and Patry, Temple Elfstrand Daniel, and Sanuel Valley, Kingston upon Hull, Martell John i quis, Lower Thames Arcet. merchant merchants. (Sykes and Knowles New Ino, and

(Crowder, lavie, and Garth. Frederick place Martin), Hull

Morgan John, Green Man, and still, Coppice row, Clerk Fea Joku. Kinetton upon Hull, merchant. Meffes. T.

entrell, victualler (Vaudercom and Comyo. Bulk . c. Fr , Hull

lane Fleming william, Birmingham, timber merchant. I owen Newman Allen jó, Prith freet. Soho. printer, Shere and Hicks, Bartlett's building, and betwick, kir.

win. Great St. James's arert, Bedford row Ininghani

Newman James, Coruhill, merchant. (Kivington, F¢D Fell Henry Watling Areet, Mancheiter warehouseman,

church itreet Courteen. Walbroul

Norton Joho. Bloxhamn, innholder. (Walford, Golby and Sande Samuel Nenry Sun freet, warehouseman, How

Walford, Banduty, and Meyrick **& Broderip, Red aro and Abrahams, Jewly freet, Aidgate

Lion fyware


arv: to Craveren allero Sporturera

Makes Thomas, Frith freer, Soho, paftry cook. (Ar Ainsworth Thomas, Blackburn, cotton manufacturer, towamith. Little Carter lane, Portor's Commons

Sept. 3
Northa janet. Thomas Apgaile, iron fou udir. (Street Alderton George, Jun. Bury St. Edmund's, Aationer,

and Woolfe, Philpot lane, and lurer Plimpton, Sept 6

Albney Rübert, Amby de-la-Zouch, brickmaker. Septren Daniel, Bridol, Potter. (James, Giay in tember 10

fquare, Cornish, Brifol Porter Thomas Union court, city merchant.

Bryan Robert, Greek freet, Soho, tallow chandler, Sep.

(Parther teinber is 210 Sons, London ftreet

Baictelor Jorn, an'Joan Petrie, Lark Hall Place, Surry, Pritchard Gorge, New freer, Petter lane, bricklayer.

builders. July ?! Chippendail, Great Queen Atreet, Lincolli's inn Bishop Mouliner.'Roliert an1 William, Cambridge, woollen fields

drapers Septus Pearson John, Hyde Crofs, Manchener, grucer. (ROUT Bowler Willin fen. Cafle reet. hattet, August : diun 2nd Hewitt, Little Friday ftreet, Chrapade

Loyd Thomas, Buckingham frtet, Strand, wine merchant,
Paul John, Paddinzion street. pawobroker. (Fitke, Pall.
Brave place, Strand

Buhb John. Leadenhall Preet, hier. AUPU 5
Pearfon Richard, Truterden, draper. (Payne and More
Read, Aldermanbury

Bruce Jakin, mater mariner, and owner of the Maria,

Dnev ly at the port of Hull, Aurut 7 Phillipps Thomas and John, jun, Milford merchants,

Bigz Peier, Gloucester Te race, Cannon Areet road, auto Wadefon. Barlowand Grosvenor. Aurtin Friar3

rioneer, Auglift 28
Pripps Richard Maiditose, tinen draper. Moore, Na clay James, old Brond ftreet. merchant, Augnt 29
Woodstock @reet

BUTRE John, Came Cary, stocking maker. Aneu 20
Firt Joha, Culeman freer, au&ioneer. (Wasburouch,

BIRRS Gregory Jeremiah, Graverendt, fopfeiler. Aug. 18 Pullips Thoinas Mulford Pembroke, merchant.

Bull Tohn, Grove place Deptford, victualler, Sept. 32 (Hil.

Cantrell Thomas, Manchetter, Straw hat manufacturer, yard and King, Copthall court

August 10
Fiskerine Jureph, Balii well, Culton spinner (E 1:e,
Queen ftreet Manchester, and Zore, loner Tesple

rose George and John nefreld, Rercers. Aurut 3

Common Robert North Shields, procer Sept. 11
Roffey Senjamu), New Bhd "reet, tailor Steva fon,
Nero Square, lidendu'à inn

Clive Theophilus and Samuel Richardson, Tosken House

yard, archarts, Aneuit 27 Rawlinfun nbata, and Thoinas Berot, Liverpool, mer.

