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answer, saying, “ English love for make laugh fine country for all that. Brave men_beau- envied, and consequently abused, neighbours —so he may, if he please, laugh for little while tiful women ; only man with pen, call him the French. Till then we must be content at Foolee Fum Foola, whilst Foolee Fum go Malthus, say make children too much. Ireland with original harlequinades. There, at least, abroad for make laugh at Paris.”

plenty of corn, thousand of cattels, millions of we have the whip-hand of the Parisians; and Diary. - Go to bed at Hummum, Common pig-send him all away for mother country, thus we naturally slide into the consideration Garden ; weather all snow, very cold. Keep eat potato at home. Sometime call English of those of the present season. The rival maawake all night; tell me drunken gentleman every man his tyrant. Knock every Irishman, gicians, Farley and Barrymore, have wrought fall up stair to bed, tumble down stair again his brother, on the head. Believe all Irish their most powerful spells, and raised the ghost into hot bath. Tell me Common Garden best sometime little mad !

of departed pantomime (for it died with Griplace alway for teach finish gentleman how Irish nobleman very noble-man; tall, fine maldi's retirement), more “in its habit as it for make royal dead drunk. Not catch wink person, scornful mouth, very grand nose. Soon lived,” this year, than upon any occasion since for sleep till watchman bawl past five. Wake put him in great passion. Great orator, talk that lamented circumstance. Jack in the Bor, again at six, tinkling so many loud bell out of him pompous of Ireland. Fond of duel, fight at Drury Lane, promises to fill every box in the door. Inquire what for make such noise one with sword, fight with pistol, any man hold up house for many nights to come by the attrachour afore day-light ? Tell me for answer, little finger against him country. All talk tions of its splendid scenery and ingenious coach-maker, cabinet-maker, trunk-maker, and amor patriæ. All quit him own dear country mechanism: and Cock Robin, though infe'tother maker, ring bell call men to work. too much, for all that; leave it for take care rior to its rival in dioramic display, is likely Never nobody of all peoples work so long, of itself. Great landlord sometime never see to pick up the crumbs which are so liberally never no peoples work so fast. How will him land ! Great landlord sometime never see scattered at this holyday time by the misses and make for much laugh when I return to Can- him tenant! Only Irish great lord live so easy. masters of every age, and the most merry and ton, tell honoured father Fum all complaint in Receive twenty thousand pounds of a year. social of winter visiters. The Star of Venus, England nothing at all for do! Every body All sent to him! Great Irish lord not obliged the Moving Palm-tree Grove, and the Vil. look glum—very long face. All say business to thank nobody!

lage of Robin's Nest on a frosty morning, are stagnate. Nothing buy — nothing sell. No

splendid exceptions to the general failure of the order-no customer. Yet ten thousand ma.

scenery this year at Covent Garden, which has chine work all night, and every body else


the appearance of having been hastily and work all day, as if nobody can wait !

We must really beg pardon of Mr. Lister for carelessly painted. St. James's Park and the Go to see new building every where. London omitting last week from our list of original New Palace, the two views of Covent Garden great deal much more large as Pekin. Not pieces produced this season his tragedy of Market and Westminster Abbey, from the big enough though—not half finish yet. Make Epicharis, particularly, as it is, or was, by far Boat-house at Lambeth, are, for instance, quite create quick new street, good many miles at a

the most creditable of the number. Six origi- unworthy of the old reputation of this theatre ; time.

nal dramas have, therefore, been produced at and Mr. Roberts having chosen a bad subject Walk out afore quite light. Count dozen the two royal theatres in the short space of for his diorama, has not made up in execution men all on one ladder. call him bricklayer's three months. Four of them, it is worthy of what it wants’in interest. We have a boat labourer. One carry hod for mortar, 'tother remark, have been maiden efforts in original too, in the front waters, drifting one way, carry hod for brick. Bricklayer, carpenter,

dramatic composition; and, with one exception, while the man in her is pulling the other : an mason,

up a top scaffold call out wicked oath (the Greek Family,) all have exhibited some artist of Mr. Roberts's eminence must expect in mouth, lazy Paddy! for make hod-mans gleams of talent. Yet they have been con- us to notice things which, in a mere dauber, more quick climb up and down ten story lad-demned or neglected; the most successful played would be passed over as 'a matter of course

. der high as pagoda.

a dozen nights, or so, to nearly empty benches ; We turn to the more grateful task of praising Poor labourer get ten shilling week keep and yet men of education and genius are ex. the comic business of the pantomime, at which sober-take money back for Ireland. All up a- pected to quit the profitable pursuits of novel or we shook our sides in the good old fashion of top of scaffold get thirty-five shilling, get him- magazine writing, to hazard their reputations Christmases long past ! The death and burial self drunk, master carpenter, so master brick- upon the stage, where the accident of a moment of Cock Robin, if we dare include such subjects layer, so master mason, so master every body may wreck the labour of a year --- where no in the comic business, are convulsive in their else. All up a-top very bad man, play three genius, however magnificent, can insure suc- effects. Parson Rook and Chief-mourner Dore day of the week, besides Sunday. Put wife cess – where failure is not mourned as defeat, defy all description ; and the Bull, to make one and children in work-house, cause do no work but branded as infamous and where the victor, of our own, is a bird of the same feather - no himself

. English mechanic, English artisan, however triumphant, reaps at best a meagre offence to the Fly with her little eye” and English journeyman manufacturer, very co temporary reward, and becomes instantly, the patent telescope. “ The Fish with his little mical chap; most idle, when for most to do; prey of the most impudent and unprincipled dish,” &c. &c. &c. Paulo is the best clown, by most industrious when for nothing to do? piracy. Ridiculous! What, let us ask, would

many degrees, now on the stage. he possesses Very fond for get him drunk; then great as

the author of another School for Scandal make great humour, and reminds us more of " old lord; beat him wife, sometime starve him child. by his comedy now-a-days, granted it should Joe” than any of his successors, ren-never do wrong himself - lay fault on

succeed ? (for accident might jeopardy the suc- not excepted. The spider scene, the picture King George and Duke of Waterloo !

cess of even such a play: the Rivals was nearly gallery, and the shower of cats, dogs, and pitch. Irish, too, very strange people. Good heart damned the first night

through an inefficient Sir forks with the points downwards, are all capievery body say—not brag so much for good Lucius. At the utmost, according to the tal. The blowing Paulo off a porter's bench head. Too much idle in him own native soil bond,” from five to six hundred pounds! say a into the sign of the Spread Eagle, is very clework hard enough in mother country. Come thousand. Why, a man must write as good a verly managed ; and when a few immaterial to England, all find employ. Irishman great play, and as fortunate a play, every year at tricks are omitted (as we suppose they are by patriot. Beat one another for all that! Not least, if he would live by his pen ! But,” this time), Harlequin and Cock Robin will be like Chinese, love and help one another ! Not say the critics,“ we don't care how he lives, one of the pleasantest pantomimes going. Of like Scotchman, come to Canton, all much provided we have a good comedy. " Then,” the fun in Jack in the Box we cannot say make good for one another!

says the author, “gentlemen, 'tis better you much, finding “ a screw loose" in the giant's Sunday morning. Go early to walk in should want than 1;" and so saying, he draws castle; and the race for an apple between Marrow-bone field, (call him so, believe, cause

a check upon Colburn for double the sum, for Grimaldi and Wieland, the latter of whom enbreak man's bones there). Bebold hundred Irish half the labour, one hundreth part the anxiety, acts a blubbering school-boy to the life, are the from province, call him Tipper-rare-y man ; and none of the risk.

best points in the comic way. A mirror dance behold 'tother hundred from province, call him

The money's in his purse

by Howel and Chickini, Miss Ryals and Miss

After his book is published, he sleeps well: Go-naughty man-no quarrel afore. Fall on

