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Bankrupt Law.

Bounty Lands.
An act to establish a uniform system of An act to provide for claims to bounty lands

bankruptcy throughout the United States, for services in the late war with Great Bri-
August 12, 1841,
440 tain,

• 497
Provisions of the law,

440 to 449 A resolution directing the manner of issuing
An act to repeal the bankrupt law, March 3, patents to the heirs of persons entitled to

bounty lands, -

• 650
Banks in the District of Columbia.

Branch Pilots of the port of New Orleans.
The charters of the Bank of Potomac, the The branch pilots of the port of New Orleans

Farmer's Bank of Alexandria, the Union allowed to enter certain lands, June 17,
Bank of Georgetown, the Farmers' and 1844, .

Mechanics' Bank of Georgetown, the Bank
of the Metropolis, the Patriotic Bank of

Bridge across the Potomac.
Washington, and the Bank of Washington,

Repairs of the bridge across the Potomac to
be made, June 7, 1836, .

renewed and continued to October 1, 1836,
February 9, 1836, .

i Brothertown Indians.
The charters of the Bank of Columbia, in An act for the relief of the Brothertown In-

Georgetown, and the Bank of Alexandria, dians in the territory of Wisconsin, March
in Alexandria, extended to the 4th March, 3, 1839,

• 349
1839, February 25, 1836,
Charters of the banks in the district of Co- Catalogue of the Library of Congress.

lumbia extended to the 4th July, 1838, Incorporated colleges, universities, athenæums
July 2, 1836, (expired.)


and Iristorical societies, to be furnished with
The corporate existence of banks in the dis a copy of the catalogue of the library of

trict of Columbia extended to July 4, 1840, Congress, January 14, 1841, . . 436
May 31, 1838,
The charters of banks in the district of Co-Census of the inhabitants of the United States.
lumbia renewed and extended to July 4,

An act to provide for taking the sixth census
1844, August 25, 1841, .

or enumeration of the inhabitants of the

Suits in which the banks of the district of

United States, March 3, 1839, . 331
Columbia are parties, not to abate by reason

An act to amend the act providing for the
of the expiration of their charter, June 17,

taking the sixth census, February 26, 1840,

Trustees to have power to commence and

An act to amend the act entitled "An act to
prosecute suits,


provide for taking the sixth census or enu.
Banks of Wisconsin.

meration of the inhabitants of the United

States," approved March 3, 1839, January
Approval and confirmation of three acts of

14, 1841,

the Legislatnre of Wisconsin incorporating The time allowed for taking the sixth census
banks, March 3, 1837, .

. 198

extended, September 1, 1841, . . 452

Twenty thousand copies of the compendiam
The same duties to be collected on Belgium or abridgment of the sixth census to be
vessels and their cargoes as are levied on

. 452
Dutch vessels, March 2, 1837, 152 The number of inhabitants of Montgomery
Bell's invention for raising heavy Cannon, &c.

county, Maryland, to be taken again, 453
To be paid for his interest in two patents,

Distribution of the returns of the sixth census,

July 4, 1836, .

126 September 1, 1841,
Bills and Notes of Corporations whose charters

The circuit judge of the 8th circuit to ena.
have expired.

mine the allowances made to the marshal
The circulation of bills or notes of corpora-

of Kentucky for his assistants in taking
tions, the charters of which have expired,

the sixth census, and the amount allowed

• 568
prohibited July 7, 1838,

to be paid, August 30, 1842,
• 297

Distribution of certain copies of the returns
Boilers of Steam Engines.

of the sixth census,

An act authorizing the appointment of per See Apportionment of Representatives in Con-
sons to test the usefulness of inventions

gress under the sixth census.
to improve and render safe the boilers of
steam engines against explosions, June 28, Challenges to Fight a Duel in the District of Co-


Supplement to the act of June 28, 1838, An act to prohibit the giving or accepting
chap. 147, July 7, 1838, ·

within the district of Columbia, of a chal-
Bonds for Duties.

lenge to fight a duel, and for the punish.
The Secretary of the Treasury authorized to ment thereof, February 20, 1839, · 318

grant a further extension of the credit on Cherokee Pre-emptions.

bonds for duties, October 14, 1837, - 205 All the Cherokee pre-emptions which have
Bounty Lands.

been located on any of the surveyed lands
The act of May 22, 1826, chap. 147, revived of the United States south of the Arkansas

and continued in force for five years, May river confirmed, and patents to issue for
27, 1840,

380 them,

. 261


Cherokee Treaty.