Caithners Thomas, New Bond ftreet, watch maker ctants. (L200, Liverpool, and Atkinfully chancery

57: Bouland for Samuel, Edward, Ifaac and William Rrien,

Carnphell Barnabas, Priprefs rrect, Ratcliff Highway,

in furre broker, Aurut 26 Cheaplid, wachou femto. (Wiltthire and Bolton, Old Broat @reet

Cristen John, Halewon, Suffolk, plurber, August 18

Cohen Allier, Manchester, mech.nt AURUS
Rayner John, Hurocr üreçt, builder. (Eaftabrokc. ,

Calle Georze, Sclerares York, huiler, August 31
Quad Richard, Lothbury. factor. Greeron aod Dickson,

Ceasby William. Yrk, Rocet, August 31
Angel court. TrigiDorton Atreet

Culmer Gerrge, Chiam, miller, Sept. 3

Cottrill Edinunt, on, Vine frect, bacon merchant. Rowland in Samuel. and Edward Snac Cheapfide. ware. houleman.

August (Pitches and Sampin, weth 's lane ester Thomas. Kingfornou Hut. merchaut.

CO Elzabeth Olvefton thopkeeper, Sept. 13

(Eliis, chided Jane Sourhampton, ale merchant. Sene 4 Chancery lane and Martin, Huil Sirack Williain, Pancraft late, merchant.

Cooper Richard, Paradire frect platterer Sept 8

(Hackett, Bearbender Jane

Ciutton Oren, Toney freet. cnon merchant, Sept. 8 Sykes William, White Lion street, Norton Falgate, feed

Chinev John Great Mary le Bone Arett, grocer, Sepf

tenheris or. (Courtcen, Walbrook sbaspe Jon, Great Perer teet, wert: baker. (Tiis.

Dotion Robert Graves, Rosemary lane, vittuiller. Augusti

Dowres Thomas, Berald, Tenun ftreet, Goodman's fields

jun. Hereford, muney fcrivener, Smith John, with ustan victualler. (Foulkes Rad Crer.

Augu , well. Manchner, 800 Foulkes, LONGO

Dilarncy Angel Ritrael Ionis. Clakeler, dyer. Sept. 3

and Beck. ett, Grayston

Doornick Raton Von Edmund Griftirn, and Jeremiah Sharpe Charle, Pitery, Birmingham. factor. (Nicholls.

Donovau, Well Aiect, Wellclofe fyrare, patent fuap 16. Gray's in fquare, and Mole. Birmingham

make. Augoro @mallpeace Ann, Liverpool, miner. (Mayhew, Sy.

Dewhurt John Halifax, rrocer, AURA 27 mond's inn

Dawes Joint. Witam Noble. Rchard Henry Croft, and Scutt Benjamia, Brighithelmstonebuilder (Bronker

Richard Rarwick. Pall wall, bankers, Aufr 14 aad Colebatch, wrichteliniuoc, Aud Barber, Chaa.

Darrall Thomae. Biling hamn, brewer Sept. 14 cery lane

Davis amuel jud Il fordd, ninpkeeper Sep?. Bpilsbury Charles, Angel court, Skinner Areet, printer.

Denefin lain.. William Andrewe Phelps, and George (stephens. 2, sjon Coliedre Gardens

Witain, Friday stret Warehoufan, Sept. 1 Saunders Joseph, Wating freet, warehouseman. (Til.

Dickins Thomas, chapel Piace, ouch Audley sireet, lai. fon. Chatham place. Srdce street

lor. Auguft IR Strickland Sion, Richmond Green, tai or. (Rivers, Garlic

avere Carti Dibdin Charles, Strand. mulicreler, Sept. in Hill

Davis Henry, Sunderland, cap maker. Sep

w Shephard George, Prome Selwood, clothier, ame.

Aug. 23

Fleming John. Blackturn, coton manufacturer. Red Liun quare, 21 Williams and Buih, 1 ruw.

frater Heny, Manchter, tex dealer, Aurut 18 bridge

Ford Sale! Riringlam. merchant, Augusts Plor Georee. Sheffield. cordwainee

- Fortnum wiliaui, Bail Alley, Lombard freet fationer, Garden. 2nd Rudgers, Sheffield

AURIS 75 Tierney Joho. Rinopgate Atreet, merchait. (Mefrs.

