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Season of the Year, as the Spring and Autumn. The Things that hinder it, are, (1.) The Fume of burning Brimstone. (2.) Alkaline Salts, and alkaline Earths. (3.) Closeness of the Veffel. ( 4.) Too great Heat. And, (5.) Extraction of the Air from the Vessel, and Liquor, by the

Air-Pump. Fermented We are next shewn how to preserve the Liquors : fermented Liquor; which is a thing known to ved and di...

ere every one : and afterwards how to distil it for Rilled. its inflammable Spirit; the Apparatus and

Manner whereof does not greatly differ from that of diftilling simple Waters, as described under Process #freenth. And thus at length concludes the History of Fermentation ; wherein We wish ché Author may meet with all the Success he desires, with regard to establishing a folid Doctrine of general Use: for his Notions here seem to be but narrow and limited; whereas

the Subject is copious, and diffusive. 43,44.

. The forty-third and forty-fourth Processes Vegetable are Exemplifications of the general Doctrine of Matters , Fermentation; the one upon Meal and Malt, fermented.

fermented with Water ; the other upon Honey, fermented in the same manner ; to Thew thác they will thus make what the Author calls Winë.

THE forty-fifth and forty-sixth Processes are Dirilled performed upon the preceding fermented Matfor spirit, ters, to shew the common Way of making in

Aammable Spirits by Distillation ; and that an acid Liquor will rise after the Spirit is come over.

The next Process Thews the Manner of 47. The spirit rectifying inflammable. Spirits, by a second re&ified. Distillation ; fo as to obtain them purer than in the two laft Processes.


45, 46.

The forty-eighth Process fhews the Manner 48. of making inflammable Spirits into Alcohol, or Made Alo high rectified Spirit of Wine, by Re-distilla-com tion, without addition.

The forty ninth Process shews the Method of making Alcohol, by means of Distillation, with fixed alkaline Salt. The fiftieth Process explains the common :

go. Manner of making Vinegar, in France ; by set-box made.

"Vinegar ting Wine upon Rape, or the Hulk of Grapes, &c. in the Sun, to hear for some Days, &c.

PROCESS 51. exhibits the Analysis of Vine 51. gar, or its Refolution, by Distillation into an Its Analy. acid Water, an acid Spirit, an Extract, a Sa-jes. pa, a Tartar, and an Oil.

Process 52, shews the Manner of rectify. 52. ing distilled Vinegar, by Distillation, without addition.

Process 53. shews the Manner of rectifying 13, distilled Vinegar from


Verdigrease ; and the former Manner of making Verdigrease itself. . digrease.

Process 54. Thews the Manner wherein 54. Tartar is generated from Wine; cho' Process Hiftory of 8, seems designed for the fame purpose.

PROCESS 55. exhibits the Analysis of Tartar; or its Resolution into Water, acid Spirit, Oil, and fix'd Alkali ; by dry Distillation.

Process 56-61. inclusive, shew the Man- History of ner of making Tinctures, by means of inflam-Tin&tures. mable Spirit, or Spirit of, Wine. The Opera - 56, 57,58, tions are performed upon, (1.) Gum-Lac. (2.)59.0 Myrrh. (3.) Amber. ( 4.Benjamin. (5.) Guaiacum Wood. And, (6.) Scammony: whereas a single Operation might have served for all ; the rest being easily reducible to a single Cafe, by a few short Rules,


62. PROCESS 62. Thews the Manner of making

Purging Potions, by mixing the purging spiri.. tuous Tinctures of Scammony, Jalap, &c.

with purging Syrups, &c.
os ProcESS 63. is a very night Process, scarce

worthy of the Name ; being no more than
dropping Tincture of Benjamin into Water, to

make the Liquor called Virgin's Milk.
64. PROCESS 64. shews the Method of making
Rofins. artificial Rosins, by adding Water to the spiri-

tuous Tinctures of resinous Vegetables, made

according to Process 60, and 61. 65. Process 65. exhibits the Manner of making fential effential Extracts, with Spirit of Wine; by an

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Geriats. Example 1:5 66. feems to


66. PROCESS 66, seems tog trilling for the Place

assigned it ; being no more than the Recovery
of Camphire from camphorate Spirit of Wine,

by the addition of Water.
67. PROCESS 67. is no more than dissolving a
Chemical chemical Qil in Spirit of Wine, under the pom-
montes pous Title of making a chemical Quintessence.

