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ster the holy Sacraments in the never be spokon in vain. Grant ongregation where thou shall also, that we may have grace to

lawfully appointed thereunto. hear and receive what they shall Then this is done, the Pishop shall go deliver out of thy most holy word, ou in the Service of the Communion, or agreeably to the same, as the which all they who receive Orders shall means of our salvation; that in all take together, and remain in the same place where hands were laid upon

our words and deeds we may Ehem, until such time as they have seek thy glory, and the increase received the communion.

of thy kingdom, through Jesus The Coinmunion being cone, after Christ our Lord. Amen. he last collect, and immediately heFor the Benediction, shall be said this THE peace of God, which pias

eth all understanding, keep -Tost merciful Father, we be your hearts and minds in thi

seech thee to send upon knowledge and love of God, and ese thy servants thy heavenly of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord: essing; that they may be cloth- and the blessing of God Almiglia

with righteousness, and that ty, the Father, the Son, and the y word spoken by their mouths Holy Ghost, be amongst you, and ay have such success, thiat it may remain with you always. Amen. And if, on the same day, the Order of Deacons he given to some, and the Order of Priesthood to others; the Deacons shall be first presenter, and then the Priests; and it shall suffice that the Litany be once said for both. The Collect shall both be used; first, that for Deacons, then that for Priests. The Epide shall be Ephesians, iv. 7 to 18, as before in this office. Immediately after which they that are to be made Deacons, shall

be examined, and ordained, as is abort prescribed. Then one of them having read the Gospel, which shall be citheret of Saint Mutthuu, ix. 36, as before in this office; or else Saint Luke, xii. 35to as before in the form for the Ordering of Deacons, they that are to be made Priests, shall likewise be examined, and ordained, as in this office before pointed.

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THE FORM OF Ordaining or Consecrating a Bishop. When all things are duly prepared in the Church, and set in order, after Jam ing Prayer is enderi, the presiding Bishop, or some other Bishop appointed the Bishops present, shall begin the Communion Service, in which this shall The Collect.

the people, that they may LMIGIITY God, who by thy diently follow the same.; that al Son Jesus Christ didst give may receive the crown of ever thy holy Apostles many excel-lasting glory, through Jesus Chri nt gifts, and didst charge them our Lord. Amen. feed thy flock; give grace, we

Ard another Bishop shall readeseech thee, to all Bishops, the astors of thy Church, that they

The Epistle. 1 Tim. iii. 1. ay diligently preach thy word. THIS is a true saying, la nd duly administer the godly

desire the office of a Bisho -scipline thereof; and grant folhe desireth a gond work. A

, then must be blameless, theme. But none of these things pand of one wife, vigilant, so- move me, neither count I my life

of good behaviour, given to dear unto myself, so that I might itality, apt to teach, not given finish my course with joy, and the wine, no striker, not greedy ministry which I have received of Elthy lucre, but patient, not a the Lord Jesus ; to testify the vler, not covetous; one that Gospel of the grace of God. And

th well his own house, having now, behold, I know that ye all, children in subjection with all among whom I have gone preachity; for if a man know nuting the kingdom of God, shall see

to rule his own house, how my face no more. Wherefore 1. he take care of the Church take you to record this day, that God? not a novice, lest being I am pure from the blood of all ed up with pride he fall into men: For I have not shunned to

condemnation of the devil. declare unto you all the counsel reover he must have a good of God. Take heed, therefore, prt to them which are with unto yourselves, and to all the ; lest he fall into reproach, flock, over the which the Holy I the snare of the devil. Ghost hath made you overseers, 1 Or this: For the Epistle.

to feed the Church of God, which

he hath purchased with his own Acts, xx. 17.

blood. For I know this, that afROM Miletus, Paul sent to ter my departing shall grievous Ephesus, and called the El-wolves enter in among you, not s of the Church. And when sparing the flock.

