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and Massillon, 392-on the death
of Princess Charlotte, cited, 393—
other sermons of, 395- controver-
sial writings of, 396 — vindication
of Dr. Priestley by, cited, 397-
other publications of, 399-emi-
nence and popularity of, 400-
strange marriage of, 401.
Hamilton, Alexander, politics of, 164
- as a financier, 165
John Adams, 171 vindicated
against calumny, 172-not devot-
ed to England, ib.
proofs of his
opposition to British policy, 173-
not an enemy of France, 174-
tries to avoid war, 175-not a
monarchist, nor hostile to State
rights, 176 open and manly con-
duct of, 177 - his conduct towards
Burr, 178.



Hawley, General, enters Edinburgh,
29 encamps at Falkirk, 30-de-
feated by Charles Edward, 31.
Heidelberg, Taylor's residence in,


Henry II., England at the accession
of, 129 makes Becket his com-
panion and confidant, 131-pro-
motes him to the archbishopric, 137
-offended by him, 139— quarrels
with him, 140 opposed by the
power of the church, 142- threat-
ens the bishops, 144 arraigns
Becket for treason, 147- brutal
conduct of, 150-obliged to seek
peace with Becket, 154 — breaks
into a rage again, 156 — his feigned
grief for Becket's death, 158-his
punishment, 159 — subsequent hu-
miliation of, 160. See Becket.
Hepburn of Keith receives Charles
Edward, 16.

Her, the vision of, in Plato, 99.
Highlanders, the, join Charles Ed-
ward, 9-enter Edinburgh, 15—
victorious at Preston, 18-invade
England, 23-retreat from Derby,
28 victorious at Falkirk, 31

defeated at Culloden, 39. See
Charles Edward.

Hindoos, ideas of a future life held by
the, 103.

History, medieval, runs into biogra-
phy, 119.

Hochelaga, edited by E. Warburton,
reviewed, 237 - account of Cana-
da in, 238- account of the Unit-


ed States in, 240. See Warbur-


Holmes, Oliver W., Urania by, re-
viewed, 208- his great popular-
ity, ib. his wit, 212- high
praise of, 213- his fine command
of language, 215- should write
more, 216.

Homage of the Arts, by Schiller,
translated, 424.

Horsley, Dr., as a man of science, 88.
Howe, General, moves against Phil-
adelphia, 451.

Howe, S. G., on Prison Discipline,
noticed, 257.

Hughes, attempts to finish Addison's
Cato, 352.

Hume, David, Adam Smith indebted
to, 69-persecuted for his infideli-
ty, 72.

Humphreys, Alex., claims the earl-
dom of Stirling, 441.
Hutton, Dr., quarrels of, 88.


Iliad of Homer, by C. C. Felton, no
ticed, 522.

Iliad, Pope's and Tickell's transla-
tions of the, 359.
Imagination, lack of, in modern times,
275, 283, 287.

Improve, as a verb, denoting use,

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Indians, the Iroquois, H. R. School-
craft's Report on the Census of,
reviewed, 292-early history of,
wholly unknown, ib. - incommu-
nicative character of, 295 — policy
of conducting them over the Mis-
sissippi, 297-object to the census,
298 - are now increasing in num-
bers, 299-progress of agriculture
among, 300 cattle and orchards
of, 301-free intercourse with, to
be promoted, 302-traditions and
antiquities of, 303— languages of,
304 tools and structures of, 306
-incapable of effecting great
works by joint labor, 308-intel-
lectual power of, 309-imagina-
tion shown by, 310- one of their
traditions cited, 311 — and inter-
preted, 312-ephemeral memorials
of, 313.


Iroquois Indians, Census of the, 292.
See Indians.

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MacDonald, Flora, assists Charles
Edward, 47.



Mackenzie, Alexander S., Life of
Decatur by, reviewed, 217- cited,
221, 226, 230 attractive style of,
233-merits and faults of his
work, 235. See Decatur.
MacLeod, Malcolm, assists Charles
Edward, 51.

MacLeods, the, refuse to join Charles
Edward, 9.