Fly William, and John Fly, Croydon, bricklayers, Sept. Blunt and Bowman, Old Beth em

Fuller john amics. Yoxfort, thopkeeper. cpt. 10
Tabor John Collins, Colchifter. merchant. (Daniell,

Fourners Robert, Gainsboro in iron founder. Sept. 20
Colchester, and Pocock, Ely place

Grid Tin Harvinden. Der maler, Auruito
Twibit John, Maccle field treet, buider. (Sweet and

Goodall The Philoslane merchant. Sept it Stoks, King's Bench Walk

Gorontanee, Minchester, mechant. Augot 2B Twailin James, Lucae hilt, rookeeper. Piuttiy, Wand.

Gihinn Gnu Livr.), pipe maker, B worth, and Owen, and Hicks, Hartlett's buildings

Harri z John Narrow Bieet. Limehouse, t mber mer. Thompson Job. Co'cheiter. Rocer. (Miiton and Pow.

chan, s.p. 15 nail, Kuight Rider forect

Harrifon Thomas. ('amomile treet. tationer, Sept. , Wyatt Juks, Mitre court. Aldcate, fationer.

Hark (Pullen,

Johu, Adale Aret, Wood freet. Merchant, 3. Pure freet, Cripplegate Weale Philip Kiapston, Hereford tailor. (Pewtrils,

Hunter Andrew, Little Portland Greet cuach maker, Gray's inn, and Stephens, Kinglon, Herefordshire

Angin 14 William. Tbomas, Manythu si yne. Monmouth, coal mit

Hills Usborn, reditch.cheaferronger. Auguft 30 chant. (Stephens. Sual: freet Brides, ad Sweet

4ir Henry. Lingard Wrno York. ciocnir, ATU 20 and Stukes, 6. King's Beach walke

Hickory muel Dowgate Hill a merchant, AURUTA Woodman Widam, Lime Greet Guaro aerchant.

Hale Harry and Harry Bargard Hale, Birchi lade, oilta n. Pafmore, wer ford court, ThrORIDO on treet

Se pt 15 Wheatley George, Kington upon Huli, merchant. (Galen

-Win Gideon. Southmofterfreet. tailor, Aupit 28 Maire, Parlament Areet, Huil, aud Gwards, Ex

Hunton am Woolwich, mbloerer. Auput 29 chequer uffice, Incob's inn

Herve Henry. CheapGite. ereiler, Augints Wild William, Burge tow, warehoufemian. (Hewitt

Jones Richid David Cheitenam. linen rapor. Sept. and Xith, Manchester. and Ellis. Chancery lane

Jon-s Jan. John Owen) ng Mnry Abbur, Bucklesbury, Wild William, and James Dalton, Mancheter dealers in

mrchant, Aruit 5
twit. Hewitt Rad Kirk, Manchester, and Ellis,

Tackton Samliel, Bermonsteyitreet, wo: tapler, Sept.
Chancery isne

Joh. fon Tofephe liver noui taliw handler. August 20
Whitnell James Arthur Areet, Golden lune, victualler.

Keyte joh', wirmingham, huil er, Aug 125
Marfan, Church Row Sewington Butts

Kefiirin Thomas Alvy. Norwich, baker, Augus
Worth Michael Dougate pilt, ftationer. (Evit and

Kymer Robert, Cochote victualer, Aurut
Rixon, Haydon fanate ..

Kopp Fredericus Carpet Garden Row, Olu ftreet road, Weterman Francis, Manchefer, cot on Spinner (Ellis,


Chartery lane, and Kachna ManchIter

Kirkpatrick William, and Richard Cort, Bread free Cagury Sourdon Great Prescot treel, merchant. (Falu. .

warmifem-1), AUPnft 30
tr, Toriinfo is, and Thompson, Copt all court

Lernb John, hennail. dyer. August 23
1312 Luke. Kinrcler, Hante ihopkeeper, A&A 25

Lucas Willian (cap de warehouseman, Aucun 25

ir till William Leeds Spil me chant. Auguit jo Andrew

Lee James, Lenklinti craper, Angutt 25 Thomas, Balingdal Areet, Blackwell factors, augu 10

Ludian Jeffery, Wood Arcet, huler, Sepi.


