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Tariff League, reviewed, 55 Guide for Writing Latin, by J. P.
quoted, 56, 67, 71.

Krebs, translated by S. H. Taylor,
Germany, maritime prospects of, 56 noticed, 250.

state of opinions in, 57 — popu.
larity of the Tariff League in, 60
- divided into petty states, 61

small influence of these states,
62 — folly of putting heavy duties Hackett, H. B., Plutarch on the De.
on American products in, 68 lay of the Deity edited by, notic-
probable future union of, 77. See ed, 514.

Hail, formation of, 360, 365.
Gerdinus, G. G., history of German Halleck Fitz Greene, characterized

poetry by, reviewed, 79 high as a poet, 21.
merils of, 80 — quoted, 102, 107. Halling dance, description of, 505.
See German.

Hanover, treaty of, with the United
Goddard, William G., Discourse on States, 61 - refuses to join the

the affairs of Rhode Island by, re- Tariff-League, 77.

viewed, 371 – merits of, 410. Hans Sachs, poetry of, 86.
Goethe, an optimist, 104 — an artist, Hanse Towns, reciprocity treaty

great natural endowments with, 55 — nature of this treaty,
of, 106 compared with Schiller, 61 – precarious position of, 65 -

cannot tax American staples, 76.
Gomara, the historian of Cortés, 204. See Tariff and United States.
Gorges, Sir F., receives a grant of Hare, Dr., on the law of storms, 355.
Maine, 302 — his grant sold to Harvard College, library of, 229.
Massachusetts, 303 introduces Hazard, Mr., report by, quoted, 419.

saw-mills into Maine, 321. Herder, character and writings of,
Gusnold speaks of the woods in New 97 - compared with Lessing, ib.
England, 300.

- early opinions and tastes of, 98
Gothic architecture, 463 — impres. - remarkable change in his prin.
sive effect of, 464 — different peri-

ciples, 99.
ods in, 464 — the Saxon period in, Heritage, the, by Lowell, 296.
466 – Norman period in, 467 — of History of the Conquest of Mexico,
the 13th century, ib. — Tudor pe- by W. H. Prescott, reviewed, 157
riod in, 468 – Decorated style in, the subject deficient in grandeur
469 material for, 470. See and interest, 159 — characters in,

160. See Mexico and Prescott.
Government, power and right of, to Hoffman, C. F., as a song writer, 5.

make public works, 128 liability Holmes, O. W., as a comic poet, 29.
of, to sudden demands, 151 – na. Hovoitt, Mary, translations from Miss
ture of, 421.



Bremer by, reviewed, 480 — un.
Grahame on the charters of Rhode just and abusive preface by, 497

Island and Connecticut, cited, 376. - her unfounded claims and ac-
Grecian architecture, rage for, 438 cusations, 498 — her versions made

unequal decoration in, 448 from the German, 499 — her blun.
allows no windows, 450 — not suit. ders in translating, 500 geo-
ed to this country, 453 — charac. graphical mistake by, 501 -

ter of, 456. See Architecture. grammatical and inelegant use of
Greek Grammar, by Alpheus Cros- language by, 502 — faults in her
by, noticed, 516.

version of The Diary, 503 – her
Griswold, Rufus W., The Poets and untruth exposed, 504 false

Poetry of America by, reviewed, charges by, refuted, 505 — her po-
1- too liberal in his selections, 2 etical translations compared with
– merits of his work, 3 – his the American, 506 general ef.
criticism on Longfellow objected fect of her preface, 508.
to, 22 – his opinion of W. G. Hurricane of August, 1830, 339
Clark, 30. See Poets.

of March, 1809, 341.
Gudrun, an early German poem, 85. Hutton, Dr., theory of rain by, 370.

- un


Illinois, public debt of, 140.
Indiana, public debt of, 140.
Introduction to Geometry and the
Science of Form, noticed, 248.
Ivanhoe, the novel of, 269.
James, G. P. R., novels by, reviewed,
267 voluminous mediocrity of,
268-repeats himself, 269-little
objectivity of, 271- abounds in
moral truisms, 272- cannot de-
lineate character, 273-paints ar-
tificial men and women, 276 — ab-
surdly compared with Scott, 277
- causes of the popularity of, 278
-his skill in weaving plots, 279 —
defects of his style, 280- -possess
es some talent, 282.


