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and the Secretary of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland, ex-officio, and the President and the Secretary of the Southern Historical Society of Virginia, ex-officio, and the Secretary of War of the United States, ex-officio, and their successors, be incorporated and made a body corporate and politic, under the name and style of The Chickamauga Memorial Association.

Second— The object of this corporation is not pecuniary gain to the stockholders, but is to mark and preserve the battle field of Chickamauga, on which were fought the actions of September eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth, Anno Domini, one Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-three, together with the natural and artificial features, as they were at the time of said battle, by such memorial stones, tablets, or monuments as a generous people may aid to erect, to commemorate the valor displayed by American soldiers on that field.

ThirlThe particular business of said association, in order to accomplish its objects, and for which they desire the powers hereinafter applied for, is to have the power to take and to hold, by purchase, lease, devise, grant, or gift such real and personal property and effects, and all such portions of said battle field, as may be necessary or convenient to promote and accomplish the objects of its incorporation, and upon its own grounds thus 'acquired, and upon private grounds with the permission of such owners as continue to hold any portion of such field, to inclose and perpetuate such grounds, to keep them in repair and in a state of preservation, to construct and maintain ways and roads, to improve and ornament the grounds, and to erect and promote the erection, by the association and by voluntary contributions, of suitable monuments and tablets.

Fourth-Petitioners desire that the property and affairs of said corporation shall be managed by a board of twenty-eight directors, with a secretary and treasurer, and such other officers as they desire, all of whom shall be selected from the subscribers who may

be bers of such corporation, by a majority of the votes cast, each subscriber who is a member of said corporation to be entitled to a single vote, either in person or by proxy. They desire that said officers


shall serve for a term of four years, or until their successors are elected, and that the first election shall be held upon said property of said corporation by those entitled to vote, and that subsequent elections shall be held each four years thereafter during the existence of this charter at such time and place as the directors may appoint.

Fifth— They desire that said corporation shall have the power to issue certificates of membership to all persons who shall desire the same, who shall subscribe one or more shares to the said memorial fund of said corporation, the amount of a single share to be fixed by the board of directors, and not to exceed five dollars, and all subscribers, upon payment and receipt of such certificates, shall be entitled to vote at all elections of said corporation.

SixthThey desire that the president, directors, and treasurer shall make reports on the day of each election, to be presented to the members, and read and published, which shall be duly certified, and shall exhibit, fully and accurately, the receipts, expenses, and expenditures of said corporation.

Seventh-Petitioners desire to be incorporated for the term of twenty years, with the privilege of renewal as often as the same can be done under the laws. They desire the corporation to have the power of suing and being sued, and to have and use a common seal, and to have succession, and to make such by-laws as it wishes, binding on its own members, pot inconsistent with the laws of this state, or of the United States, and to alter, amend, and rescind the same at pleasure, and to have the power, as aforesaid, to receive, rent, lease, purchase, hold, acquire, and operate, in any way that a natural persun might acquire and operate the same, such real and personal property of all kinds as may be necessary for the legitimate purposes of said corporation. Petitioners do not desire to have any capital stock, or to declare any dividends, as said corporation is not organized for pecuniary or personal gain.

EighthPetitioners desire that the chief office and place of business of said corporation, and the place of holding its annual meetings,

shall be upon the grounds of said corporation, in the State of Georgia, and county of Walker, and that it have power, also, to establish and remove branch offices at such other place or places within the United States, as by a vote of its directors may be deemed of benefit to said corporation. Ninth--Petitioners pray

that they may be made a body corporate and politic, under the name as aforesaid, and with all the powers and privileges as aforesaid, that this petition may be recorded by the clerk of the Superior Court of said county of Walker, and that the same may be published in the Walker county Messenger, a public gazette publishing the sheriff's sales of said county, once a week for one month, and that afterward the court will pass an order declaring said application granted, and petitioners will ever pray, etc.


Petitioners' Attorney.
Filed in office August 20, 1889.

Clerk Superior Court, Walker County, Georgia.

The petition of William H. FORNEY, JAMES WHEELER, H. V. BOYNTON, W. S. ROSECRANS, ALFRED H. ColquiTT, JAMES LongSTREET, LAFAYETTE MCLAWS, C. A. DANA, H. M. Cist, and others named in the petition, praying to be incorporated under the name and style of The Chickamauga Memorial Association, came on to be heard in open court, and upon consideration thereof, and being satisfied that the same has been duly advertised, and that the law has been complied with, and no objections having been filed thereto, and being further satisfied that the objects of said petition are proper and come within the purview and intention of the code and laws of this state, it is ordered by the court that said petition be granted, and that said petitioners and their successors and assigns be incorporated for and during the term of twenty years, with the privilege of renewal

at the expiration of that time, under the laws, and that said corpora-
tion have all the rights, powers, and privileges, as prayed for.
In open court, this fourth day of December, 1889.

By the Court:

Petitioners' Attorney.

J. S. C., R. C.


State of Georgia, ?

Walker County.

I, R. N. DICKERSON, clerk of the Superior Court of said county, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and correct copy of the petition and order incorporating the Chickamauga Memorial Association as the same appears of entry in the minutes of said court and of file in this office. Given under my hand and seal of office this 1st March, 1890.

Clerk Superior Court, Walker County, Georgia.


Thursday Evening, September 18th.

The Banquet was held in Memorial IIall. After the menu had been discussed, GENERAL ROSECRANS spoke as follows:

Ladies and Gentlemen-Having now enjoyed the repast of the evening, we come to an intellectual repast, the master of ceremonies of which will be JUDGE COCHRAX, who is chairman of the Local Executive Committee, to whose efforts this Society feels so much indebted, and for which it has already expressed thanks. JUDGE COCHRAN will announce the toasts and the successive speakers, and I hope you will enjoy it quite as well as the menu.


Mr. President, Comrades, Ladies and Gentlemen-The night has grown late, and I have prepared an elaborate speech as toast master, which I will ask leave, however, to print.


You mean in the next volume ?

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