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Notices of New Books....

89, 185, 282, 380, 475, 566
New Territory versus No Territory.

New Poetry in New-England.--(Continued from May No.)-Poems. By R. W. Em-

Do. By William Ellery Channing. Do. By William W. Story. Do.
By Thomas Buchanan Read. Schiller's Homage of the Arts, &c. By Charles

T. Brooks. Songs of the Sea, and other Poems. By Epes Sargent..... ..294
Nathan Clifford...

National Prosperity.

Odds and Ends from a Portfolio...

73, 150
Ou the Resurrection of the Body. By P. G. Effingham.....

On Visiting my Mother's Grave, at Newport, R. I., August, 1831. By S. Southworth 267
Occupation of Mexico...

Our New Houses.--The Architect. By W. H. Ranlett, New-York. Wightwick's
Hints to Young Architects. By H. A. Downing...

Obituary of Alexander H. Everett. By Henry Wikoff..

Political Portraits with Pen and Pencil.—Henry C. Murphy.

Richard Vaux....

: Nathaniel Greene..

Selah B. Strong..

Peru–History of the Conquest of Pern; with a Preliminary View of the Civilization

of the Incas. By William H. Prescott, Member of the French Institute, &c....129
Progress of Civil Liberty.

Poesy:--By S. Anna Lewis..
Repudiation.—1st: A Financial, Monetary and Statistical History of England, from the

Revolution of 1688 to the Present Time; derived principally from Official
Documents. Addressed to the Young Men of Great Britain. By Thornas,
Doubleday, Esq., author of the “True Law of Population.” 2d. Direct Tax-
ation-Blackwood, for March...


Stanzas.—By the author of the "Yemassee,” &c......

Sectional Rights under the Constitution. By Thomas George.
Sketches of Mary's Life......

158, 236
Song.–From the French of Beranger.

The Frost King's Raid....

The Red Rose ; A Tale of the War in La Vendee. From the French of A. Dumas.
By Mrs. St. Simons.—(Concluded.).

The Principle of Life...

The Existence of the Deity.—By A. Arrington.

102, 253
To Leigh Hunt....

To Music..

The Music of Home...

The Eclipse.—By Andrew McDonald..

The Border Settlement ; Or, The Tory's Daughter. A Tale of the Mohawk Valley,
in 1778.....

246, 353
The Poet.-By S. Anna Lewis...

The English Revolution of 1688. The Miscellaneous Works of Sir James Mack-

The Abuses of Law Courts..

To L. L. W.......

The Dream.-Translated from the German of Heinrich Heine. By Joshua G.

The Voyage of Life.- Translated from the German of Heine. By Joshua Brinckle.... 332
The French Drama.—The “Burgraves” of Victor Hugo. Les Burgraves : Trilogie.
Par Victor Hugo.

The Months.-The Months. By W. H. C. Hosmer.
The Two Beggars.- Translated from the French. By “ Juvenis”

To -, on her Birth-Day.

The True Story of My Life.— The True Story of My Life: A Sketch. By Hans
Christian Andersen. Translated by Mary Howiit...

The Blind Artist...

The Poetry of Coleridge....

work on.-By J, Strong Rice....

Washington Irving.--By P. Hamilton Mayer.



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e funding system, as it is called, is a modern gorernmental policy of

150 years standing, and having attained its saturity, is approxy fost falling into decay. The dividend interesi ile gering into ition hostile to the industrial interests; and a series preparathat most be terrible in its effects and speedy m its resalta. The whole em of public credit is wrong in principle, founded in fred, raised in dice, and sustained by deception. It is the mere instantem by which gate and irresponsible governments on the oth means arrying out their own schemes to the time

writers on natural civil law agree with Pub Natural law is only the determinatiou, by presonemaplan serve the scial state of mankind. It follows that the of naturais that the social state is to be guarded and preserved to the thermost, by or every man. This comprehends the duty of a good chiu towards the that nothing shall be preferred by him before the safety and ibuegrity of the

und that he shnll freely and at all times, affer bis life, bis uns and his one, to preserve that state's safety and integrity. Following these maxims, it results that each individual in a state is liable, case of emergency, to sustain it with his whole means, or, in the words Grotius-De Jure Bellist Pacis. " In cases of great urgency, the law vives, to use all things as if they were common property." These rules

undoubtedly sound, on the supposition that the state is composed of viduals equal in rights and of a common general interest, and thus the urgency' is common to, or sanctioned by all; that is 10 SRT 5* the jeot for which the expenses are to be incurred as one, the bly of

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Iuliai, it korrel
Plus Ipp. 1o TA 2!! ' - :

16t. A Financial, Monetary and statistical History of England, si vom mer ...... the present time, derived principally from Official Documenis. Addressed to the Young Me Great Britain. By Thomas Doubleday, Esq., author of the "True Law of Population." L don : E. Wilson, Royal Exchange. 20. Direct Taxation. Blackwood, for March.

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