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offices towards the said public officers' widows' and orphans' fund;

No. 4. and it shall not be lawful for the Receiver-General and Treasurer to Ord. No. 4, make any such deductions therefrom, any law now in force within

1857. these islands to the contrary notwithstanding.

II. That if any person contributing to the public officers' One moiety of widows' and orphans' fund of this colony under the hereinbefore- contribution recited Acts shall at any time signify to the President of these may be reislands, in writing, his desire to be allowed to discontinue contributing to the said fund, and his willingness to forego any rights or claims that may have arisen from such contributions, such per- contribute. son, on ceasing to be a contributor, shall be entitled to receive back one moiety of all the contributions that he shall have made to such fund, and it shall not be lawful for such person again to become a contributor to the said widows' and orphans' fund, nor for himself or any one through him to be entitled to any further advantage therefrom.

any Officer




No. 5.-ORDINANCE No. 22 of 1860.

No. 5. An Ordinance for granting a Retiring Allowance to William Hamilton,

Ord. No. 22,

1860. Esquire, Provost Marshal, Police Magistrate, and Port Officer of these Islands. (Passed 8th June, 1860. Confirmed 17th

Oct., 1860.) HEREAS William Hamilton, Esquire, Provost Marshal, Po- PreamBLE,

lice Magistrate, and Port Officer of these islands, has been in the colonial service in Her Majesty's colonial possessions for a period of more than thirty years, and being desirous, in consequence of his age and infirmities, of retiring from service, it is just and proper that a sufficient provision should be made for him for the remainder of his life; May it, &c.,

I. That upon the resignation of the said William Hamilton, Esquire, of the several offices now held by him, there shall be allowed and paid to him during the term of his life out of the Public Treasury of these islands, by warrant in the usual manner, a retiring allowance at and after the rate of One hundred and fifty pounds per annum.

II. That for and during the period that such retiring allowance shall continue payable to the said William Hamilton, the Police Magistrate for this Presidency shall receive a salary at and after the rate of One hundred and fifty pounds per annum for discharging the duties of the combined offices of Provost Marshal and Police Magistrate, subject to the provisions of the 28th section of OrdiDance No. 12 of 1855 respecting the fees of the Police Magistrate.

III. That so much of the first section of Ordinance No. 11 of 1849 as provides that the lighthouse shall be under the direction, superintendence, and management of a port officer, also the seventh section of the said Ordinance shall be, and they are hereby repealed.


No. 1. Act 3 Vic.

No. 1.-3 Vic. ch. 11. An Act for the Support of Her Majesty's

Government within these Islands. (24th Dec., 1839.)
The only salaries now payable under this Act are,-

c. 11.

Clerk of the Crown
Crier of the Supreme Court

52 1
13 0 5

No. 2. Act 3 Vic.

c. 12.

No. 2.-3 Vic. ch. 12. An Act to amend an Act, entitled " Ar dd

for the Support of Her Majesty's Government within these Is

lands.” (3rd Feb., 1810.) By this Act, the 3 Vic. ch. 11 is continued in force from and after the expiration of the period of seven years for which it was originally passed for and during the continuance of Her prestat Majesty's reign, and for Six months after the close thereof.

No. 3. Act 10 Vic.

c. 14.

No. 3.–10 Vic. ch. 14. An Act to amend an Act, entitled " 1

Act for the Support of Her Majesty's Government within these

Islands." (26th Feb., 1847.)
By virtue of this Act the sum of £5 is given to the keeper of the

No. 4. Act 11 Vic.

c. 1.

No. 4.-11 Vic. ch. 1. An Act to authorize the Separation of the Is

lands commonly called the Turks Islands, &c. from the Bahama

Government. (22nd March, 1848.) By section 10 of this Act the sum of £800 per annum is fixed as the salary of the President of these islands.

No. 5.--ORDINANCE No. 8 of 1849.