Malaspina on the Sicilian Vespers,

Malebranche, Addison's visit to, 327.
Manfred, prince of Sicily, 501-

usurps the throne, 502- defeated
and killed, 503.
Manners in America, 242.
Marshall's Life of Washington cen-
sured for Americanisms, 182.
Massillon, pulpit eloquence of, 392.
Mathematics, pleasures of the study
of, 90.
Matilda and Gilbert Becket, legend
of, 124.

Maury, Mrs., on the Statesmen of
America, noticed, 513.

Kinloch Moidart joins Charles Ed- Mechanical inventions, progress of,
ward, 9.


Labitte, M., La Divine Comédie
avant Dante par, reviewed, 97.
Lavoisier, Brougham's life of, 72-
merits of, as a chemist, 73-ap-
propriates the discoveries of others,
74-unjust to Dr. Black, 75-
miserable fate of, 76.
Legenda Aurea, a collection of
Christian legends, 106.
Letters and Science, Brougham's

Lives of Men of, reviewed, 59.
Lexicography, J. E. Worcester's con-
tributions to, 187. See Greek.
Literature, materials for, in America,
466-imitation essential to, 466.
Livermore, Abiel A., Lectures to
Young Men by, noticed, 268.
Lochiel joins Charles Edward, 9-
embarks for France, 54.
Locke, John, on unprofitable poetry,

Long Island, battle of, 449.

Lowell Offering, publication of the,


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plot of, 473-characters in, 474 -
defects in, 476-political portraits
cited from, 478-other citations
from, 480-obscure, 481 - faults
of metre in, 482 — probable author
of, 483.

New York, external aspect of, 245 -

Revolutionary defence of, 448.
New York Indians, Census of the,
292. See Indians.

Niagara, Warburton's description of,

Nicodemus, legend in the Gospel of,


O, sounds of the vowel, 199.
O'Connell, poetical portrait of, 478.
Orthoëpy, J. E. Worcester on, 189

of the English language, 196
discrepancies in, 203.
Orthography, English, 204.
Ozanam, A. J., sur les Sources
Poétiques de la Divine Comédie,
reviewed, 97.


Palermo oppressed by Charles of
Anjou, 505.

Paris, attractions of, 151.
Passages from the History of Liberty,

by Samuel Eliot, noticed, 511.
Peabody, A. P., Christian Consola-
tions by, noticed, 521.
Pedestrianism, advantages of, 484.
Philadelphia, capture of the frigate,
227 retaken and burnt, 228 -
outward aspect of, 246.
Philosophy, tendency of modern, 274,

Pichot, Amédée, Histoire de Charles-
Edouard par, reviewed, 1-merits
of, 58. See Charles Edward.
Pickering, John, list of American-
isms by, 183-Greek Lexicon by,
reviewed, 373-his work com-
mended, 374.

Pilgrim Festival, Warburton's ac-
count of the, 250.

Piozzi, Mrs., second marriage of, 61.
Plato, account of the invisible world
by, 99.

Plutarch, account of the invisible
world by, 100.

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Poets, Nine New, reviewed, 402-
causes of the multiplication of, 403

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- advice given to, 404-danger
of the increase of, 405- R. W.
Emerson as one of the, 406 — W.
E. Channing, 414 - C. T. Brooks,
423-W. W. Story, 426-T. B.
Read, 428-J. F. Colman, 431 -
F. E. Browne, 432- Epes Sar-
gent, 433-Miss Farley, ib.
Pontine Marshes, hunting in the, 4.
Poor, plan of tenements for, 266.
Pope, charges of, against Addison,
considered, 319. -accuses him of
hauteur, 321
predicts the failure
of his Cato, 352. takes vengeance
on Dennis, 354- his quarrel with
Addison examined, 356 - the
charge respecting the Rape of the
Lock, 357-hated Addison for
his politics, 358- for his conduct
on the translation of the Iliad, 359
- charges him with falsehood and
duplicity, 360 - openly breaks
with and satirizes him, 362 — his
last interview with Addison, 363
remarks on Addison's sacred
poems, 364-slanders circulated
by, 366 taste for the poetry of,
467- peculiar merits of, 468-
writes from the intellect, 469.
See Addison.


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Preble, Commodore, attacks Tripoli,

Prepositions, treatment of, in lexi-
cography, 376.
Preston, battle of, 17.

Pretender. See Charles Edward.
Priestley, chemical discoveries of, 74.
Prison Discipline, S. G. Howe on,
noticed, 257.