Jay, John, on the waste of timber,
329 -on independence, cited, 427.
Jean Paul. See Richter.
Jefferson on independence, cited,
427-how chosen to Congress,
430 opinion on American archi-
tecture by, 437.

Jewett, Charles C., Catalogue of the
Library of Brown University by,
reviewed, 227-skilfully prepared,
230-biographical notices by, 232
-historical information collected
by, 234. See Catalogue.



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Levett, Chris, account of woods in
Maine by, 301.
Libraries, public, in the United
States, 227
growth and impor-
tance of, 228.
Library of Brown University, Cata-
logue of, reviewed, 227 - how
provided for, 230-heterogeneous
character of, 233—Mr. Brown's
gift to, 234-other sums appropri-
ated to, 235 general character
of, 236. See Catalogue.
List, Professor, journal edited by, 70.
Longfellow, H. W., as a poet, 22 -
artistical ability of, 23- his pow-
er over language, 24-moral tone
of, 25-intellectual tendencies of,
26 his lively sense of beauty,
27 particular mention of some
poems of, 28.
Loomis, Elias, paper on storms by,
reviewed, 335-its merits, 371.
Loudon on architecture, 461.
Louisiana, public debt of, 137 — ob-
jections to some legislative pro-
ceedings in, 138.
Lowell, James R., poems by, review-
ed, 233-progress made by, ib. -
finer tone of his later works, 286

a dreamer about radical reforms,
ib. requires more catholicity of
mind, 287-redundant in thought
and expression, 288- his " Pro-
metheus," ib.- his "Rhecus,"
289 his faults of style, ib.
quoted, 291, 294, 296.
Lowell Lectures on the Evidences,
by J. G. Palfrey, reviewed, 39–
honor due to the founder of the,


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Majority, the rights and nature of,
414-restricted by the constitu-
tion of the Union, 415- and of
the several States, 416- Madison
on, cited, 432. See People.
Mann, Horace, Report on Education
by noticed, 518.

Maple sugar, manufacture of, 324.
Margranetto, capture of the, 318.
Marina, Doña, the Mexican, 192.
Maryland, amount of the debt of,
125- -taxes necessary to be levied
in, 126-can and ought to pay,
127-power of the government
of, to make public works, 128.
Massachusetts, report of the land
agent of, reviewed, 299-buys
Maine of Gorges, 303-grants
privileges to the people of Maine,
305 firm conduct of, 306-re-
stricted in her second charter, ib.
governors of, quarrel about timber,
308 disposes of lands, 310-
liberal management by, 312- dis-
content in, caused by the restric-
tions on the timber trade, 317 -
manufacture of tar in, 319-poli-
cy of, respecting the forests, 329.
See Forest and Timber. Consti-
- No. 123.




tution of, how ratified, 413 - how
amended, 416-irregular conven-
tion in, 429- the Shays rebellion
in, 431.
Massachusetts House of Representa-
tives, Cushing's report of proceed-
ings in the, in January, 1843, no-
ticed, 243.

Mathews, Cornelius, poems by, no-
ticed, 509.
Maupertuis, observation
of, on
storms, 341.

McCulloch on national architecture,


McNutt, Gov., message of, reviewed,
109. See Mississippi and Debts.
Meistersingers, poetry of the, 85.
Messiah, Klopstock's poem of the,



Mexico, History of the Conquest of,
by W. H. Prescott, reviewed, 157
- attractive qualities of the sub-
ject, 160 external features of,
161, 168- materials for the histo-
ry of, 164, 203 - ancient inhabit-
ants and government of, 169 -
arts of social life in, 170 women
in, 171 scientific culture in, ib.