her Join

CPE, George

Mayning silveter. Mancheter, merchant, Aupuit 30

Spirkernell Richard, Seven Oaks. Bent innkeeper Manwaring Edward, Wellclure fquare, tallow chandler, september 8 Augun an

Schnieder Richard, William Ulrick. White Lion courl. Mors David, Ratcliff Highway, linen draper Sept. 1

Birchin lane. merchant. fept. Marthall''homas, Scarborough. vintner. Sept. 3

Stratton George, Piccadilly Ironmonger. sept. 11 Melton John4 Spitaifelds, furniture broker, Auku 21

Stockwell George Sheeneis. boat builder fcpt. 1 Macau by John, Patrick Whytock, and John Duncan, Li Sadler Robert South Shields, me chant sept. 8 verpool, merchant, Sept. )

Scuit Benjamio. Bighthelmstone. builder. August 10 Mallard John, Srinol, merchant, Sept. 1

Sicvens John, and Edward Baker Whi.coinbc St, brewery Norris John, Portsmouth, baker. Augwft 18

september 15 Nicholson Henry, Charlton Crescent, I Rington, merchant, Schnieder Richard; William Alrick; White Lion court; Avgui il

Birchin lage; merchant: september 12 Nicho! fon Francis, Lait Redford mercer, Auguft jo

Stockweli George; shree neis; boat builder: fept: 8 Newman Henry, Skinner Atreet, currier, Sept. 4

Trubeck William Henry Minories. victualer. sept. 33 Nordish Henry Meopham. butcher, Sept. %

Tábait Bejati. Bind street. Diakseller. Augusti Oates Edward, Leeds, dryfaler, Augu 18

Tucker John and Richard Rothwell, Manchester, coftca Oram Jono, High Oreet, Borough, checicmonger, Sep manufacturer. A P&18 tember 15

Towafora Jobin Liverpool. merchant. Argus 29 Ollivant Thomas, Manche?er, flversmith, Sept 4

Tindle Thomas Whitley, faimer. Sept. 11 Ollivant wiliam, Mancheiter, cotit manufacturer, se Turvey Thurnas. Han baker. A glez tember 4

Timson Johp. Watson, and John Baxter. Lciceter. linen Oatrs Edward Leeds. dryfalter, Sept. 24

· arapers. Sept. 12 Poulier William, Upper Thames Areet, Aationer, Veichtner Job i Frederick Angel Court. Throgmerton street, Aug. 21

mc chant. Sept 15 Payler Thomas, Greenwich, merchant. Augun

Wells Thomas. and George Owen Tuke. Bankfide. timbe! Pugh George, and James Davis, Old Fith kreet, cbeinifts, merchant's Agst 2 Augu as

Wil10 Jeha. jun and John Williams. Loggacre. coach Plimpton John, William Goddard and James Plimộtop, Kakers, August 18 wood ireet, warehousemnell, Sept. 8

Wirtzm Laurence, Market kreat Newpor i market. potatoe Partick Thomas, King freet, Covent Garden, Optician, merchant August 4 Auguit

Watmar gh Robert and Robert Williamson Clapham. Liver. Tayler Thomas, Gireenwich, merchant, August

pool. soap boiler Auguffa? Patterson Thomas, Nicholas lanc, underwriter. Sept. 1 Wharton George Nurthouiam. York caico manufacturer. Folley John, New Bond treet, furniture printer, Sep. August 24 tember

wofon jonathan, White Horse street, Ratcliff, dyer. Aug Rock John, WeAmorland Buildings, taylor, Sept 8 Rybor Francis. Cheapride, sik mercet. August 18

Williams Hery. Cleptow merchant. Augud 17 Reddith Samuel, William, Joftph, and Jaines, Presbury. Wi.helm, Herman Martin's Lane, Cannon treet. merchant, cotton fpinners. Sept. 6

Abu 25 Rodgers Mores. 1 ooring, victualler. Sept. 1

Willian fen William. Grimsby-on-the-Hill. Nottingham, coRoute Benjamin. jun. Sittingbourne, Kent. dealer. factor. sept. 2)

Whitelock Edward, Queen's ruw, Pentonville, finance Royfon Henry. Liverpool. drugrill, August 20

broker. August 25 Rawlinson Robert, Liverpool, sadler, Auguft 70

Wrigby James. Put itreet, Blackfriars, hat maker. Augut Robinton Stephen Saffron Waldeni, carpenter, Augusto