Critics may do their worst; nor hiss, nor groan,

Macdonald, is very elegantly and ingeniously with short stick, call him shillaly, fight like Malice domestic, foreign levy, nothing

managed. Mynheer Von Kleshnig's Musha pug devil, fracture one another of the skull, and

Can touch him further!

is contortion personified; and a Miss Poole, an leave for dead, only because Irish compatriot, Again and again we repeat, make the theatre infant whom we remember elsewhere, sings too much fond feeling, when meet in mother the road to fortune as well as fame ; extend with much grace and intelligence as a dandy country-call him-fighting for love !!! to dramatic property the safe-guard of the law; and a broom-girl. But the great attraction of

Nota Bene.-Tipper-rare-y man swear every balance the precariousness of popular favour by this pantomime will be its scenery, which sur. Go-naughty man, woman, and child, born thier. the weight of pecuniary reward; and we shall passes any thing we remember to have seen Go-naughty man swear every Tipper -rare-y find talent enough to struggle for, if not to from the pencil of Stanfield, much as he has man, woman, and child, born liar.-Ireland very I carry off, the palm of dramatic writing from our often delighted us. Nothing that we could say

young Joe" beer;


2 vols. 12mo. 146. bds.

Fould give our readers an adequate idea of it be used in medicine. It has a very strong struggles of life, among which criticism is not ve, therefore, trust they will go and judge for sudorific action; and, indeed, in the old works one of the least laborious and responsible. themselves. The last scene, the Falls of the on medicine and pharmacy, box-wood is classed But at length the secret will out. No Virginia Water, reflects great credit on its in- among the sudorifics.

a ventor (we believe Mr. Beazely). It is the bitter taste. At the Philomathic

Society, where sooner had our young Mistress completed her only instance we remember of real water being this communication was made, M. Dupetit first Teen (she was Thirteen last Saturday !) introduced effectively upon the stage. Thouars remarked that buccine might probably than she took it into her head that she ought

be advantageously used in the manufacture of to form a union with some proper match ;

“ for,” said he, “ there is more box-wood and as none of her own country had lived to VARIETIES.

than hops employed in making almost all the be old enough, she, like a sovereign Literary Elections.MM. Etienne and Arnault, who beer brewed in Paris." Fere, in consequence of political opinions, ex.

Princess as she is, despatched her ambassadors daded from the French Academy, have been LITERARY NOVELTIES.

abroad to fulfil this momentous commission. restored to their seats, amid the acclamations

What success has attended them will be known & a crowded assembly. M. Heim has been (Literary Gazette Weekly Advertisement, No. 1. Jan. 2d, 1830.]*

next Wednesday, when her affianced Groom elected to the seat lately held by Baron Reg- Discovery, voy. 1. Rep. 6s. bds.--Adventures of an Irish will make his public entry into London, under mult in the Academy of the Fine Arts at Gentleman, 3 vols, post 8vo. 11. 115, 6d. bds: – Jefferson's the imposing incognito of NUMBER ONE! Paris.

India, Part. 111. Chap. 2, 8vo. 9s, sewed. --Claverston, or foreign Literary Gazette. As is usual in our The Stuart Papers._It is stated in a letter the Infidel's Visits, 18mo. 28. 6d. bds.- Trollope's Anafroan Rome, dated Dec. 11, in a French paper, courses, 8vo. 105. bd

. bds. --- Cobbin's Geography and a female, will preserve the supremacy ; but it

lecta Theologica, Vol. 1. 8vo. 158. bds.-Townson's Dis- royal marriages, the native sovereign, though that there is no truth in the report of the King of Astronomy, 18mo. ds. d. hf.-bd. - Rose's Christianity England having presented to Sir Walter Scott always Progressive, 8vo. &s. fed. bds. – Mant's Clergy- is anticipated that her partner will be found the archives of the Stuarts, said to have been ley on Prophecy, 8vo. 195. bds.--Short's Sermons, 8vo. very acceptable to the English people in his bequeathed to him by Cardinal York. The 10s. Cd. bds- Wellesley on the Court of Chancery, 8vo. high station. This we can take upon ourselves archives were, it is now declared, sent imme- *. *. bds.-Petersdott's Reports, vol. xII. royal &vo: to say: he has been educated by the first diately after the death of the cardinal to the 11. 11.. 6d. bds.–Family Classical Library, Vol. 1. 18mo. bte King of Sardinia. The papers supposed 48. 6d. bds.-Jenour on Isaiah, Vol 1. 8vo. 128. bds.-- masters on the Continent, in philosophy, in to hare got into the possession of George IV. Rex: di Milner on Revelation, 8vo. 105. bds. Hall on science, in polite literature, in a knowledge of vere, according to this account, a few manu- Montgomery,'8vo. 108. 6d. bds. - The Excitement, or the fine arts, and in all those accomplishments seripes which a faithless servant had obtained Book to induce Boys to Read, 18mo. 4, 6d. bfiibdata which make the scholar, the gentleman, and at the request of Cardinal Gonsalvi. [We know German Dictionary, square 12mo. 58. bds. - Forsyth's the agreeable companion. These able persons better.-Ed. L. G.]

Political Fragments, 12ino. 58. bds.-M.Kenzie's Manual Captain Beaulieu, a French officer in the of the Weather, 12mo. 38. bds.—Memoirs of Paul Jones, still continue to take a warm interest in the service of the Pasha of Egypt, sent off, some

fate of their pupil; and, it is hoped, that their time since, for one of his friends in France, a * We shall in future also advertise the announcements constant correspondence, combined with his election of antiquities and curiosities, among literature,

and in compliance with the directions of the own acknowledged talents, will put it in his which were some crocodile's eggs. During the Stamp Office. passage or the quarantine, these eggs hatched;

power to keep up such an intercourse with and when the case was opened at the Custom. METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL, 1829. other nations as will tend materially to en. house, three small crocodiles ran out. On

lighten his adopted country. the way they had devoured several rolls of Thursday.. 17

We have only to add, that whoever may papyrus, and the bandages and mummy of an Saturday

29.73 Stationary desire to send in their compliments or adheibis, of which nothing remained but the claws Sunday.... 20 ad some of the feathers. Great care is taken Monday

sions to his Excellency, they will be presented of these animals, which, it is hoped, will arrive Wednesday 23

29.66 to 29.71 to him by his agent, in Wellington-street,

29.71 2 Paris alive.-Paris Paper.

Wind variable, prevailing N. and N.E.

where her Royal Highness will also be very Progress of Arts. At the last sitting of the Except the 18th, generally cloudy and frosty, and fre- happy to obtain any further proofs of the attach

quently snowing. Sciety for the Encouragement of National

ment of her grateful people. Ir dastry at Paris, a prize of 1,000 francs was

Given under our hand at 12 o'Clock, P.M., being at swarded to a Mr. Coffin, of New York, for a


once the last day of the year 1829, and the first day sachine to remove fur from skins employed in

of Thoughts suggested by the Past Year, we are only of the year 1830. king hats : by this machine, four workmen induced to preserve the following portion :

Signed in every Language by every Letter ze able in four hours to do the work of

Slowly, in prospect, we advance on time
As we from infancy to manhood climb;

in their various Alphabets. trenty-five according to the old process. A And old age seems so distant it appears

Countersigned “ All in English." aze of 2,000 francs was awarded to Messrs. Ages instead of what it is—but years.

But take a retrospect, and but a dream Grenet and Gompertz for an improved method

Upon the memory the past will seem.

