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county. From West Liberty, via Middleburg, to Quincy, in Logan county. From Urbanna, via Middletown and Lewisburg, to Cobert's, in Union county. From Zanesville, by the Ridge Road, to Marietta, to the point where said road intersects the river road.

In Indiana.–From Middletown, via Tomlinson's ill, Muncietown, Indiana. Albany, to Camden. From Muncietown, via Granville, Hartford, Montpelier, to Bluffton. From Deerfield, via Ridgeville, Fairview, Albany, Granville, to Wheeling. From New Rochester, Ohio, via Richville, to Newville, Indiana, thence, via Auburn, Asa Brown's, Augusta, Sparta, Leesburg, to the post route from Lima to Peru. From Fort Wayne, via Columbia, Oswego, Leesburg, to Plymouth. From Valparaiso, via Elder French's, Isaac Cornell's, Thomas Dinwiddie's, Pleasant Grove, to West Creek Post Office. From Washington, Daviess county, via Edwardsport, to Carlisle, in Sullivan county. From Washington, Daviess county, to Bedford, in Lawrence county. From Augusta, via North Port, Wolcott's Mills, White's Corners, Bloomfield, Ontario, to Lima. From Terre Haute, in the county of Vigo, via Samuel Young's, Urbanna, and Lewis, in said county, to Linton, in Green county. From Terre Haute, via Ephraim Kester's, in Vigo county, Williamsburg, Sullivan, to Carlisle, in the county of Sullivan. From Carlisle, in Sullivan county, via Pleasant, M. O. Haver’s, Aaron Hagerman's, Bogardsville, and Scotland, in Green county, to Springville, in Lawrence county. From Warsaw, in Koskiusko county, to Plymouth, Marshall county. From Delphi, in Carroll county, via Camden, Fisher's Mills, and Bridge's Blacksmith Shop, to Coshows, on the Michigan road. From Crawfordsville, by Sugar Grove and Old Shawnee village, to Shawnee Post Office.

In Illinois.-From Springfield, Illinois, to Carrollton, via Lick Creek. From Dixon, Sterling, Union Grove, Fulton City, Lyons, Dewitt, Independent Grove, in the county of Clinton, via Washington Ferry, in Cedar County, Iowa Territory, to Iowa city, in said Territory. From Knoxville, Illinois, to Millersburg, Mercer county, thence to Bloomington, in the Territory of Iowa. From Jacksonville to Pekin, via Princeton, Chandler's Bath, and Havana. From Southport, Illinois, to Beloit, Wisconsin. From Juliet, Will county, to Dundee, in Kane county, Illinois. From Ottowa, Illinois, to Wilmington. From Hillsborough, in Montgomery county, by Audubon, to Shelbyville, in Shelby county. From Vienna, by Halderman and Caledonia, to Cairo. From Belleville, by Centreville, to Waterloo. From Edwardsville, by Helvetia, to Shoal Creek. From Jerseyville to Gilead. From Chester, by Hobb's Ridge and Georgetown, to Sparta, and from Pinkneyville, to Brownsville, Illinois. From Waterloo, by James's Mill, to Harrisonville.

In Missouri.–From Marshall, Saline county, via Greenville and Missouri. Miami Post Office, to Carrollton. From Caledonia, Washington county, to Van Buren, in Ripley county, via the seat of justice of Shannon county. From Van Buren, Ripley county, Missouri, via Alfred Deatherade's and John Shields's, to Little Piney Post Office. From Merrimack Iron Works, Crawford county, via Burdine's on Bryant's Fork, Grigsby, on Little North Fork of White river, to Forsyth, Taney county. From Paris, Monroe county, via Bloomington, and Centreville, to the seat of justice of Adair county. From Carrollton, via Chilicothe and Trenton, in Grundy county, to Union Mills, in said county. From Marshall, via Salt Pond and Johnson's Grove, to Lexington. From Eleven Points, Ripley county, via Green B. Hesterley's, to Jackson, in Arkansas. From Thorp's Mill, Holt county, via John Blair's, Daniel Dearborn's, and Roundtree's, to Sonora, on the Missouri river. From Plattsburg, via Boyer's settlement, Third Fork of Platte river, and Rochester, on the main Platte river, to Savannah. From Platte city, via the county seats of Buchanan and Andrew coun