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religion of, 172-horrid prac-
tices in, 174-origin of the civ-
ilization of, 176-expedition of
Cortés into, 180-grand and beau.
tiful scenery of, 183- the Valley
of, 184
battles fought by the
conquerors of, 186-how soon
conquered, 191 beautiful me
chanical execution of the work,
210. See Prescott.
Michigan refuses to pay a part of her
debt, 134- history of the circum.
stances, 135-moral obligation to
pay, 136.
Minnesingers, poetry of the, 83-
inferior to that of the Troubadours,
Minot's history, cited, 432.
Miracles, efficacy of, as proof, 47.
Mississippi, history of repudiation
in, 130- morally bound to pay
her debts, 131 state of public
opinion in, 132- peculiar opin-
ions of the planters in, respecting
their debts, 133-may be sued in
her own courts, 153.
Monteleone, Duke of, a descendant of
Cortés, 167.

Montezuma, character of, 192.
Morton, Marcus, A reply to the letter


ry; 165.

of, reviewed, 372 — remarks on Pennsylvania, armount of the debt of,
the conduct of, 411.

122 - great resources of, 123 —
Muñoz, collection of documents by, her conduct not fraudulent, 124 —
respecting Spanish colonial histo- revolt of 1789 in, 433.

People, the, power of, over the con-
Murray, Hugh, curious blunders of, stitution, 113 — rights of the ma-

jority of, 414 — under the United

States constitution, 415 — in the

several States, 416 — power of, 421

patriotism a duty of, 435. See
Navarrete, collection of historical Majority.
materials by, 165.

Pepperell, Sir W., a niill-owner, 323.
New York, constitution of, how Percival, J. G., merits of, as a poet,

amended, 417 architecture of 19 — quoted, 20.
Trinity church in, 477 — public Phillips, w., speculates in timber
libraries in, 228.

lands, 323.
Nezahualcoyotl, monarch of Tezcu. Piron, remark of, on Voltaire, 268.
co, 175.

Pitkin's history, cited, 433.
Nibelungen, Lay of the, 84.

Pitman, Judge, memorial by, 381,
Norway, social state of its people, note.

Plutarch on the Delay of the Deity,
Novels, genius required to write, 269 edited by H. B. Hackett, noticed,
- lack of discrimination respect-

ing, 270 — high requisites for, 271 Plymouth colony, timber trade of,

- difficulty of portraying charac- 314 — making of tar in, 319.
ter in, 274 — fine examples of, 275 Poems by J. R. Lowell, reviewed,

- Miss Bremer's, 486 melodra- 283. See Lowell.
matic class of, 487 — improvement Poems on Man, by C. Mathews, no-
in the tone of, 488— made the ve-

ticed, 509.
hicles of a moral, 489 — epigram- Poets and Poetry of America, by R.
matic style of, ib.

W. Griswold, reviewed, 1 – great

number of, 2 compared in num.

ber with the English poets, 4

compared in merit also, 5— their
Oberon, Wieland's poem of, 91.

profession not a lucrative
Ohio, constitution of, how amended,

wisdom of not depending on it, 7 –

characteristics of Charles Sprague,
Olin, Dr., letter from, in reply to the

8 — of R. H. Dana, 13 — of W.
review of his Travels, 253.

C. Bryant, 18 — of J. G. Percival,
Opitz, Martin, poetry of, 88.

19 — of F. G. Halleck, 21 — of H.
Otis, James, on the rights of the Col.

W. Longfellow, 22 — of 0. W.
onies, cited, 426.

Holmes, 29 — of J. G. Whittier,
30 — of Maria Brooks, 33 – of

other female poets, 34 - of other

minor poets, 35. See America.

Poetry of Germany. See Gerdinus
Palfrey, J. G., Lowell Lectures on and German.
the Evidences by, reviewed, 39 –

Ponce, collection of historical docu-
his style of thought and language,

ments by, 165.
40 — as a reasoner, 41

considers Porter, Gov., message of, reviewed,
Christianity, apart from Judaism,

109. See Pennsylvania and Debts.
43 — originality of, 45 on the Potter, Elisha R., Considerations on
external evidences, 46

on the the Rhode Island question by, re-
miracles, 47-general merits of,

viewed, 372 — quoted, 383, 393.
55. See Evidences.

