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exhibited, and, thereby, be enabled to act wisely and choose for themselves, and for those entrusted to their care, screen entertainment which will not threaten moral and spiritual welfare."

In February 1936, the bishops' committee on motion pictures transferred the responsibility for the review and classification of motion pictures to the archdiocese of New York. The motion-picture department of the International Federation of Catholic Alumnae, which had been reviewing motion pictures for over a decade and had, over this period, published a list of endorsed motion pictures, was officially designated as the reviewing and classifying group of the Legion of Decency. The motion-picture department of the International Federation of Catholic Alumnae acts under the chairmanship of Mrs. James F. Looram. At the present time the reviewing staff of the motion-picture department of the International Federation of Catholic Alumnae is comprised of 53 members.

The Very Rev. Msgr. John J. McClafferty, as executive secretary of the bishops' committee on motion pictures, was in charge of the New York office from its inception until his appointment, in June 1947, as dean of the School of Social Service of Catholic University.

The legion issues biweekly a list of the moral classifications of current feature pictures. This list is distributed to the Catholic press throughout the United States through the National Catholic Welfare Conference News Service. Information on moral evaluation of films is given to the secular press as occasion requires. The legion list of film ratings may be obtained by subscription, $2.50 a year, third-class mail, $3.50 a year, first-class mail.

The legion also distributes the moral classifications to organizations comparable to it throughout the world. Catholic groups in England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, others in the Near and Far East, and in Central and South America also receive the evaluations of the legion.

From October 1952 to October 1953, the National Legion of Decency reviewed 383 feature motion pictures. Of the total number of films reviewed, 148 were rated as class A, section I, morally unobjectionable for general patronage; 142 were rated as class A, section II, morally unobjectionable for adults; 89 were rated as class B, morally objectionable in part for all; 4 were rated as class C, condemned. National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, Administration Build

ing, 1776 D Street NW., Washington 6, D. C.; National 4980 National Motion Picture Chairman: Mrs. F. Allen Burt, 105 Stedman Street,

Brookline, Mass. Preview chairman : Mrs. J. W. R. Cooper. Vice chairmen : Mrs. Brant E. Roberts, 101 West 29th Street, Baltimore 18, Md.;

Mrs. Walter F. Van Landingham, 7300 Southwest 14th Street, Miami 44, Fla.; Mrs. Leslie Price, 21 West Windsor Avenue, Phoenix, Ariz.; Mrs. E. Phil Bradstrum, Sparta, Mich.; Mrs. Guy Cook, Carrington, N. Dak.; Mrs. Palmer

H. Cushman, 11 South Wolcott Street, Salt Lake City 2, Utah. Pro ant Motion Picture Council, 41 Fifth Avenue, New York 3, N. Y. National chairman : Mrs. Jesse M. Bader. Vice chairman: Mrs. Clair H. Brewer, 15412 Clifton Boulevard, Lakewood 7, Ohio. Preview chairman : Mrs. John W. Bradbury, 405 West 430 Street, New York 11,

N. Y. Chairman, films and visual aids : Mrs. Henry H. Ragatz, 756 Springfield Avenue,

Summit, N.J. Schools motion picture committee: Mrs. Marie Hamilton, director, 845 West

End Avenue, New York 25, N. Y.


Phillips County (Ark.) Better Films Council: Mrs. Allen Cox, 916 Porter Street,

Berkeley Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Alfred Todt, president, 1410 Cypress

Street, Berkeley 3, Calif. East Bay (Calif.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Albert M. King, president, 3541

68th Avenue, Oakland, Calif.