25 Ratcliff Wiliam. Exeter. baker. Auguft:

Wilson Stephen Weltmoreland place, City road merchant. Rhudes Samuei. Newcattle Under Lyme, groCCT. AUG. 29

August 19 Spustifwbode Joha, Token Houte yard, money forveDer Woolcombe William. fem. and William Woolcombe in sept. 1

Rotherh.the, Mapbuilders August 21
Sinclair Archibald, Cattle court. Birchin lane, merchant. Whatley John. Mark Lane. cornfactor Aiguk 19
August 18

Wyatt Joh), Mitre Court. Aldcare flationer. Auguft 29 Shirt Davin York. tanner, August 20

Wuolley John tarkinfoo. Wadham Gscen. brewes. August Sayer Jofeph. Upper North place. Gray's inn lane. Cuach

75 makets August 21

Wrighe Charles. Aldgate robacconies fept3 Scott John Davis, South Cadbury. jobber August 25

Wation John and Paul Carteral.. Prefon. cotton spinress, Stevens John and Edward Baker. Whitcombe St. brewers, fept 3 Allgutt 14

Willis George Mors Jukes James Gray Jackson apd Spencer Abrant. Balinghall stirer woollen Craper. Avr. 25 Joh Langby. Satsbury fare. avy agent tept, 8 Sirock William. Palicras laure. merchant August a

Willan. Roser. Ledweity fhupkeeper Tops Sheldon Richard Henry. Nevill's Court. Feiter lane jew. Wilkins john. and Thomas Lcy baji ghali itreet. factory. eller. August 18

Auput : 1 Sadier Robers. South Shields, merchant. fept. 11

Webiter Michael, Witham; builder: fept, 11 Saunders Thomas, Rosuur Market. builder. AURUST 27 Wakching Edward, Ciace, brever, fept, Sand Ralpis. lentfurd, wine merchant August 25

Worley (laac; jiriig Fisnitreet hill, bien drapes, rept, 8 Iwan Roberts Liverpool. confectioner, fipt 7

Wei John, Somers Place Eait, paaifteret, fept; is

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Containing official Papers andhuuthentic Documents.


tains in good order, and without molestation, THE island of Anholt, in the Baltic, which with the intention of taking post between them

has been fur some time in possession and Adrianople, whither reinforcements were of the English, is to be strengthened by every hastening, which would augment it to 150,000 possible means, so as to be capable of repel. men. ling any attack that may be made on it by In some respects, the Russian detachments the Danes.

under generals Lewis, Markuw, and Langerun, The king of Denmark has offered himself bad been extremely successful, having redu. as successor to the throne of Sweden upon the ced Giurgewo, Bailesti, Widdin, and several demise of the present sovereign, and proposed other strong places on the Danube. to make Stockholm his capital in the event of Wallachia has been formally incorporated an union of the three kingdoms.

with Russia, and the event has been celebraTURKEY.

ted at Bucharest with great splendour." The Turks have defeared the Russians in a great battle, which lasted two days, with

GERMANY great slaughter on both sides. The Turkish The queen of Prussia died on the 19th ult. head-quarters were removed from Schiumla after a severe illness, which commenced on on the 24th of June, in consequence of the the 30th of June, arising from an abscess in concentration of the Russian corps, and the the lungs. Her Majesty was in the 35th advance of the main army. The Turks had. year of her age: previously retreated over the Balkanian moun. The inhabitants of Hanover continue to


smart under the exactions of the French, not- logne, Coblentz, Mayence, and Strasburgh, withstanding their incorporation with West. 300 francs; cottons from all other places, phalia. The principal places are garrisoned those from Naples excepted, 600 francs ; . with French troops, and this is made the pre- those from Naples, the old duties; raw sugar.

tence for renewing the war.contribution for 300 francs; clayed or loaf sugar, 400 francs; • three months longer.

hyson teas, 900 francs; green teas, 600 ITALY.

francs; all other teas, 150 francs ; indigo, The accounts from Messina to the 25tli of 900 francs ; cocoa, 1000 francs ; cochineal, June, represent the enemy's preparations for

2000 francs; white pepper, 500 francs; black the invasion of Sicily as being completed, and

ditco, 400 francs ; common cinnamon, 1400 that though several of their gun beats and

francs ; fine ditto, 2000 francs; cloves, 600 convoys from Naples and Salerno, with francs ; nutmegs, 2000 francs; mahogany, artillery and warlike stores, had been de 50 francs ; Pernambucco wood, 120 francs ; stroyed, yet their small craft, to the number

ir amall craft, to the number Campeachy ditto, 80 francs; dye woods, of 500, was secured by formidable batteries ground, 100 francs. along the coast of Calabria.