Prescott, William H., History of the
Palladian style of architecture, the,

Conquest of Mexico by, reviewed,
454 instances of, 454 — nature

157 - great success of his former
of, 456.

work, 158 - predecessors of, in

one, 6


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this history, 161 — how led to the discovered by, fully verified, 340
subject, 164 — materials used by: - opposed by Espy, 344 — modi.
ib. 203 – extent and value of these fies his first conception, 354 – op-
materials, 166 - account of the posed by Dr. Hare, 355 - his rules
Aztec civilization by, 168 – sketch to guide the seaman, 355. See
of the golden age of Tezcuco by, Storms and Espy.
175 — essay on the origin of Mex. Reid, Lt. Col. W., on the law of
ican civilization by, 176 — high storms, reviewed, 335 — high mer.
merits of his Introduction and Ap- its of his work, 341 – facts and
pendix, 178 — his rich and finished laws discovered by, 342 — account
style, 179 — his opinions compared of the storm in 1780 by, 346. See
with Stephens's, 180 — his mode Storms and Espy.
of narration, 181 - quoted, 184, Repudiation, origin of, 130 — limita.
194, 199, 205 — judgment shown tions of, 142 — true character of,
in the use of his materials, 186 143 — right of property always sa-
collateral matter used by, 187 cred, 145

pretexts for, refuted,
his sketch of Montezuma, 194 148. See Debts.
of Cortés, 199 — of Bernal Diaz, Review of Dr. Wayland's Discourse
205 — moral judgments of, 202- on the Rhode Island question, re-
critical sketches of his authorities viewed, 371 - contemptible char-
by, 207 — style and general char- acter of the, 412.
acter of, 208. See Mexico.

Revolution, right of, 434. See Amer.
Presbytery and Prelacy, by Thomas ican.
Smyth, noticed, 512.

Rhode Island, history of the recent
Proceedings of the Massachusetts contest in, 372– nature of the

House of Representatives in Jan. question in, 373 — early republican
uary, 1843, by L. S. Cushing, no. government of, 376 — charter of,
ticed, 243.

how ratified, 377 — government of,
Prometheus, the, by Lowell, 288, 291. not destroyed by the Revolution,
Provincials, worship foreign author. 378, 424 — acts performed by, un-

ities, 213 — unfavorably situated der the charter, 379 — history of
for forming a manly national char. the right of suffrage in, 381
acter, 214.

qualifications of freemen in, 382 –
Prussia heads the Tariff-Leage, 57 inequality of representation in, 383

position of, in reference to the - history of attempts to change
League, 72— commercial policy the government of, 384 — change
of, 74 – opposed to higher duties in the population of, 385 —.con-
on British goods, 75.

vention of 1824 in, 386 — the con-
Pugin on pointed architecture, 451. stitutional party in, 388 — begin.
Putnam, M. L., The Bondmaid trans- ning of the agitation in, 389 -

lated by, reviewed, 480 — merits landholders' convention in, 390 -
of the translation, 496. See Bond- proceedings of the Suffrage Asso-

ciation in, 391 – the people's con-

stitution for, 392 — frauds in vo-

ting in, 393 — rejection of the

landholders' constitution for, 395
Rain, amount of, 363 — Hutton's

- great excitement in, 396 — elec.
theory of, 370.

tions in, 397 — the governor of,
Reciprocity treaty with the Hanse applies to the President for aid,

Towns, origin and nature of, 61 – 398 military movements in, 399
small benefits of the, 65.

Dorr returns to, 401 – attack on
Redfield, W. C., on the law of the arsenal in, 402 — attack on

storms, reviewed, 335 — discovers Dorr's head-quarters, 403 — con-
the rotary movement of winds, tinued agitation in, 405 – camp
336 — praised by Brewster, 337. formed at Chepachet in, 406 — end
notes the barometrical changes, of the rebellion in, 408.
338 — on the hurricanes in the stitution established in, 409 — pub-
West Indies, 339 — facts and laws lications relating to, reviewed, 410

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new con-

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