N.B. The Foreign Literary Gazette has e making glue. "A gold medal of 500 francs ERRATA in the Pharaohs.--No. 674, p. 827, note 3, for been suggested to the Proprietors of the Literary

M. Delapierre, for an improvement in the line orien reademamosis mar 0:676. page 845, col. 3: Gazette by the vast quantity of instructive, insarafacture of paper with silk. The prize of for Lusian” read “ Persian;"—line 48, for' " Casseri" | teresting, and amusing matter which was con3.000 francs offered by the Society for the read "Cosseir.” best process of making paper with the bark of

tinually pouring in upon them from the Con. tre mulberry-tree, has been increased to 5,700 THE LITERARY GAZETTE IN HER tinent, and for the publication of which the frases, to be awarded in 1830; and two prizes


pressing and superabundant claims of English of 12.000 francs are proposed, one for the

best we were certainly of opinion that there was literature left very inadequate space. The inmeans of securing safety in explosions of steameczines, and the other for a steam-engine

a good deal of precocity about the Literary tention of their new undertaking is, in few be which shall be less liable to explosion Gazette ; but we had never made up our minds words, to render the same services to foreign than those now in use. (From these hints we as to her sex, in a grammatical point of view, letters, sciences, and arts, which the Literary may learn something at home, and apply our until the present moment. Like the Siamese Gazette renders to those at home. It ought to posters and skill accordingly.)

elephant at the Adelphi (where, by right of be observed, that these Journals will be entirely Durgery of a New Principle in Box-wood.Aa acohecary or Bourdeaux announced to the name, the Siamese twins should also be), we distinct from each other, and directed to quite Pharmaceutical Society at its last sitting, that spoke of her as “it ;” ungallantly supposing different objects, though printed by the same he had discovered in the wood, and particularly that if we disclosed the feminine gender, some neat and accurate Printer, and published at the n the bark, of the box-tree, an alkaline prin- folks might fancy a want of learning, a feeble- same Office. No alterations whatever will take sizle, to which he gives the name of buecine. ness of understanding, and, in short, all those place in the London Literary Gaxette, except obtain in powder, saturates acids, and amiable traits of character which render the such improvements as an extension of his comkoos with them uncrystallisable salts. This weaker portion of creation, however dear and munications puts in the power of its Editor. ter principle extracted from box.wood may loveable, unfit for the rougher' toils andl LITERARY GAZETTE Office, Jan. 1, 1830.


Barometer. 29.94

to 29.92 29.59 29.72

18 .. 19

Thermometer. From 29. to 38. 24.

37. 28. 37.

33. 19. 33. 18. 37. 25. 29.


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29.73 to 29.84
29.84 Stationary

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BRUNSWICK LIBRARY, 62, Judd tian Knowledge.



Nos Idand. II. of the Family


Price 6e. small 8vo. embellished with a handsome Vignette


BOOKS PUBLISHED THIS DAY. Connected with Literature and the Arts. A new edition, with numerous Engravings, 2 vols. 19mo.

PÆDIA, Vol. II. ; being the First Volume of the His168. boards,

tory of Maritime and Inland Discovery, in 9 vols. OCIETY of BRITISH ARTISTS, RS. MARKHAM’S HISTORY of Lately published, Vol. 1. being the first volume of the History

of Scotland, by Sir Walter Scott. SUFFOLK STREET, PALL MALL EAST.


Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, NOTICE TO EXHIBITORS. * The style of this book is simple and unaffected; the selec.

Paternoster Row; and J. Taylor, Upper Gower Street, All Works of Art intended for the ensuing Exhibition, must be tion of matter is judicious and well proportioned; and it is

The first Characters of the Age in every department of Know sent on Monday and Tuesday, the 1st and 2d of Niarch. between evident that the best authorities have been

quoted. The form of ledge, are engaged

in this Cyclopa

dia. For particulars, see the the hours of Ten in the Morning

and Five O'Clock in the Even the work also has its merít, the alternations of lecture and dia- Prospectus, to be had of all Booksellers. ing, after which time no Work of Art can be received.

logue producing an enlivening effect."
R. B. DAVIS, Secretary.
John Murray, Albemarle Street.

In 8vo. 158. boards,

Also, a new edition of T. THOMAS'S HOSPITAL.

HE ANNUAL BIOGRAPHY and The The History of France, by the same Author,

OBITUARY for the Year 1830, containing Memoirs of Spring Course of Lectures will commence on Wednesday, with Engravings, 2 vols. 12mo. 168.

celebrated Persons who died in 1828-29. the 20th January.

Contents.-Sir William Hoste- the Countess of Derby-Lieut. Theory and Practice of Medicine,- Dr. Williams.

The Second Volume, 4to. sl. 10s.

Colonel Denham-Sir Humphry Davy-Major Laing-William Materia Medica,-Dr. Roots. Chemistry-Dr. Burton.

Nightingali-Thomas Harrison (Architect)—Sir Brent Spence' Anatomy-Mr. Green and Mr. John F. South.

from the Peace of Utrecht.

-Lord Colchester-Dr. George Pearson - Bishop Lloyd- Mr Surgery-Mr. Green.


Terry--Sir David Baird-William Stevenson, Esq.-Earl of Bu Midwifery-Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Ashburner.

John Murray, Albeinarle Street.

chan-Sir George Madden-Mr. Thomas Bewick-Sir Jame Comparative Anatomy-Mr. John F. South.

Of whom may be had,

Atholl Wood-Archibald Fletcher, Esq.-Dr. Wollaston-Joh. Clinical Lectures will be given. A Summer Course, on the Practice of Medicine, by Dr. Elliotson,

A New Edition of the former Volume.

Reeves, Esq.--Lord Harris-Mr. Baron' Hullock-William Tho

mas Fitzgerald, Esq.-Earl of Huntingdon-Dr. Young, &c. sc. will be commenced about the Middle of May.

In 2 cols. post 8vo. 16s.

Also may be bad,
Pupils entering to the Surgical Practice of this Hospital, are
allowed to attend that of Guy's.
Vols. V. and VI. in the pocket size, 64. being a new edition

The preceding Thirteen Vols. 15s. each. For Particulars apply to Mr. Whitfield, Apothecary to

of Vol. III. 8vo. of

Printed for Longinan, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. Si. Thomas's Hospital.

EATH-BED SCENES and PASTORAL In 1 thick vol. post svo. price 120. with a beautiful Frontispiece

CONVERSATIONS. CANTED, a Person of genteel Address,

John Murray, Albemarle Street. with some Knowledge of the Fine Arts, to attend in " Great was our admiration of the former volumes of this work:

of Modern Fugitive Poetry. Second Series. an Exhibition-Room for the Sale of Pictures, during the months we can safely recoinmend our readers to peruse the scenes here

Edited by ALARIC A. WATTS, Esq. of March, April, May, June, and July. His Services will be described, with an assurance that they are in no respect inferior " See, I have cull'd the flowers that promised best, required annually.

to those which have already been submitted to the public."-Bri. And where not sure-perpler'd, but pleased- I guessid Address, post-paid, to A. B., at Ms. Rastall's, Stationer, tish Critic.

At such as seem'd the fairest."-Byron.
Ebury Street, Pimlico.
** The above work has recently been Included in the list of

London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. St. Paul's Churchyard. publications recommended by the Society

for Promoting Chris.

Where may be bad, lately published, price 12s. the 1st Series of

Just published, Street, Brunswick Square.

The Poetical Album, and Register of Mo H.HOLLIBR respectfully acquaints the Pablic that the above

A Third Volume of Death-Bed Scenes, dern Fugitive Poetry. Edited by Alaric A. Watts, Esq. In on named Library contains an extensive Collection of popular and (being the same as the above rols. V. and V1.) in 8vo. 191.

thick vol. post 8vo. with a beautiful Frontispiece by Williams. interesting Publications. To which will be added every new

This volume will be found to contain a very large proportion Work of interest in History, Biography, Travels, &c. as soon as

the most beautiful Fugitive Poetry that has appeared during th published.

