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the canoe, and about midway, he pushed boldly out ; then the current striking the canoe, a contest was begun between the skill of my brave, and this rush of waters. At last he had the head of the canoe on a line with the shoot, when down and over she went, with the velocity of an arrow, making a plunge of some four or five feet—the skill and self-possession of my voyager having governed him in making a single stroke with his pole, at the instant when it was required, just as the leap was about to be made, thus preventing the turning of the canoe's side to the current, and a consequent wreck. Never before had I seen anything upon the waters dance and bounce about as did this canoe, when fairly down amidst the rapids and break

The thing seemed like a joyous bird, after having escaped the toils of the fowler; or like some little blooming beauty of a child, after the restraints had been cut loose, and she was fairly in among her happy and delighted playmates.

We were prepared to open the council on Wednesday, the first of August, 1827, but concluded to defer it one day longer, and until tidings should reach us of the movements of General Atkinson. Meantime, however, we thought it proper to hold a talk with the Winnebagoes, of whom there were some five hundred present, and inform them that the murders that had been committed, were by individuals of their tribe, and urge upon them the surrender of the guilty persons, and thereby save themselves from the consequences of a war for their capture. At the moment when orders were about to be given to convene those present of the Winnebago tribe, we learned they were making ready for a feast—we therefore postponed assembling them until the next day. The following morning the talk was made, and they were urged to give up the murderers, it being no part of their Great Father's wish to punish the innocent; but that if their people would so far forget themselves as to kill our people, they must expect a road to be made through their country, not with axes, but with guns. The chief, Four-Legs, vindicated his band, asserting their innocence, and referring the murders to those living on the Mississippi. He did not think it just to bring guns among the innocent. This fine-looking chief occupied, with his village, the tongue of land which runs out between Winnebago lake, on the one side, and the Fox river on the other. When General Leavenworth, some years previous, was ascending the Fox river with troops, on his way to the Mississippi, on arriving at this pass, Four-Legs came out, dressed in all his gewgaws and feathers, and painted after the most approved fashion, and announced to the general, that he could not go through ; "the lake," said he, “ is locked.“Tell him,” said the general, rising in his batteaux, with a rifle in his hand, “that THIS IS THE KEY, and I shall unlock it, and go on.” The chief had a good deal of the better part of valor in his composition, and so he replied, “ Very well, tell him he can go.”

Still anxious to hear from General Atkinson before we opened, formally, our councils, we deferred yet longer the opening of our negotiations, and sent a Winnebago runner with despatches, to meet that officer.



Sabbath amid Nature's solitudes—Christian Indians engaged in worship—Open

ing of the Council-A contrast—Treaty adjusted and signed—An alarm-Le Grand Butte de Morts—Indian tradition-Death of a medicine-man-Funeral ceremonies-Distribution of presents among the Indians—Breaking up of the encampment-Brutal attack upon a woman-Chargeable to whiskey-The man transformed to a woman-Moral effects of this punishment_Awful evils of the whiskey trade—Embarkation-Ascending the Fox river-Dangers of the way—Some of my party return-Number of our men--Incidents by the way-A chase.

THE Sabbath of the 5th of August broke upon us in great beauty, and with an air tempered and calm. I have never been able, in my forest rambles, to disengage from my mind the impression that the Sabbath and these solitudes are in close affinity with one another. How rarely has it happened, in the course of my experience, that this holy day has been vexed with the strife of elements. On the contrary, all is still! The voice of their Maker would seem to have hushed river and forest into silence, and then to have bade the sun to wheel himself up from his depths in the east, and pour over all, unobscured by clouds, a tempered heat, and crown the world with special loveliness. The dawn of this morning was peculiarly beautiful. “Rosy fingers” did indeed seem, as Milton has it, to “unbar the gates of light.” Violet and purple, with a wide and widening circle of “ orient pearl," all met my eye with their charming and chastening influences and then there was such silence! Not a leaf rustled, and the

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