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Peculiar Tenets, and Present Condition. By John Evans, LL.D. New York: Burgess, Stringer, & Co. 12mo. pp. 288.

Daily Manna for Christian Pilgrims. By Baron Stow. Boston : Gould, Kendall, & Lincoln. 16mo. pp. 128.

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An Aların to Christian Patriots : a Thanksgiving Sermon, delivered November 30th, 1843, in Winsted, Ct. By Rev. D. W. Clark. Hartford: Elihu Geer. 1844. 8vo. pp. 23.

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VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. Two Months Abroad; or, a Trip to England, France, Baden, Prussia, and Belgium. By a' Rail-Road Director. Boston: Redding & Co. 8vo. pp. 64.

Appeal from 'Tradition to Scripture and Common Sense; or an Answer to the Question, What constitutes the Divine Rule of Faith and Practice. By George Peck, D.D. New York: Lane & Sandford. 12mo. pp. 472.





North-A merican Review.

ton, ib. -



shown in the Custom-house, Bos.

use of engaged columns
Algerine act, so called, passage of,

in, 442-

unornamented windows

in, 443 as shown in the Boston
America, The Poets and Poetry of, by High School, 445 — in the Tre-

R. Griswold, reviewed, 1– - abun- niont Theatre, 447 — in the Ex-
dance of commonplace effusions change, 448 — in the church in
in, 6 - low standard of excellence Somerset Place, 450 — in the
in, 13 — minor poets in, 30, 35 - King's chapel, 457 — in Brattle
material for poetry in, 36 — should square church, 458 — in the Epis-
become independent of foreign copal church, Cambridge, 460
criticism, 37 — kind of poetry in the steeple of the church in
needed in, 38. See Poets.

Summer street, 461-in that of the
American Literature, injured by the Hollis street church, 462 — in that
spirit of affectation, 283

of Park street, 463— in the new
posed to bad influences, 284 — Eu- Library, Cambridge, 470 — in the
phuists and Transcendentalists in, Bowdoin square church, 471 – in

Trinity church, Boston, 472 – in
American Notes, Change for the, re- Trinity church, New York, 477 -
viewed, 211. See Change.

position of the door in, 445 — the
American Revolution, the, effects of, Palladian style in, 454 — ante.

373 - constitutions formed during, Revolutionary examples of, 457 —
374 - adherence to old institutions the Gothic style in, 463 - unity
in, 375 - did not destroy the of style in, 468 — committee-men
Rhode Island charter, 378 - char- ought not to govern, 473 — benefit
acter of, 425 – language of the of criticisms on, 479. See Gre-
fathers of, 426 — independence not cian and Gothic.
the primitive object of, 427 — how Attaché, The, or Sam Slick in Eng.
directed, 428.

land, reviewed, 211 - author of,
Apostolic Succession, doctrine of, ex. Provincial Tory, 212- deals in
amined by Thomas Smyth, no. antiquated political absurdities,
ticed, 512.

214 – extravagant plot of, 215 -
Architecture in the United States, quoted, 216, 217, 218, 222 — prom-

436 — low condition of, 437 inent characters in, 221 - attempt
blind fondness for Grecian, 438, to ridicule Mr. Everett in, 223
453— want of invention in, 439 — unfair reasoning and assumptions
examples of, adduced, 440 — as in, 224. See Sam Slick.

in, 273.

Austria not admitted into the Tariff Bridges, J., surveyor-general in
League, 76.

Maine, 307.
Aztecs, lhe civilization of, 168 - re- Brooks, Maria, poetry of, 33.

ligious system of, 173 — highest Browon, Nicholas, gifts to Brown Uni.
form of the civilization of, 175. versity by, 230 — list of his seve-
See Merico and Prescott.

ral benefactions, 234.
Brown University, Catalogue of the

Library of, reviewed, 227 — early

history of, 234. See Library and

Bancroft, George, on the charter of Bryant, W. C., beauty and tender-
Rhode Island, cited, 378.

ness of his poetry, 18.
Bangor, as a port for the lumber Buccaneer, The, by R. H. Dana,
trade, 326.

quoted, 15.
Bank of England, proceedings of, in Burke on society, quoted, 422.
1836, 119.

Byron, limited range of characters
Bank of the United States, the war

between it and the government,
112 - unwise conduct of, in 1837,
121 - transactions of, in Michigan

stock, 135.
Banks, great increase of the, 113_ Cambridge, architecture of the epis.

suspension of payments by, 120 copal church in, 460 — of the new
second suspension of, 121.

library in, 470.
Barry, the architect, works of, 455. Capper, Col. James, on winds and
Benjamin, P., merits of the sonnets


of, 5.

