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London :







PAGE ARTICLED CLERKS-Number of, in England 157 Averages at Solicitors' Final and Inter

mediate Examinations .. .. .. 111

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PAGE Parliament-Notes as to Bil Patents-Essay on ..

162 Practice-Notes of New Decisions on .. 173 Prideaux's Conveyancing-Notes on 5 PRIZES--Award of Special Prize at

Institution for 1883 . PRIZE ESSAYS.. 45, 61, 109, 112, 125, 130

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PAGE Cases, Epitome ot-continued.

Speight, In re, Speight v. Gaunt
Suffell v. Bank of England
Sutton v. Sutton ..
Threlfall v. Wilson.
Tillett v. Ward .
Upmann v, Forreter
Wade v. Wilson ..
Walsh v. Lonsdale .
Ward, Ex parte
Watkins v. Rymill
Watson, Kipling &
Webb v. Beavan
Wilkinson, Ex parte
Wilson y. Turner ..

Wood v. Heather ..
Correspondence, Queries, &

57, 70, 83, 97, 118, 136, 155, 170, 176 County Courts - Jurisdiction of and

Procedure in ..

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QUERIES-See Correspondence, Queries, &c. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS-See Examina

tions, Test Questions.

embers of ..

62, 77, 122



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Descent-Stephen's Line of Descent in

Rhyme .. .. .. .. .. 108


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Outlines of Procedure before Magistrates 32 Jurisdiction of, and Procedure in County

Courts . Hints to Candidates reading Stephen's" Commentaries, 51, 62, 81, 96, 115, 133,

152, 165, 174 Notes on Prideaux's Conveyancing, 54, 64 Comparison of dealing with Insolvent

Estates in Chancery and Bankruptcy 112 Notes on New Rules of 1883 A Student's Holiday Changes made by the Bankruptcy Act,

1883.. .. .. .. . Patents ..

Notices of Prizes for, Results, &c. 45, 67, 109 EXAMINATIONS-See Questions & Answers.

General Notes as to 1, 2, 13, 29, 61,
Questions and Answers at various, 9, 17,

37, 71, 85, 99, 120, 178 Results at, including Honours Lists,

&c., &c. .. 11, 27, 41, 76, 91, 122, 187 General Information and Particulars as

to .. .. 11, 28, 43, 91, 137, 155, 158 Averages at .. Letter from Secretary of Incorporated

Law Society, as to Subjects in Novem-
ber, 1883 .. .. .. .. .. 126

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REVIEWS- List of Works reviewed :

Aldred's Manual of the Law of Mortgage 176
Baldwin's Bankruptcy, 3rd edition

.. 16 Bence-Jones' New Law of Bankruptcy 170 Broom's Philosophy of Common Law,

3rd edition ...
Coote's Probate Practice, 9th edition ..

iss" 9.5

95 Davison's Tabular Summary of the New Rules ..

.. .. 169 Deane's Principles of Conveyancing, and

edition .
Edwards and Hamilton's Husband and

Wife ..
Emden's Practice of Winding-up of "

Field's Landholding and relation of

Landlord and Tenant in different

.. .. 176 Gibson's Intermediate Law made easy,“

4th edition Goodeve's Modern Law of Real Property 95 Goodeve's Questions on his Work

.. 124
Harrison's Probate and Divorce, 2nd ed. 124
Haynes' Honours Examination Digest .. 169
Hewitt's Conveyancing Act .. .. 60
Humphrey's Precedents ..
Incorporated Law Society's Calendar for

- 60
Lynch's Conveyancing Act
Peel's Chancery Practice, 3rd edition .. 176
Prideaux's Conveyancing, 12th edition 59
Purkis' Intermediate Guide to Stephen's 60
Ringwood's Bankruptcy, 2nd edition .. 59
Salaman's Bankruptcy Act, 1883
Scott's Guide to the Bankruptcy Act,

1883 .. .
Shirley's Leading Cases, 2nd edition .. 60
Smith's Ecclesiastical Law, 2nd edition 44
Slater's Guide to the Legal Profession 176
Snell's Principles of Equity, 6th edition 12
Stephen's Commentaries on the Laws of
England, 9th edition ..

.. 137
Turner's Duties of Solicitor to Client : 137
Waite's Questions on Equity
Wharton's Law Lexicon, 7th edition
Whiteway's Hints on Practice,

edition ..
Williams' Institutes of Justinian..
Woodfall's Synopsis of the New Rules

and Practice .. .. .. .. 169

CASES-Epitome of:

Alloway v. Steere ..
Angus v. McLachlan
Beer v. Foakes
Bell v. Stocker
Biggs v, Peacock ..
Blackburn Building Society
Blandford v. Blandford ..
Blyth and Fanshawe, In re
Bolckow y, Fisher ...
Braithwaite, In re, Braithwaite v.
Brooks, Ex parte, Re Fowler
Brown, In re, Ward v. Morse
Castellain v. Preston
Chapman, In re ..
Charles v. Finchley Local Board .. 159
Clarke v. Palmer
Coote v. Judd
Davis v, Morris
Dronsfield Silkstone Coal Company, In
Dymock v, Watkins
Englehardt, Ex parte
Fearnside v. Flint ..
Freer, In re ..
Freston, In re
Gibbs v. Sidney

159 Gold Hill Mines, In re

111 Great Wheal Polgooth, R

Greene v. Forster ..
Guiness v, Land Corporation of Ireland
Hall, In re, Dave's Contract
Harris v. Jenkins.. ..
Harvey's Settled Estate, In re.
Howe v. Prudential Assurance Company
Imperial Hydropathic Company v.