New Editions of the Family Library.

last ten years, including upwards of 300 Poems, for the most par Catalogues and Terms of Subscription may be had on

In I vol. royal 18mo. 58.

inedited, of Byron, Moore, Campbell, Wilson, Wordsworth, R application.

'HE FAMILY LIBRARY, No. III. gers, Coleridge, L. E. L., Bowles, Shelley, Mrs. Hemans, Mi = A variety of elegantly bound Albums and Scrap-Books, Annuals,

Baillie, Barry Cornwall, Moir, Montgomery, Croly, Horac

containing the Life of Alexander the Great.
Juvenile School Books, Stationery, &c.

Smith, Alaric A. Watts, &c. &c. &c.
By the Rev. J. WILLIAMS, M.A.

John Murray, Albemarle Street,

In 12mo. price 5s.

Just published, a new edition of FEMALE EDUCATION. A Lady wishes to receive a select number of Young Ladies, whom it

By ROBERT FORSYTH, Esq. Adrocate. will be her anxious endeavour to treat with all the kindness and the Life of Buonaparte. 2 vols. 15 Engravings, 10s.

Printed for William Blackwood, Edinburgh; and attention that maternal solicitude can bestow or require. Her

T. Cadell, Strand, London. object, in the course of instruction she pursues, is to combine

A new edition, 4 vols. 8vo. with a Chart, 27. 28. essential with elegant accomplishments, and to effect all that can be desired towards refined Female Education. The well-known salubrity of the spot, and its convenient dis


and NAVAL and MILITARY MAGAZINE, for the tance from the Metropolis, are in themselves powerful recom


year 1829, is now completed in 2 large vols. 8vo. comprising uju mendations, which are greatly heightened by extensive Pleasure it will be an enduring one; neither do we hazard this prediction

“This is an excellent book, and we venture to anticipate that wards of 1600 pages, price 15s. each. Grounds, and a Botanic Garden, tastefully laid out for intellec. lightly, or without a full consciousness of all that it implies. We United Services, is respectfully invited to this new Periodical

The attention of the Public, and particularly that of the tual improvement and exercise. Por Terms, &c. apply to Messrs. Hatchard and Son, 187, Pic: likely to verify it, and that it probabls could not be extended with Numbers, price 2. éd. each, and embraces subjects of suc

are perfectly aware that there are but few modern works that are which was commenced on the 1st of January, 1899, in Montbl Messrs. Rivingtons', 62, St. Paul's Churchyard; "Mr. Moon, 25, malety to so many as one, in a hundred even of those we praise. extensive variets, and of such powerful interest, as must be Threadneedle Street; Mr. S. Low, 42, Lamb's Conduit Street;

For we mean not merely that the book will be familiarly known der it scarcely less acceptable to readers in general, than to th and Messrs. Bowdery and Kerby, 190, Oxford Street.

and referred to some twenty or thirty years hence, and will pass Members of those Professions for whose use it is more peculiar
in solid binding into every considerable collection, but that it intended.
will supersede all former works on the same subject, and never Independently of a succession of Original Papers on innumes

able interesting subjects, Personal Narratives, Correspondence VACANCY for a well-educated Youth as an APPREN.

Pripted for John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Anecdotes, &c., each Number comprises Biographical Memoir TICE, to be Bound for Seven Years, and be Boarded and Lodged

of Eminent Officers-Reviews of New Publications, either imme in the House during that period.

Royal 8vo. with a Portrait and Fifty-two Illustrations, 21. 28. diately relating to the Army and Navy, or involving subjects Å Premium will be required.

ECTURES on SCULPTURE. utility or interest to the members of either -- Parliamentary Pro No. 39, Paternoster Row.


ceedings, as far as they relate to Naval or Military Affairs-As delivered by him before the President and Members of the

Trials by Courts Martial, General Orders, Circulars, &c..DE

tribution of the Army and Navy- Promotions and Appointment Royal Academy. With a brief Memoir of the Author.

-Births, Marriages, 'Obituary-and Miscellanies, Naval and ME respectfully informs the Nobility and Gentry, that he with pleasure

as well as improvement by the ordinary class of and Scientitie, as cannot with propriety be arranged under the

“ There is not one of these discourses which may not be read litary, comprehending such brief Notices, Professional, Literar small but very choice Collection of rare and valuable Prints, readers, certainly by all who cherish 4 love for the fine arts, preceding heads.

It would be impossible, however, within the compass of the selected from the several schools of Engravings: chiefly Chefs: qualities them for the instruction of the last. The easy and po: announcement, to enumerate all the subjects which this Misce d-æuvre, and all peculiar in their beauty of impression and pular manner in which that learning is conveyed, with refer: lany is designed to embrace. The Pablishers will therefore on their Condition, in which respects it is probable they are un. illustrative plates, of which there are upwards of fifty at the end have ensured the effective co-operation of gentlemen of biarlo pre rivalled.

of the volume, renders the perusal of the lectures a facile, inte fessional and literary character, and that it will be uniform resting, and pleasing study."-Athenaum.

animated by the same ardent spirit of patriotism and loyalt: John Murray, Albemarle Street.

which achieved the triumphs of Trafalgar and Waterloo. M U S I C.

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, &, New Burlington Street Second edition, 3 vols. 8vo. 368.

To whom Communications for the Editor, and Idrertisemente,
MUSICAL GEM; a Souvenir for

TD ENGLAND, from the Accession of Henry VII. to the


may be addressed. 1830. Price 188. 2d edition.

The Numbers are supplied by all retail Booksellers This work, a new Musical Annual, is now ready for delivery, Death of George II.

and Newsvenders throughout the Kingdom. and consists of choice Lyrical Compositions, Vocal and Instru

By HENRY HALLAM. mental, from Composers of the highest celebrity. Handsomely Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Small 8vo. 63. 64. "bound in white and yellow satin paper and blue morocco, with Middle Ages. gold device and gilt edges, and embellished with Six highly

4th edition, 3 vols. 8vo. 36s. N EXPLANATION of the TWC finished Lithographic Drawings, including Portraits of Madaine

SACRAMENTS, and the occasional Rites and Cere Malibran and Madile. Sontag.

8vo. with Eight Plates, 104. 6d.

monies of the Church of England, in a Series of Dialogues de .. The very great success that has attended the sale of the TREATISE on PRACTICAL tween a Mother and her Daughters; intended for the l'se o first edition of this work, has induced the Proprietors of this ele. gant annual to have new Drawings executed of Madame Mali. DRAWING. SURVEYING and TOPOGRAPHICAL PLAN Young Persons.

By a LADY. bran and Malle. Sontag, in order that the future impressions may

John Murray, Albemarle Street. be equal to the first. The Contents being too numerous here to

John Murray, Albemarle Street. detail, see Bills at all the Music and Booksellers. Published by Mori and Lavenu, 28, New Bond Street; and

Second edition, 2 vols, post 8vo. 158.

In 1 vol. 8vo. price 101. 62.
to be had of all Music and Booksellers.


CHURCH and STATE, according to the Idea of each
Nery Music.

John Murray, Albemarle Street.

with Aids towards a right Judgment of the late Catholic Bill. In the press, dedicated, by permission, to His Majesty,

Ry S. T. COLERIDGE, Esq. R.A.R.S.L. Printed uniformly with the Work, price 18.

London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard. Collected by GEORGE LLOYD HODGES, Esq.

KEY to the ROYAL NOVEL of the The Poetry by Mrs. Hemans, Mrs. Norton, John Bowring,

EXCLUSIVES: comprising a correct List of the

In 3 large rols. 8vo. embellished with a fine Portrait, Esq. LL.D. and other eminent Writers.

