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Seite 254 - I hope the people of England will be satisfied!" "I hope my country will do me justice!
Seite 142 - In the battle of Talavera, in which the Spanish army, with very trifling exceptions, was not engaged, whole corps threw away their arms, and ran off in my presence, when they were neither attacked nor threatened with an attack, but frightened, I believe, by their own fire.
Seite 294 - ... like diamonds in the black tank below us. How often had Charles looked out on a stilly eve, on this self-same and unchanged scene, where he alone was now wanting ! When supper was done, I shook hands all round with my kind hosts, and went to bed in the chamber where the Emperor breathed his last. All was soon silent, and the spirit of the mighty dead ruled again in his last home ; but no Charles disturbed the deep slumber of a weary, insignificant stranger. Long ere daybreak next morning I was...
Seite 69 - These horsemen often show marvellous skill in managing to place their horses as a rampart between them and the bull. When these deadly struggles take place, when life hangs on a thread, the amphitheatre is peopled with heads. Every expression of anxiety, eagerness, fear, horror, and delight is stamped on speaking countenances.
Seite 96 - Sept. 18, 1832, revoked the decree by which he had abolished the Salic law, and declared his daughter Isabel, born Oct 10, 1830, to be heiress to the crown ; an act which cursed his ever ill fated country with civil wars and a disputed succession.
Seite 217 - Quinones, when he challenged and fought during ten days all knights who passed on their way to the grand jubilee at Santiago ; and this he did in order to be entitled to remove an iron link which he wore round his neck every Thursday in token of his captivity to the lady of his love. 177 lances were split, seventy-eight knights having accepted the challenge, and, though called a gentle...
Seite 96 - The palace, a thing of the foreigner, looks as if it had been moved by the slaves of the lamp from the bald levels of the Seine to a wild Spanish sierra : this sensual, theatrical, French chateau, is, in truth, the antithesis of the proud, gloomy Escorial, on which it turns its back.
Seite 42 - Título de venerable merecéis, aunque pequeño, pues no es bien, viéndoos tan calvo, que os perdamos el respeto. Como Alcalá y Salamanca tenéis, y no sois colegio, vacaciones en verano y curso sólo en invierno.
Seite 67 - ... calculated astronomical observation in Spain : the line of shadow defined on the arena is marked by a gradation of prices. The sun of torrid, tawny Spain, on which it once never set, is...
Seite 2 - ... of their Patria, as is done by the similarly circumstanced Italians, but like them and the Germans, they have the fallacy, but no real Fatherland ; it is an aggregation rather than an amalgamation, — every single individual in his heart really only loving his native province, and only considering as his fellow-countryman, su paisano — a most binding and endearing word — one born in the same locality as himself : hence it is not easy to predicate much in regard to

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