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Be it further enacted, That whenever it may be necessary to form heavy The ground embankments, piers, or moles, at the mouths of creeks, or along the river shore, formed in confor basins and other purposes, and the president and directors may deem it expe structing emdient to give a greater strength to the same,

by widening them, and constructing bankments may them of the most solid materials, the ground so formed for such useful purpose

c may by them, when so improved, be sold out, or let for terms of years, as they may deem most expedient for the

company, on such conditions as may direct the application of the proceeds thereof to useful purposes, and at the same time repay the necessary expense of the formation of such embankments, piers, or moles: Provided, That this power shall in no case be exercised so as to injure the navi- Proviso. gation of the canal.

“ This act shall be in force, so far as relates to the eastern section of the canal, This act to be on its receiving the assent of the Legislature of Maryland, and of the Congress in force when, of the United States; and shall be valid as relates to both sections, on its receiv- &c. ing the further assent of the Legislature of Pennsylvania.

"APPROVED, March 3, 1837."





Acts of Congress.

Acts which are made to expire at the close The terms of the circuit courts in Alabama

of the 25th Congress, continued to the end shall commence on the third Monday in
of the session, to commence first Monday April and the fourth Monday in December,

of December, 1837, October 12, 1837, 204
Admiralty Jurisdiction of the District Courts on Time of holding the circuit court in Alaba.
the Lakes.


In matters of contract and torts, the district Compact between Alabama and Mississippi

courts of the United States to have the same with regard to the five per cent. fund, &c.,
jurisdiction on the lakes as on the high act of July 4, 1836, amended February 26,
seas, under the act of September 24, 1789, 1845, :

chap 20,

726 Alabama and Mississippi.
The maritime law, as far as applicable to the Compact between Alabama and Mississippi
case, to be a rule of decision,


relating to five per cent. fund and the school


. 116
The circuit court at Huntsville abolished, Alleghany Bank of Pennsylvania.

February 22, 1838,
Jurisdiction of the circuit court to be exer-

Repeal of the proviso which prohibits a com.
cised by the district court, • 210

promise with the Alleghany Bank of Penn.
Appeals from the district court to the circuit

sylvania, February 16, 1839, · 317
court at Mobile,

210 Alexandria.
District courts in Alabama, February 6, 1839, The charter of the town of Alexandria amend.

ed, February 15, 1843,

Division of the state into two districts, courts Apportionment of Representatives in Congress.

established in each district, - 315 The House of Representatives to be composed
Circuit court of Alabama, March 3, 1839, of a representative for every 70,680 persong

337 in a state, and an additional representative
Representatives in Congress under the sixth for every state having a fraction greater
census, .

491 than one moiety of that ratio, June 25,
Appeals shall lie from the district court of the 1842,

northern district of Alabama at Huntsville When a state is entitled to more than one
to the Supreme Court, August 4, 1842, representative, the election shall be by dis-

504 tricts, coinposed of contiguous territory,
Payment for expenses of militia called into equal in number to the number of repre-

service and not mustered in 1837, during sentatives to which the state may be en.
the Creek and Seminole hostilities, August titled, no one district to elect more than
16, 1842,
506 one representative, .

• 491
The state of Alabama to be paid for moneys Appropriations.
advanced and paid for subsistence, &c., of Appropriations, in part, for the support of go-
troops called into service during the Creek vernment for 1836, February 11, 1836,2
and Seminole hostilities in 1837, and not Appropriations for the support of government,
mustered, August 16, 1842,
506 May 9, 1836, -

Bills of the Bank of Alabama to be received Appropriations for the support of government
from actual settlers, for lands to the amount for the year 1836,

of the two per cent. fund for lands sold in Appropriations for the support of the govern-
Alabama, March 1, 1843,

. ' 606 ment in 1837, March 3, 1837, 163
The state of Alabama shall receive the notes Further appropriations for the year 1937,
in paynient of the two per cent. fund, 606 October 16, 1837,



• 475


Appropriations for the support of government kansas, locating lands confirmed, January
for the year 1838, April 6, 1838, -216 16, 1838,

