Memoirs of Father Ripa: During Thirteen Years' Residence at the Court of Peking in the Service of the Emperor of China; with an Account of the Foundation of the College for the Education of Young Chinese at Naples

Elibron Classics, 1844 - 160 Seiten
Xerographic copy. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms International, 1977.

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Seite 1 - Thus saith the Lord ; For three transgressions of Damascus, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof...
Seite 49 - Southern Tartary furnishes a great abundance of excellent sturgeon and other fish, all of which being frozen, can easily be kept during the whole winter. At the close of the old year, and the beginning of the new, huge heaps of game and fish are exposed for sale in the streets, and it is surprising to see how cheap they are sold.
Seite 43 - Their garments are made of the richest materials ; they go nowhere on foot, but always in sedans, on horseback, or in boats, and with numerous attendants following them.
Seite 43 - With a few honorable exceptions, all the missionaries live in this manner ; and thus, as they never mix with the people, they make but few converts. The diffusion of our holy religion in these parts has been almost entirely owing to the catechists who are in their service, to other Christians, or to the distribution of Christian books in the Chinese language. Thus there is scarcely a single missionary who can boast of having made a convert by his own preaching, for they merely baptize those who have...
Seite 63 - The Emperor supposed himself to be an excellent musician, and a still better mathematician ; but though he had a taste for the sciences and other acquirements in general, he knew nothing of music, and scarcely understood the first elements of mathematics.
Seite 43 - The capital of Jamaica is situate at the extremity of an extensive plain, extending far to the S., SE, and W., but with the mountains closely approaching the town on the N. and NW, and distant from the sea at Port Royal Harhour six miles.
Seite 111 - Tartar-fashion, that is with the legs crossed, and upon very low cushions, the tables were scarcely a foot high. All those who were seated on the floor of the great hall, as well as ourselves, were each furnished with a litle table, and thus we ate and drank, His Majesty continuing on the throne.
Seite 68 - The wound in my head not being deep, he healed it by stuffing it with burnt cotton. He then ordered that I should continue to walk much, supported by two persons, that I should not sit long, nor be allowed to sleep till ten o'clock at night, at which time I should eat a little thin rice soup.
Seite 96 - One day when I was in the above-mentioned chapel, confessing in turn several women who were stationed behind a curtain, I observed a man passing to and fro before the door and watching my actions. When my duty was over, I asked the beadle who the man was, and what he wanted ; and he replied with a smile, that he was a heathen but lately married to a Christian, who had stipulated that she should be allowed the free exercise of her religion. On the preceding day she had told him, that in the morning...
Seite 107 - Wo added that whenever he should send an embassador to the Czar he promised that his representative should stand uncovered before him, although in China none but condemned criminals exposed their heads bare, and should perform all the other ceremonies customary at Moscow. No sooner had we arrived at these words than the chief mandarin instantly took off his cap before the embassador.

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