Marin Motion Picture Council: Mrs. John M. Lewis, president, 29 Los Robles

Drive, San Rafael, Calif.
Redlands Area (Calif.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Henry S. Gross, president,

550 Chestnut Avenue. Riverside (Calif.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. R. G. Pilcher, president, 1795

Eighth Street. Sacramento (Calif.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Aralia Houston, president,

2701 O Street. San Diego (Calif.) Better Films Council : Mrs. Alice H. White, president, 5018

Cape May Avenue. San Francisco Motion Picture and Television Council: Mrs. Kenneth C. Wilson,

president, 1371 35th Avenue, San Francisco, Calif.; Mrs. Raymond Lasater, corresponding secretary, 139 Lunado Way. Southern California Motion Picture Council: Mrs. William A. Burk, president,

339 Bronson Avenue, Los Angeles, Calif. Colorado Denver Motion Picture Council: Dr. Campton Bell, drama department, Uni

versity of Denver. Connecticut Norwalk (Conn.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Julius Csengery, president,

17 Ponus Avenue. Waterbury (Conn.) Motion Picture Council: Miss Kathleen Crowley, room 17,

7 Kendrick Avenue. Delaware Wilmington (Del.) Better Films Council: Mrs. George A. Pedrick, 138 East

Third Street, New Castle. District of Columbia Motion Picture & Television Council of the District of Columbia : Mrs. Virginia

Rollwage Collier, president, 2308 Ashmead Place NW., Washington, D. C. Florida Jacksonville (Fla.) Motion Picture Council: Miss Irene Scanlon, president, 1888

Edgewood Avenue, Jacksonville, Fla. Georgia Atlanta (Ga.) Better Films Council: Mrs. William W. Higgins, president, 741

Woodley Drive, NW., Atlanta, Ga. Decatur (Ga.) Better Films Committee: Mrs. R. H. O'Brien, 148 Erie Avenue, Macon (Ga.) Better Films Committee: Mrs. Piercy Chestney, 174 Second Street. Illinois Bloomington (111.) Better Films Council: Mrs. Howard Hendricks, 1020 Hovey

Better Films Council of Chicagoland : Mrs. James Carr, president, 8549 South

May Street, Chicago, Ill.
East St. Louis (II.) Better Film Council: Mrs. C. I. Hoffman, Jr., 539 North

18th Street. Evanston (III.) Drama Club: Miss Marguerite Stokes, film chairman, 1426 Ridge

Avenue. indiana Indiana Indorsers of Photoplays: Mrs. Walter Geisel, president, 3734 Ruckle

Street, Indianapolis, Ind. Fort Wayne Chapter of the Indiana Indorsers of Photoplays: Mrs. Fred Hire,

president, 4722 South Wayne Avenue, Fort Wayne, Ind. Greencastle Chapter of the Indiana Indorsers of Photoplays: Mrs. Ferd Lucas,

president, 633 East Seminary Street. Indianapolis (Ind.) Group of the National Screen Council General Federation of

Clubs : Mrs. E. L. Burnett, president, 3761 North Meridian Street. Indianapolis Chapter of the Indiana Indorsers of Photoplays: Mrs. Andrew F.

Ross, president, box 597 M, rural route No. 16. Muncie (Ind.) Motion Picture Council: Sidney E. McClellan, president, 600

Cromer Avenue.



Louisville (Ky.) Better Films Council: Mrs. Harry E. Sibley, president, 2014

Cherokee Parkway.
Louisiana Council for Motion Pictures: Mrs. Joseph E. Friend, founder and

president, 1807 Palmer Avenue, New Orleans. Maine Por ind (Maine) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Elsie M. Files, 419 Cumberland

Avenue. Massachusetts Ipswich (Mass.) Motion Picture Council : Mrs. Ivan Nichols, president, 18

Turkey Shore Road. New Bedford (Mass.) Better Films Council: Mrs. Harold E. Kerwin, president,

31 Fort Street, Fairhaven. Springfield (Mass.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Charles P. Morris, president,

18 Harvard Street, Springfield, Mass. Worcester (Mass.) Better Films Council: Mrs. John D. McKinley, president, 5

Lisbon Street, Worcester, Mass. Michigan Better Films Council of Grand Rapids and Kent County (Mich.): Mr. Kenneth

T. Hayes, president, 1004 McKay Tower, Grand Rapids, Mich. Greater Detroit (Mich.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Daniel Hembel, president,