Appropriations for various objects, 266, 267 Representatives in Congress according to the
An act making appropriations, in part, for sixth Congress,

• 491
the support of government for the year The time of holding the circuit courts of the
1839, December 22, 1838,

312 United States for the district of Arkansas
Appropriations for the support of government changed,

for the year 1839, March 3, 1839, 339 The courts of Arkansas to have jurisdiction
Appropriations, in part, for the support of over certain Indian courts, June 17, 1844,
government for the year 1840, January 8,


367 See Public Lands — Pre-emption Rights
Appropriations for the support of government Roads.

for the year 1840, May 8, 1840, 371 Arkansas Land Claims.
Appropriations, in part, for the support of The owners of certain Spanish and French

government, December 18, 1840, 410 land claims authorized to enter the same,
An act making appropriations for the civil August 11, 1842,

. 505
and diplomatic expenses of the government Armed occupation of Florida.

for the year 1841, March 3, 1841, 421 An act to provide for the armed occupation
Appropriations, in part, for the support of go and settlement of the unsettled part of the

vernment in 1842, January 31, 1842, 469 peninsula of Florida, August 4, 1842, 502
Appropriations for the support of government Certain persons entitled to a quarter section
in 1842, May 18, 1842,

of land on conditions of five years' resi-
An act legalizing and making appropriations dence, erection of a house, and cultivation

for such necessary objects as have been of at least five acres of land, . : 502
usually included in the general appropria Provisions as to settlements, and for the
tion bills, without authority of law, and to widow of a settler, -

provide for certain incidental expenses of

An act to amend "An act to provide for the
the departments and officers of the govern armed occupation and settlement of the
ment, and for other purposes, August 26, unsettled part of the peninsula of Florida,

June 15, 1844,

Appropriations for the support of government Provisions in favor of settlements,

. 671
December 24, 1842,
586 Change of locations, .

671, 672
Appropriations for contingencies may be ap Settlers may perfect titles by payment for
plied to supply deficiencies,

the land,


for the support of government Armories at Harper's Ferry and Springfield.
for the fiscal year, ending June 30, 1844, The secretary of war may alter the bounda.
March 3, 1843,

630 ries to allow the running of streets, 719
Appropriations for the support of government He may convey or receive land for that pur-
for the year ending June 30, 1846, March


3, 1845,

752 He may ratify exchange of land made with
For appropriations for the army, see Army.

the Wager family, -

. 720
Appropriations for the Indian department, Army,
see Indian Department.

Appropriations for the army in 1836, May
Appropriations for Indian hostilities, see In 14, 1836,

dian Hostilities.

An act to authorize the appointment of addi-
Appropriations for Indian treaties, see Indian tional paymasters in the army of the Uni.

ted States, July 4, 1836, -

Appropriations for fortifications, see Fortifi Three additional paymasters authorized, 117

An additional number of surgeons and as.
Appropriations for the navy, see Navy.

sistant surgeons authorized,


In the absence of the quartermaster-general

or the chief of any other bureau in the war
The state of Arkansas admitted into the department, the President may empower
Union, June 15, 1836,

others to perform their duties, . . 117
Organization of the courts of the United States Appropriations for the support of the army of
in Michigan,

51 the United States for 1837, March 1, 1837,
The public lands reserved to the U.States, 51

A supplement to the act of June 15, 1836, to Appropriations for the support of the army

provide for the admission of Arkansas into for the year 1838, April 6, 1838, -224
the Union, June 23, 1836,

58 An act to increase the present military esta.
Sales of public lands, per centage on lands blishment of the United States, July 5, 1838,
sold, and donation of lands for schools, 58

Regulations of sales of public lands and pub Organization and regulations,

lic buildings in Arkansas,

58 Chaplains in the army, July 7, 1838,
The district court of Arkansas to have the Assistant quartermasters,

same jurisdiction as other district courts Limitation of additional lieutenants,

of the United States, March 1, 1837, 147 Compensation of officers of the engineer de
Official acts of John Pope as governor of Ar partment,





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Assent of Congress to acts of the Legislatures of
Surgeon-general entitled to additional ra. States.

