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move him to Portici, the cholera having burst | and, in a general way, indicated the nature of out at Naples, bis sufferings ceased. A few his genius and the cast of his thoughts. It hours before bis death, says St. Beuve, he remains for those who can appreciate and enjoy wrote some verses in the style of Simonides or the one, without being ungenerous towards the Minnermus, “et dont voici le sens : Mais la other,— who can admire the writer while convie mortelle, depuis que la belle jeunesse a demning his opinions, and who, in the calm disparu, ne se colore plus jamais d'une autre serenity of their own minds, can still recognize lumière ni d'une autre aurore ; elle est veuve a corner of doubt, and believe that, so long as jusqu'à la fin, et à cette nuit qui obscurcit doubt and sorrow shall be the lot of mankind, tous les autres âges, les dieux n'ont mis pour the poet whose lyre vibrates powerfully with

le tombeau.” To the very last, the their accents will deserve a place amongst the ' same despair!

musical teachers, - it remains for them to Our task is done. We have introduced the seek in Leopardi's works a clearer, fuller name of a great writer and most unhappy man, knowledge of the man.-Fraser's Magazine.

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A merry going out often bringeth a mournful return, and a joyful morning a sad evening.

Thomas a Kempis.

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Och, and sure yer honor won't forget “I wish I may. Good day, good day.' Tim! Tim, yer honor !” exclaimed one of The charitable donor and loser of the race those contortions of nature, yeleped a dwarf was Sir Richard Macginnis, or, as he was to å fine well-made son of the sister isle, as he familiarly styled, — ears polite, are we to utter walked down Dame Street, Dublin.

it ?— "Heil-fire Dick," was a true specimen “By this, and by that, you are the biggest of an Irish Gentleman. Kind, brave, liberal little blackguard I ever saw in my life, to a fault, ready to resent an injury, but lastreplied the gentleman, throwing him at the ingly grateful for a benefit; he had bad many same time a tenpenny.

an affair,” and paced many a distance in the Long life to yer honor, and thank yer Phænix, and had dropped and won many a honor,” shrieked the dwarf, as he hobbled off fifty pound note at Daly's; but the days of to waylay another passer by.

which we chronicle were very different to “Well, Sir Richard, bas the bay gelding these of pikes, felons, trials, and soldiers in won at the Curragh? I am just after seeing the old capital of Ireland. She was then in Larry Burns, and by dads, from his long face, the zenith of her glory, the envied of the and upturned nostril, I guessed you had had envied, or, in the words of Lever, “There no luck. Why, he turned on his heel, and was wealth more than proportioned to the would not deign an answer,” said a short gen- cheapness of the country, and while ability tleman with a low crowned bat, knowingly and talent were the most striking features of stuck upon one side, and a bright green cut- every circle, the taste for gorgeous display, away coat mounted in brass.

exbibited within doors and without, threw a “Then you have guessed too true, for as glare of splendor over the scene, that served soon as the blackguard was called upon he to illustrate, but not eclipse the prouder glo shut up. However, my book is pretty square.

ries of the mind." I made up my loss out of Captain Seymour,- | At an early age Sir Richard Macginnis had one of the castle aide-de-camps; he would come into an Irish property of about four back the English mare against a true bred son thousand a-year, a little encumbered with of the Emerald Isle.''

debts, in Tipperary. Ah! many a time had Arrah! Sir Richard, you did well. the old walls of Castle Knock vibrated with Ireland, mi boy, forever ! Never mind, you the merry song and chorus o'er the generous are not cut out for a flat, eh? Twenty to ten port, many a time had its oaken floor received you win the Cabir Steeple chase, with Brien the ponderous shock of a four-bottled-man. Borhoime.”