Coast Survey.
The certificates issued or allowed by the Disposition of the charts and maps of the

commissioners under the Cherokee treaty coast survey, June 3, 1844, - 660
of 1836 to be paid,

- 719 Collection Districts.
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company.

The collection district of Dreighton in Mas-
The act of the Legislature of Virginia of

sachusetts changed to Fall River, February

27th February, 1829, to amend the act in-

13, 1837,
corporating the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal The collection district of Vicksburg esta-
Company assented to, March 3, 1837, 197

blished, and Vicksburg made a port of en.

Provisions for the protection of the canal and try, July 7, 1838, .


Grand Gulf made a port of delivery with the
Act of Virginia of 27th February, 1829, AP port of Natchez,

pendix No. 2.

The collector of the district of Fairfield may

reside at Fairfield or Bridgeport, June 4,

An act providing the means of future inter The ports of Stonington, Mystic River, and
course between the United States and the

Pawcatuck made collection districts, Au.
government of China, March 3, 1843, 624

gust 2, 1842,

Chippewa Indians.

Part of the town of Tiverton on Orleans
Construction of the treaty with the Chippewa Island annexed to the collection district
Indians of January 23, 1838, - 680 of Fall River, August 9, 1842,

Citizens of the United States on the borders of

Construction of the act of August 3, 1842,

chap. 120, to constitute the ports of Ston-
Persons formerly in the reputed limits of the

ington, Mystic River, and Pawcatuck River,
United States, but found by running the

a collection district, August 16, 1842, 506
boundary line between the United States

An act to extend the collection district of
and Texas, in Texas, may remove with all

Wiscassett, August 31, 1842,

their property into the United States, June

The act of 31st August, 1842, chap. 281, to
15, 1844,

. 674

extend the collection district of Wiscassett
repealed, March 3, 1843,

City of Washington.

Certain collection districts abolished and an-
Balance of an appropriation for the Potomac nexed to other districts, -

bridge to be applied to the improvement Commerce on Lake Michigan.
of Maryland avenue leading to the bridge,

Appropriations for improvement of harbors

and location of a light-house on Lake Mi-
Improvement of Maryland avenue,

chigan, March 3, 1813,

Claims of Massachusetts and of other States. Commissary-General of Purchases.

The Secretary at War to receive additional Office of Commissary-General of Purchases
evidence in relation to the claims of Mas. abolished,

sachusetts and of other states in the United A person to be appointed to superintend the
States, May 14, 1836, .
.' 132 manufacture of iron cannon,

Claims under the Treaty with France.

Allowance of rations to officers,

A clerical error to be corrected in the award

Office of one Inspector-General, and of three
under the treaty with France. Resolution, paymasters, abolished,

· 513
March 3, 1837,

200 Commissioner of Loans.

The provisions of the act of March 3, 1817,
Certain clerks to be continued in service,

transferring the duties of Commissioner of
May 2, 1840,

Loans to the Bank of the United States,

Payment of arrears to the clerks in the Cus repealed, April 16, 1836,
tom-house at Philadelphia,

432 Commissioner of Pensions.
Additional clerks in the Post-Office depart-

Office of Commissioner of Pensions conti-
ment authorized, July 30, 1842, 498

nued, March 3, 1837,

Clerks in the business of reservations for the

The office of Commissioner of Pensions con-
Indian tribes, May 18, 1842, . 583 tinued his duties — salary — March 4,
An additional clerk in the office of the Se-


cond Auditor to be continued until 30th

Pension business heretofore transacted in the
June, 1844,

· 650 navy department transferred to the Com-
The clerks in the business of reservations

missioner of Pensions,

and grants under Indian treaties to be con-

The office of Commissioner of Pensions con-
tinued until otherwise directed by Con-

tinued, January 20, 1843,


. 718 Commissioner of Public Buildings.
The Secretary of the Treasury may transfer Compensation of the Commissioner of Public

three clerks for arranging statistical infor. Buildings, March 3, 1843, - 610
mation relative to agriculture, manufac. Commissions on Duty Bonds.
tures, domestic trade, &c., June 18, 1844, Commissions to collectors on duty bonds