Also of your y were come to him, he said own selves shall men arise speak6 them, Ye Know from the ing perverse things, to draw away

day that I came into Asia, disciples after them. Therefore r what manner I have been watch, and remember, that by h you at all seasons, serving the space of three years, I ceased

Lord with all humility of not to warn every one, night and id, and with many tears and day, with tears. Aud now, breptations, which befell me by thren, I commend you to God, lying in wait of the Jews: and to the word of his grace, d'how I kept back nothing which is able to build you up, and I was profitable unto you, but to give you an imberitance among e showed you, and have taught all them which are sanctified. I

publicly, and from house to have coveted no man's silver, or ise, testifying both to the Jews, gold, or apparel : yea, ye your| also to the Greeks, repent-selves know, that these hands have e toward God, and faith: to- ministered into my necessities, rd our Lord Jesus Christ. And and to them that were with me. n, behold, I go bound in the I have showed you all things, how rit unto Jerusalem, not know-that so labouring ye ought to supthe things that shall befall me port the weak; and to remember re; save that the Holy Ghostihe words of the Lord Jesus, how nesseth in every city, saying, he said, It is more blessed to give at bonds and affiictions abide than to receive.

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T Then another Bishop shall read given unto me in heaven and in The Gospel. St. John, xxi. 15. earth. Goye therefore and teach JESUS saith to Simon Peter, all nations, baptizing them in the

Simon son of Jonas, lovest name of the Father, and of the thou me more than these? He Son, and of the Holy Ghost saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou teaching them to observe all thing knowest that I love thee. He saith whatsoever I have commanded unto him, Feed my lambs. He you: and lo, I am with you alway, saith to him again the second even unto the end of the world. time, Simon Son of Jonas, lovest 1 After the Gospel and the Sermon are thou me? He saith unto him, ended, the elected Bishop, vested with Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I

his Rochet, shall be presented by two

Bishops of this Church unto the presid. love thee. He saith unto him, ing Bishop, or tothe Bishop appointed Feed my sheep. He saith unto sitting in his Chair near the holy Table him the third time, Simon son of the Bishops who present him saying Jonas, lovest thou me? Peter REVEREND Father in God was grieved because he said unto we present unto you this him the third time, Lovest thou godly and well-learned man to be me? And he said unto him, Jordained and consecrated Bishop, Lord, thou knowest all things : T Then shall the presiding Bishop de thou knowest that I love thee.

mand testimonials of the Person pre Jesus saith unto him, Feed my

sented for Consecration, and shell

cause them to be read. sheep.

THe shall then require of him the fol T Or this: St. John, XX. 19.

lowing Promise of Conformity to the

Doctrine, Discipline, and Worship of T!E same day at evening, be the Protestant Episcopal Church.

ing the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where IN the name of God, Amen. I the disciples were assembled for testant Episcopal Church in X.

N. chosen Bishop of the Pro fear of the Jews, came Jesus and do promise conformity and ole stood in the midst, and saith unto dience to the doctrine, discipline them, Peace be unto you. And and worship of the Protestant when he had so said, he showed unto them his hands and his side. States of America: So help me

Episcopal Church in the United Then were the disciples glad, God, through Jesus Christ. when they saw the Lord. Then I Then the presiding Bishop shall more saith Jesus to them again, Peace the Congregation present to pray, be unto you: As my Father hath saying thus to them: sent me, even so send 1 you. And BRETHREN, it is written in when he had said this, he breathed

the Gospel of St. Luke, That on them, and saith unto them, our Saviour Christ continued the Receive ye the Holy Ghost : whole night in prayer, before he Whosesoever sins ye remit

, they chose and sent forth his twelve are remitted unto them; and Apostles. It is written also, Tha whosesoever sins ye retain, they the holy Apostles prayed, before are retained.

they ordained Matthias to be o I Or this: St. Matt. xviii. 18.

the number of the twelve. Let us JESUS came and spake unto therefore, following the example nab them, saying, All power is of our Saviour Jesus Christ, and


postlos, offer up our prayers to government in the Church of mighty God, before we ad-Christ, which he hath purchased and send forth this person with no less price than the effusion ented unto us, to the work of his own blood; before we adreunto we trust the Holymit you to this administration, we st hatlı called him.

will examine you in certain artia then shall be said the Litany; cles, to the end that the congre. e only, that after this place, Thai gation present may have a trial, -ray please thet to illuminate 'all Bin and bear witness, how you are ps, ģc. the proper Suffrage shall

minded to behave yourself in the VAT it may please thee to Church of God. bless this our brother elected, ARE you persuaded, that you to send thy grace upon him,

are truly called to this minislie may duly execute the of- tration, according to the will of

Whereunto he is called, to our Lord Jesus Christ, and the edifying of thy Church, and order of this Church ? he honour, praise, and glory

Answer. I am so persuaded. ny name;

