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tion,” and of its determination to erect a memorial hall in the city of Washington, D. C., to the memory of the Union soldiers who died in the prison-pens of the so-called Confederacy during the war for the preservation of the Union; therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Society of the Army of the Cumberland at its Twenty-first Reunion in the city of Toledo, Ohio, September 17 and 18, 1890, does most cordially indorse the movement, and extends to

The Union Prisoners of War National Memorial Association " our congratulations and best wishes for the success of the great and worthy. enterprise it has inaugurated, and will gladly contribute whatever aid we can in accomplishing the noble work of the Association.

I move that resolution be adopted.


You have heard that resolution. It is not for the Chair to discuss these things, but I think the Society ought to pay particular attention to the demand. Nobody supposes that I do not have all the sympathy possible for all those who suffered in these prisons and for those who died, but we must remember that there are lots of persons who go to these Associations who never were prisoners, and we don't want to go very rashly into any thing we don't know about. I have been asked to join that Association, and have declined it personally. We want to do what is right and just, but if we pass this resolution let us do it with our eyes open.


Is there any thing here which expresses the objects of this association by its articles of incorporation or any thing of that sort?


Yes, the expressed objects are to build in Washington City a Memorial Hall, which will be known as the memorial to the Union prisoners of war who died in the South as prisoners. The expressed object of the organization is to build this hall for the use of the Grand Army Posts in Washington City, and for the purpose of collecting mementoes to be preserved there as a military museum of the United States.

Miss CLARA BARTON, who is connected with the Red Cross, and who had charge of Andersonville five or six months after the war, collected a large amount of material, as, for instance, the original copy containing the name of every soldier who was in Anderson ville, and has promised to place this all at the disposal of the association. The object of the association is to have a place where these records can be kept, and to have a Memorial Hall which shall be known as a • memorial of the Union prisoners of war who died in the South.


Inasmuch as so little is known of the organization which we are now asked to indorse, I would move, for the purpose of bringing it properly before the Society, that the resolution be referred to the officers of the Society, with direction to report at the next meeting.

The motion was carried.


Gentlemen of the Society, in talking among some members last evening, we thought it would be a profitable way for you to dispose of this afternoon that such of you as desired shall go to the Manual Training School, and that after dinner we have a reception in this hall where every man may meet and greet our President and our members of the Society and have a social and easy time of it.

The Committee on the Banquet desire to say that if there are any other members of the Society who want banquet tickets, to please make it known immediately, as we want to provide others of our citizens who desire them. We are going to have others at our Banquet to-night; we have got a letter from GENERAL ALGER this morning, who, though his child is sick, will be with us. The hour of the Banquet is 9:30.

Here the meeting adjourned.


Recording Secretary.


Treasurer of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland, made at the

Toledo Meeting, September 19 and 20, 1890.

J. S. FULLERTON, Treasurer,

In Account with



Dr. Sept. 18. To balance in hand this date, reported at the Chattanooga meeting....

... $2,391 24 18. To Initiation fees paid by ninety-one members who

joined the Society at the Chattanooga meeting. (For

names and amounts paid see Exhibit A.)......... 455 00 18. To Re-initiation fees paid by seventeen former mem

bers who rejoined the Society at the Chattanooga
meeting. (For names and amounts paid see Ex-
HIBIT B.).......

85 00 18. To Society dues paid at the Chattanooga meeting. (For

names of members who paid such, years for which

paid, and amounts paid, see Exhibit C.)....... 540 00 1890. Sept. 16. To dues, and subscriptions to the Sheridan Statue fund,

paid since the Chattanooga meeting, to date. (For
names of members who paid the same, date of pay-
ments, and amounts paid, See Exhibit D.).

775 00


$4,246 24

$ 1 00 10 00


Sept. 18. By amount paid for new book in which to record names

of new members......
18. By profit and loss, charged by order of the Society.....
23. By express charges paid on Society books forwarded

from Chattanooga to St. Louis......
30. By amount paid for printing blank receipts and orders

for volumes, Voucher 1.......

