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Stages Of Legislation And Votes On Charters (Continued)

Niagara River Hydraulic Tunnel, Power and Sewer Company. { Niagara Falls Power Company

Lockport Water Supply Company
Lockport Water and Electric Company
Lewiston Water Supply Company.
Buffalo and Niagara Power and Drainage Company.
Niagara County Irrigation and Water Supply Company.
Model Town Company
Niagara Power and Development Company

Niagara, Lockport and Ontario Power Company.
Niagara, Lockport and Ontario Power Company, Bill, 1904..

Commissioners' resolutions in opposition...
Argument by C. M. Dow, President, March 10, 1904.
Argument by John G. Milburn, March 10, 1904..
Letter from C. M. Dow to Governor Odell, April 15, 1904.
Governor Odell’s veto, May 14, 1904...


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Terrapin Point....
Prospect Point.
Fall on Goat Island
Emerging from the Cave of the Winds...
Ice formation on Prospect Point, February 17, 1904..
Effect of ice jam in upper river.
Frozen spray on the trees .
Shoveling a path to Prospect Point, February 19, 1904.
Ice formation, May 17, 1904.
Repairing railings, May 17 1904.
Moonlight on the Niagara


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To the Honornble the Legislature of the State of New York:

As required by law, the Commissioners of the State Reservation

at Niagara herewith submit their Twenty-first Annual Report for the fiscal year begun October 1, 1903, and ended September 30,


Twentieth Anniversary of the Reservation. The public lands of the State of New York, a portion of which it is the duty of this Commission to administer, may be classified under three general heads : strictly utilitarian properties, such as the Erie canal; lands reserved partly for utility and partly for pleasure, such as the Adirondack and Catskill parks; and areas which have been acquired primarily for their remarkable landscape beauty or their historical significance.

Of the latter, the one for which the State enjoys the widest fame and in which the people of the State probably take the greatest pride and interest, is the State Reservation of 412 acres

of land and land under water at the Falls of Niagara.

In the acquisition of properties of this kind for the pleasure and instruction of the people, New York has been a leader of the States of the Union; and with good cause. Not only has the high culture of her people demanded it, and her great physical resources permitted it, but probably no State between the two oceans possesses such a variety of scenery to stimulate and at the same time gratify the love of the sublime and beautiful, as the State of New York. With respect to individual features of com

parison, other States excel-Mount Rainier is taller than Mount

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