The presiding Bishop. We beseech thee to ARE you persuaded, that the - us, good Lord.

holy Scriptures contain all en shall be said this Prayer follow

doctrire required as necessary ing

for eternal salvation through faith LMIGHTY God, giver of all in Jesus Christ? And are you good things, who by thy Holy determined. ont of the same holy it hast appointed divers or. Scriptures, to instruct the people of Ministers in thy Church ; committed to your charge, and cifully behold this thy servant to teach or maintain nothing, as y called to the work and mi- necessary to eternal salvation, ry of a Bishop ; and so re- but that which you shall be perlish liim with the truth of thy suaded, may be concluded and trine, and adorn him with in- proved by the same? ency of life, that both by word

Answer. I am so persuaded, deed he may faithfully serve and determined by God's grace. in this office, to the glory of

The presiding Bishop. name, and the edifying and WILL you then faithfully, exl-gorerning of thy Church,

ercise yourself in the holy gh the merits of our Saviour Scriptures, and call upon God by 18 Christ, who liveth and prayer for the true understand. nelii with ice and the Hulsing of the same; so that you may ist, woril withoutend. Anen. be able by them to teach and exen tie puresiding Bishoy, sitting in hort with wholesome doctrine, Chair, shall say to him wat is to and to withstand and convince Bursecrated

the gainsayers? LOTHER forasinucis as the Asister. I will so do, by the boly Scripture and the an-help of God.

Canens command that we The presiding Bislio. old not be frasty in laying on ds, asd admittiøg any person!

ARE you ready, svith ali faith

ful diligence, co banish and

crive away from the Church allja good will to do all these things erroneous and strange doctrine grant also unto you strength contrary to (iod's word; and both and power to perform the same privately and openly to call upon that he accomplishing in you and encourage others to the saine? good work which he hath begui

Ansucr. I am ready, the Lord you may be found perfect and being my helper.

reprehensible at the latter da The presiding Bishop, through Jesus Christ our Lor WILL vou deny allungodliness - Imen.

and worldly lusts, and live " Then shall the Bishop elect put onli soberly, righteously, and godly in restofthe Episcopal Habit; and, kredi this present world; that you may

ing down, V'eni, Creator Spiritus,

be sung or said over him, the presto show yourself in all things an ex Bishop beginning, and the Bishop ample of good works into others. with others that are present, ansie that the adversary may be asham

ing by Verses as followeth: ed, having nothing to say against COME Holy Ghost, our souls in

: you?

Thou the anointing Spirit art, insucr. I will so do, the Lord Il'ho dost thy sevenfold gifts impart: . being my helper.

Thy blessed l'nction from above The presiiling Bishop.

Is comfort, life, and fire of luce.

Enable with perpetual light WILL you maintain and set Zh duluess of our blinded sight: forward, as much as shall lie Anoint and cheer our soiled face

Hl'ith the abundance of thy grace: in you, quietness, love, and peace Keep far vur foes, give peace at have among all men; and diligently 1 here thou art Guidi, no ill an conta exercise such discipline, as by the Teach us to know the Father, Sou" anthority of God's woril, and by 4d Thee, of both to be but one: the order of this Church, is com- This may be our endless song; mitted to you?

Praise to thy eternal merit,
Answer. I will so do, by the Father, Son, and Il oly Spirit.
help of God.
The presiding Bisdrop.

COME, Loly Ghost, eternal God Wil on he faithful in ordain. Both from the Father and the Son ing, sending, orlaying hands visit our minds, into our hearts

Thy heavenly grace inspire; Insurr. I will so be, by the 7kat truth and codliness we may help of liod.

Pursut with full desire.

Thou art the very Comforter The presiding Bishop. Iu grief and all distress; WILL you show yourself gen-The icavenly Cřift of God most high tle, and be merciful for

No tongue can it express ; Christ's sake to poor and needy

The fountain and the living spring

Of jov celestial; people, and to all strangers des- The firi so bright, the love so surely titute of help?

The Untion spiritual. Rinsu (r. will so show myself,

'Thou in thay gifts art manifold,

By them christ's Church doth by God's help.

In faithful hearts thou writ'st thy * Then the presiding Bishop, standing. The finger of God's hand.

According to thy promise, Lord, ALMIGHTY God, our heaven. T'hal, through thy helpCod prave

Thou givest speech with grace; ly Father, who liathgiven you Reso:end in every place.

T Or this.

upon others ?

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