1597 Newcastle Road, Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich. Grosse Pointe Motion Picture and Television Council: Mrs. Paul L. Kolvoord,

president, 1248 Lake Point Road, Grosse Pointe Park, Mich, Missouri Better Films Council of Greater St. Louis: Mrs. Arretus F. Burt, honorary presi

dent, 22 Crestwood Drive; Mrs. Charles T. Shepherd, president, 10 Covington

Meadows, St. Louis, Mo. Montana Billings (Mont.) Better Films Council: Mrs. Albert Thomas, president, 16

Yellowstone. Nebraska Better Films Council of Lincoln (Nebr.): Mrs. C. M. Stewart, president, 1300

A Street, Lincoln, Nebr. New Jersey Atlantic City (N. J.) Motion Picture Committee : Mrs. Samuel B. Cuthbert,

chairman, 117 South Illinois Avenue. Montclair (N. J.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. H. W. Courtney, 28 Nassau Road,

Upper Montclair. Suburban Film Council: Mrs. Gerald H. Winser, president, 61 DeForest Avenue,

Summit. West Essex (X. J.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Fred Schill, president, 47

Coolidge Avenue, West Caldwell. New York Bronxville (N. Y.) Motion Picture Council: Mr. Peter Emmons, president, 9

Normandy Terrace. Motion Picture Council for Brooklyn (N. Y.): Mrs. George H. Sutcliffe, 1878

East 13th Street, Elmira (N. Y.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Charles W. Swift, s09 West Second

Street. Harrison (N. Y.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Eli A. Freydberg, president,

Pleasant Ridge Road. Ithaca (X. Y.) Better Films Council: Mrs. R. O. Jones, 310 East Marshall Street. Larchmont-Mamaroneck Motion Picture Council : Mrs. Julian S. Colyer, 39 May

hew Avenue, president, Larchmont, X. Y. Motion Picture Council of Queens (N. Y.): Mrs. Erwin Umbach, president, 54

Knollwood Road, Roslyn, Long Island, N. Y. Scarsdale (N. Y.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. John Harvey, president, 52

Stratford Road, Scarsdale, N. Y.

New York-Continued
South Buffalo (N. Y.) Better Films Council: Mrs. Peter N. Crowe, 15 Lorraine

Staten Island (N. Y.) Better Films Council: Miss Etta Connolly, president, 281

Bement Avenue. North Carolina Charlotte (N. C.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Candace Bryant Smith, presi

dent, 2138 Hastings Drive, Ohio Bryan (Ohio) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Harry Snyder, corresponding secre

tary, 227 North Beech. Cinema Club of Youngstown, Ohio: Mrs. J. S. Coxey, Jr., president, 1625 Fifth

Avenue. Cleveland (Ohio) Cinema Club: Mrs. Fred Jackson, president, 897 Helmsdale

Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Columbus and Franklin County (Ohio) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Mabel E.

Higgins, president, 58 East Kelso Road, Columbus, Ohio. Defiance (Ohio) City and County Motion Picture Council: Mr. W. Tray Stam

bough, 1021 Wilhelm Street. Fremont (Ohio) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. W. B. Cooper, 1013 Groghen

Street. Greater Cleveland (Ohio) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. William G. Sullivan,

president, 17301 Lomond Boulevard, Shaker Heights, Ohio. Toledo (Ohio) Motion Picture Council : Mrs. Fred Uffman, 402 Eagle Street,

Rossford. Youngstown (Ohio) Motion Picture Council : Mrs. Philip A. Ley, president, 4020

Helena Avenue. Pennsylvania Film Council of Delaware County (Pa.): Mrs. W. Lashley Nelson, Jr., president,

72 19 Bradford Road, Upper Darby. Philadelphia (Pa.) Motion Picture Forum : Mrs. B. Holbrook Pou er, president,

St. George Apartments, F-3 N., Mill Creek Road, Ardmore. Philadelphia (Pa.) Motion Picture Preview Group: Mrs. Arthur Goldsmith,

chairman, Penn Valley, Narbeth. Reading (Pa.) Motion Picture Forum: Mrs. Kathryn A. Kline, president, 5008

Leesport Avenue, Temple. Rhode Island Rhode Island Radio-Film-Television Council: Mr. Albert J. McAloon, chairman,