Hampton .. .. .. .. "
Ingram v. Little ..
Izard, Ex parte, Re Bushell ..
Jacobson, Ex parte..

Jolliffe v. Baker ..
Jones, In re, Jones v, Sea
Knight v. Abbott ..

13 Langrish v. Archer

14 Lyell y. Kennedy..

McHenry v, Lewis ..
McKenzie's Trusts, In re ..
Mersey Steamship Company v.

worth ..
Miller v. Brasch .
Miller v, Huddlestone
Moore v, Shelley
Mullins v. Miller
Munster v. Lamb.
Neilson v. James ..
Palmer's Application, In re
Payne, In re, Randle y, Payne
Phillips v. Homfray
Photographic Artists' Co-operati

ciety, In re
Popple v. Sylvester..
Popplewell, Ex parte, In re Storey
Read v. Anderson
Roope v. D'Avigdor
Shaw, Ex parte ..
Smith, In re, Green y. Smith ..

Dures.nete, LADICE Upans

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Honours EXAMINATIONS--See Examina

tions. Award of Special Prizes at Law Insti

tution for 1883 .. .. .. ..




minations Award of Special Prizes for 1883" : 27

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12 12

THE LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. They were wrong, it supplied a want, and this

was soon perceived and recognized ; and that the Monthly, 6d., by post, 6ld.; Annual Subscription (payable idea was good was evidenced by a rival journal in advance), 6s., post free.

called The Articled Clerks' Journal being started, SCALE OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS.

which existed for over a year, when it stopped, £ &. d.

and then another paper, or rather magazine, for Five Lines, and under, about 10 words to a Line

0 3 0 Every additional Line.. ..

06 students came out entitled Gibson's Law Notes, Quarter of a Column .. ..

.. 0 10 6 Half-Column ..

which is still existing. As to the idea that at .. .. ..

.. ..

.. 1 0

0 Whole Column ..

.. . 2 0 0

first prevailed with some that this journal was Quarter Page, Displayed

.. 2 0 0 One Column, or Half a Page, printed across, Displayed .. 3 3 0 simply an advertising medium, that view was, Whole Page, Displayed .. .. ..

. . . 6 00


Whilst thanking our public for the way in CHANCERY LANE, NOT LATER THAN THE 25TH OF EACH MONTH.

which they have supported the journal, we cannot All Communications should be addressed to the Editor,

but say that they have a great deal to thank this 16, Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane, London.

journal for. They have by it's means laid before P.O.O.'s to be made payable to Geo. BARBER, Chancery Lane. Cheques crossed London and County Bank, Holborn Branch.

them month by month, all news and matter

interesting and affecting them, and we think all, CONTENTS.

or nearly all, will be ready to acknowledge the EDITORIAL NOTE .. .. .. .. .. ..

thought, care, and attention that is paid to each


issue. We would take no particular credit for STUDENTS' CASES ..

this, for it is the index of our success, and the A SET OF TEST QUESTIONS ON THE STATUTES OF 45 & 46

success has repaid us. VICT. .. .. CORRESPONDENCE, QUERIES, &c. .. ..

But though we look back with satisfaction at EXAMINATIONS (including Answers at the November Solicitors' our past four years, we would say that with Honours Examination, and Honours' List at that Exami

regard to the future we shall always be on the nation) .. .. .. REVIEWS ..

alert to increase the character, scope, and useLAW STUDENTS' SOCIETIES ..

fulness of this paper whenever opportunity occurs. Nothing is so good but it is capable of improvement, and whenever we perceive an opportunity in this direction we shall not be

slow in taking advantage of it. In return, we JANUARY 1, 1883.

ask our readers to assist us by recommending our journal to their friends, and inducing them to

become subscribers. There are also other ways of EDITORIAL NOTE.

assisting us. For instance, let correspondents IN commencing another year we cannot refrain pay more attention to the letters they write us for I from making a few remarks on our past and insertion in our columns, and let secretaries of future. Started exactly four years ago, and law student societies send us good reports of perfectly novel in its nature, this journal has their meetings, and constantly inform us of any. attained a position certainly as good as the editor thing which they think may interest the general expected for it, and far better than any one else body of students. Finally, we would ask our anticipated—it has indeed been a success, and readers when any error creeps in, in any legal the editor believes that this success will still point, or when we are forced to omit matter we increase. Prior to 1879 there had been three should like to insert, to bear with it patiently and attempts in the way of a paper for Law Students, not carp at it. We have always shown ourselves viz.:-The Law Students' Magazine, published in ready to freely acknowledge any errors or de1854; The Law Students'

ts' Debating
Debating Society's | ficiencies, and trust we always shall, and we

Journal and Reporter, published in 1865, and would take this opportunity of saying that any
The London Students' Gazette, published in 1872; , suggestions with regard to the journal will always
the first was publi: hed at 1s. 7d., the second was be gratefully received and carefully considered.
practically exclusive to the London Law Students'
Debating Society, and the third was not for Law
Students only but was utterly miscellaneous.
This journal, therefore, was a novelty as being the

NOTES OF THE MONTH. first moderate priced paper published for law students, and the only one that had ever been

A CAREFUL perusal of the Honours' Questions and published that could be considered their organ.

Answers at the last Solicitors' Final Examination When our first number appeared publishers and shows us nothing extraordinarily difficult, and, though booksellers seemed a little amused, considered it there is somewhat of a tendency to case law, yet, on either a whim or an advertising idea, and expressed the whole, the questions embrace leading and iman opinion that it would soon ceass to appear. | portant principles, and we are satisfied with them. It

The Traw Students' Journal,

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