No. 5. Ord. No. 8,


An Ordinance to provide for the appointment of the Officers of the

Public Revenue, and for other purposes. (Passed 10th July,

1849. Confirmed 5th Nov., 1851.) By section 25 of this Ordinance the following salaries are given to the officers of the Revenue Department:

£ Receiver-General

Assistant Receiver-General

Revenue officer acting as warehouse-keeper and clerk
to Receiver-General

175 0 0 Revenue officer at Cockburn Harbour

40 0 0 Other Revenue officers, each

60 00


No. 6.-ORDINANCE No. 1 of 1852.

No. 6.

Ord. No. 1, An Ordinance to provide a permanent Salary for the Judge of the 1852.

Supreme Court. (Passed 16th July, 1852. Confirmed 23rd

Feb., 1853.)
HEREAS the office of Judge of the Supreme Court has, since PREAMBLE.

the separation of these islands from the Bahama Govern-
ment, become of greater responsibility than heretofore by reason of
the said separation; And whereas there have been granted for three
successive years, in furtherance of an increased remuneration to the
said Judge, a salary of One hundred pounds in addition to the
salary provided by law; and whereas Her Majesty's Government
has recommended that a permanent salary should be provided for
the said office, and in order that the person hereafter to be ap-
pointed by Her Majesty from time to time as Judge of the Supreme
Court may be apprised of the actual salary he will receive upon his
entering the duties of his said office; And whereas it is expedient
to increase the emoluments of the office aforesaid and to make pro-
vision therefor; May it, &c., That from and after the allowance of Salary for
this Ordinance there shall be paid to the Judge of the Supreme the Judge of
Court, out of the Public Treasury of these islands, in monthly pay-

the Supreme ments in the usual manner, a salary at and after the rate of Four Court £430. hundred and thirty pounds in lieu of all salary and emoluments whatsoever as ordinary of this Presidency and as Judge of the said Court as hitherto provided under the authority of the Acts of the Bahama Legislature 2nd Victoria, chapter 8th, and 10th Victoria, Parts of the

Bahama Acts chapter 14th, which said Acts are hereby repealed so far only as relates to the salary of the said Judge. And that all costs and 2nd Vic, 6, 8,

Vic. emoluments now received or coming into his hands by virtue of

c. 14, repealed. such offices shall be by him duly accounted for and paid quarterly into the Public Treasury in aid of the general revenue : Provided Judge of nevertheless, that upon death, resignation, or other removal from the Supreme

Court to be a office of the present Judge of the Supreme Court, the payment of

Barrister of the salary granted by this Ordinance shall be suspended, unless the Great Britain person so appointed to the office of Judge of the said Court be a or Ireland, barrister of Great Britain or Ireland.

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No. 7.-ORDINANCE No. 7 of 1852.

No. 7. Ord. No. 7,


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An Ordinance to provide Fixed Salaries for the Colonial Secretary and

the Private Secretary or Clerk in the office of the Officer admi-
nistering the Government, &c. (Passed 4th Sept., 1852.

Confirmed 24th Sept., 1853.)
By section 3 the following salaries are made payable :-

8. d.

To the Colonial Secretary, ex-officio registrar of deeds
and clerk of the Council

350 0 0
To the Private Secretary

150 0 0 See Ordinance, ante, Part VIII., Class II., No. 3.

No. 8. Ord. No. 4,


No. 8.-ORDINANCE No. 4 of 1853.
An Ordinance to enable the President of the Turks and Caicos Islands

to appoint an Inspector and Head Master over the Public
Schools, also Masters and Teachers for the same, and for other
purposes therein mentioned. (Passed 29th Oct., 1853.

. Confirmed 6th April, 1854.) By section 12 a sum not exceeding £450 per annum is granted for school purposes, and a sum not less than £180, and not more than £200 per annum, is granted for the inspector and head master.

No. 9.