Noble and Distinguished Personages alluded to in that remark. Published by Goulding, D'Almaine, and Co. Soho Square. able Production, and also an Original Poem, addressed by the

DANIEL DE FOE; containing a Review of his Price 17. 18. to Subscribers; ditto to Non-Subscribers, 11. 59. late Lord Byron to Lady J****y on the Rejection of her Por. Writings and his Opinions upou a variety of important Matters Subscriptions will be received until April, (when the 2d No. trait from a certain Gallery of Beauties.

Civil and Ecclesiastical. will appear), at Messrs. Ebers and Co.'s, Old Bond Street ; at the

London: Marsh and Miller, 137, Oxford Street;

By WALTER WILSON, Esq. of the Inner Temple. Publisher's; and all Music Warehouses,

and Constable and Co. Edinburgh.

London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. St. Paul's Churchyard.


MESSRS.C.LONGMAN and Co. bare na be itseil

J. ASHLESS EY, NO: 279, Regent Street,





On the CONSTITUTION of the

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New Works jest published by Henry Colburn and Richard
Operative Manufacturing Chemistry.

New editions of
Bentley, 8, New Burlington Street.

In 1 very large vol. 8vo. with One Hundred Engravings, HE DRAMATIC POEMS. TEMOIRS and CORRESPONDENCE of

price ll. lls.6d. boards,

By the Rer. H. H. MILMAN. THOMAS JEFFERSON, late President of the United


1. The Fall of Jerusalem. 8vo. 8s. 6d. Edited by THOMAS JEFFERSON RANDOLPH. and of its detailed Applications to every Branch of Manufactures. 2. The Martyr of Antioch. 8vo. 8s. 6d. The Third and concluding Volumes.

By SAMUEL F. GRAY, Esq. 2. Lord Glengall's New Comedy of the Fol. Author of the “Supplement to the Pharmacopeia," &c. &c.

3. Belshassar. 8vo. 8s. 6d.

London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. St. Paul's Churchyard. les of Fashion, as performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

4. Anne Boleyn. 8vo. 8s. 6d. Where may be had, just published, in 1 very large vol. 8vo.

John Murray, Albemarle Street. & Adventures of an Irish Gentleman, com.

with Plates, price 148. the 4th edition of pricing an Account of his Residence in France at the sanguinary M.D. Member of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris, &c. &c. Con

New Elements of Botany, by A. Richard, THE ETON COMPARATIVE ATLAS period of the Revolution. In 3 vols. post 8vo.

of ANCIENT and MODERN GEOGRAPHY, from 4. The Exclusives !!! A Satirical Novel of taining the Character of the Natural Families of the Vegetable Freeable Life. In & vols. post 8vo.

Kingdom, &c.; translated, with Notes adapted for the Use of original Authorities,
Students in Medicine and Pharmacy, by P. Clinton, A.B. M.B.

By A. ARROWSMITH, Hydrographer to the King, The Esclesives will be read with as much interest in some T.C.D. Licentiate of the King and Queen's College of Physicians, Iished, 21.28. boards; or 21. 158. full coloured and half-bound.

Containing 53 coloured Maps, on a new Plan, is lately pubquarters, as with alarm in others. It presents us with an exposé Professor of Medical Botany, Dublin, &c. &c. &c. et Botha madera novelist has yet dared to put forth."--Court London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard;

Just published, reduced from the above, Jarreal

and P. Byrne, Dublin. 5. Travels in the East, by John Carne,

A Comparative Atlas, for the Use of Schools,

with Indices of the Ancient and Modern Names, 30s. in green Es Asthor of " Letters from the East," printed uniformly with, Rev. W. Trollope's Analecta Txeologica, in Two Vols. 8vo. cloth. And, and is contianation of that work. In 1 vol. post 8vo. 108. 6d.

In thick Avo. price 155. boards, the First Volume of An Atlas of Ancient Geography; with an 6. Tales of the Classics. tion of the most popular Fables, Legends, and Allegories, com.

and arranged Compendium of the most approved Com.

Skeleton Outlines may be procured of each Atlas. Deserted in the Works of Poets, Painters, and Sculptors, mentariey of the New Testament.

To be had of the Author, Soho Square; at the Eton Waremlected and written by a lady, for the Amusement and Instruc.


house, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street; and of Whittaker, TreaBun e ber ows Daughters; and forming a desirable Christmas Of Pembroke College, Cambridge, and one of the Masters cher, and Co. Ave Maria Lane. e Ne Year's Present. In 3 vols, smali 8vo. neatly bound.

of Christ's Hospital. 7. Private Memoirs of the Court of Louis . It is the object of this work (which is calculated to prove particularly desirable for Students,) to embody in as small a com

Chancery Abuses and Reforms. XVII. By a Lady. In 9 vols. 8vo. **!! ve except the entertaining Memoirs of the Empress Jose and expositions of the principal theologians and biblical critics, pass as is consistent with perspicuity, the opinions, illustrations,

In 8vo. finely printed by Moyes, 58. 60.; or on fine paper, 10s.

VIEW of the COURT of CHANCERY. pline, vt kos of none more amusing than these."--Literary distinctly marking those who have taken different sides of a dis- By the Hon. WILLIAM LONG WELLESLEY.

puted point, and directing the attention of the student to that James Ridgway, Piccadilly; and, by order, of every Bookseller.

interpretation which seems to be best supported and most gene-
In : vols. 8vo. price 945. with Plates,
rally received.

or whom may also be had,
The printing of the Second Volume is proceeding with all 1. The Speeches of Lord Erskine when at
practicable despatch.

the Bar, 5 sols. 508. RESULT of a VOYAGE in the SOUTH SEAS, per. Printed for T. Cadell, Strand, W. Blackwood, Edinburgh ; ved by order of the Government of British India, to ascertain T. Parker, Oxford; J. and J. J. Deighton, Cambridge, and R.

2. Lord Collingwood's Memoirs and Cor. de actual Fate of La Pérouse's Expedition. Milliten, Dublin.

respondence, 4th edition, in 8vo. Portrait, &c. 165.
London: Harst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard.

In I vol. 8vo. price 18s. boards,
Price 1s. 6d.

Nr. Hood's Comie Annual.

EGYPTIAN LANGUAGE, as contained in the Coptic Dedbested, by remission, to Sir Francis Freeling, price 125. being the First Number of a New Volume. heçanty half-bound in morocco, and illustrated with Eighty

The Publishers have much pleasure in stating, that the present chorial Characters, and a few Explanatory Observations.

ther with Alphabets and Numerals in the Hieroglyphic and En. tre Wood Esgravings,

Number has been much increased in size, and contains articles by
THE COMIC ANNU A L. several new and valuable contributors.

By the Rev. HENRY TATTÁM, M.A.F.R.S.L. &c. &c.
Contents.-Poor Laws in Ireland - Midnight Musings, No. 1.

Rector of St. Cuthbert's, Bedford.

With an Appendix, consisting of the Rudiments of a Dic. * Chrismas, indeed, seems a tide more adapted for rowing in Scene, my Study-Christian Union a first step towards the Mil. thers or the jolly, than tugging in the barge or the galley, lenium-The Gospel not against the Law-On the Millenium, in tionary of the Ancient Egyptian Language, in the Enchorial

Character. et uardingly I have built my craft."

reply to the Connaught Curate-A Day at Clonmacnoise-Paddy's Leden : Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard. Dream, or a Sunday in Ireland - The Priest's Funeral-Educa

By THOMAS YOUNG, M.D. F.R.S. H.M.R.S.L. &c. tion of the Upper Classes-Remarks on Particular Canons of the

Published by John and Arthur Arch, Cornhill, London.
Where may be bad, just published, by the same Author, United Church of England and Ireland-Reviews-Dialogues on
a new edition of
Prophecy-Newland's Apology for the Established Church-Re-

In 2 neat 8ro. vols. price 11. 16. in boards,
Whims and Oddities, in Prose and Verse. ligious Intelligence- View of Public Affairs.
Second Series

Dublin: Printed for William Curry, Jun. and Co.; sold by at serasa hath passessed thes, that thou wilt never for- Hurst, Chance, and Co. London; and supplied by any Bookseller Sister Counties, Norfolk and Suffolk, as it existed in the last

An Attempt to record the Vulgar Tongue of the Twin in Great Britain. made bar musent custom of punning?__Seriblerus.