ties, to the county seat of Holt county. From Bluff Grore, Grundy county, to William Miller's, on Grand river. From Brunswick, Chariton county, to Chilicothe. From Rockland Mills, Saline county, to Longwood, Pettis county. From Richmond, in Ray county, to Sparta, in Buchanan county. From Springfield, via Robert Patterson's, in Green county, and Jeremiah Parsons's, Isham P. Poole's, and Henry S. Ormsby's, in Pulaski county, to Caledonia, in Washington county. From Bolivar, via William Snowden’s, to Sarcoxie, in Newton county. From Herman, on the Missouri river, via Heath's store, near the mouth of Gasconade river, to Lisletown, in Osage county. From Chilicothe to Bluff Grove. From Tuscumbia, via the mouth of Nianga river, to Bolivar. From the town of New Madrid to Smith's Landing on the Mississippi river. From Paris, via Woodville, to Bloomington. From Eleven Points to Ozark, in Ozark county. From Cave Spring, Pulaski county, via Hartsville, in Wright county, and Ozark Court-house, to Forsyth in Taney county. From Lisletown to Westphalia. From Springfield, Green county, to Harmony Mission, Bates county. From Grovoise, Kinderhook county, by Oregon, Bensborough, and Oakland, to Hartsville in the county of Wright. From Springfield, by Greenfield to county seat of Jasper county. From Brunswick in Chariton county, to Union Mills in Grundy county. From Farmington, by Bonaparte and Keosanque, Iowa Territory, to lowaville. From Breesville, Illinois, via Wittenberg, to Apple Creek post office, Cape Girardeau county. From West Prairie to Grand Prairie, in Stoddard county. From Elkhorn post office, Ray county, to Plattsburg, Clinton county.

In Arkansas.-From Antoine, in Clark county, to Ultima Thule, in Sevier county, on the Fort Towson road. From Fayetteville, Washington county, by way of Stout's Mills, Onstol's Mills, and the head of Core creek, to Natural Dam, in Crawford county. From the town of Elizabeth, in Jackson county, to Pocahontas, in Randolph county. From Clinton, in Van Buren county, to Yellville, in Marion county, through Lebanon, in Searcy county. From Whittington, Hot Spring county, via Aiken's store and Duston's mill, to Mount Ida, intersecting the mail route, from Scott court-house, to Washington, in Hempstead county, at that place. From Columbia, Chicot county, by way of Bayou Bæuf, to Monroe, in Louisiana. From Jackson, in Lawrence county, in Arkansas, by way of Williams's, on Strawberry river, to Izard court-house.

In Michigan.From Middleville, in Barry county, via Gun Lake, Martin, and Watson, to Allegan. From Grand Rapides, via Lake Alone, to Middleville. From the village of Charlotte, via the village of Vermontville, to intersect the route from the Grand Rapides, to Hastings. From Bellevue, via Oneida post-office, to Grand River city. From Owasco, via Duplane, Bingham, Bengal, and Lebanon, to Lyons. From Quincy, on the Indiana and Marshall State road, to Brockville, Indiana. From Saganaw city to Lower Saganaw. From Blissfield, through Ogden to Fairfield post office. From Kalamazoo, via Brady's post office, Vicker's mill, Centreville, and Sherman village, to Lima, Indiana. From Lakeville, by Oxford, Brandon, and Eagle Lake, to Groveland. From the village of Battle Creek, in Calhoun county, to Hastings, the county site of Barry county. From Whitmansville, via Charleston, to Lafayette. From Belvidere to Mount Clemens. From Belvidere to Detroit. From the village of Marshall, in Calhoun county, through Verona, to Hastings. From the village of Marshall, in Calhoun county, Michigan, via Trecousa, to Girard Branch court-house. From Granville to Port Sheldon, in Ottowa county. From Logansport to White Pigeon, via Leesburg, Milford, Goshen, and Middleburg. From Flint, in Genesee county, via Bearsleyville and Richmond, to Lapier. From Cassopolis, through Whitmansville, to Keelersville. From Monroe, Ypsilanti, by Stony creek, Exeter, Huron, and Roson's mill. From Flat Rock, in the town


ship of Brownstown, to the village of Gibraltar. From Lapier to Grand Blanc, by Langdon and Mount Pleasant. From Mason, in Ingham county, to Jackson, in Jackson county. From Grand Rapides, county of Kemp, by Allan's corners, Lake Alone, Barnes's mill, and Green Plains, to Kalamazoo.