No. 9.-ORDINANCE No. 5 of 1854. Ord. No. 5, An Ordinance to Establish a Post-office within the Turks and Caicos 1854.

Islands. (Passed 14th July, 1854. Confirmed 11th Dec.,

1854.) By section 3 of this Ordinance the sum of £50 per annum is granted to a postmaster.

No. 10. Ord. No. 7,


No. 10.-ORDINANCE No. 7 of 1855.
An Ordinance to consolidate and amend the several Laws at present in

force regulating the Division of Parishes within these Islands,

dc. (Passed 5th July, 1855. Confirmed 21st Feb., 1856.) By section 17 the following annual salaries are payable :

£ 8. d. Rcctor of St. Thomas' parish

• 370 0 0 House allowance

45 0 0 Any future rector, for salary and house-rent

300 0 0 Clerk of the parish of St. Thomas

51 13 4 Sexton of the said parish

• 26 16 8

No. 11.

No. 11.- ORDINANCE No. 12 of 1855.
Ord. No. 12, An Ordinance to Regulate the Police, &c.
An Ordinance to Regulate the Police, &c. (Passed 31st Oct. 1855.

Confirmed 20th March, 1856.)
By section 5 of this Ordinance the salary of the
Police Magistrate ex-officio Provost Marshal is £ 8. d.
fixed at,* per annum

200 0 0 To the Assistant Police Magistrate at Salt Cay

25 0 0 the chief constables and clerk in police office

80 0 0 the constables at Grand Cay not exceeding, each 26 0 0 the constables at Salt Cay not exceeding, each 20 0 0 the constables at the Caicos not exceeding, each


0 0 * So long as the pension to the last occupant continues payable, the stipend to be received by the Police Magistrate is £150. See ante, Part IX., No. 5.

No. 12. Ord. No.7,


No. 12.-ORDINANCE No. 7 of 1860.
An Ordinance to provide Assistance in aid of the Establishment of a

Resident Wesleyan Methodist Minister at Salt Cay. (Passed

13th April, 1860. Confirmed 5th Sept., 1860.)
By this Ordinance a sum of £80 per annum is voted for the
purpose above mentioned.

No. 13.-ORDINANCE No. 9 of 1860.

No. 13. Ord. No. 9,


An Ordinance to Establish and Regulate a Public Bank for the Turks

and Caicos Islands. (Passed 17th of April, 1860. Con

firmed 25th July, 1860.)
By this Ordinance the cashier of the Bank is to receive the
entire profits until they amount to £200.

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No. 14.-ORDINANCE No. 15 of 1860.

No. 14,

Ord. No. 15, An Ordinance to amend Ordinance No. 7 of 1855, &c. (Passed 1st

1860. May, 1860. Confirmed 17th Oct., 1860.) By this Ordinance the following salaries are payable :

£ 8. d. To the rector of the parish of St. John, per annum 200 0 0 the clerk of the vestry

10 0 0 the sexton

10 8 4

No. 15. Ord. No. 19,


No. 15.-ORDINANCE No. 19 of 1860.
An Ordinance to amend Ordinance No. 5 of 1854, &c. (Passed

29th May, 1860. Confirmed 14th June, 1861.)
By section 6 of this Ordinance the Deputy Postmaster at Salt
Cay is to receive £10 per annum.

The Deputy Postmaster at Cockburn Harbour £5 per annum.

No. 11.-ORDINANCE No. 3 of 1856.

No. 11.

Ord. No. 3, An Ordinance to provide for the Prospective Reduction of certain

1856. Official Salaries and Allowances. (Passed 3rd July, 1856.

Confirmed 18th March, 1857.)
HEREAS it is expedient that the rates of salary and allow- PREAMBLE.

ances now payable to certain of the public officers of this
Presidency should, on the death, resignation, or other removal
from office of the said officers respectively, be reduced to a scale
better suited to the exigencies of the colony; May it therefore


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