90 Years of the 18th Century, and still exists; with Proof of its

Antiquity, from Etymology and Authority. Os the 1st ef January was published, No. CII. of

In 1 vol. 8vo. price 108. 6d. boards,


Of Fincham, Norfolk. from the Unpublished Manuscripts of the late Venerable

Edited by the Rev. G. TURNER, M.A. of Kettleburgh. SCRGICAL JOURNAL. THOMAS TOWNSON, D.D. Archdeacon of Richmond, one of

To which is prefixed, a Portrait, and a Memoir of the Author Also, the Rectors of Malpas, Cheshire, and sometime Fellow, of St.


Printed for J.B. Nichols and Son, 25, Parliament Street, Lon. The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, Darde ardelenc College Oxfords. With a Biographical Memoir, don; and sold by all the Booksellers in Norfolk, Suffolk, CamIV. containing, with other interesting Articles,Notices


bridgeshire, and Essex. Dersing the Salt Lake lader, by Lieutenant Alexander-On

London: Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster Row; De Dixstery of Fossils, by Professor Buckland-Remarks on

and John Cochran, 108, Strand.

Holyday, Prise, or School Book. * Melecules, by R. Brown, F.R.S.-On the Sea Slug of

Just published, in 12mo. price 6s. boards, Iné, by C. Ceiler, Esq. On the Ancient Roads of the Peru.

; can, by Dr. Gillie On the Constitution of the Territory of Lene, by Professor Hoffman, with a coloured Map-On the

Instructive Entertainment for Children. In Prose and Actas Fans of Scotland, by P. F. Tytler, Esq.Account of

MAGAZINE, No. CLXI. for January 1830.

Verse, with Twelve Designs by Deighton. the remberg Boy.

Contents.-I. Education of the People-Il. On the Recent Ar. This book will be found a very useful Introduction to such Ada Bach, Edinburgh; and Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, chitectural Improvements of London-I11. Political Economy, popular works as the “ Libraries of Entertaining," " Useful and Green, London.

No. 4-IV. Desultory Reminiscences of Miss O'Neil. By Timo Knowledge," &c. &c.
thy Crusty, Esq.V. The Effects of Variations in the Currency For the character of this work, see Literary Gazette, March 7-

-VI. The Wishing-Gate-VII. Domestic Policy, No. 3-VII. Observer, March 22--Bell's Life in London, Feb. & Imperial Ma. Pace la Sed. pablished by Westley and Davis, 10, Stationers' The Pawnbroker's Daughter, a Farce. By C. Lamb, Esq.-IX. gazine, March-Star, March 23-Christian Remembrancer, April Court, No. I. of

To M. W.-X. On the Portrait of Wickliffe. By Delta-XI. -London Weekly Review, April 4-Courier, April &Spectator,
Miss Fanny Kemble in Juliet-XIII. Love and Death, by Mrs. London: Printed for J. Hatchard and Son, 187, Piccadilly.

Hemans-XIV. The Age, a Poem-XV. Monthly List of New
mc d the Spirit and Manners of the Age."
The British Magazine" will aim to be considered a monthly Births, Marriages, and Deaths.
Publications-XVI. Appointments, Promotions, &c.-XVII.

In 8vo. with a Map, 195. pura Literatore, Science, and Art, which the heads of famí.

Printed for William Blackwood, No. 17, Prince's Street,

HE LIFE of BELISARIUS. la may receive under the perfect assurance that it will contain

Edinburgh; and T. Cadell, Strand, London.

By the Right Hon. LORD MAHON. testo bich the most scrupulous can object, while it sup.

"The work does considerable credit to his lordship's scholar. Pa ze stmatian and provides amusement upon important or dit tonic: fareishes just and liberal notices of all recently

ship, and is altogether a valuable contribution to the history of a

HE WESTMINSTER REVIEW, most interesting era." -London Magazine. 3 works; conveys intelligence of modern improvements

No. XXIII. price 68.

“ His lordship's work is an able and valuable performance." ce; traces the progress of art; describes the nature and to the proceedings of pubite institutions, and directs the History and Doctrine of Buddhism--IV. Provincial, Scotch, and

1. Coleridge and Poetry-11. Thames Water Question--I11. Monthly Review. Die tire to batters of still higher importance-those principles Irish Newspaper Press-V. Head's North Amarican Forest Scenes

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
pess trets and moral excellence by which Great Britain |--VI. Business of Legislation ; Mr. Wickens on the further Di.
bertas becs o preenisently distinguished among the nations of vision of Labour in Civil Life-VII. Free Trade; Mr. Sadler's

8vo. 83. ed.
Bez TE Magazine will therefore be essentially British.
CA sede in the Star Chamber, by Miss Jewsbury- lia, and its Aboriginal Inhabitants-1X. Frisian Literature:
Speech at Whitby; and Plackwood's Magazine-VIII. Austra.


PHILIP BEAVER, R.N. late of H.M.S. Nisus. T> 7daar's Voe, by Mary Howitz-A Visit to the Vale of Translation of Shakspeare-X. On Continued Fever-X1. Liber

By Captain W. H. SMYTH, R.N. K.S.F. F.R.S. and F.S.A. Leong Bahood, by Charles Swain-Jack the Shrimp, by ties of the Gallican Church --X11. Radical Reform-XIII. Rose's "There is much in the volume which will be interesting to the

C. Ho Ship reck, by Mrs. Opie- A Legend of Glam. e, by sae of the Authors of the "Odd Volume", Remi: ber xcix. Art. 6, on " The Utilitarian Theory of Government, perasal many valuable hints for his conduct." - Monthly Revier;

Four Years in Southern Africa-XIV. Edinburgh Review, Num. general reader, and a professional student may derive from its so the orth American Indians, by Dr. Edward Walsh

and the Greatest Happiness Principle"-- Postscript to the Article " The volume before us deserves the honour of ranking with den at Calvary. by Dr. Styles-Events of the Month--le**. Àres, &c. &c. on Slavery in the West Indies, in No. XXII.

the lately published Memoir of Lord Collingwood, between whose No. XXIV. to be published on the 31st of character and that of Captain Beaver there exist some points of

We predict that it will become popular; and we in % vol. Evo. price 11. 58. boards,

March, will contain Articles on Taxes on Literature-Imprison. trust that it is the harbinger to other works of the same kind LEMENTS of SCIENCE and ART ; ties of France-Character of General Bolivar, &c. ment for Debt- Birman Empire-Dr. Channing-Public Chari. from the same pen."-United Service Journal.

See also the Quarterly Review, No. LXXXII.
se a Panliar Introduction to Natural Philosophy
& bregether with their Application to a variety of

John Murray, Albemarle Street.
In I vol. large 19mo. price 98.


the Stran- Price 186. boards, elegantly printed in a pocket volume, A Site, car iderably enlarged, and adapted to the ger's Grave. With other Tales.

ornamented with Woodcuts, inspeed State of Science.


Author of the "Life of Cranmer," &c. &c.
Pester, and P. Rivington; J. Nann; Longman,

London: Hurst, Chance, and Co. 65, St. Paul's Churchyard.
W, 0, Beer, and Green T. Cadell; J. Richardson ; 8.