| Many and many a guest had enjoyed true

Hibernian hospitality in the old castle ; many had made a good “pot” on the St. Leger, a fox had been tally ho' ed away from its before he could change front to the right. covers, and many a snipe or 'cock had fallen One day a party of Mytton's brother officers to the unerring aim of its noble owner, or his drove over from headquarters to see him at sporting friends; but alas ! these palmy days Fethard. were not to last forcver. Sir Richard, bitten “Ah! ah! Jack, old boy,” cried Captain with the mania of travelling, determined to Osprey on their arrival, “how are you? Had view the beauties of England, where at Chel- any shooting?” tenham, he met, wooed, and won, the fair, "How is the detachment?" inquired Cornet accomplished, though dowerless daughter of Whiskerless. Admiral Howard. For a time affairs went on "How is the hay?" inquired a third. smoothly; Dublin was yearly sought, and “What is the price of meat a pound ?" expense followed expense; but in a few years "Hunting any more of her Majesty's the baronet found his property mortgaged to troopers ?" asked Captain Osprey. lawyers and money-lenders, his rents badly "Ah, my boy!" replied Mytton, “recollect paid, the Union passed, and blessed with a the Italian proverb, Limatti banno bolletta di son as errant a pickle as ever lived, whose dir cio che voglion.' So hold your peace of education was entrusted to the combined care troopers.” of the Protestant clergyman and Father "I see you have Boatswain still,” said Gleeson (for though Sir Richard was a stanch Whiskerless, as a shaggy Irish spaniel came Catholic himself, he considered all seets, jumping and fondling to the party. whether Roman, Greek, or infidel, as — breth "The best dog that ever lived,” replied ren). But the young scion and his two peda- Mytton. "I was shooting at Colonel Mulgogical divines were much like a person lahone's lask week, and having bagged twenty attempting to sit upon two chairs at one and couple of snipe—" the same time, and the old issue was the con “Oh! oh! oh! O! 0! 0!” chorused the sequence ; but the youth's fall was either upon party. his legs or seat, for he almost daily contrived “Well, believe me or not, my story is true. to escape the exhortations of the Rev. Mr. Well, I had drawn my left barrel's charge, and O'Neil, or the Latin expositions of Father was returning home through a little cover, Mark, to rush to the whoo — op of Pat Sulli- when old Boatswain sprung a woodcock, but van the Irish huntsman, or the to-ho of Jack not liking to discharge my right barrel, for Moffatt, the English keeper ; in time his view fear of repealers, I walked on and took no holloa was clearly heard at the cover side notice ; not so old Boatswain, who reared himhe saw sly reynard steal away, and his merry self on his hind legs and marked him laugh reëchoed through the sylvan glades as walked - but the dog tugged at my jacket. he shot the errant woodcock, until he became At last, I followed him, and he led me to as good a shot as his father, and few could beat bush, whining and looking in my face, until I him with the Tip. Hunt on black Mungo. had reloaded my gun, when he sprung for

ward, and up rose a fine woodcock — which, The Dragoon Guards were quartered at gentlemen, I am happy to say I have ordered Cabir (or, as some garrison punsters, unjustly for this day's dinner. ” though it be, call it dull care,”') and a “Ah! ah!" cried Osprey, “the author of subaltern's detachment was thrown out to the 'Arabian Nights' has at last been disFethard under the command of Lieutenant covered.” Mytton.

“Why, I suppose you are first cousin to the Jack Mytton was the only son of a wealthy young gentleman who walked out of an Affghan Yorkshire squire, who, not being able to man tent at Sobraon, after his legs had been shot age

his son at home, procured him a commis- off.” sion in the — Dragoon Guards, as he then “Why Mytton, you are quite an Herodotus," hoped his son would be under some restraint. said Osprey. Poor Jack ! he had talents for everything but “By-the-by, you did not send the sea-sersoldiering; he could make as good a book on pent story to the Lords of the Admiralty, did the Derby, play as good a game of chess, you ?" inquired another. calculate the odds, or win a rubber of billiards “That certainly was a very fishy tale,” said as the best man alive, but to mancuvre a Whiskerless. troop, or tell off a squadron, was far beyond

“Well, come,

replied Jack, “a truce to his comprehension; and in proof thereof, he your disbelief, however; after your drive, I had ridden and won two steeplechases before make no doubt a little luncheon will be accepthe had been dismissed his riding drill, and able."


on I

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“I have a very unpleasant duty to perform was appointed agent, or factor to a Tipperary to-morrow," said Mytton, as they sat in the estate, which, not relishing such a woodcock old oaken-panelled mess-room at Fethard on life, he quickly resigned, however, for the the night in question. "I am ordered to assist lucrative office of sheriff and C. P. of the the sheriff, who is going to levy a distress war- riding. rant upon Sir Richard Macginnis. Poor “Foin day, captain,” said Macgregor. Dick! the best friend I have in these parts.' “It is,” was the sulky reply.