Juvenile Court, 301 Providence County Courthouse, Providence, R. I. South Carolina Spartanburg (S. C.) Motion Picture Council : Mrs. Bernard A. Foster, 244 Wills

Avenue. Tennessee Knoxville (Tenn.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. C. Elmer Cox, president, Cedar

Lane, Fountain City. Memphis (Tenn.) Better Films Council: Mrs. R. W. Mass, president, 1820

Forrest. Texas Dallas (Tex.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Roderic B. Thomas, president, 6640

Lakewood Boulevard, Dallas, Tex. San Antonio (Tex.) Motion Picture Advisory Council: Mrs. Harold L. Gee,

president, 317–18 Aztec Building, 235 West Commerce Street. Utah Ogden (Utah) Better Films Council : Ellis S. McAllister, president, City Hall. Washington Greater Seattle (Wash.) Motion Picture Council: Mrs. Charles G. Miller, presi

dent, 4603 Second Avenue NE. Wisconsin Fond du Lac (Wis.) Better Films Council: Mrs. L. C. Brenner, president, 112

Seventh Street.

Milwaukee (Wis.) Better Films Council: Mrs. Charles H. Berenger, president,

5001 North Woodruff Avenue, Milwaukee, Wis. Ripon (Wis.) Better Films Council: Mrs. C. E. Lueck, president, 117 Howard

Street. Sheboygan County (Wis.) Better Films Council: Mrs. R. H. Sass, president,

316 Vollrath Boulevard, Sheboygan. Tri-County (Wis.) Better Films Council: Mr. S. W. Zielanis, president, Kiel. Two Rivers (Wis.) Better Films Council : Mr. W. F. Sauve, president, 2410

15th Street. Wisconsin State Better Films Council : Mrs. Maurice G. Jewett, president, 2718

North Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee.



While there is a law on the statute books of Florida providing for a censor board, it is not functioning. Kansas

State board of review, Sixth and Armstrong Streets, Kansas City, Kans. Mrs. Frances Vaughn, chairman; Mrs. George Rahner, Mrs. Bertha Hall.

The board “shall approve such films, reels, including subtitles, spoken dialog, songs, other words or sounds, folders, posters, and advertising matter which are moral and proper; and shall disapprove such as are cruel, obscene, indecent, or immoral, or such as tend to deba se or corrupt morals."

In addition to the quotation from the statute, this board has adopted the following rules :

A. Picture should be clean and wholesome, and all features that tend to debase morals or influence the mind to improper conduct should be eliminated.

B. Ridicule of any religious sect or peculiar characteristics of any race of people will not be approved.

C. Evil suggestion in the dress of comedy characters will be eliminated.

D. Loose conduct between men and women will be eliminated, and whenever possible, barroom scenes and social drinking.

E. A display of nude human figures will be eliminated.

F. Crimes and criminal methods, such as give instruction in crime through suggestion, will be eliminated or abbreviated.

G. Prolonged and passionate love scenes, when suggestive of immorality, will be eliminated. Maryland

State board of motion picture censors, 212 North Eutaw Street, Baltimore. Sydney R. Traub, chairman; Jirs. Maude B. Dorrance, vice chairman; Walter S. Ringler, secretary.

No film to be licensed which is in the judgment of the board “* * * obscene, indecent, immoral, inhuman, or of such character that its exhibition would tend to corrupt morals or to incite crime." Massachusetts

(Censors Sunday shows only.) Department of building inspection, 1010 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston. George C. Parsons, in charge. Censor: Bernard B. McLaughlin. New York

Motion picture division, Department of Education of State of New York, Albany, N. Y.: 80 Centre Street, New York City. Hugh M, Flick, director of division.

No motion picture will be licensed or a permit granted for its exhibition within the State of New York, which may be classified or any part thereof, as obscene, indecent, immoral, inhuman, or which is of such a character that its exhibition would tend to corrupt morals or incite crime. Newsreels not subject to review. Ohio

Department of education, division of film censorship, State Office Building, Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Clyde Hissong, director of education ; R. M. Eyman, assistant director of education; Susannah M. Warfield, supervisor of film censorship.

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