Containing the " Pleasures of Memory," Twenty-second edit.; on J. Bern Beldris and Cradock; J. Murray; J. Boo. Where may be had, lately published, by the same Author,

“Human Life," and the “ Voyage of Columbus," with its last E. B. Watter and Ca.; T. Tegg: Simpkin and Mar.

in I vol. 19mo. price 6s. 6d.


Printed for T. Cadell, Strand, London, and W. Blackwood, The Life of Archbishop Cranmer.






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To Schools.

In the course of January will be published,

HE The Subscribers are respectfully acquainted that the Thirty-Third Part, in folio, of this Work, is ready for delivery, containing

GRAMMAR of the FRENCH Horatio, Viscount Nelson, and the Earl of St. Vincent, from His Majesty's Collection; Lady Rachael Russell, from his Grace the LANGUAGE EXPLAINED for the

USE of SCHOOLS, Duke of Bedford's; the Marquess of Rockingham, from the Earl of Fitzwilliam's; Sir Robert Walpole, from Mr. Walpole's; and dedicated, with permission, to Her Royal Highness the Dachess the Duke of Argyli and Greenwich, from the Honourable George Agar Ellis's.

of Kent. The Thirty-Ninth Part of the Two-monthly edition, is likewise published ; as also the


of the University of Paris, Master of the French Academy, Thirteenth Number of the Third, and the Ninth Number of the Fourth, monthly editions, containing, Thomas Howard, Duke of

Durham House, Chelsea. Norfolk; Frances Theresa Stewart, Duchess of Richmond ; Heneage Finch, Earl of Nottingham; James, First Duke of Hamilton; Sir Thomas Bodley ; Henry, Lord Darnley, from the Collections of their Graces the Dukes of Norfolk, Hamilton, and Richmond, the for Dr. Granet's own establishment, he hopes that from its bre

Although this Grammar has been written more immediately Earl of Verulam, the late Earl of Seaforth, and the Bodleian Gallery, Oxford.

vity and clearness, it will be found well adapted for the use of The Publishers bave also begun the Republication of the entire Work, commencing with Number One,

schools in general.
containing the Portraits and Memoirs of

Shortly will be published, in 1 vol. 8vo.

[OURS of DEVOTION, for the Promo

tion of true Christianity and Family Worship. TransWhich will be continued monthly. Imperial 8vo. price 74. 6d.; or royal 4to. with Proofs on India paper, price 158.'. Harding and Lepard, 4, Pall Mall East.

lated from the original German.

By the Rev. E.J. BURROW, D.D.F.R.S. and F.L.S. London, January 1, 1830.

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, Specimens may be inspected at the Publishers', and at every Bookseller's in the Kingdom, where a Prospectus and Catalogue of Two Hundred of the subjects to be engraved in the Work, inay be obtained gratis.,

and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall,

Early in the Spring will be published, Very elegantly printed in demy 8vo. and stitched in an Ornamen. Just published, with upwards of 700 Engravings, price tal Wrapper (to be continued every Saturday Morning), Num.

One Guinea,

HE TRAVELLER'S LAY; & Poem. ber I. price 6d. of

This Written during a Tour on the Continent. HE ANNIVERSARY CALENDAR and

By THOMAS MAUDE, Esq. A.M. Oxon. elegant Volume, which, on account of its entire novelty Printing for Longman', Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London. UNIVERSAL MIRROR; comprising the Births, of Character and difficulty of production, has been necessarily Deaths, and Catholic Obits of more than Ten Thousand illustri- long in preparation, is not an Annual, but essentially differs from ous and memorable Individuals, in every period of the World, the whole class of literary Gifts usually presented to Young La. Works just ready for publication by Messrs. Colburn and with the Place and Year precisely stated, of the Birth, Burial (or dies, being a complete Manual of elegant Recreations, Exercises,

Bentley, New Burlington Street. Death), and Martyrdom, on the Days of their occurrence, in the and Pursuits. The Subjects comprised in the Work, which is

TRAVELS to TIMBUCTOO, and other form of a Roman and English Calendar. Also the Acts; being exquisitely printed, and contains upwards of 500 pages, have a corresponding Daily Register, diligently compiled from the been confided to Proficients in their several Departments, and

Parts of Central Africa, during the Years 1824, 1825, 1820,

1897, and 1898. most authenticated sources, of Events in miscellaneous History, include from the Creation of the World (inclusive), and particularly in Moral Deportment

The Escrutoire

'B, RENE CAILLIE. our National Annals; with the Institutions or Festivals of the Botany

8vo. with a Map of the Route, a View of Timbucloo, and


Mineralogy English, Greek, and Latin Churches, and those mentioned in the


other Plates representing the Buildings of that City. Grecian, Roman, Hebrew, and other Calendars, interspersed Conchology


2. Random Records, by George Colman the also with various remarkable Incidents and Facts, connected



Younger, dedicated, by gracious permission, to His Majesty. In with Chronology, that have, from their novelty, been deemed Ornithology


? vols. small 8vo. with Portrait. most worthy of record and illustration: the entire Repertory The Toilet

Ornamental Works. being intended as a Birth-Day Book, and a Perpetual Exemplar Embroidery

3. Darnley; a Novel. By the Author of for every Day in the Year. "To be embellished with approved

The principal Embellishments comprise

« Richelieu, a Tale of the Court of France." 3. vols. Sentences on each Day, and Passages descriptive of, and connect

A Boudoir

Persian Girl attaching a symbo- 4. The Country Curate. By the Aụthor of ed with, the Months and Seasons.

The Announcement

lical Bouquet to a Pigeon the “ Subaltern." 2 rols. post 8vo. “ What hath this day deserved? What hath it done; Allegorical Coterie of Contribu. Mary Beale painting the Por.

5. The Life of Major-General Sir T. Múnro, That it in golden letters should be set,

trait of Archbishop Tillot. Among the high tides, in the Calendar ?"-King Jolin. The Casket Bearers

Bart. K.C.B. late Governor of Madras, with Extracts from his

son Plan of Publication.

The Casket opened

Sir Joshua Reynolds's Macaw Correspondence and Private Papers. By the Rev. Mr. Gleig, ia I. Each Number will contain Sixteen pages of Letter-press (or,

Crowning the Rosière

attacking à Portrait of a 2 vols. 8vo.

Maid-Servant, to whom the at the least, Seven Days), very elegantly printed in demy 8vo. and Religious Emblems

6. The Rev. George Croly's Poetical Works, stitched in an Ornamental Wrapper.

The gathered Rose

Bird had an antipathy

9 vols. post 8vo. with Plates. 11. The whole Work will consist of Fifty-two Weekly Num. Proserpine culling Flowers Music and the Passions bers, price 6d. each, or Thirteen Monthly Parts, price 28. each; Ophelia

Mary Queen of Scots and her 7. Records of Captain Clapperton's last Ex. Die which will appear regularly on the 1st of every Month, with the

Vanity and Science


pedition to Southern Africa, by Richard Lander, his faithful Aladdin in the Cave Y Magazines-forming, when complete, Two handsome Volumes.

An Al-fresco Fête

Attendant, and only surviving Member of that Expedition. In The Student's Grotto .. Part XII. (or the concluding Part) will contain a

The Pas-de-deux

2 vols. post 8vo. Vith Illustrations. The Naiad

'The Bolero complete Alphabetical Index of the Births, Deaths, &c. London: William Kidd, 6, Old Bond Street; Chapinan and

The Ant and the Sluggard May-day Festival

Infant Entomologists Hall, 3, Arundel Street; and sold by all Booksellers in ihe United

Old English Baron, attended by Works nearly ready for publication by Edward Bull, New Public

A Visit to the Aviary Kingdom.