In Wiskonsan.-From Patch Grove, in Grant county, to Blue river. Wisconsin. From Fort Winnebago, via Grand Rapides, to Plover Portage. From Delavan, by Darien, to Beloit. From Fort Atkinson, by Cold Spring and White Water, to Elkhorn. From Summit, in Milwaukie county, via Piperville and Watertown, to Washara, (or Fox Lake.) From Southport, via Aurora post office, to Burlington. From Madison, by Monroe, to Freeport, Illinois. From Milwaukie, via Muskeego, Rochester, and Burlington, to Geneva.

In Iowa.-From Dubuque to the county seat of Delaware county. Iowa. From Dubuque, via the county seat of Jones county and Rochester, (on the Red Cedar,) to West Liberty. From Dubuque, via Richfield, Point Pleasant, and Davenport, to Stephenson, Illinois. From Davenport, via Centreville and Moscow, to Rochester, (on the Red Cedar.) From Fort Madison, via West Point and Tuscarora, to Bentonport. From New Boston, Illinois, via Black Hawk and Wappello, to Mount Pleasant. From Fort Madison to Carthage. From Bloomington, via Cedarville and West Liberty, to Napoleon. From Wapsepinicon to Bellevue, to be changed so as to run from Wapsepinicon, via Camanche, New York, Lyons, and Charleston, to Bellevue. From Burlington, via Ellison's creek, St. Augustine, and Middle Grove, to Peoria. From Van Buren, Iowa Territory, via Fairfield court-house and Washington courthouse, to Iowa city. From Wappello, via Cattesse and Sissinamo, to Napoleon. From Burlington, via Dodgeville, Virginia Grove, Hope Farm, Columbus city, Port Allen, to Iowa city. From Iowa city, via Richmond, Washington, Brighton, Pleasant Grove, Fairfield, and Kesauqua, Iowa Territory, to Waterloo, Missouri. From Davenport, via Joseph Denson's, in Cedar county, Seely's mills, and Paumacho, to Marion. From Savannah, Illinois, via Charleston, Goodenoe's mills, Burriston's Settlement, Edinburgh, Tipton, and Washington ferry, to lowa city. From Keokuck, via Ambrosia, Franklin, West Point, McCarverstown, Mount Pleasant, Trenton, and Washington, to Iowa city. From Keosauqua, on the county road, via Ely's Ford, to B. F. Wilson's, in Van Buren county. From Keosauqua, via Washington and Salem, in Henry county, to Mount Pleasant. From Iowa city, via Westport, Marion, and the county seat of Delaware county, to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Territory. From Marion to Pleasantville. From Fort Madison, via West Point and Salem, to Fairfield. From Fort Madison, via Franklin, to Farmington. From Prairie La Porte, Iowa Territory, to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Territory, via Montholon, in Clayton county, Iowa Territory. From Farmington, Bonaparte, Van Buren, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Portland, and Iowaville, to the United States Indian Agency, on the Desmoines river.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the above routes shall go To go into opeinto operation on the first day of July, eighteen hundred and forty-three, ration, when. or sooner, should the funds of the Department justify the same: Pro- Proviso. vided, That as soon as a responsible contractor shall offer to transport the mails over any portion of the above routes for the revenue derived from the new offices to be established thereon, until the first day of July, eighteen hundred and forty-three, the Postmaster General shall forthwith put them into operation.

APPROVED, August 31, 1842.

Aug. 31, 1842. Chap. CCLXXV: An Act making appropriations to carry into effect a treaty

with the Wyandott Indians, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Appropriation States of America in Congress assembled, That there be, and hereby to carry treaty is, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise apinto etfect.

propriated, for carrying into effect the treaty with the Wyandott Indians, dated March seventeen, eighteen hundred and forty-two, and ratified by the Senate on the seventeenth of August, eighteen hundred and forty

two, with amendments, the sum of fifty-five thousand six hundred and Proviso.

sixty dollars: Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be ex

pended until the assent of said tribe is duly and formally given to said Interest on amendments. To make good the interest on investments and State State stocks, stocks, and bonds for Indian tribes not yet paid by the States, to be re&c. to be made imbursed out of the interest when collected, fifteen thousand six hundred good.

dollars and ninety-two cents. Additional ap

For defraying expenses of the Supreme, Circuit and District Courts propriation for expenses of the

of the United States, including the District of Columbia, also for jurors judiciary.

and witnesses, in aid of the funds arising from fines, penalties, and forfeitures incurred in eighteen hundred and forty-two and preceding years, and likewise for defraying the expenses of suits in which the United States are concerned, and of prosecutions for offences committed against the United States, and for the safe-keeping of prisoners, in addition to former appropriations, one hundred thousand dollars.

