Engineer and Artillery Operations Against the Defences of Charleston Harbor in 1863: Comprising the Descent Upon Morris Island, the Demolition of Fort Sumter, the Reduction of Forts Wagner and Gregg ; with Observations on Heavy Ordnance, Fortifications, Etc

D. Van Nostrand, 1865 - 354 Seiten

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Seite 286 - Wagner, for transmission,' a fire would be opened 'on the city of Charleston from batteries already established within easy and effective range of the heart of the city.
Seite 88 - To obtain much greater strength by casting guns heavier is impossible, because in cast guns (whether of iron, brass, or other metal) the outside helps but very little in restraining the explosive force of the powder tending to burst the gun, the strain not being communicated to it by the intervening metal. The consequence is, that, in large guns, the inside is split, while the outxide is scarcely strained. This split rapidly increases, and the gun ultimately bursts.
Seite 114 - ... by torpedo mines, placed on and in advance of the glacis, was resorted to. Second. Curved fire was not used enough. The armament of the work contained but two mortars, (one 8inch and one 10-inch.) These, when earnestly served, caused the most serious delay in the progress of our work, and on one occasion suspended it entirely.
Seite 297 - SIR: 1 am in receipt of your letter of yesterday in reply to mine of the 27th. I certainly did misinterpret the meaning of certain portions of your letter of the 26th, especially where you ask if you can depend on my "driving the enemy out of Sumter...
Seite 286 - Should you refuse compliance with this demand, or should I receive no reply thereto within four hours after it is delivered into the hands of your .subordinate, at Fort Wagner, for transmission, I shall open fire on the city of Charleston from batteries already established within easy and effective range of the heart of the city.
Seite 58 - Ironsides, with remarkable regularity and precision, kept an almost incessant stream of 11-inch shells from her eight-gun broadside ricocheting over the water against the sloping parapet of Wagner, whence, deflected upwards with a low remaining velocity, they dropped vertically, exploding within or over the work, and rigorously searching every part of it except the subterranean shelters.
Seite 5 - He captured, in all, thirty-six pieces of artillery and a large amount of ammunition. General Gillmore's operations have been characterized by great professional skill and boldness. He has overcome difficulties almost unknown in modern sieges. Indeed, his operations on Morris island constitute a new era in the science of engineering and gunnery. Since the capture of Forts Wagner and Gregg he has enlarged these works and established powerful batteries, "which effectually command Fort Sumter, and can...
Seite 286 - ... argument of a commander solicitous only for the safety of sleeping women and children and unarmed men. Your threats of retaliation for acts of mine, which you do not allege to be in violation of the usages of civilized warfare, except as regards the length of time allowed as notice of my intention, are passed by without comment.
Seite 141 - ... officers, artificers and privates of this regiment were to be found on duty, executing themselves the more difficult kinds of work, and directing the infantry details on the other work. Of the numerous infantry regiments which furnished fatigue details, the Fourth New Hampshire Volunteers did the most and best work. Next follow the blacks, the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Volunteers, and Third United States colored troops.
Seite 22 - It landed in small boats, under cover of our batteries, on Folly Island, and four monitors, led by Rear-Admiral Dahlgren, which entered the main channel abreast of Morris Island, soon after our batteries opened. The monitors continued their fire during the day, mostly against Fort Wagner.

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