"Oh! oh! oh! fancy Mytton aiding the “It's too good a day for the deed, captain ; civil power;" chorused the whole party. but if a mon boorows siller, he mon pay, that's “What time do you start ?”

Scotch law; but this is an unco stoney wynd,” “The route says six,” replied Jack. said the sheriff, as his horse stumbled over the

"Six !” exclaimed Osprey, “why, you will loose stones. “My curse upon ye, ye stumbling hardly have the very slightest appetite for brute! ye ugly creeping blastit wonner! He breakfast. By gad, I know I never have one is but a stitched up thing, captin. I bortill noon."

rowed him of the vint'er of Clonmel; my ain "Oh! establish a commissariat on the road; galloway is sairly racked wi' the rheumatics, send a fatigue party off to-night with liqueurs, and he's as lame as an ould cat. moselle, and champagne; and if there is one “The Duke of Leeds writes that Fisenburgh thing a shoeless, dirty, Irish cook can toss up cured his feet ; perchance that chiropedist better than another, it is a lamb coutelette à might do your horse some good, or indite a la Tata," said Whiskerless with a sneer. note to Lord Aldborough, he is always writing

"Yes, I am sure you will have quite a little to the papers about some pills ; he may give féte champêtre,” said a third. “How I envy you some advice, gratis, yah !" replied Mytton,

with a yawn, "do any thing, in short, but "Well,” cried Mytton, in rather excited weary me with your stories of your horses." tones, “a pony all round that I perform this "Beg pardin, captin. But I have an unco duty so that were his Grace of Wellington com- drouth, let us stop at this 'shebeen,' as the manding he could not do it better.

Irish folk call it, and have a drappie of bunch"Done : done! done !" said the party, and toddy, eh? you ken what our poet sings, the bets were properly booked. Then followed the usual light desultory

'But bring a Scotchman from his hill,

Clap in his cheek a Highland gill, scandalous conversation of the mess-room, Say, sic is royal George's will. where the flirtations of Miss Smith were duly

An there's the foe,

He has nae thought but how to kill discussed, with the merits of the Derby winner,

Twa at a blow.'" and the tenets of the Bishop of Exeter, with Bendigo the prize-fighter; and after these topics "Well," said Mytton, “ I do not mind a had leen drained equally with the claret, a small drop of whiskey ; I am rather cold, and little hazard --- à la poulette concluded the it is such a bore this work.” excitement of the evening.

" "Thunder and turf,' as the Irish say; I At six o'clock the following morning Lieut. agree with you,” replied the sheriff, as they Mytton and his party of dragoons left the bar- drank their whisky. racks of Fethard, he inwardly execrating his “And sure, then," observed one of Macluck at having to leave his brother officers, who gregor's deputies, when the detachment was were going that morning — in the words of once more in motion ; "if he preached what he the Irish gossoon-to “slate" the snipe, practised he would give us poor devils a drop. while they (his brother officers) were delighted Didn't I hear him hold forth at Manchester as at the preposterous idea of Mytton ever being how we were all brethren, all equal, all men ?" detached upon duty. Half-way on his road, "Your govenour, I suppose. Oh, I could Mr. Sandy Macgregor, the sheriff, and his two well believe it, the d-n hypocrite,” observed coadjutors, as ruffian-looking gentlemen as ever a dragoon, who had been everything, from a graced — or disgraced, the Bog of Allen, methodist parson to a pickpocket, "but a day joined the dragoons. Mr. Macgregor was a of reckoning is at hand.” Scotchman, as you might conceive from his “And sure we all know that; it's the day name, the only son of a humble butcher in Glas- Dan O'Connell brings in repeal,” said the gow, but early in life he showed the cacoëthes Paddy. scribendi, and he used to supply the poet's “My friend ! I speak not of terrestrial, but corner and local information of the provincial of celestial matters. I speak of that time press with “the paper bullets of his brain” when those who have received much, of them until a contested election took place, when, for much will be required,” said the dragoon, some good work for the radical member, he | with emphasis.

