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For No. XX. 1732
Art. VI. M Athematical, Astronomical, Cbro-

V nological, &c. Observations ....

Digested by Father E. Souciet. 103 Art. VII. A Continuatio of Vol. III. of Rollin's History, &c.

119 Art. VIII. Nature display'd; of Conferences upon

such Particulars in Natural History as i bave seemed the most fit to excite young

People's Curiosity, and to form their · Minds. Part I. Containing an Account of Animals, and Plants.

140 Art. IX. The Uses of the Leibnitian and Wol

fian Philosophy in Divinity : With a preliminary Disertation upon Reason and Revelation, and upon Nature and Grace. By J. TH. C. of Wirtemberg.

172 Art. X. The prosent State of LEARNING,

From Petersburg,
From Upsal,
From Warsaw,
From Dantzig,
From Leipfig,

From Paris,
From Avignon,

201 From Tours; 2:

202 From Strasburg,


. ib.



From Amsterdam,
From the Hague,

203 204


'ARTICLE VI.. Obferyations Mathematiques, Astronomi

ques, Chronologiques, &c. Redigées &
Publiées par le P. E. Souciet. .co

That is,
Mathematical, Astronomical, Chronolo-

gical, &c. Observations .... Digefted
by Father E. Souciet.

9:4 Being a Continuation of Article XXVIII.

" No XVI. Containing tbe History of the Five First Mogul

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värvis · Emperors.

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IN our, laft, through an Inadvertency we need
I not. explain to the Reader, we broke off.
Tomewhat abruptly in the midst of the History:
of the great Jenghiz Khân ; which we shall now:
resume. .. is i t

Jenghiz Khân having made fuch Progress to=' wards the Summit of his Glory as has been told. in the foregoing Article on this Collestions continued to add to his marcial Fame andthel Enlargement of his Dominion by the partialı Smiles of Fortune, whose Darling he seems ofii all Men to have been. He subdued many:s 1204 Hoards round about him: he overthrew-several Confederaçesheaded by a powerful Prince of 11

NO XX 4732, 1 at Hii in ghi che 5. Volestium agd boscow 29 noise

the Naymans, called Tay-Yang Koban, who fell in the Bacele, which was fought to the Eastward of Holin, the Situation of which we formerly

noted. 1205. TRIUMPHANT in these Wars, he began to

attack the Princes of Hin, who were Lords of a vast Tract both in China, as it is now reckon'd, and in Tartary, as it is with us called ; how far he succeeded in this his first Attempt,

we are not told, but 1206. The next Year he rendezvõused with his

Confederates at the Source of the River Vonon.
or Onon, where his Name was changed, or ra-
ther his Title, from Tiemútjîn to Fengbíz, as
we pronounce it, which if our Interpreter de-
ceives us not, signifies Sovereign Lord; for-
such they now declared him, and as such they
now vowed him Obedience, whence with the
Addition of the Title Khân, or Cam as we
sometimes have it, we come to know this
Conqueror, under the Stile of Jenghiz Khâni
This Year he became Master of the western
Tartary, by a compleat Conqueft of the Naya.'
mans, and the Slaughter of their King Poloyu,

and his flying Son.. .n 1209. Three Years afterwards, Itûbû King of

the Country of Way-ú-ule, offered to throw himself under the Protection of 7 enghiz Khan. : · His Subjects have the Books of Confucius and the

Book Y-King: they understand the Chinefe Cha-, racters, and ufe the Chinese Calendar. This Year he entered Chensi by the Country of Kokonor, and forced the King of Hia tó a Peace. i lisica

The next Year our Conqueror refufed to pay 1210. Tribute to the Princes of Kin, and stirred up by

the Spirit of Vengeance, for the Marther of a Relation of his who had been murdered by the



Orders of the Kin; he the next Year entered the Province of Chansı; and according to the Chic tele, he himself, his Brothers, and his four · Sons made fearful havock in Chansi, Petchali, Chantung, and Leagtung, during the Years 1211, 12.12, and 1213; in which last he besieged the Court, or what is now called Pekin, 1213. formerly Yekia. :. The next Year the Emperor of the Kin 1210 bribed Jenghiz Khân to an Accommodation by a great Sum of Money, great Quantities of Stuffs, and a great Number of Youths of both Sexes, together with a Princess of the Blood for ; . Vengbiz Khân himself, who then retired to the Country of Cbalar. .

But he had scarcé turned his back before the Emperor of the Kin violated the Treaty; whereupon the Moguls marched back again, and took Pekiń and Leactung..

It was in the Year following, that Pekin 1915, was taken and pillaged. This was done in the

fifth Month, and in the absence of Feng biz · Khân himself; the Palace was burnt ; but the - Eniperor had withdrawn with his Court, eight or nine Monibs before, to Caifanfu, the Capital of Horan, then Nankin. .

The Year following Jenghiz Khan appeared 1216; in Person, and pillaged a part of Honan; and 1217, the Year after he declared Mobali his Gover. for over the conquered Country, and Chapär his Governor for Pekin, and then recired into Tartary.

While Mohali extended the Conquests ever 2018 Corea, his Master the Khán turned his Arms Westward to revenge the Injuries offered to bis Subje&ts, and before the End of the following


Y ear 5

111g. Year he made a good progress, and so con

tinued to do further Weitward. 12313 : At length he got to the Westward of Samar

cand, as far as a Place in English, called the Iron.:::: Gate, which our Commentator will have to

have been Derbent, which he derives from the "Turkish Demic arpi or Temicarpi, which signi fies Gate of Iron. * .

Our Translator, or rather Transcriber, acquaints us, that the Chinese are very indistinct

and unsatisfactory on what this Conqueror did 1223. in the West; but from thence he bent his

'March Eastward into Persia, and in the Year 1224. foi

following he penetrated the Indies, where he * made great devastation. In this fame Year,

says the Chinese History, the Moguls took the * City Metena (sure they cannot mean Medina?] where, says the same History, reigned Mu-bannu-te, or the Lord and Law-giver of the Mohammedans. Upon this occasion it is said, that while even Mahomet hiinfelf was alive, some of his Disciples reached China, where they pro*mulgated his Law. To this is added, that

Metena' (which we must confess sounds a little * like Medina) is in the Neighbourhood of a Coun* try called the Country of Heaven, which our

French Commentator conjectures may mean the

Holy-Land, that is, the Country of God, where *** God was born and lived, as he zealously expresses

himself. This is a very remarkable Passage, and may deserve an accurate Research and å deep Discussion, which we leave to abler Hands than

Our own. $218. This Year Fengbíz Khân attacked the Prince

of Hin, and having taken the City of Estina,

he entered Chenfi. He fubverted the Dynasty 1997. of Hin, and died in the feventh Moon of the

. Yeag

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