Procida, Giovanni da, history of,


Purgatory of St. Patrick, Vision of
the, 110.


Rape of the Lock, Addison's judg-
ment of the, 357.
Read, Thomas B., Poems by, re-
viewed, 402, 428 - - an unconscious
plagiarist, 429-cited, 430.
Reformers, manner of modern, 345.
Richardson, as a lexicographer, 206.
Rosamond, Addison's opera of, 335.
Royal Society, quarrels in the, 88.
Russell, Lord John, poetical portrait
of, 479.


Sadducism of the present age, 284.
Saints, historical interest in the
Lives of the, 120.

Sargent, Epes, Songs of the Sea by,
reviewed, 402-merits and faults
of, 433.

Savage, the poet, belies Addison,

Saxe, Marshal, appointed to invade
England, 5-receives counter or-
ders, 6.

Schiller, poetical translation from,

Schoolcraft, Henry R., Census of the
Iroquois Indians by, reviewed, 292

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highly qualified for his task,
293 travels of, among the In-
dians, 294 previous publications
of, 296 skill and tact of, in
taking the census, 298 — statisti-
cal facts collected by, 300-on
Indian history, 302-and antiqui-
ties, 303-other investigations of,
305-merits of his Report, 309
Indian tradition cited by, 311. See

Science, Brougham's Lives of Men
of, reviewed, 59.

Scipio, Cicero's Dream of, 100.
Sheffield, Lord, the friend of Gibbon,

Shelburne, Lord, Stirling's letter to,

Shells from the Strand of the Sea of

Genius, by H. Farley, reviewed,
402. See Farley.
Shirley, Governor, military command
of, 436.

Sicilian Vespers, Michele Amari's
History of the, reviewed, 500
events which led to the, 503

immediate cause of, 506- progress
of, 507 - authorities for the histo-
ry of, 508 not the result of a con-
spiracy, 509- lesson taught by,

Sicily, history of, in the 13th century,
501 - the throne of, sold by the
pope, 502- Charles of Anjou
made king of, 503- tyranny exer-
cised over, 504-rebellion in, 506.
Sketches of Modern Literature, by
George Gilfillan, reviewed, 273.
See Gilfillan.

Smith, Adam, Brougham's life of,
67-Theory of Moral Sentiments
by, 68 becomes acquainted with
Quesnay, 69-his Wealth of Na-
tions, ib.- his habits of mind, 70
kindness of his affections, 71-
religious opinions of, 72.
Smith, William, Memoir of Fichte
by, noticed, 263.

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Sobieski, Princess Clementine, mar-
ries the Pretender, 34.
Somerset, Duke of, treatment of Ad-
dison by, 331.

Songs of the Sea, by E. Sargent, re-
viewed, 402.

Sparks, Jared, Library of Biography
by, 217.

Spectator, The, establishment of, 347.
Spence's Anecdotes, stories against
Addison in, 319.

Stahl, theory of phlogiston by, 74.
Statesmen of America, by Mrs. Mau-
ry, noticed, 513.
Steele, thoughtless and inconsistent
character of, 322- befriended by
Addison, 338-Swift's complaint
of, 342-publishes The Tatler,
344-tone of his writings, 346 -
establishes the Spectator, 347-
and the Guardian, 349 — political
squabbles of, 350-quarrels with
Addison, 369.






Stirling, William Alexander, Earl
of, W. A. Duer's Life of, review.
ed, 435
parentage and military
education of, 436 claims the
earldom of Stirling, 437-
for his landed inheritance, 438
his title to the peerage confirmed
by a jury, 439-returns to Amer-
ica, ib. his letters to Lord Bute,
440 - a patron of learning and ed.
ucation, 441 his employments
in New Jersey, 442-writes to

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Lord Shelburne, ib. adopts the
cause of the Colonies, 444-joins
the Revolutionary army, 445
his measures for defending New
Jersey, 446 - captures a British
transport, 447 fortifies New
York, 448 in the battle on
Long Island, 449 captured, 450
exchanged, 451 in the battle
of Brandywine, 452-of German-
town, ib. on attacking Philadel
phia, 453
exposes Conway's ca-
bal, 454 in the battle of Mon-
mouth, 455 attacks Staten
Island, 456 - commands at the
North, 457-death and character
of, 458.


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