Carlin, Gov., of Illinois, his message
Bernal Diaz as a chronicler,[204. about the public debt, quoted, 140.
Bernard, Gov., correspondence of, Carlyle, Thomas, signature of, 267–
cited, 376.

whimsical peculiarities of, 284.
Bondmaid, The, by Miss Bremer, re. Cary, Thomas G., letter to a lady in

viewed, 480 — plot and characters France by, noticed, 515.
of, 492 — quoted, 492, 493

Catalogue of the Library of Brown
its of the translation of, 496. See University, reviewed, 227 - pre.

pared by Charles C. Jewett, 230 –
Boston, miserable architecture of the plan and execution of, 231 — good

Custom-house in, 440 — of the arrangement of, 232. See Library.
High school in, 445 — of the Tre. Celsus, argument of, against Chris-
mont theatre in, 447 — the Ex.

tianity, 52, 53.
change in, 448 — the Somerset Chalmers on the charters of Rhode
place church in, 450 — the King's Island and Connecticut, cited,
chapel in, 457 – Brattle square 376.
church in, 458 — the Summer St. Chambers, Sir W., on architecture,
steeple in, 461 – the Hollis St. 445.
steeple, 462 - Park St. steeple, Champlin, J. T., edition of Demos.
463 – Bowdoin square church, thenes on the Crown by, noticed,
471 – Trinity church, 472.

240 — great merits of the work,
Brande, M., on the law of storms, 242.

Change for the American Notes, by
Bremer, Miss, new translations from, an American Lady, reviewed, 211

reviewed, 480 — chooses her char: one-sided purpose of, 225 bad
acters from the upper ranks, 486 style and bad reasoning in, 226 -
- healthy tone of the writings of,

quoted, ib.
487 — merits of her style, 490 – Cheap literature, so called, wretched
her fine portraits of children, 491 character of, 488.

high praise due to her, ib. - Chepachet, insurgent camp at, 406.
The Bondmaid by, 492 - other Christianity, effect of, on early Ger-
tales by, 497. See Bondmaid. man poetry, 82. See Evidences.



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Clark, W. G., merits of the poetry Daniell on meteorology, 356.
of, 30.

Debts of the States, the, 109–amount
Coffin, George W., report by, review- of, in 1830, 110- circumstances

ed, 299 statement by, of lands under which they were contracted,

sold, 311, note - quoted, 327. ib. — multiplied by the desire for
Commerce, American, prosperous internal improvements, 114 — ex-

state of, in 1830, 110 — wild spirit cuses for rashness in contracting,
of speculation in, 113-

115 — obligation to pay, 116 — fail.
for rashness in, 115 — vast increase ure to pay, 121 – case of Pennsyl-
of, 117 — revulsion in, 119.

vania considered, 122 — of Mary-
Congress of 1774, cited, 428 dele- land, 125 — of Mississippi, 130 –

gates to the, how chosen, 429. of Michigan, 134 – of Louisiana,
Connecticut, early republican gov. 137 — of Indiana and Illinois, 240

ernment of, 376 - constitution of, - three classes of, ib. — duty to
how amended, 417 — Swift on the pay, if possible, 141-case of the re.
charter of, 424.

pudiating States considered, 142
Conquest of Mexico, History of, by to repudiate is to confiscate, 143

W. H. Prescott, reviewed, 157. or to destroy the right of property,
See Mexico and Prescott.

146 — strong obligation and mo-
Constitution of the United States, tives to pay,

147 — pretexis for
415 — of the several States, 416. non-payment refuted, 148 — ill ef-
See People.

fects of repudiating, 150 — may
Constitutional Jurisprudence of the be recovered through the courts or

United States, by W. A. Duer, by negotiation, 152 — protected by
noticed, 236 — want of informa. the Constitution of the United
tion on the, 237.

States, 154 — a foreign state may
Cortés, the Conqueror, 189 — char. sue for, 155 — duty of intelligent

acter of the soldiers of, 182 - how men respecting, 156,
aided in his enterprise, 188 — high Declaration of Independence, cited,
qualities of his companions, 189 425, 428.
great capacity of, 190 — dates of Demosthenes on the Crown, edited
the events in his expedition, 191 by J. T. Champlin, noticed, 240

character and life of, 197 — his analysis of, 241.
later career, 198 — Prescott's esti. Diary, A, translated by Mrs. Howitt,
mate of, 199. See Mexico.

reviewed, 480 - faults of transla.
Cranch, C. P., poems by, 30.

tion in, 503. See Howitt."
Crosby, Alpheus, Greek Grammar Dickinson, John, on independence,

and Xenophon's Anabasis by, no. cited, 426.
ticed, 516.

