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9. Osborne.

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Almon's Herbal

Howel's Hift. of the World,
3d and 4th bound in one
Hamden's Trial
Wake's State of the Church
Ephraim Cyrus, Greek
Waldron's Works
Stanley's Pembroke's Arcadia
Breval's Travels, 2. vol.
Fiddes's Body of Divinity, 2vol.L.P.
Strype's Memorials. 3 vol. L. P.

Life of Archbishop Parker
Winwood's Memorials, 3 vol. L. P..
Barnes's Edward III.
Motray's Travels, 3d vol.
Duty of Man's Works
Dr. Halley's Apollonius Pergæus
Dart's Antiquities of Canterbury
Bedford's Chronology, L. P.
Shower's Reports, 2 vol.
Hobart's Reports
Ventris's Reports
Tables to Reports

Law (in Sheets)

6 o Q7

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6) 2 2 0 0 10

6 0 10 6 o 15 O 180 0 150 I 100

0 150 I 8 0 7

6 O 4

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In. Q. U AR TO..
Organ's History of Algiers 07

6 Patrick on Samuel

o 50 Bradley's Works of Nature

0 10

6 Lowth on Daniel

o 60 Brooks's Errors in Camden, 2 parts. 0 4 ° James of Gardening:

0 12 0 Dale's Harwich

O 100




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Edley, L. P.

Beveridge's Thesaurus, 4 vol.
enette's Mysteries of Conj, Love
Fortunate Mistress
Voyage round the World
Conjugal Lewdness
Cun's Euclid
Roberts's Voyages

Stevenson's Sacred History
Col. Jack

4 Salmon's Doron

6 Mandey's Mathematicks

4 Tindal's Rights of the Christ Church o 5 Defence of Ditto

4 Hartcliff's Moral Virtues

3 Athenian Sports

03 Blackmore's Alfred

6 Arrian's Hift. of Alexander, 2 vol. 6. Wychèrly's Remains Bradley's Husbandry

4 Lectures

0-3 Elements

3 Betagh's Voyages

3 0 Dennis's Letters

6 Petty's Ireland Monafticon Hibernicum

4 Revolutions in Spain, 5 vol.

O 15
Adams's Sophocles, 2 vol.
Dryden's Art of Painting:

5 Fenton's Poems

O 3
Oxford and Cambridge Miscellany o 4
Lamb's Cookery
Smith's Surgery
Constable on Style

3 Abridgment of State-Trials, 7, 8,9. o 12 Dancing-Master, 2 vol.


7 Haw

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Hawney's Trigonometry
Gibson's Quintilian
Macraire Vitæ Typograph.
Rosalinda, a Novel
Morgan's Tracts
Wake's Catechism
Bishop Ken's Life
Innes of Moral Virtue
Compleat Gentleman
Hartz Forest
Lord Cobham's Chronicle
Lucas's Sermons, ist vol.

3d vol. -:-
Acta Regia, 2d, 3d, 4th vol.
Stackhouse's Abridgmentof Burnet's

own Times
Review of Text of Milton's Para-

dife Loft
Collier's Antoninus
Cave's Primitive Christianity
Demonstration of the Will of God
Sherlock on Providence


Baronettage of England, 2 vol.
Woodward on Fossils, 2 vol.
Martyn's Western Iands
Salınon's History of Great-Britain
History of Tamerlane, 2 vol.

Experienced Farrier
Piggott's Sermons
Rulhworth's Collect. Abr. 6 vol.
Pyle on the Old Testament, 4 vol.
Newcome's Sermons, 2 vol.
Brady's Select Sermons
Rawlinson's Method, 2. vol.

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