Votes and Proceedings, Band 2

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Some vols. previous to 1830 have appendices consisting of reports of various state offices.

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Seite 1264 - AN ACT to amend chapter four hundred and ten of the laws of eighteen hundred and eighty-two, entitled "An act to consolidate into one act and to declare the special and local laws affecting public interests in the city of New York...
Seite 1590 - In counties having a population exceeding forty thousand, wherein there is no separate surrogate, the Legislature may provide for the election of a separate officer to be Surrogate whose term of office shall be six years. When the Surrogate shall be elected as a separate officer his salary shall be established by law, payable out of the county treasury.
Seite 1585 - When a vacancy shall occur otherwise than by expiration of term in the office of Justice of the Supreme Court the same shall be filled for a full term, at the next general election, happening not less than three months after such vacancy occurs...
Seite 1583 - In each department four shall constitute a quorum, and the concurrence of three shall be necessary to a decision. No more than five Justices shall sit in any case.
Seite 1585 - Appeals, the same shall be filled, for a full term, at the next general election happening not less than three months after such vacancy occurs; and until the vacancy shall be so filled, the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the...
Seite 1584 - No justice of the appellate division shall, within the department to which he may be designated to perform the duties of an appellate justice, exercise any of the powers of a justice of the supreme court, other than those of a justice out of court, and those pertaining to the appellate division, or to the hearing and decision of motions submitted by consent of counsel...
Seite 1598 - ... referred to the Legislature to be chosen at the next general election of Senators...
Seite 1597 - Clerks of the several counties shall be clerks of the Supreme Court, with such powers and duties as shall be prescribed by law.
Seite 1584 - Division, or to the hearing and decision of motions submitted by consent of counsel, but any such justice, when not actually engaged in performing the duties of such Appellate Justice in the department to which he is designated, may hold any term of the Supreme Court and exercise...
Seite 1582 - The Legislature may from time to time increase the number of justices in any judicial district except that the number...

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