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MÄN.TOU A. Dr. Flaminio Corghi, a famous Physician here has published Il Medico in Mantoua, oppure quäl Methodo di medicare nelle palustri, e quale nelle Citta montanes convenga. This. Work contains several Observations upon the Disten. pers which reigned in Mantoua and the neighbouring Places, from 1698 till 1730, and the Manner of curing them, compared with the Method used at Reggio, whöfe Situation is quite diffeçent from that of Mantoua. It may be look'd upon äś an excellent Commentary on Hippocrates's Book, de aere, aquis, & locis, being founded upon an Experience of above thirty Years.

2. FERRÀ M. Peverati has given us a new Commena tarý upon Sallust : Angeli Mariæ Peverati Ferrariensis Annotationes in Crispi Sallustii Historiam de Conjuratione Catilinaria, & Bello Jugur. thino , nec non Synopsis de Historia. In 8vo. In, this Commentary he has inserted the Notes of Turcius. Rufus Asterius Apronianus, which he found in an old Manuscript; and wou'd be a very valuable Piece, if, as some of our Lear: ned imagine, the Author is the fame Apronianus-who was Consul with Flavius Præfidius.

ve GE N E V A MeMieurs de Tournes have finished their new Edition of Cornelii à Lapide, Societatis Jesu,Com. mentaria in Vetus & Novum Teftamentum. In folio, 11 vols.'

FÁBRI and Barrillot have printed Court A. bregé de Physique, suivant les dernieres Observar

tions des Academies de Paris & de Londres, par G. L. le Sage. In 12mo.

NEUFCHATE L. MRi Bourguet, who was lately appointed Professor of Natural Philosophy and Mathematicks here, has printed his inaugural Oration de Matheseos & pbyficæ fatis. He designs to publish jointly with Mr. Jordan, Minister at Prentzlow in the March of Brandenburg, several Letters of the late Mr. Leibniz.

TUBING EN. They have reprinted here from the latt Cambridge Edition by Mr. Chappelow, Dr. Spencer's Book de Legibus Ebræorum Ritualibus, &c. This new Edition is Page for Page and Line for Line the same with the Cambridge one ; and tho' it be printed upon good Paper and Letter, it is above a third Part cheaper. Dr. Pfaff has prefix'd to it a Dissertation giving an Account of Dr. Spencer's Life and Writings.

IMHOFF is printing by Subscription Vitringa's Commentary upon the Prophet Esaias.

n. NUREMBERG. MR. Doederlin has publish'd Antiquitates in Nortgavia Romanæ. In 4to. It is a Description of the Roman Wall or Rampart, rais'd by Order of the Emperours Hadrian and Probus against the Incursions of the Germans. :::

Al mirini .: PA R I S. !

That there is really such a thing as Witchcraft, Witches, &c. is afferted with great Confidence in the following Book : Traité sur la Ma... gie, le Sortilege, les Poffelhons, Obsesions, & Ma


lefices ; l'on en démontre la verité & la realité: avec une methode füre & facile pour les discerner, & les reglemens contre les Devins, Sorciers, Magiciens, &c. Ouvrage tres-utile aux Ecclefiaftiques, aux Medecins, & aux Juges. Par M. D***. In 12mno.

LA Genese en Latin E en François, avec une Explication du sens litteral & du fens' Spirituel, tirée de l'Ecriture & de la Tradition. In 12mo.

Le Banquet de Platon. In 12mo. Part of it was translated by the famous Mr. Racine ; and the Remainder by a Lady.

Essai sur le bon goût en Musique, par M. Grandval. In 12 mo.

Mélisthenes, ou l'illustre Persan : Nouvelle, par M. de P***. In 12mo..

PRINCIPES generaux & raisonnés de la Gram. maire Françoise, par Mr. Restaut. Nouvelle Edition de moitié plus ample que la première, & à laquelle on a ajouté un Abregé des Regles de la Verfification Françoise, &c. In 12mo.

ANG ER S. Father Dufrou, a Priest of the Congrega. tion of the Oratory and Professor of Rhetorick in this University, lately made a Latin Oration, wherein he enquired into the Reasons why the French Historians fall fo short of that Degree of Perfection which is required in such Performances : Cur nullum Scriptorem optima notæ Historia Gallica habeat. Two things, said he, are absolutely necessary to qualify a good Historian, Eloquence and Sincerity ; eloquentia & fides : but these two Qualifications cannot be found in an Historian who lives under a despotical Government. He made feveral judicious Observations on the first Point ;

and and as to the second, viz. Faithfulness and Sincerity, he said that a French Historian cou'd hot pretend to it, i. Because he was ignorant of the Spring of Actions, or what was transacted in the Cabinet of the Prince. 2. Because he muft either flatter or incur the Hatred of those who are in Power 3: That even the Christian (Romish) Religion he professes, cannot suffer him to be always true and sincere. He observed that Comines, Thuanus, Mezeray, and Daniel the Jesuit, were defective in several respects: However as to Mezer ay, he infinuated that he would be valued and esteemed by all Frenchmen; as long as a Love for Truth and a Sense of Liberty remain'd amongst them į when Father Daniel will be despised; as a Man blindly ad. dicted to the pretended Power of the Pope maintained by the Italian Clergy, and bafely wedded to the Interests of his Society. The Jefuits cou'd not bear with these bold Affers tions. They apply'd to the Heads of our University, and demanded that the Orator shou'd be punish'd or severely cenfur'd; but cou'd obtain no other Satisfaction than the following Decree, which is rather an Approbation than a Censure of what Father Dufrou said : Existimamus aliquas Propofitiones, si disjungantur à Sera monis contextu, Suspicionem, mali Animi injicere potuisfe : verum fi eadem penfentur prout in Orati onis ferie jacent, malitiæ Suspicio diluitur, Qnatot tamenmonendus eft ut cautior fit.

:'. HAGUE. "They have publish'd a Tract of the late Mr. la Placetse, entitled, Avis fur la Manient de Precker.



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Floriferis ut apes in Saltibus omnia libant,
Omnia nos itidem.


Being the Second of Vol. IV.

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