1 15

2 75

Amount carried forward....

$14 90

$14 90

114 05

31 00 13 00

30 00

15 30 13 00 14 00

9 75


Amount brought forward ..
Nov. 23. By amount paid M. G. Copeland & Co., of Washington,

D. C., old bill for use of tent at the inauguration of
the Thomas Statue meeting, as per order of the So-

ciety, Voucher 2.....
Jan. 24. By part of funeral expenses in burial of Colonel W. B.

Gaw, at Washington, D. C., Voucher 3...
Mar. 8. By insurance of. Society portraits, Voucher 31.
May 1. By additional payment on account of burial Colonel W.

B. Gaw, l'oucher 4.......
8. By amount paid for printing portraits of General El-

liott, for Volume 20, Voucher 5......
12. By insurance of Society portraits, l'oucher 6....

14. By postage stamps......
July 7. By amount paid for printed notices of dues, and envel-

opes, Voucher 7......
26. By amount paid for express charges on subscription

books and papers, Sheridan Statue, sent to G. A. R.,

Boston .....
Aug. 4. By amount paid Chas. M. C'ist, reporting Chattanooga,

meeting, and preparing report for Vol. 20, l'oucher 8..
6. By amount paid for printing subscription lists and note

books for subscriptions to Sheridan Statue fund,

Voucher 9......
Sept. 13. By amount paid Robt. Clarke & Co., publishing Vol. 20,

Voucher 10...
13. By amount paid Robt. Clarke & Co., postage and ex-

penses in sending out Vol. 20, and in sending out So

ciety circulars, as per statement, l'oucher 11.....
16. By amount turned over to General R. A. Alger, Treas-

urer of the Sheridan Statue fund, all dues collected
from members of the Society since the Chattanooga
meeting to date...


137 00

18 75

883 36

16 15

775 00

$2,086 11

Total..... 1890. Sept. 17. Debit...

18. Credits.

$4,246 24 2,086 11

Balance on hand...

$2,160 13

NOTE.--Dues for 1890 that have been paid since the Chattanooga meeting do not appear in this report. Such have been entered as paid at the Toledo meeting, and will appear in the next report.

Respectfully submitted,

J. S. FULLERTON, Treasurer.


Names of Ninety-one New Members, who joined the Society of the Army of

the Cumberland at the Chattanooga Meeting, September 18 and 19, 1889, and who paid Initiation Fees.

Members' Names,
Mueller, Charles F., Captain....
Hayes, J. II., Sergeant....
Vocke, William, Lieutenant.
Scott, Thomas W., Major.....
Barnard, Henry H., Private
Orr, R. Leslie, Private.....
Retilley, W. S., Lieutenant..
Brown, Wallace, Private...
Spaulding, Jno. F., Corporal..
Gahagan, A. J., Lieutenant.
Temple, H. F., Captain....
Fisher, Daniel, Private....
Ritchie, John, Private..
Townsend, W. R., Captain.....
Fitch, M. H., Lieutenant-Colonel...
Gilliland, Adelbert G., Private..
Negley, A. G., Major...
Fraley, J. M., Private.
Clem, Jno. L., Captain....
Clark, D. Selwyn, Surgeon....
Miksch, A. J., Private....
Woodburn, Matthew A., Lieutenant...
Taylor, Anthony, Captain.
Randall, Chas. H., Lieutenant..
Norton, Marcus, Corporal...
Peelle, Stanton, Lieutenant..
McMahon, James, Captain
Richards, Edward S., Lieutenant-Colonel..
Leeper, A. B., Sergeant....
Tarwater, J. J., Private..
Belknap, Chas. E., Major...
Harris, Jos. T., Private....
Herrick, Henry J., Surgeon...

Fees. $5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00

Amount carried forward....

.$165 00

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