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Memorial Hall,
Toledo, Ohio, September 17, 1890.


LIEUTENANT COCHRAN called the meeting to order and

said :

Gentlemen of the Society, please come to order. Our exercises will be opened with prayer from COMRADE P. S. SLEVIN, Chaplain of the Grand Army Post of Toledo.

CHAPLAIN Slevin offered prayer as follows:

Let us arise and pray. Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, we beseech Thee to give to us the aid of the Holy Ghost, that the services and exercises of this day may be acceptable to Thee. Enable us to render to Thee acceptable worship this morning, and hear us while we beseech Thee, for Christ's sake, to accept our thanks for the peace and happiness of our Nation to-day. We thank Thee that it lived ; we thank Thee that the principles for which we fought lived; we

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thank Thee that we did during the War of the Rebellion, we trust, fight on the right side; on that side that met Thy approval; we thank Thee that Thou hast crowned our efforts with great and wonderful success; we thank Thee that from that time to this our Nation has been blessed, and we pray Thee, our Father in heaven, that Thou wouldst so influence and direct all those in authority as that this Nation shall have health and strength by her laws and righteous counsels; we pray Thee to bless the survivors of the War of the Rebellion ; we thank Thee that many of them are here to-day, the survivors of others who yet live and reign in our memories; we thank Thee that they have survived these intervening years and are here to-day to enjoy, as they bare for the last five and twenty years, the fruits of the fields of contest and their life in the army, and we pray Thy blessings to be upon them. Command Thy blessings to be upon all here, and especially upon those whose wisdom and judgment directed us in the field of fight and the field of fame, and grant, our Father, that the lives of all may be precious in Thy sight, and may their lives in the future reflect the lives that become true and loyal men, and as they were true and loyal to their country and themselves during the war, may they be true and loyal to Thee, and realize that every one who is true to God is true to himself, to the world, to the family, and all the calls of life. We pray Thee, our Father, that when the services and exercises of this occasion that brings these men together shall have passed, may they return to their homes in safety and peace, and may they be long here to enjoy the blessings of the war, the light of this country in which they live. We would remember with sad and earnest hearts, our Father, the widow and fatherless of our departed comrades. O Thou, the Friend of the widow, the Father of the fatherless, hear us as we pray Thy blessing to be upon them, and may they realize, every one of them, that God is the help of the helpless, and we pray that they may have a realizing consciousness that Thy everlasting arms are beneath them. May their days be pleasant and happy as they can be, and we pray to Thee to give to them a blessed time here on earth and a happy home in heaven, where they will meet their loved ones that have gone before, and we beseech


Thee, our Father, so to guide us in the future of life as that we shall always reflect honor upon the cause for which we fought and for which so many bled and died. May nothing be done here to-day, or during the exercises of this occasion, that will reflect dishonor upon themselves or in Thy sight. May every thing be done admirably, may we be able so to live during the remainder of life that Thou shalt say to us by-and-by, “ Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.” We ask all in the name and for the sake of our Lord aud Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.


Comrades-Without further formality the business and sessions of the Society will now be taken charge of by our distinguished old Commander and President, GENERAL WM. S. ROSECRANS.


I am very happy to greet you at the end of another


since our last meeting. As our time is limited, we will proceed at once to the travsaction of the business of this meeting, which will be to receive the reports of officers and committees appointed at the last meeting. We will first hear the report of the Treasurer, GENERAL FULLERTON. Before the general makes his report, however, we will hear a motion by Captain Dowling.


Mr. President: I was about to say the Society of the Army of West Virginia, presided over by Ex-PRESIDENT HAYES, the successor to its late President, that gallant American soldier who has passed away during the last year, MAJOR

GENERAL GEORGE CROOK, is now in session, and I move that the following be sent by our President, to be immediately transmitted by wire to our sister Society of the Army of West Virginia :

“The Society of the Army of the Cumberland, now in session at Toledo, sends fraternal greeting to the Society of the Army of West Virginia."


May I submit a motion? The President of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland was the first Colonel of the regimeut in which Ex-PRESIDENT HAYES was a Major, so that if the two Presidents communicate with each other it would be much better, and I move that be done.

The motion was carried and the telegram as amended was sent.


Now GENERAL FULLERTON will read his report.


I have the honor to make the following report of the transactions of the Treasurer during the past year:

(See Treasurer's Report, page 113.)


There were two members who joined the Society at the Chattanooga meeting and paid their dues to the Local Committee, and through some mistake in accounts the sum of ten dollars was not turned in, and it was nothing more than right that the payment should be entered as if debited to this account. The Local Committee turned in four hundred and fifty-five dollars, and this escaped in some wav.


I would ask GENERAL FULLERTON whether only initiation fees, and vot dues, are to go to the SHERIDAN monument?


They do.


And the dues also ?


There were but two or three initiation fees since the Chattanooga meeting, but the initiation fees collected at Chattanooga and the dues paid at Chattanooga were not included. The seven hundred and seventy-five dollars are the dues paid since the Chattanooga meeting.


Dues, not fees?


Well, I have turned over also the fees. There were only two or three of these fees, about fifteen dollars, since that meeting. It shows in the statement, but that does not include the dues that were paid at Chattanooga por the initiation fees paid there. Now, it is for the Society, at the present time, to decide whether the money that is collected here or between this and the next meeting shall be given to the fuud.

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