Art. II. When the custom-house officers The last accounts from our squadron em. Suspect that the declarations concerning the ployed on the coast of Calabria, state that species or qualities are false, they shall send we had been invariably successful in taking specimens to the director-general of our cusor destroying all the armed vessels or gun toms, who is to cause chem to be examined boats of the enemy that our tlotilla engaged. by commissaries who have a knowledge of

The French bave evacuated the Island of these branches, attached to the ministry of Fanu, to the north ward of Corfu, which had the incerior; and who, in every such examibeen taken possession of by Captain Griffiths, nation, shall be assisted by two manufacturers of the Leonidas,

or merchants, chosen by the minister of the The necessary measures have been taken interior. If it shall appear that the decla for the blockade of the canal of Corfu, and rations are false, all the merchandize shall from this time all the measures authorized by be seized and confiscated. the laws of nations, and the respective trea better from ibe French Minister of Foreign Re. ties between his Majesty and the different lations, 10 Mr. Armstrong, ibe American Am. negiral puwers, will be adopted and executed bassador.

Paris, Aig. 5, 1810. with respect to all vessels which may attempt SIR. I have laid before his Majesty the lo violate the said blockade.

Emperor and King, the act of Congress of the SPAIN AND PORTUGAL.

1st of May, extracted from the paper of the A great battle is daily expected on the

United States, which you had transmitted to frontiers of Portugal between the English

me. His Majesty could have wished that

this act, and all other acts of the United and Portuguese armies under Lord Wela

States that may concern France, had been Imgton, and the grand French army under

always officially notified to him. The Emo Marshals Massena, Ney, and others.

peror applauded the general embargo laid by King Joseph was, on the 26th ult. in the

the United States on all their vessels, because

the i neighbourhood of Valencia, with an army of

that measure, if it has been prejudicial to 30,000 men, with which he intended to form

France, contained, at least, nothing offensive the siege of Tarragona.

to her honour. It has caused her to lose her The Regency of Portugal, through British

colonies of Goadaloupe, Martinique, and mediation, has purchased a two-years peace Cayenne. The emperor did not complain of of the Dey of Algiers for 900,000 dollars. it. He made this sacrifice to the principle This piratical prince declared war against which deterinined the Americans to impose France on the 29th of May.

the embargo, and which inspired them with In consequence of the interception of cou. the noblere

the noble resolution of interdicting them. riers with dispatches by the peasantry, orders

selves the use of the sea, rather than submit had been issued by king Joseph for the erec to the laws of those who wish to become its tion of a number of forts, at stated distances, tyrants. The act of the 1st of March reon the great road leading from Madrid to

moved the embargo, and substituted for it a Bayonne.

measure wbich must have been particularly FRANCE,

injurious to the interests of France. That

Paris, Aug 7. act, with which the emperor was not acHis Majesty issued on the 5th August, quainted for a considerable cime after, interat the palace of Trianon, the following dicted to American vessels the commerce of decree:

France, whilst it authorised a trade with Art. 1. The duties upon the importation of Spain, Naples, and Holland, that is to say, the under-mentioned goods and merchandize are with countries under French influence, and settled as follows.-By metrical quintal: the denounced confiscation against all French cortons of Brazil, Cayenney Surinam, Deme- vessels that should enter the ports of Amerary, and Georgia, long staple, 800 francs; rica. Reprisal was a matter of right, and Jevant cottons, imported by sea, 600 françs; commanded by the dignity of France, a cir. the same by land, through the offices ac Cocumstance upon which it was impossible to



make any compromise. The sequestration Bagdat, to places of trust and command in of all the American vessels in France, was their armies. They have likewise been joisthe necessary result of the measures taken by ed by several French engineers from Persia. Congress.