719 postponed by act of October 16, 1837,
Certain clerks and officers continued in the chap. 8, allowed to collectors, &c., June 12,
service of the United States, - 764 1838,

Vol. V. — 102

3 s2


• 215

Compact between Alabama and Mississippi re- Courts.-Circuit Courts.

lating to the five per cent. fund, c. Circuit Court in Alabama, February 22, 1838,
An act to carry into effect in the states of

Alabama and Mississippi the compacts be- A Cireuit Court to be held annually in the
tween these states in regard to the five per districts of Indiana, Illinois, and Michia
cent. fund, and the school reservations, gan,
July 4, 1836,

. 116

Circuit Court in the western district of New
Terms of the compact,
• 116 York, July 7, 1838,


Circuit Court in the district of East Tennes-
The salaries of officers of the government,

see, July 7, 1838,

&c., provided for, May 9, 1836, 26 Circuit Court in the Maryland district, 308
Compensation of the Judge, Attorney, and Adjournments of the Circuit Courts, 392

Marshal of Michigan, July 1, 1836, 62 Special sessions of the Circuit Courts, 393
Compensation of Custom-house officers for Liens of judgments in the Circuit and Dis-
1838, July 7, 1838,

trict Courts,

Compensation to topographers and clerks Circuit Court of Maine,

employed in the Post-Office department,

Circuit Court in the district of Connecticut,
265 February 24, 1843,

The act of April 16, 1818, shall be construed Circuit Court in East Tennessee, March 3,
to include the Adjutant-General of the


United States, March 3, 1839, - 352

The Circuit Court of the eastern district

Compensation of collectors, naval officers, Louisiana to transact the business of the
and surveyors of the port,

432 western district, February 26, 1845, 726
Compensation limited,

432 Circuit Courts in Kentucky, North Carolina,

South Carolina, Georgia, and the southern
Appropriations for the session of Congress,

distriet of Alabama, March 1, 1845, 730
commencing 31st May, 1841, June 25, Courts.- District Courts.


District Court of the western district of Vir.
Pay to officers of Congress,


ginia to be held at Charleston on the first
See Appropriations.

Monday of April and September, July 1,



District Court of Arkansas to have the same
Representatives in Congress according to the
sixth census,


jurisdiction as other District Courts of the
The time of holding the Circuit Court in

United States, March 1, 1837, 147
Connecticut altered, February 24, 1843,

District Court in Alabama, February 22,


District Court in Illinois, March 10, 1838,

An act in addition to the several acts regu- District Court in Indiana, March 10, 1838,
lating the shipment and discharge of sea-

men, and the duties of Consuls of the Uni-

District Court in Michigan, March 10, 1838,
ted States, July 20, 1840, · 394

Courts.-Supreme Court.

District Courts in the State of Mississippi,
The Supreme Court to consist of a Chief Jus. June 18, 1838,

tice and eight Associate Justices, March 3, District Court in the western district of New
176 York, July 7, 1838,

The Justices of the Supreme Court empower. District Court'in Tennessee, January 18,
ed to grant writs of habeas corpus when 1839,

subjects of foreign states are in custody District Court in Alabama, Feb. 6, 1839, 315
under United States of State process, Au- District Court in Mississippi, February 16,
gust 29, 1842,


The person in confinement, if entitled to a A District Court of the western district of

discharge, shall be discharged, . 539 Pennsylvania to be holden at Williamsport,
The Justices of the Supreme Court required May 8, 1840,

to attend one session in their respective District Court of Tennessee, July 4, 1840,
circuits, the time to be designated by the

justice assigned to the circuit, June 17, Appeals from the District Court at Jackson,

676 Tennessee, to the Circuit Court, April 14,
The sessions of the Supreme Court to com-

mence on the first Monday in December Fall terms of the District Court of Tennessee

• 676
at Jackson and Knoxville,

Courts.-Circuit Courts.

Commissioners to be appointed to select jurors
Establishment of the Second, Third, Fourth, for the Courts of Pennsylvania, March 19,
Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Circuits, 1842,

176 District Courts in East and West Tennessee,
The acts vesting the jurisdiction of Circuit

Courts in certain District Courts repealed, The District Court for the eastern district of


Pennsylvania to hold special sessions, 499
Regulation of the Circuit Courts, • 178 Appeals to lie from the District Court of the




Courts.District Courts.

