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Writers have one Lip and Tongue of intera preting, never contradieting the Ground of a real Regeneration which proceeds from the . Gift of a new Seed from Christ, or as an (c) excellent Writer, « The re“ implanted Image of God is only a Seed ll fown which must grow up to Maturity and • Perfection by Stages, until it arrive at * the full Stature of a Man in Christ.”. This is the one only Root, and good Works are the Fruit of this Seed incorruptible, and begotten into Man by the secret Power of Christ.---True Reason then is true Divinity; and true Divinity is true Philojophy. For both the Law and the Gospel, have e physical and moral Part: The physical one is the Power of Regeneration by a (d) new Seed engrafted, or breathed into us by Christ: The moral Ground is the gradual Purification of the Will and Affections. Yet, certainly the Tree may as well grow without any Roct, as Man can be renewed after the moral Image of God and Christ, unless the Seed of the Word, that is, Jesus Christ,

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.. (c) The Hon. Archibald Campbell in his Essay on the Eucharist, at the End of his middle State, p. 315, (d) James i. 21. ' I. Pet. i. 23.' John iii. 6.

be re-implanted into our earthen Veffelsz---Tha rational Divines then are at most only moral Writers; the Spiritual Divines are better Moralifts and Philosophers at the fame Time, and claim a just Title to Rationalifts, because they explain the inner Ground and Rear Jan of Redemption by the Blood of Christ, and by his Spirit. Now, the . Objections ta the Doctrine will arise from these following Heads. First, from the few Witnesses and Teachers of the Spiritual Sense, and the Rarity of its being preached.---There have been (e) Witnesses sufficient in every Age, but like the Prophets under the Law, they have been out-Voiced by the Multitude of false Dnes. It is, however, a mean Pretence to measure Truth of any kind by Number. Popery would then excel Protestantism:

The Doctrines of Mahomet and Heathen" ism would be superior to both the ather: « For, (f) a great Faction is many Per" fons, yet but one Party; and that is but . . .


.. (e) See a long Catalogue of these Writers in La : Theologie Germanique, the Book so much admired by that great Man, Luther. (1) Dr. Whichcot's Aphorism, 504.. Vid, Irhovii Palingenesia Veterum, p. 507.

'be one Opinion : Such a Fa&tion is but one " Man in Point of Judgment. One free de Spirited Man is in this particular, equal " to a whole Fattion." Would not this be allowed against the Voices and Votes of Millions of Papists and Mahometans, though their Doctrines had been universally maina tained for Ages? Was 'not the hingle Testimony of that great Servant of God, Luther, fuperior to Myriads of Opponents ? And would not one plain, unlearned Man or Woman speaking for the Gospel, preferable to innumerable Mouths proclaiming it a Falsehood. Secondly, the Difficulty of underftanding the spiritual Sense is another 06jection. There is none in the Understanding, but there is a great one to bring the Heart to believe it. Let the Difficulty be ever jo great, we must answer in the Words of Chrift, and of his Apostles, at leaft to the Preachers of the Gospel, (g) " are ye * Masters in Iirael, and know ye not these ***Things?" Again, does not the Apostle say, sch) He that ufeth Milk, is unskilful in " the Word of Righteousness, för be is a

Babe; (g) John iii. 10. (h) I. Cor. iii. 2.

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“ Babe; but strong Meat belongetb to them " that are of full Age.” And speaks be not of Melchizedek; (i) Of whom we bave many Things to say, and hard to be understood, because ye are dull of bearing." Are they commended for this? Or doth be faya that Things hard are never to be Spoken For what were they then written by the Wisdom of God, if at no Time, or by no Perfon, they are to be explained? He remi peats this point as a Matter of Rebuke and Reproof: I, Brethren, could not speak unto you as unto Spiritual, but unto Car“ nal, even as unto Babes in Christ. I bave fed you with Milk, and not with " Meat, for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able."

Is it a Commendation or a Reprehension for their Ignorance? Let it be remembered, that the Apostle did not speak to Persons of Learning, for few wise Men of this world. were of bis Church. Is it not then a Truth, that strong Meat is as much a Part of the Gospel, as Milk ? Mus it then never be given? And if few only are able to under


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