PROCESS 68. fhews the Way of making dry Quintessences, as they are called ; being only a kind of Elæosaccharum, made by adding a lin quid Quintessence to Sugar, and exhaling the

superfluous Spirit of Wine. 69. ProcaSS 69. Thews the Manner of making Simple and simple aromatic Spirits, by an Example in Lasromatic vender Flowers, distilled with Spirit of Wine. :ompound Spirits. PROCESS 70, and 75. are needless Repetitions 70, 71. of the preceding Process; the one upon dry'd

Mint, the other upon fresh Rosemary. .., 72. PROCESS 72. is only the same Processrepeated

upon several Ingredients at once, as Lenimon-
peel, Orange-peel, Roses, Lavender,, Mace,


PROCESS 73. shews the Method of making 93. common Soap, by boiling Oil with a Lixivium, Soaps. or Lee, of Pot-ash.

PROCESS 74. lh-ws how to make a Soap 74. with a distilled Oil, and fixed Alkali ; wherein the Secret is perfectly to free both the Oil and Alkali from all aqueous Moisture,

PROCESS 75. delivers a tedious Way of pre-_75.. paring Tartarised Tartar, by dropping Oil of Tartarifes

[Tartar, Tartar per deliquium into a boiling Solution of sc. Tartar; whereas the common Chemists have a much readier, more certain, and perfect Way, by diffolving a Mixture of Salt of Tartar and crude Tartar together in Water...

PROCESS 76. shews a tedious Method of ma- 76. king Regenerated Tartar, with fixed Alkali and Vinegar. A shorter and better Way for the purpose is given by Barchusen, and other chemical Writers.

Process 77. shews the Way of making the TinEture of Tartarised Tartar, by adding Alcohol to the Production of Process 75.

PROCESS 78, exhibits the Solution of Rege 78. nerated Tartar in Alcohol, and is the same Process as the former, perform'd upon the Production of Process 76.

Process 79. shews how to make Harvey's 79 Tincture of Salt of Tartar, by digesting common Spirit upon Tartar, roasted, or calcined, only to Blackness.

PROCESS 80. Thews the Manner of making Helmonts Tincture of Salt of Tartar, by digeft. . 8o. ing Alcohol upon Salt of Tartar.'

PROCESS 81. Thews the Way of making Elixir Proprietatis, with distilled Vinegar ; as the Elixirs. 82d, does with distilled Waters ; the 83d, with the addition of fixed Alkali; the 84th, with 83.






manneroon Vege putrefyin

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the addition of Tartarized Tartar ; and the 85. 85th, with the addition of Regenerated Tar

tar : so that these are but different Modifications of the same Process.

PROCESS 86. exhibits the Analysis of WoodAnalylis of Soot, in the manner of Process 32, and 33. Soor." and shews what Parts of Vegetables fly off in

burning. And here it is remarkable, that fixed

Earth is found in Soot. 84. PROCESS 87. exhibits the Analysis of Amber, of Amber. after the fame manner.

The Processes upon Vegetables conclude with the artificial Manner of putrefying them ; or making them heat, rot, and change to an animal Nature ; so as by Distillation to afford the fame Principles as animal Subjects: whence this last Process leads directly to the Processes

upon Animals, which are next to follow. Processes The Processes upon Animals are introduced espon Anio with a few. Particulars, derived from Medicinal mals. * History, and delivered in the way of Prelimina

ries. 89-91. Process 89-91. are performed upon Cows

Milk; to shew, (1.) That when new, it is neither acid nor alkaline, faline or spirituous. (2.) That ic coagulates or curdles with Acids. And (3.) That it turns yellow by being boiled with

fixed Alkali. 92-98. PROCESS 92-98. are all performed upon UUrine. rine, to Thew, (1.) That new-made Urine is

neither acid nor alkaline. (2.) That by Distillation it affords a ferid nauseous Water, neither acid, alkaline nor vinous. (3.) That the Re'mainder after the Diftillation is neither acid, alkaline,or saponaceous ; but faline and fetid. (40)

That recent Urine infpiffated, and distilled with • Sand, affords an alkaline Spirit, a volatile Salt,

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