Custom-House Officers.
northern district of Alabama to the Su The proviso of the appropriation act of March
preme Court, -

504 3, 1835, chap. 28, relating to the whole
District Court in Tennessee, March 3, 1834, number of custom-house officers on the 1st

506 of January, 1834, suspended, April 9, 1836,
District Court in Western Virginia, August

26, 1842,

534 Custom-house officers to give the requisite

Court for Western Virginia, to be bond before entering on their duties, June
holden at Charleston,
547 4, 1844, -

District Court at Wheeling, in the western

district of Virginia, January 20, 1843, 597 Debt of the United States.
District Court of Maine, February 15, 1843, The President authorized to borrow_not ex-


ceeding twelve millions of dollars, July 21,
District Court in East Tennessee, March 3,

610 Time extended for obtaining the loan of
District Court in New Jersey,

660 twelve millions, April 15, 1841, 473
The Courts in Arkansas to have jurisdiction Stock to be disposed of,

over the Indian country, June 17, 1844, 680 Additions may be made to the loan, 474
The business of the District Court of the Treasury notes due and unpaid to bear inter-
western district of Louisiana transferred est at 6 per cent.,

to the District Court of the eastern district Decatur, Susan.
of Louisiana, February 13, 1810,

A pension granted to her. Resolution, March
Criminal Court in the District of Columbia.

3, 1837, .

An act to establish a Criminal Court in the Notes of the decision of the Supreme Court

district of Columbia, July 7, 1838, . 306 in the case of Decatur and Paulding, 199
Organization of the Court-jurisdiction, 307 Defence of the United States.
Writs of error, and adjournment of questions The President authorized to resist any at-

of law to the Circuit Court of the county tempt on the part of Great Britain to en.
in which the court sits,

• 307

force by arms her exclusive jurisdiction

over part of the State of Maine, March 3,
The collectors required to seize any vessel, 1839,

- 356
&c., which may be provided for any mili-

Militia to be employed. Public vessels to be
tary expedition into any conterminous coun completed,

try at peace with the United States, March Delaware.
10, 1838, (expired)


Representatives in Congress according to the
Vessels are to be seized when there is reason sixth census, -

• 491
to believe the same are destined to be em Delaware Breakwater.
ployed in any military expedition against

Appropriations for the Delaware Breakwater
a conterminous country at peace with the

and for certain harbors and rivers, July 2,
The District Court empowered to try all cases

coming under this act,

213 Demopolis Female Academy.
When a bond may be filed for the property

Lands not disposed of under the act of March
seized, .


2, 1837, for the adjustment of title, &c., to
Persons arrested to be admitted to bail, 214

lands for the cultivation of the vine and
The land and naval forces may be employed

olive, subject to entry for the use of the
to enforce this act, :


Demopolis Female Academy, March 2,
Prohibition and punishment of challenges to


• 155
fight a duel in the district of Columbia, Deposite Banks.
July 20, 1839,

· 318 An act for adjusting the remaining claims

on the deposite banks, October 16, 1837,
Cultivation of Tropical Plants.

An act to encourage the introduction and

promote the cultivation of tropical plants Deposits of the proceeds of the Public Lands with
within the United States, July 7, 1838, 302

the States.

The transfer of the fourth instalment of de-
Cumberland Road.
The Cumberland road to be continued in the

posits directed to be made with the States

. 201
States of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, July

postponed, October 2, 1837,
2, 1836, -

71 Deposites of the Public Money.
Appropriations for continuing the Cumber. An act to regulate the deposites of the public
land road in Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana, money, June 23, 1836,

May 25, 1838,

328 The Secretary of the Treasury to select banks

for deposites, and to make agreements, 52
Currency of Foreign Gold and Silver.
An act regulating the currency of foreign

Banks issuing notes of less denomination

than five dollars not to be selected, . 53
gold and silver in the United States, March

3, 1843, -

Regulations of banks selected,

The surplus in the treasury beyond five mil-

lions to be deposited with the States, 55
Value of the florin of Austria,

740 The Secretary of the Treasury may make



Deposites of the Public Money.

