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Seite 51 - I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people, which walketh in a way that was not good, after their own thoughts...
Seite 208 - Here the Khan Kubla commanded a palace to be built, and a stately garden thereunto. And thus ten miles of fertile ground were inclosed with a wall.
Seite 2 - Fresh pearls to their enamel gave, And the bellowing of the savage sea Greeted their safe escape to me. I wiped away the weeds and foam, I fetched my sea-born treasures home; But the poor, unsightly, noisome things Had left their beauty on the shore With the sun and the sand and the wild uproar.
Seite 347 - Ye! who have traced the Pilgrim to the scene Which is his last, if in your memories dwell A thought which once was his, if on ye swell A single recollection, not in vain He wore his sandal-shoon and scallop-shell; Farewell!
Seite 463 - WENDELL HOLMES'S WRITINGS. POETICAL WORKS. With fine Portrait. Boards. $1.00. ASTRJEA. Fancy paper. Price 25 cents. GRACE GREENWOOD'S WRITINGS. GREENWOOD LEAVES. 1st & 2d Series. $1.25 each. POETICAL WORKS. With fine Portrait. Price 75 cents. HISTORY OF MY PETS. With six fine Engravings.
Seite 372 - ... besides that, the roads are wide, wellkept, and full of passengers, a sight I have not beheld this long time. My wonder still increased upon entering the city, which I think, for number of people, outdoes both Paris and London. The streets are one continued market, and thronged with populace so much that a coach can hardly pass. The common sort are a jolly lively kind of animals, more industrious than Italians usually are; they work till evening; then take their lute or guitar (for they all play)...
Seite 461 - LONGFELLOW'S WRITINGS. THE GOLDEN LEGEND. A Poem. Just Published. Price $1.00. POETICAL WORKS. This edition contains the six Volumes mentioned below. In two volumes. 16mo.* Boards. $2.00. In separate Volumes, each 75 cents. VOICES OF THE NIGHT. BALLADS AND OTHER POEMS. SPANISH STUDENT ; A PLAY IN THREE ACTS. BELFRY OF BRUGES, AND OTHER POEMS. EVANGELINE ; A TALE OF AcADIE. THE SEASIDE AND THE FIRESIDE.
Seite 370 - I bridle in my struggling Muse with pain, That longs to launch into a bolder strain.
Seite 403 - Such reflections check our regret for its ruin. As it now stands, the Coliseum is a striking image of Rome itself : — decayed — vacant — serious — yet grand...
Seite 426 - I take great delight in watching the changes of the atmosphere here, and the growth of the thunder showers with which the noon is often overshadowed, and which break and fade away towards evening into flocks of delicate clouds.

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