The last intelligence received respecting At present the Congress treads back its Meer Khan, stated that his force had been steps. It revokes the act of the 1st of March. reduced by sickness and want, and that the The parts of America are open to French natives, owing to the cruelty and rapaciousness commerce, and France is no longer intern of his troops, had become hostile to bum. dicted to the Americans. In short, the Con

SOUTI AMERICA. hress engages to oppose such of the bellige Intelligence is received of a spirit of indeTerst power's as shall refuse to recognize the pendance baving manifested itself at Buenes rights of neutrals. In this new state of Avres, and that some political changes had, in things, I am authorized to declare to you, consequence, taken viace. The Viceroy is out sir, that the decrees of Berlin and Milan are of power, and a new government is establishrevoked, and that, from the 1st of Novem. ed, consisting of a Junta of seven persons, et ber, they will cease to be in force, it being which Saavedra, the commander in chief ot understood that ia consequence of this decia the troops, is president. The Junta dispatchTation the English 'shall revoke their Orders ed messengers to the large towns in the inte. in Council, and renounce the new principles rior, in order to unite with them in determi. of blockade which they have attempted to ning the basis of a new government. establish; or that the United States, con Official Document. The provisional Junta of formably to the act which you have just government of the provinces of Rio de la communicated, shall cause their rights to be Plata, in the pame of king Ferdinand the SeIespected by the English. It is with the

venth, communicates the following arder, remost particular satisfaction that I inform you specting the mode of conducting public busi. of this resolution of the emperor. His Ma. ness: 1. The Junta will meet daily in the jesty loves the Americans. Their prospe Royal Fort, where the president will reside, rity, and their commerce, enter into the views and business will be transacted from nine in of his policy. The independence of America the morning till two in the evening, and from is one of the principal titles of the glory of five till eight at night. 2. All the concerns of France. Since that epoch the emperor has the Treasury will be conducted there in the felt a pleasure in aggrandizing the United vilices of the respective department. 3. Tie States; and in all circumstances, whatever department of Secretary of State is under the can contribute to the independence, the pros- direction of Dr. D. Juan Jose Passo, and that perity, and the liberty of the Americans, of War under the direction of Dr. D. Mariano will be regarded by the emperor as conform - Moreno. 4. In the decrees on subiects relating able to the interests of his empire.

to the capital, on inferior matters, and in cer. Letters from the English prisoners in France, tain cases where great disva:ch is required, gives a most distressing account of the cruel the signatures of the president, authenticalcu treatment of chose confined in the Castle of by his secretary, will be sufficient. 5. In matBirche,

ters that are decided by the Junta, the presse HOLLAND,

dent and ten members will form a quorum), The city of Amsterdam has sent a deruta. but in attairs of high import to the governtion to Paris, to present to his Imperial Ma- ment, every member must concur in the meajesty the homage of its inhabitants.

sure. 6. In statements and official papers, ad. The ex-king of Holland has quitted the dressed to the whole Junta, the members are Westphalian territory, and proceeded to Top to be styled their Excellencies, but no such ficz, in Bohemia, where, it is said, he will re- distinction is to be paid to the members indi. main during the babing season. His eldes vidually. 7. The military are to pay the same son has been removed to Paris.

honours to the Junta as before to the ViceThe dock vards of Antwerp and the Scheldt rays, and on otber occasions they are to take are abundantly supplied with ship-iimber the same rank. 8. The president is to receive from the interior of Germany, vast quantities the same compliments as is bestowed upon the of which have been brought thither at an Junta in a body, and on all occasions and cirimmense expense.

cumstances. 9. Matters relating to the disposal ASIA.

of places are to be laid before the Junta ao Accounts have been received from the Bric' before to the Viceroys, without prejudice to tish resident at Bussorah, communicating that the alterations necessary from the alteration a large body of troops had passed Suez in their of affairs in the Peninsula. 10. Each citizen progress to Medina, where they are intended is allowed to send to each member, or the to be stationed for the protection of that place whole Junta, and to state what lie thinks 2017, and neighbourhood, against the irruptions of ducive to the cause of public happiness and the Wahabees. Another division, appointed security. to join the expedition between Pied and Tima,.. 'D. MORIANO MORINO, Secretary. was intercepted and obliged to retreat. These

Brienos Aires, May 28, 1810. freebooters have lately appointed some Turo An insurrection al Quito had been suppressa kish officers who' revolted from the Pacha of ed; and the old government, to strike terror


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