308 Assent to an act of the Legislature of Virgi-
Appropriations for the support of the army nia, relating to the Chesapeake and Ohio
for the year 1839, March 3, 1839,

Canal, February 7, 1845,

Appropriations for the support of the army Auxiliary Watch in the city of Washington.
for the year 1840, July 20, 1840,

An auxiliary watch established in the city
Appropriations for the support of the army in

of Washington--officers to be appointed by
1841, March 3, 1841,

An act making appropriations for the sup-

the mayor regulation of the watch, Au.
gust 23, 1842,

port of the army and military academy for

the year 1842, August 23, 1841, 508 Babbitt's anti-attrition metal.
Appropriations for the army in the year 1842,

The Secretary of the Navy authorized to pur.
August 23, 1842,

Reorganization of the army, August 27, 1842,

chase from the proprietor the right to use

Babbitt's anti-attrition metal in the con.

Dragoons reduced—second regiment of dra.

struction of machinery and other work,
goons converted into riflemen-suspension Baltimore.

of enlistments-office of superintendent of

Act of March 17, 1801, so far as respects the
armory at Springfield and Harper's Ferry


port of Baltimore, revived and continued
Appropriations for the army in 1844, March

to June 1, 1850,

. 602
1, 1843,

604 Bank of Alexandria.
Balance of appropriations under acts of 1835, The charter of the Bank of Alexandria ex.

chap. 97, and 1839, chap. 92, remaining in tended to July 4, 1841, July 5, 1838, 254
the treasury, may be applied by the order Bank of Columbia.
of the President to any arrearages charge Abatement of suits in the Bank of Columbia
able to the general head of suppression of at Georgetown, by reason of the expiration

Indian hostilities, June 17, 1844, 678 of the charter, prevented, February 28,
Balances under acts of 1836, chap. 59, 1838, 1839,

chap. 97, 1839, chap. 92, re-appropriated Bank of the United States.
Appropriations for the support of the army

The provisions of the act of March 3, 1817,
for the fiscal year, ending June 30, 1845,

transferring the duties of Commissioner of
June 17, 1844,

Loans to the Bank of the United States,

An act making appropriations for the sup-

repealed, April 16, 1836,
port of the army for the year ending June The Bank of the United States, and its
30, 1846, March 3, 1845,


agents, required to pay all moneys in their

hands for the payment of the public debt,
Arrests on mesne process in the District of Colum-

into the treasury of the United States

within three months,

An act to regulate arrests on mesne process

Repeal of the 14th section of the act to in.
in the district of Columbia, August 1, 1842,

corporate the Bank of the United States

Persons not to be held to bail in civil suits

which makes the notes of the Bank re.

ceivable for debts due to the United States,
except on affidavit in certain cases, - 499

June 15, 1836,

Affidavit to be filed previous to issuing the


The Secretary of the Treasury to act as the
No person to be held to bail or imprisoned agent for the United States in all matters
in a civil action when the debt is less than

relating to the stock held by the United
fifty dollars, June 17, 1844, . . 678 States in the Bank, June 23, 1836, : 56
Correction of an error in the act of June 17,

To receive from the Bank all moneys of the


United States, and deposit the same in the
Title of the act amended,



The terms of settlement for the stock of the

United States, in the Bank of the United
Appropriation for the purchase of a site for

States, to be accepted, and the Secretary
an arsenal near Fayette in North Carolina,

June 14, 1836,

of the Treasury authorized to receive pay-

ment for the same. Resolution, March 3,
The arsenal at Charleston, South Carolina, to


be extended and repaired, July 2, 1836,

No suit in which the Bank of the United


States is a party, to abate by reason of the
Assent of Congress to acts of the Legislatures of expiration of the charter of the Bank,

March 2, 1838,

- 211
Assent of Congress to the act of Maryland, The sale of the bonds of the Bank of the

relative to tonnage on vessels, continued United States, chartered by Pennsylvania,
to March 3, 1843, March 19, 1838, 215 authorized, July 7, 1838,

The act of Maryland not to be authorized to The circulation of bills or notes of corpora.

demand a duty on vessels propelled by tions, the charters of which have expired,
215 prohibited, July 7, 1838,


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