District of Columbia.
transfers from banks in one state or terri. A court-house to be erected in the town of

tory to those in another, July 4, 1836, 115 Alexandria, district of Columbia, July 7,
The fifth section of the deposite act of 23d 1838,

June, 1836, chap. 115, modified as to the An act to establish a Criminal Court in the
reception of bank notes in payment of debts district of Columbia, July 7, 1838, 306

to the United States, July 5, 1838, · 255 The circulation of notes under five dollars as

currency after April 10, 1838, prohibited,
Property in Detroit, except the court-house July 7, 1838,

• 309
and jail

, vested in the Mayor, Recorder, An act restraining the circulation of small
and Aldermen, to be disposed of by them, notes as currency in the district of Colum-
542 bia, July 7, 1838,

Diplomatic Agents.

Prohibition and punishment of challenges to
Salaries and outfits of ministers to Portugal, fight a duel in the district of Columbia,
Mexico, Brazil, and of chargés d'affaires to Jaly 20, 1839,

· 318
Portugal, Denmark, Sardinia, Naples, Chili An act to provide for the erection of a new

and Texas, September 11, 1841, 461 jail in the city of Washington, district of
Secretaries of legation,

462 Columbia, March 3, 1839, . 364
Discriminating Duties.

Appropriation for a new jail in the county of
Washington, March 3, 1839,

Duties on goods from Portugal, July 4, 1836,

An act to extend the jurisdiction of the cor.

Wines may be put into custom-house stores,

poration of the city of Washington over

the Potomac Bridge, March 3, 1639, 364
The same duties on Belgium vessels and their

Titles to vacant land in the district of Colum-
cargoes to be levied as are now levied on

bia to be completed according to the laws
Dutch vessels, &c., March 2, 1837, 152

of Maryland relative to titles to vacant
Vessels from Cayenne to pay no higher duties

lands, a patent to be granted by the Com-

missioners of the General Land Office,
than American vessels, June 1, 1842, 459

February 16, 1839,

Distribution of the proceeds of the Public Lands.

Appropriation for repairing the Potomac
If there shall be an imposition of duties con-

Bridge, September 11, 1841, · 462
sistent with the act of March 2, 1833, chap.
55, beyond the rate of duty, twenty per

Manner of making the repairs and contracts,

centum, fixed by that act, the distribution
shall be suspended until this cause of the

Appropriation for lighting Pennsylvania
suspension shall be removed, • 554


avenue, July 27, 1842,
Certain States to be paid ten per centum on

An act in relation to marriages in the dis-
the nett proceeds of all the public lands

trict of Columbia, July 27, 1842, 499
sold within such States, September 4, 1841, An act to provide for the sale of the real estate

453 of infants within the district of Columbia,
After certain deductions, the proceeds of the March 3, 1843,

· 621
public lands to be divided among the states In case of a vacancy of one of the present
and territories of the Union, to be applied judges of the Circuit Court for the district
as the Legislatures may direct, 453

of Columbia, his successor shall reside in
To be paid half yearly from the treasury of Alexandria, April 4, 1844, · · 654
the United States,


Afterwards one of the judges shall always
Appropriation for surveys,

. 455

reside in the county of Alexandria. The
District Attorneys.

judges of the Circuit Court may make any
No fee to accrue to any district attorney on

exchange of residence between them to
bonds left for collection, or on suits insti. that end,

tuted on bonds, for the renewal of which

Repairs of the court-house in Alexandria,
provision has been made by law, October

12, 1837,

• 204

All property for places of worship which have
District of Columbia.

been conveyed to trustees shall be held for
The debt contracted in Holland assumed by the purposes of the trust, June 17, 1844,
the United States, May 20, 1836, . 31

The corporation of the district to deposit the Such conveyances not to be void for want of

stock held by them in the Chesapeake and trustees. Circuit Court may appoint trus-
Ohio Canal with the Treasurer of the Uni.

tees. Property to be held for religious pur-
ted States,


An act to amend the act for quieting posses- Majority of trustees may sue,

sions and enrolling conveyances and se. Limitation of the real estate to be held by
curing estates of purchasers in the district


of Columbia, April 6, 1828,


The times of holding the Criminal and Circuit
An additional judge appointed for the Or-

Courts in the county of Washington, dis-
phans' Court of the county of Washington.

After the death of the present judge, the

trict of Columbia, March 1, 1845,
court to consist of one judge, January 25, Documentary History of the United States.

229 Appropriation for the same, July 7, 1836, 526

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