APPROVED, August 31, 1812. STATUTE II. Aug. 31, 1842. CHAP. CCLXXVI.—An Act concerning professors of mathematics in the nary of

the United States. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Entitled to United States of America in Congress assembled, That professors of mess with lieu- mathematics in the navy of the United States shall be entitled to live tenanıs, and receive rations as

and mess with the lieutenants of sea going and receiving vessels, and such.

shall receive such rations as lieutenants of the same ship or station shall receive.

APPROVED, August 31, 1842.


Aug. 31, 1842.

Secretary of the Navy to contract ihere. for. Cost limited.


Chap. CCLXXVII.- An Act to authorize the construction of a depot for charts

and instruments of the nary of the United States. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Navy be, and he is hereby, authorized to contract for the building of a suitable house for a depot of charts and instruments of the navy of the United States, on a plan not exceeding in cost the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the sum of ten thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, towards carrying this law into effect.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said establishment may be located on any portion of the public land in the District of Columbia which the President of the United States may deem suited to the purpose.

APPROVED, August 31, 1842.


STATUTE II. Chap. CCLXXIX.-An Act to regulate the appointment and pay of engineers in

Aug. 31, 1842. the navy of the United States. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary Engineers to of the Navy shall appoint the requisite number of chief engineers and be appointed by assistant engineers, not to exceed one chief engineer, two first assistant, of the Navy. two second assistant and three third assistant engineers for each steam Number al.

lowed. ship of war, for the naval service of the United States, who shall be paid when in actual service as follows: To the chief engineer, fifteen hundred dollars per annum and one Pay in service,

&c. ration per day; to the first assistant engineer, nine hundred dollars per annum and one ration per day; to the second assistant engineer, seven hundred dollars per annum and one ration per day; to the third assistant engineer, five hundred dollars per annum and one ration per day; the chief engineer shall be entitled to mess in the ward room of ships of war, and in all cases of prize money he shall share as a lieutenant; the first assistant engineer shall share as a lieutenant of marines; the second assistant engineer shall share as a midshipman; the third assistant engineer shall share as the forward officers; but neither the chief nor the assistant engineers shall hold any other rank than as engineers.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Navy. Firemen and shall be authorized to enlist and employ the requisite number of firemen, authorized. who shall receive, each, thirty dollars per month and one ration per day, and the requisite number of coal-heavers, who shall receive, each, eighteen dollars per month and one ration per day; and the said firemen and coal-heavers shall, in all cases of prize money, share as seamen.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said chief engineer and Pay of engiassistant engineers, when waiting orders, shall be paid as follows: To neers waiting the chief engineer, twelve hundred dollars per annum; to the first assistant engineer, seven hundred dollars per annum; to the second assistant engineer, five hundred dollars per annum; to the third assistant engineer, three hundred and fifty dollars per annum. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Navy Engineer in

chief to be apshall appoint a skilful and scientific engineer in chief, who shall receive

pointed. for his services the sum of three thousand dollars per annum, and shall perform such duties as the Secretary of the Navy shall require of him touching that branch of the service.

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Navy Uniform and shall be authorized to prescribe a uniform for the said chief engineers rules for their

government. and assistant engineers, and to make all necessary rules and regulations for the proper arrangement and government of the corps of engineers and assistant engineers, not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of the United States. The said engineers and assistant engineers shall Engineers suba be in all respects, subject to the laws, rules, and regulations of the naval

regulations of service, in like manner with other officers of the service.

the navy. Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the said chief engineers Engineers how shall [be] appointed by commission, and the assistant engineers shall be appointed. appointed by warrant from the Secretary of the Navy, in such form as he may prescribe.

And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Navy be, and Depots of coal he is hereby, authorized to establish, at such places as he

authorized deem ne

may cessary, suitable depots of coal, or other fuel, for the supply of steam ships of war.

APPROVED, August 31, 1842.

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