“Well, and sure isn't that the day when | A kind and beneficent nature had this autumn we get repeal? Hasn't O'Connell got much? poured forth her gifts with a liberal band, God help ye! two and threepence of mine last and as Sir Richard generally received his rents Palm Sunday; and, by dads ! shan't we in kind, many a portly stack stood forth in require much of him? He requires a tithe the staggarth, and many a turkey or fat pig of our wages—but, mi boy, when Parliament gobbled up the stray ears of wheat that lay sits in College Green then we shall be repaid, scattered in all directions. Mr. Macgregor cent. per cent.

had already appropriated in his mind, a fine “ But I am afraid the cent. per cent., like fat turkey for his next Sunday's dinner, and my promotion, will be a long time coming,” compressed his lips at the bare idea of the answered private Lomax. " My only hope is juicy bird. Mister O'Connell will introduce equality ; let

While the sheriff and the soldiers were us hare a Commonwealth, it is the only prin- defiling up the avenue, Sir Richard was enciple to find faror with the masses. Let us gaged in levelling a rising knoll of the park. divide the funds of the aristocracy. You “ Be gorha, Sir Richard !” shouted a shoeknow

less, sockless lad; “ here's the military, yer “ Princes or peers may flourish, or may fade;

honor, here master, ein sidour-dou—ah ! ah ! A breath can take as a breath has made; fithche, ab! buidhean-ein maor-Oh! Sir But a noble peasantry

Richard, we shall be kilt.” That is the new name we will agitate under. • You are right, my boy, the soldiers are Was not Adam our common father? Why here; run, you young devil's spawn, run to should the aristocracy be rich? I do not see the bog, tell the men to come down with the it laid down in the Bible to be the case. carts and take the farm-yard away to ConmaLook at my profession ; the soldier gets drunk herra Mountain-run, you devil.” by day, the officer by night—what is the Ah, your bonor, and I will, and itsnt Pat upshot? Why, the soldier sleeps on the that won't bave sixty men from Barrymafloor of the milí, I beg your pardon, the guard crowdy Bog. Bad cess to the blackguards. room's trestle, the officer on his feather bed— Yes, Nir. Macgregor, it's queer to me if you but halt!

die in your bed.'

“Ah! the top of the morning to you, -we're on dangerous ground, Who knows how the fashions may alter ?

Jack, my boy,” said Macginnis, welcoming The doctrine to-day, that is loyalty's sound, Mytton at the front door; “ marching order, To-morrow may bring us a halter.”

eh?" “ Come you, Mr. Lomax,” said Sergeant “Why, no-not exactly. No-Mr.--Mr. major Fieldday, riding up; “if you don't —this man-General — got the-orders," sit steadier on your house, I will give you a replied Mytton, very much abashed. taste of awkward drill when we get back to · Yes, sir, I am the cause. 1, sir, Sandy barracks.

Macgregor, sheriff, late of Glasgow, but now “Will it rain whisky,” inquired Tom of Clonmel,—the suit of one Mahali SoloShrub, " when you get repeal?'

mons, a member of the Hebrew persuasion"Be dads, and it will," replied Paddy. 8001., to speak in round numbers, due the

“ Then hurrah for repeal! I'll be any 15th of last month.” thing for a glass of whisky, except a coward ** Oh, Solomon's bill ; well, sir, I am happy to my country, or a traitor to my Queen,” said to have it in my power to settle it, so if you Shrub.

will leave the soldiers there, and walk into “ Do you hear?” cried Sergeant Fieldday, my study, I will pay you in Bank of Ireland press down your heel, Lomax ; feel up your

feel up your notes. As for you, Mytton, old boy, a ride horse, Shrub—or awkward drill."

over our hills will have given you an appetite When the party approached the mansion of for breakfast; you will find Lady Macginnis Sir Richard Macginnis, everything pertain in the dining-room.' ing to it had the stamp of poverty and blunted “Sir, I do not think it the strategy of a exertion plainly marked. The old iron gates general to leave the soldiers in the rear,” said creaked and groaned on their rusty binges; Macgregor, not at all relishing the idea of the woodbine and ivy were allowed to throw walking into the lion's jaws alone. their unrestrained tendrils over the dilapidated “Oh, hang your strategy and soldiers, I lodge, while the pig shared the inside of the am for breakfast,” replied Mytton, delighted cottage with a dirty slatternly woman, and at the termination of his duty; “ go and get the some half-dozen children of the same clique; money and join me in the breakfast-room ; let while the bens were grubbing their resting the men dismount, Sergeant Fieldday and you places among the uncultivated flower-plats. I can piquet the horses here until I come."

