The Voice: A Spiritual Approach to Singing, Speaking and Communicating

Musicvisions International, 1999 - 157 Seiten
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This is "the Revealed Version" of the original book published in '99 and now incorporates never before published materials on vocal production. The book offers hands on instruction and is dedicated to the Bel Canto Method of singing which demands the finest technical aspects of a very simple methodology. The book is being used by schools and universities as text ...singers as well as teachers use it, speech pathologist use it and anyone who has vocal problems, such as laryngeal vibrato, vocal cord nodules, pre or post surgery difficulties can easily reposition the voice out of the throat and wind up with a clean, clear and beautifully tuned instrument. This work is geared toward children as well as grown ups and must be made available to as many learning institutions as possible.

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