The Poems of Adelaide A. Procter

J.R. Osgood, 1878 - 416 Seiten

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Seite 401 - I DO not ask, O Lord, that life may be A pleasant road ; I do not ask that Thou wouldst take from me Aught of its load ; I do not ask that flowers should always spring Beneath my feet ; I know too well the poison and the sting Of things too sweet. For one thing only, Lord, dear Lord, I plead, Lead me aright — Though strength should falter, and though heart should bleed — Through Peace to Light.
Seite 16 - ONE. >~ONE by one the sands are flowing One by one the moments fall, Some are coming, some are going — Do not strive to grasp them all. One by one thy duties wait thee, Let thy whole strength go to each ; Let no future dreams elate thee ; Learn thou first what those can teaoh.
Seite 16 - One by one thy griefs shall meet thee, Do not fear an armed band ; One will fade as others greet thee, Shadows passing through the land.
Seite 402 - I do not ask my cross to understand, My way to see — Better in darkness just to feel Thy Hand, And follow Thee.
Seite 97 - She served kind, gentle masters, nor asked for rest or change; Her friends seemed no more new ones, their speech seemed no more strange ; And when she led her cattle to pasture every day, She ceased to look and wonder on which side Bregenz lay.
Seite 14 - TJDGE not ; the workings of his brain And of his heart thou canst not see", What looks to thy dim eyes a stain, In God's pure light may only be A scar, brought from some well-won field, Where thou wouldst only faint and yield.
Seite 103 - OW with a generous hand ; Pause not for toil or pain ; Weary not through the heat of summer, Weary not through the cold spring rain; But wait till the autumn comes For the sheaves of golden grain. Scatter the seed, and fear not, A table will be spread ; What matter if you are too weary To eat your hard-earned bread : Sow, while the earth is broken, For the hungry must be fed.
Seite 100 - help Bregenz, and bring me there in time ! " But louder than bells ringing, or lowing of the kine, Grows nearer in the midnight the rushing of the Rhine.
Seite 26 - BEFORE I trust my Fate to thee, Or place my hand in thine, Before I let thy Future give Color and form to mine, Before I peril all for thee, question thy soul tonight for me. I break all slighter bonds, nor feel A shadow of regret : Is there one link within the Past That holds thy spirit yet ? Or is thy Faith as clear and free as that which I can pledge to thee ? Does there within thy dimmest dreams A possible future shine, Wherein thy life could henceforth breathe...
Seite 97 - Yet, when her master's children would clustering round her stand, she sang them ancient ballads of her own native land ; and when at morn and evening she knelt before God's throne, the accents of her childhood rose to her lips alone.

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