8 Dwarf Page, instructing

Subscription L brary, 26, Holles Street, Cavendish Square.
The Judge casting forth the his Daughters in the Use of REATION; a Poem. In small 8vo.

Dove, which took refuge in the Bow
In 3 vols. small 8vo. 106. 6d.

“Write the things which thou hast seen, the things his Bosorn from a Hawk Robin Hood and Maid Marian

which are, and the things which shall be hereafter."-Revela. Children in the Wood Shooting at the Target

tions, ENGLAND, comprising a Variety of interesting Infor. Belinda at her Toilet

Diana and her Nymphs

2. The Lost Heir; a Novel. In 3 vols. mation for Young Persons.

Attiring the Bride

A Lady on Horseback, with her "A great variety of information is here pleasantly collected; Eve at the Fountain


3. The Jew; a Novel. In 3 vols. and though we are very far from wishing to see any young ladies Feats of Chivalry, embroidered Elizabeth haranguing her Troops of our acquaintance either chymists, botanists, or geologists, yet by Ladies « in the olden

Now ready,

at Tilbury Fort such slight knowledge as, without dabbling in science and hard time"

Titania on the Horse-fly

4. Charity Bazaars; a Poem. 28. 6d. words, does away with the prejudices of complete ignorance, may

Minerva and Arachne

The Hon. Anne Seymour Damer gracefully be made subjects of female acquirements. We must Lord Russell's Cabinet ; Lady in her Studio

5. Bacon's Life of Francis the First. 2d add that. Bertha's Visit will be a most agreeable Christmas pre

Russell acting as his Secre- Birth-day Offerings

edition, with Additions, 2 vols. 8vo. sent to our young friends." - Literary Gazette.

The Salaam

6. The Romance of History, Second Series, John Murray, Albemarle Street.

Regret at parting

3 vols.

Besides Seren Hundred other Embellishments, directly illus. In 3 vols. 18mo. with Six Engravings on Steel, price 109. 6d.

“Strong and vivid pictures of the past."

Monthly Review trative of the Text, and the whole executed in the very best style “ Valuable presents at this season."-Nem Monthly Magazine. LES of a GRANDFATHER, Third of Art. The Volume is elegantly bound in silk, with gilt leaves. “ A vast store of romantic deed and wild adventure." - Literary Series.

The facings present the hitherto unattempted novelty of a strik. Gazette.

ing imitation of the most beautiful Mechlin lace, which has been This Series comprises the Rebellions of 1715 and 1745, and

pronounced by the critics of the periodical press, to be so perfect concludes the Stories from Scottish History. as to entirely deceive the eye, and only to be detected by the

Certainly to be published before the end of January 1830, touch. An ornamental Title-page, emblematical of the Contents

ANGLO-FRENCH COINAGE, Printed for T. Cadell and Co. Edinburgh; and

of the Volume, beautifully executed in burnished Gold, is also Simpkin and Marshall, London.

illustrated from Specimens in the possession of an Ama. among its decorative novelties. of whom may be had,

teur, who has spent Six Years in the formerly Anglo-treoch Published by Vizetelly, Branston, and Co. 135, Fleet Street,

Provinces, in collecting these interesting Remains. The Cabinet, New editions of the First and Second Series,


consisting of 45 Gold, and 299 in Silver and Billon, exclusive of price 10$. Od. each.

the Calais Money, is by far the most extensive of this class of Debrett's Peerage, corrected to January 1, 1830.

Coins, either Public or Private, in the World. The Letterpress In 9 vols. price 11. 85. boards, with the Arms elegantly will be accompanied by Seven Plates, containing Representations In 8vo. price 12s. boards,

engraved, the 18th edition of

of 118 Coins, of which above 40 are unpublished, engraved in the on various "KING DOM of GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND.

EBRETT'S PEERAGE of the UNITED first style of art by Mr. Edward Finden, after Drawings most Subjects, touching some important Doctrines as main

accurately made under the eye of the Proprietor, Specimens of tained by the Established Church, in accordance with the Sacred Scriptures, and in contrariety to certain Tenets of the present Printed for Rivingtons, Egerton, Clarkes, Longman and Co., which may be seen at 81, Strand.

It being desirable, on account of the Plates, to ascertain the Cadell, J. Richardson, J. M. Richardson, Baldwin and Cradock, probable number of Copies required, the Author will thank those day. To which are added, sonne Observations on a Pamphlet Booth, Booker, Bagster, Hatchards, Hamilton and Co.,

Scholes; desirous of possessing the Work, to inform the Publisher, as recently published, professing to refute, on the Principles of Rea. Parbury and Co., Pickering, Lloyds, Hodgson, Templeman, and son and Scripture, the Doctrines of Predestination and Election. Houlstons.

Perpetual Curate of Tring.
or whom may be had, uniformly printed,

In a few days will be published, in 1 vol. 8vo. 126. boards, Published by Hatchard and Son, London; Wilkin, Norwich; Debrett's Baronetage. New edition, cor- CHE SCHEMÉ and COMPLETION of and Aikin, Lynn. rected to Sept. 1898. In S vols. price 11. 88.

PROPHECY, wherein its Design and Use, together with Price Sir Shilling,

its Sense and Application, as the grand Fundamental Proof of THE FOREIGN REVIEW,

Religion, specially adapted to all Periods of the World, and all

Stages of the Church, are considered and explained; together No. IX.


with an Inquiry into the Shekinah and the Cherubim in the Holy London: Black, Young, and Young, No. 2, Tavistock Street;

of Holies, and the Visions of the Prophets.

Nen Literary Periodical.
Bossange and Co.; and Whittaker and Co.

By the Rev. JOHN WAITLEY, D.D. T.C.D.
“The present Number opens with a review of the Life of Rich.
On Wednesday, the 6th of January, 1830, will appear, No. I.

Master of the School of Galway. ter, one of the most extraordinary and truly German of German

price 10d. (or stamped, for post, l..) of

Printed for C., J., G., and F. Rivington, St. Paul's Churchyard, writers. Public fame attributes this paper to a gentleman who is

HE FOREIGN LITERARY and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall; and sold by W. F. Wakeman, better qualified for his task than almost any man in Europe, out of the circle of the chosen few in Germany. The next article to which NENTAL LITERATURE, SCIENCES, and ARTS, &c.; to we wish particularly to refer the intelligent reader, is occupied be continued on every succeeding Wednesday. by a discussion of the information concerning the identity of Va. This Journal, supported by eminent literary and scientific per LONDON: Published every Saturday, by W. 1. SCRIPPS, a carius, the first professor of civil law in England - the work of sons of all countries, will be published, in the English language, the very learned Professor Wench, of Leipzig. The paper itself on every Wednesday, by W. A. Scripps, 7, Wellington Street,

the LITERARY GAZEĎTE OFFICE, 7, Wellingtoa Street, is mainly occupied by discussions touching the study of civil law Strand, and South Moulton Street: to whose care, or to that of

Waterloo Bridge, Strand, and 7, South Moulton Street, Oxford in England. It is marked by every feature of sound judgment, Dulau and Co. Soho Square, it is requested that all Communica

Street ; sold also by J. Chappell, 98, Rayol Exchange. 6. ample information, lucid arrangement, clearness and strict pu. tions may be addressed, post-paid, to the Editors.

Marlborough, Ave Maria Lane, Ludgate Hul: 4. Black, rity of style, and precision of thought. We attribute this able The object of this Publication is to supply the same desiderata

Edinburgh ; Smith and Son, and Robertson and Atkinson, paper to the same hand which has furnished several essays on with regard to Foreign, which the "London Literary Gazette"

Glasgot; and J, Cumming, Dublin. similar subjects to the Foreign Review."-Caledoniga Mercury. supplies to English literature.

J. MOYES, Took's Court, Chancery Lape.


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