Dorr, Thomas W., joins the suffrage
Crown, Champlin's edition of De- party in Rhode Island, 387

mosthenes on the, noticed, 240. chosen governor of his party, 397—
Crusades, effects of the, on German meets his legislature, 399 — entry
poetry, S2.

of, into Providence, 401 — attacks
Curiosity, Sprague's poem of, stolen, the arsenal, 402 — attack on the

head-quarters of, 403 - officers of,
Cushing, Luther S., his report of pro- desert him, 404 - actions of, at

ceedings in the Massachusetts Chepachet, 406 — arrested, 409 –
House of Representatives, noticed, character of, 411. See Rhode Isl.
243 — merits of the report, 247.


Dove, Prof., on the Law of storms,


Duer, William A., Lectures on the
Dalton on meteorology, 356.

Constitution of the United States
Dana, Richard H., characterized as by, noticed, 236 — his qualifica-

a poet, 13 — mental powers dis- tions for the task, 239.
played by, 14 - quoled, 15, 16 Dunbar, David, surveyor-general
imagination and despondency of, in Maine, 307 — offensive conduct

of, 308.

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Dunham, Dr, his opinion of Rob-

ertson, 162.
Durfee, Judge, Charge to the Grand Falmouth, burning of, 318.
Jury by, 371 — merits of, 410. False Heir, The, by G. P. R. James,

reviewed, 267. See James.

Federalist, The, cited, 432.

Ferdinand and Isabella, Prescott's

History of, foreign translations of,
East Indian trade, change in, 111. 158.
Ecclesiastical Republicanism, by T. Forest Lands, the, and Timber trade
Smyth, noticed, 512.

of Maine, 299 — described by the
Edmeston, description of painted early voyagers, 300 — grant of, to
glass by, 469.

Gorges, 302 — different titles to,
Education, Mann's Report on, 304 — surveyors general over, 307
ticed, 518.


- their oppressive conduct, 308 –
Electricity, agency of, in storms, alienation of, 310 — amount sold,
343, 365.

311 — large patent rights to, 312
Espy, James P., the Philosophy of wealth obtained from, 314

Storms by, reviewed, 335 — out- speculators in, 323 — statistics of,
Jine of the theory of, 344

323 — value of the productions of,
neous account of the storm of 326 — waste and diminution of,
1780 by, 347 - quoted, 348, 351 - 327. See Massachusetts and Tim-
his misstatements exposed, 319 ber.
another wrong account of a storm Franklin, Dr., discovers a law of
by, 351
- errors in it exposed,

stornis, 335.
352 — indebted to Dalton and Dan- French and English Dictionary, edit-
iell, 356 - details of his facts and ed by J. Dobson, noticed, 517.
principles, 358 — explanation of Frieze, Jacob, History of the Con-
various natural phenomena by;

test in Rhode Island by, reviewed,
360 — beauty of his theory, 361 371.
- calculations by, 362 -

on the
amount of rain, 363 — other objec-
tions to the theory of, 364 — does

not account for hail, 365 - defects
of his theory, 367 - inaccurate Gallagher, W. D., as a descriptive
statements by, 368 faults of

poet, 5.
style and taste of, 369 — unjust to Geographers, English, blunders of,
the Huttonian theory, 370. See 501.

Geometry and the Science of Form,
Evidences of Christianity, Palfrey's Introduction to, noticed, 248.

Lowell Lectures on ihe, reviewed, German Poetry, history of, by Ger.
39 — contents of the volumes, 40 vinus, 79 — the early ballads lost,
- errors committed by most writ. 80 - rude character of, in early
ers on the, 41- proper conduct of times, 81 - effect of Christianity
the argument on the, 42—distinc. and the Crusades on, 82 - effus-
tion to be made between the Old sions of the Minnesingers, 83 —
and New Testaments, 43 — Chris- Lay of the Nibelungen, 84 — the
tianity complete in itself, 45 — Gudrun, 85 — the Meistersingers,
validity of historical testimony, 46 ib. — Hans Sachs, 86 – effect of

-efficacy of miracles as proof, 47 the Reformation on, 87 — Martin
- bearing of the history of infi. Opitz, 88 - Klopstock, 89 — Wie-
delity on the, 49 – narrow com- land, 90 Lessing, 92 Win-
pass of the infidel argument, 50 - ckelmann,96 — Herder, 97 — Jean
concessions of unbelievers, 51, 54 Paul Richter, 100 — Goethe, 104
- early adversaries of the, 52 – Schiller, 106 — degeneracy of,
unbelief in modern times, 53 See 108.

German Quarterly, on the German

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