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Elementary Lessons in English.


PART FIRST: "How to Speak and Write Correctly."

12mo. Cloth. 192 pages. Mailing Price, 45 cents; Introduction, 40 cents; allowance in exchange, 15 cents.

THIS part contains no technical grammar. It is designed to give children such knowledge of the English language as will enable them to speak and write it with accuracy and force.

PART FIRST: Teachers' Edition. 12mo. Cloth. 323 pages. Mailing Price, 70 cents; Introduction and Teachers' Price, 60 cents.

The teachers' edition contains the entire text of the pupils' book, and in addition full directions and suggestions for conducting the work to the best advantage.

PART SECOND: "The Parts of Speech and How to Use Them." ix + 396 pages. Mailing price, 70 cents; for introduction, 60 cents; allowance for old book in exchange, 20 cents.

This book contains all the technical grammar that is required below the high school grade. Like Part First, it has a practical aim, -the knowledge of our language and the ability to use it. The best means to this end have been ingeniously devised and adopted. The needs of those who leave school before completing the course have been carefully studied.

PART SECOND: Teachers' Edition. 12mo. Paper. 95 pages. Introduction and Teachers' Price, 15 cents.

This book consists of Oral Lessons, Observation Lessons, Exercises, Dictations, Vocabulary Lessons, Exercises in Parsing, Reviews, Cautions, Subjects and Plans, and, in short, everything required to elucidate and supplement the pupil's book. The Appendix contains Business Forms and Models for Letters, with a List of Books for Children.

S. T. Dutton, Supt. of Schools, | pals, I have no doubt of their being New Haven, Conn.: The Knox-Heath the best text-books for languageLanguage Series has been in use in teaching now in the market. New Haven, the first book for five years, the second book for one year. From my observation of the results attained by their use, and from the testimonies of teachers and princi

They are better suited to develop power in the correct use of English, and at the same time furnish teachers with a better method, than any other books I have seen. (Oct. 1887.)

Whitney's Essentials of English Grammar.

For the Use of High Schools, Academies, and the Upper Grades of Grammar Schools. With a Supplement of Extracts for practice in parsing. By Prof. W. D. WHITNEY, of Yale College. 12mo. Cloth. 260 pages. Mailing Price, 85 cents; Introduction, 75 cents: Allowance for old book, 25 cents.

THIS HIS is an English grammar of the English language, prepared by the best philologist in the country. It is clear, practical, and complete. It proceeds from facts to principles, and from these to classifications and definitions. Mechanical forms, unnecessary classifications, and abstract definitions are avoided.

The exercises, selected from the best English writers, leave none of the usual and regular forms of English structure untouched.

The facts of English grammar are presented in such a way as to lay the best foundation for the further and higher study of language in all its departments.

F. J. Child, Prof. of English, Harvard University: I do not know that I ever before saw an English grammar which I would permit my children to look into, so great the chance

has been that they would learn nothing or be taught something false. I regarded Prof. Whitney's undertaking and book as a service to humanity as well as to education.

Enunciation and Articulation.

A Practical Manual for Teachers and Schools. By ELLA M. BOYCE, Supt. of Schools, Bradford, Pa. 12mo. Boards. vi+88 pages. Mailing Price, 35 cents; Introduction Price, 30 cents.

EVERY ONE will concede that one of the greatest faults in our

public schools is their failure to cultivate clear-cut speech. Correct enunciation requires years of practice, and only by daily drill, with constant effort on the part of the pupil and constant watchfulness on the part of the teacher, can it ever be secured.

The exercises in this little work have been tested in the schools for two years, and the results of the drill have received the praise and congratulations of both school authorities and parents.

A. H. Fetterolf, Pres. Girard get it into general use as soon as College, Philadelphia: I wish to possible.

Bigsby's Elements of English Composition.

By BERNARD BIGSBY, Lecturer on the English language. 18mo. 155 pages. Mailing Price, 40 cents; Introduction, 35 cents.







Sidney's Defense of Poesy
Shelley's Defense of Poesy

Fulton & Trueblood: Choice Readings

Introduction to the Study of Browning
Reader's Guide to English History
English Literature


Ginn :

Gummere :




A Method of English Composition
Shakspere's Versification

Rolfe :



Chart Illustrating Principles of Vocal Expression
English Prose from Elizabeth to Victoria
Handbook of Rhetorical Analysis.
Practical Elements of Rhetoric

Outlines of the Art of Expression.
Scott's Lady of the Lake

Bds., .35; Cloth,

Bds., .40; Cloth,

Scott's Tales of a Grandfather
Selections from Ruskin
Vicar of Wakefield.

Bds., .30; Cloth,


Bds., .30; Cloth,

Grote & Ségur: The Two Great Retreats of History, Bds., .40; Cloth,

Handbook of Poetics

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Lay of the Last Minstrel.

Quentin Durward


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Adventures of Ulysses
Tales from Shakespeare
Lessons in English
Bryant's Thanatopsis and Other Favorite Poems
Characteristics of English Poets

Manual of English Prose Literature Montgomery: Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Heroic Ballads

Craik's English of Shakespeare

Guy Mannering, Ivanhoe, and Rob Roy.

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Intro. Price

. $1.00


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Harvard Shakespeare:-20 Vol. Edition. Cloth, retail, 25.00
10 Vol. Edition. Cloth, retail, 20.00
New School Shakespeare. Each Play, Pa. .30; cloth,
Essays on Education, English Studies, etc.
Text-Book of Poetry and of Prose. Each
Pamphlet Selections, Prose and Poetry. Each
Classical English Reader


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GINN & COMPANY, Publishers,

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Bds., .30; Cloth,

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Bds., .40; Cloth, .50

Milton's Paradise Lost, and Lycidas

Irving's Sketch-Book (Selections). Bds., .25; Cloth,
The Best Elizabethan Plays

Shakespeare and Chaucer Examinations




Choice Literature; Judicious Notes; Large Type; Firm Binding; Low Prices.

Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales.

* FIRST SERIES: Supplementary to the Third Reader. * SECOND SERIES: Supplementary to the Fourth Reader. *Esop's Fables, with selections from Krilof and La Fontaine. *Kingsley's Water-Babies: A story for a Land Baby. *Ruskin's King of the Golden River: A Legend of Stiria. *The Swiss Family Robinson. Abridged.

Robinson Crusoe. Concluding with his departure from the island. *Kingsley's Greek Heroes.

Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare.

"Meas. for Meas." omitted.

Scott's Tales of a Grandfather. *Martineau's Peasant and Prince. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.

Scott's Lady of the Lake. Scott's Lay of the Last Minstrel.

Lamb's Adventures of Ulysses.

Tom Brown at Rugby.

Church's Stories of the Old World.

Scott's Talisman. Complete.

Scott's Quentin Durward. Slightly abridged.

Irving's Sketch Book. Six selections, including "Rip Van Winkle.”

Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.

Scott's Guy Mannering. Complete.

Scott's Ivanhoe. Complete. Scott's Rob Roy. Complete.

Johnson's Rasselas : Prince of Abyssinia.

Gulliver's Travels. The Voyages to Lilliput and Brobdingnag.

*Plutarch's Lives. From Clough's Translation.

Irving-Fiske's Washington and His Country.

Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield.

*Franklin: His Life by Himself. Selections from Ruskin.

*Hale's Arabian Nights. Heroic Ballads. Grote and Ségur's Two Great Retreats.

Starred books are illustrated.

GINN & COMPANY, Publishers,

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