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I feel considerable diffidence in accepting the honor which the resolution confers upon me, and it seems to me that if GENERAL WILDER and GENERAL THRuston, and a neighbor of our other comrade who resides near Chattanooga, and nearer them, are appointed, it might be better to have one of them for chairman, I don't want to monopolize all the honors in the premises. I should feel it an honor, of course, to serve on the Committee, but I should prefer to have my name omitted as chairman of the Committee, and let GENERAL WILDER or GENERAL THRUSTON act in that capacity.


MAJOR COLBURN is the proper chairman; that's all right. He is entirely too modest.


While I appreciate what has been said through the modesty of our comrade, I venture to say to the members of the Society that I think he would be the best person for chairman, because GENERAL WILDER lives at Roane Mountain, and is absent a good deal, and GenERAL THRUSTON is away down at Nashville, while MAJOR COLBURN is right on hand, and I think he is the proper man for chairman. All in favor of the resolution say, "Aye."

The motion was carried, and MAJOR W.J. COLBURX, GENERAL G. P. THRUSTON, CAPTAIN WM. RULE, GENERAL J. T. Wilder, and CAPTAIN II. S. CHAMBERLAIX were appointed as the Committee.


If there is no further business before the Society we will hear some announcements from LIEUTENANT Cochran.


Mr. Chairman and Comrades—It is arranged by the Committee on Entertainment that promptly at 2 o'clock to-day, the members, with their wives, assemble at the Boody House to be assigned to carriages for the purpose of a drive around the city. It has grown in beauty and size very greatly since you were here ten years ago.

We think the drive will be one you will enjoy. We want you to see where we are, who we are, and what we are.

There are two invitations here. You are generally invited to every place in the city, but there are two special invitations that I wish to read:

“The members of the Army of the Cumberland are corilially invited to visit the Toledo Public Library in its new building wheneyer convenient.

Very respectfully,

“ W. S. SCOTT.”

"The Trustees of the Toledo University cordially extend to the Society of the Army of the Cumberland an invitation to visit the Toledo Manual Training School during their Reunion.

"Very respectfully,

“ W. S. SCOTT, Pres't.

That is in the building next to this one. We pride ourselves that we have the most interesting Manual Training School in the United States. If you will go over there you will see the girls engaged in carpenter work and the boys baking—I am not sure about that, but every proper attention will be shown you, and MR. SCOTT will explain things. I wish to say that the members of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland have the first choice of seats at the Banquet on to-morrow evening. We have tried to prepare a Banquet creditable in all respects and that you will enjoy. While the Banquet tickets cost the Local Executive Committee a little more than $5.00 we are putting the price at $5.00, and we desire to know as early as

possible how many will want to be supplied with these tickets, so that those who are citizens who want to attend may do so, after the members of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland are supplied.

You are cordially invited, among other invitations, to visit the Ohio Yacht Club at their headquarters. We have been unable to assign any particular time for this in our programme owing to the press of other engagements, but if it should be your pleasure to go any time we will make arrangements. We didn't know how long a time the work of the Society would occupy us, and we were unable to define that portion of the programme.

We have a Comimitiee on Membership here. MAJOR ALCORN is kindly aiding us, and if any member of the Army of the Cumberland has not been able heretofore to join the Society we would be glad to have him do so. The officers of the Society will meet MAJOR ALCORN bere, and will give every information they can afford. Every honorably discharged soldier of the Army of the Cumberland is entitled, upon payment of $5.00, and stating what his position was in the army, to join this Society, and that will entitle him to a copy of this volume, of which GENERAL Cist has spoken, giving the entire proceedings of the Society, including the speeches at the Banquet.

To-night there will be a meeting in Military Hall, above this room, where we can comfortably dispose of some twenty-five hundred people; enough seats will be reserved in the front for the members of the Society, and after that the citizens who have contributed liberally to the Committee and have aided us, will be seated immediately in the rear of the Society, and after that the others will be seated.


I understand that arrangement includes the wives and daughters.


Yes, the space reserved for the Society includes the members, their wives, and daughters, and as CAPTAIN DOWLING hesitated, I

suppose he meant after that the sweethearts. There will be to-night an address by our beloved old Commander, GENERAL ROSECRANS, and that will be followed by the Annual Oration by GENERAL GATES P. THRUSTON, and I will enjoin the reporters to locate him properly: " THRUSTON, from away around the world, and Nashville particularly.”


He gets “away" from his subject


One of his neighbors is speaking for him. Now, as I was saying,

, the programme to-night will be interspersed with vocal and instrumental music. We hope that every person will enjoy the exercises to-morrow night, and our only regret is that the capacity of the Boody House dining-room is such that the tickets are necessarily limited.


Immediately after the meeting to-night the Committee have arranged for a Symposium at the Boody House.


That Symposium was inaugurated at Toledo ten years ago, and I was afraid, from the fact that there was no announcement of it, that it would be omitted. I consider that one of the most delightful parts of the Reunion of the Society. I understand that MAJOR ROPER is going to sing tonight at the Symposium.


Do I understand that the ladies will be at the Symposium?


I am not prepared to announce that; I believe that it was once defined that symposium nieant an intermingling of choice spirits; it was not said whether fluid or otherwise, and I believe that it was GENERAL SHERIDAN that said that they would all know the next morning what it was, if they kuew any thing.


In reading this programme, prepared by the Executive Committee, there seems to be great stress here made upon the wives and daughters in this entertainment; I don't hear any thing about the sons of the members.


The general is always prepared with a stopper; I don't know what to say to that.


“Let them come.”


Let the members bring their boys, the members of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland.

The persons who purchased railroad tickets under the terms of the circular sent out by the committee will please report to GENERAL Cist, and have them signed and get their return tickets at the Boody House at the Union Ticket Office.

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