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indeed is it fitting that banners wave, triumphs be given, beauty lend her presence to the scene, and the highest devotion be accorded.

The Army of the Cumberland stood across the path way of treason on many a bloody field, and in deadly charge and amid the riot of canuon and shell gave to the nation the best that men can give-life, home, love and all. There was no reservation then on the part of these brave men, and there will be no reservation now on the part of those who willingly and cheerfully give to them praise and admiration. And it is most fitting that these men, now sere and gray,

bent in form and less bright of eye than when they went up at Murfreesboro and Chickamalga, shall assemble, in the golden month of September, when the yellow grain betokens the fruition of the hopes and desires of the year. So they, striving in the heat and burden of the deadly conflict, strewed thickly on the ground made sacred by their blood and that of their dead compatriots, that precious seed of patriotism, in which the glad people of this free and mighty land find abundant harvest of happiness and peace. They builded a stately mansion, in which the nations may assemble and be glad, and created a costly and beautiful home for the oppressed of the earth. And now they come, justly wearing the laurels of victory, and will together recount their valorous deeds and relate their wondrous story. For they offered all that man has to give, and the good God above us accepted their sacrifice and crowned their unselfish deeds with such rich measure of success as is vouchsafed to few mighty warriors. The fruit of the land and the fullness thereof is theirs in all royal welcome, and gladly will we tender to them the hospitality of this city of ours.

Hail and again hail, brave men of the glorious Army of the Cumberland! May the years yet remaining to you be years of peace and plenty, and may the measure of gratitude with which a grateful people crown your lofty endeavor be as free and generous and hearty as was the rich outgiving of that patriotism with which you so loyally and fearlessly battled to make indeed. Hail and hail again, grand, glorious Army of the Cumberland!


The closing event of the Reunion of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland was the banquet at the Boody House. As early as nine o'clock the guests began assembling, and in a short time the parlors and corridors were filled with the veterans and their wives, and a goodly number of citizens and their wives and daughters, who had been bidden to the feast. It was just exactly ten o'clock when the bugle sounded the call, and the assemblage, headed by GENERAL ROSECRANS, entered the spacious banquet hall.

The room had been handsomely decorated with tropical plants and national colors, and the tables, which had been arranged in three rows, were a mass of cut flowers. The seat of honor was given GENERAL ROSECRANS, who, with GENERAL ALGER, GENERAL CIST, GENERAL BARNETT, COLONEL WICKERSHAM, and IIon. R. II. Cochran, occupied a long table on one side and in the center of the long hall. The other guests, to the number of about 150, were seated in groups of six at the other tables.

After a menu of several courses had been thoroughly discussed, and a few glasses of Pommery Sec had warmed the hearts and brightened the intellects of all present, PRESIDENT ROSECRANS arose, and calling the assemblage to order, announced the intellectual feast, and introduced JUDGE Cochran as toast-master.

The work of the Local Executive Committee was a labor of love, cheerfully performed by every member thereof, and our only regret is that we could not do more, and that a greater number could not meet with us.

Twice has the Society honored Toledo, and with all our hearts we say for ourselves, and for all our citizens, come again, comrades, and make us “ thrice happy."

HENRY S. BUNKER, Secretary.

Local Executive Committee.


Memorial Hall.
Toledo, Ohio, September 17, 1890.


LIEUTENANT COCHran called the meeting to order and

said :

Gentlemen of the Society, please come to order. Our exercises will be opened with prayer from COMRADE P. S. Slevin, Chaplain of the Grand Army Post of Toledo.

CHAPLAIN Slevin offered prayer as follows:

Let us arise and pray. Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, we beseech Thee to give to us the aid of the Holy Ghost, that the services and exercises of this day may be acceptable to Thee. Enable us to render to Thee acceptable worship this morning, and hear us while we beseech Thee, for Christ's sake, to accept our thanks for the peace and happiness of our Nation to-day. We thank Thee that it lived ; we thank Thee that the principles for which we fought lived; we

thank Thee that we did during the War of the Rebellion, we trust, fight on the right side; on that side that met Thy approval; we thank Thee that Thou hast crowned our efforts with great and wonderful success; we thank Thee that from that time to this our Nation has been blessed, and we pray Thee, our Father in heaven, that Thou wouldst so influence and direct all those in authority as that this Nation shall have health and strength by her laws and righteous counsels; we pray Thee to bless the survivors of the War of the Rebellion ; we thank Thee that many of them are here to-day, the survivors of others who yet live and reign in our memories; we thank Thee that they have survived these intervening years and are here to-day to enjoy, as they have for the last five and twenty years, the fruits of the fields of contest and their life in the army, and we pray Thy blessings to be upon them. Command Thy blessings to be upon all here, and especially upon those whose visdom and judgment directed us in the field of fight and the field of fame, and grant, our Father, that the lives of all may be precious in Thy sight, and may their lives in the future reflect the lives that become true and loyal men, and as they were true and loyal to their country and themselves during the war, may they be true and loyal to Thee, and realize that every one who is true to God is true to himself, to the world, to the family, and all the calls of life. We pray Thee, our Father, that when the services and exercises of this occasion that brings these men together shall have passed, may they return to their homes in safety and peace, and may they be long here to enjoy the blessings of the war, the light of this country in which they live. We would remember with sad and earnest hearts, our Father, the widow and fatherless of our departed comrades. 0 Thou, the Friend of the widow, the Father of the fatherless, hear us as we pray Thy blessing to be upon them, and may they realize, every one of them, that God is the help of the helpless, and we pray that they may have a realizing consciousness that Thy everlasting arms are beneath them. May their days be pleasant and happy as they can be, and we pray to Thee to give to them a blessed time here on earth and a happy home in heaven, where they will meet their loved ones that have gone before, and we beseech

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