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Thee, our Father, so to guide us in the future of life as that we shall always reflect honor upon the cause for which we fought and for which so many bled and died. May nothing be done here to-day, or during the exercises of this occasion, that will reflect dishonor upon themselves or in Thy sight. May every thing be done admirably, may we be able so to live during the remainder of life that Thou shalt say to us by-and-by, “ Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.” We ask all in the name and for the sake of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.


Comrades— Without further formality the business and sessions of the Society will now be taken charge of by our distinguished old Commander and President, GENERAL WM. S. ROSECRANS.


I am very happy to greet you at the end of another year since our last meeting. As our time is limited, we will proceed at once to the transaction of the business of this meeting, which will be to receive the reports of officers and committees appointed at the last meeting. We will first hear the report of the Treasurer, GENERAL FULLERTON. Before the general makes his report, however, we will hear a motion by CAPTAIN DOWLING.


Mr. President: I was about to say the Society of the Army of West Virginia, presided over by Ex-PRESIDENT Hayes, the successor to its late President, that gallant American soldier who has passed away during the last year, MAJOR-GENERAL GEORGE Crook, is now in session, and I move that the following be sent by our President, to be immediately transmitted by wire to our sister Society of the Army of West Virginia :

“The Society of the Army of the Cumberland, now in session at Toledo, sends fraternal greeting to the Society of the Army of West Virginia.


May I submit a motion ? The President of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland was the first Colonel of the regiment in which Ex-PRESIDENT HAYES was a Major, so that if the two Presidents communicate with each other it would be much better, and I move that be done.

The motion was carried and the telegram as amended was sent.


Now GENERAL FULLERTON will read his report.


I have the honor to make the following report of the transactions of the Treasurer during the past year:

(See Treasurer's Report, page 113.)


There were two members who joined the Society at the Chattanooga meeting and paid their dues to the Local Committee, and through some mistake in accounts the sum of ten dollars was not turned in, and it was nothing more than right that the payment should be entered as if debited to this account. The Local Committee turned in four hundred and fifty-five dollars, and this escaped in some way.


I would ask GENERAL FULLERTON whether only initiation fees, and not dues, are to go to the SHERIDAN monument?


They do.


And the dues also ?


There were but two or three initiation fees since the Chattanooga meeting, but the initiation fees collected at Chattanooga and the dues paid at Chattanooga were not included. The seven hundred and seventy-five dollars are the dues paid since the Chattanooga meeting.


Dues, not fees?


Well, I have turned over also the fees. There were only two or three of these fees, about fifteen dollars, since that meeting. It · shows in the statement, but that does not include the dues that were paid at Chattanooga nor the initiation fees paid there. Now, it is for the Society, at the present time, to decide whether the money that is collected here or between this and the next meeting shall be given to the fund.


The reason that I mentioned it was that GENERAL MUSSEY raised the question and made the remark, “Do I understand that the initiation fees or dues are to go to this fund?” I think you answered him not dues but fees.


Well, they have all gone to the fund.


I understand.


I move that the report be adopted.


I would suggest as to the item of the burial expense mentioned in the report, that I think the better course would be to unanimously confirm the action of the Treasurer in paying that, and I move that that be done.

The motion was carried.


As the question comes up on the adoption of the report, I of course know nothing at all of the circumstances regarding the ten dollars of fees or dues about which there is a remark in the report, and which of course must have come under the observation of the Committee on New Members at Chattanooga, and the report of course

is a reflection on that committee, and I shall ask the Treasurer to state the name of the party who signed the receipt for the ten dollars, in order that the matter may be brought up and properly passed upon. I think that should have been done in the report, inasmuch as a report of it has been made ; that it should have been stated who signed the receipt for the ten dollars.


It is not so stated in the report. It merely states the report of the committee as made, and that was my explanation of it.. I don't know who was responsible for it. Simply a certain number of names was presented to me, and a certain amount of money, which was ten dollars short, and which could not be accounted for. I can strike out, if there is any objection of the Society, that part of the report, if the Chattanooga Local Committee wants it done. I really don't know who was responsible for it. I only know that an amount was turned over to me, and that it was ten dollars short. It was through some accident of some kind, I don't know what.


Well, Mr. President, I don't think it is a proper reflection on the committee. I take issue with the Treasurer straight. If the Treasurer accepted a certain amount of money that was ten dollars short, when the money was paid over was the time to correct it, and I don't think it is the proper thing to go into the report.


I spoke of it at the time, but I have no objection to charging myself with it.


I suggest that by unanimous consent no memorandum be kept of

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