Hymns, Chants and Anthems. Selected and arranged by J. H. Thom


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Teach me my God and King
Should the rising whirlwinds tear Barbauld 88
O God protector of the lowly Cmder
Under thy wings my God I rest Upwards I lift my eyes
Behold my servant see him rise Christian Psalmist 227
A glance from heaven with sweet eflect Newton 427
What power unseen by mortal
The heart of childhood is all mirth
Let others boast how strong they be Watts 510
Where is thy God my soul Lynch 73
cannot call afliiction sweet Montgomery 474
Thou hidden love of God whose height Moravian 284
The heavens of heavens cannot contain
O thou the wretcheds sure retreat Carter 130
Jehovah God thy gracious power Thomson 140
Blessed are the humble souls Watts 360
Who gracious Father shall complain Scott 149
Sleep sleep today tormenting cares Barbauld 11
Hail to the Lords anointed Montgomery 158
What 5 hallowed ground has earth a clod Campbell 852
O God whose holy child this morn 163
Who is the weak believer who C Wesley 296
Hath not thy heart within thee burned? Bulfinch 595
Bless O Lord the opening year Newton _ 525
Day by day the manna fell Cander 367
Almighty God in prayer to thee W S Roscoe 453
Slowly by thy hand unfurled Furness 589
Another fleeting day is gone Collyer 528
Jehovah t is a glorious name Doddridge 256
What though our bodies part C Wesley 585
Sometimes alight surprises Cowprr 421
Thus far the Lord hath led me on Watts 594
God is love his mercy brightens Bowring 484
Like shadows gliding oer the plain J Taylor 511
Faint not thou traveller though the way Norton 306

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