“Let us go into the drawing-room,” said by those land cormorants—Jews and bill-broLady Macginnis, after the breakfast was over, kers. Not satisfied is Solomons with making to Mytton, “I have got some new music from me pay cent. per cent., not satisfied with pil

. an English opera—The Bohemian Girl'— laging my property, not satisfied with insulting it came out last season at Drury Lane.'' me, but to crown all, he sends a reptile like “Oh, delightful !” said Mytton.

you to seize the subsistence of the next six Lady Macginnis sat down to her pianoforte months, backed as you are by soldiers. Sir! and sang some beautiful airs from that sweet know then, by my own recklessness, by putting opera, and, hacknied though they be now, still my faith in men I believed to be my friends, they bear with them that freshness and plain that has brought me to my present crisis

, but tiveness that must make them popular in all not by dishonesty or fraud-my tenantry now seasons and in all ages. She then changed owe me far, far beyond the amount of the bill her theme to one of the song-loving Italy, or you hold, but would I turn them from their broke out into a wild chanson of her own hearths and homes, for their children to beg native Isle.

their bread or become meet subjects for the Mytton was in the seventh heaven as he hulks? however-enough, here you sit until drank in the silvery tones of the fair song- released by my orders-you shall then go unstress. “Could I but command my wishes molested, unhurt, but if you stir an inch it is it would be,” exclaimed he, “ to be sent upon at your peril. Moffat,” he exclaimed, and a a like duty every day."

short stiff man with a bullet, bulldog head, “ Are you sure of that?" said Lady Mac- entered, “ Guard Mr. Macgregor; should be ginnis, with a meaning smile.

attempt to stir, give him" Sure ? Did you ask me such a question ?” " A cold pill,” growled Moffat, eyeing him said Jack, his heart beating against his side. under his shaggy eyebrows. “Yes, Lady Macginnis, I am sure.”

“Oh, Sir Richard ! for pity's sake, leare *Ah! but we poor ladies know what your me not with that—that thing—I will be so officers are.

However, I suppose you have quiet, mon. I won't stir limb or leg. I heard Lord de Grey has resigned the vice- won't-" royalty ?

Won't do what ?" inquired Sir Richard. Mytton heartily wished the vice-royalty at

- Won't


what I was going to say.” the bottom of the waves; he wished to resume “Well, Sir Richard,” replied the sheriff, the subject of love.

suppose that velveteen gentle “You must really see my new garden, Mr. man should fancy, fancy, I say, I moved, and Mytton ; so if you will remain here until I just popped the cold pill into me, it would be join you, I will show it to you ; I only want to culpable homicide, indeed it would, Sir Richard. put a shawl and my cottage bonnet on—here Lock the door, bind me hand and foot, do ang is the New Monthly or the Globe to amuse you thing, but leave me to the mercy of that thing. until my return," said Lady Macginnis. “Never fear,” said Sir Richard, as he left

Mytton turned the matter over in his own mind; he had made an impression, there was And there the sheriff and keeper sat, the no doubt; he looked down the lace of his latter as Homer singstrousers, and brushed up his hair and came to the conclusion he was a much better looking Eŭgwv ń eluqov zepuov, ń aygrov, aija,

Ωστε λέωυ εχάρη μεγάλων επί σώματι κυρσας man than he had ever thought himself before. Lady Macginnis was in love with him ; on that the former, upon the tip end of his chair, pale

, point there was not a shadow of a doubt, in his with perturbation and fear breaking forth at opinion, but would she show it, or must he every pore. inake the first advances, as Hamlet says, “Ay, there's the rub."

“I think she takes a precious long time put

ting on that cottage bonnet and shawl,” es. “ Now to business,” said Sir Richard to the claimed Mytton, as he turned over the consheriff, taking down a deal box.

cluding page of the New Monthly. "By “What's that for ?" said Macgregor. everything that's beautiful, half past three !!

“Simply to aid our business," said Sir Hush! I hear breathing—a gentle tap—the Richard, unlocking the box, and producing a lady's maid at two to one-French perhaps pair of pistols.

love is the soul of a strapping dragoon—so I “Now listen to me, sir.'

shall just take one kiss,” and he stole on tip I will,” said the sheriff, in abject tones. toe to the door, opened it, and bosh and clash

“ These pistols alone, or nearly so, remain he went headlong into the hall, over the prosto me of a once fine fortune, now, alas ! gorged | trate body of Sandy Macgregor!

after a pause,

the room.

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