Journal of the Constitutional Convention of the State of North Carolina: Held in 1875

J. Turner, State Printer, 1875 - 278 Seiten

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Seite 140 - Every Judge of the Superior Court shall reside in the district for which he is elected. The Judges shall preside in the Courts of the different districts successively, but no Judge shall hold the Courts in the same district oftener than once in four years; but in case of the protracted illness of the Judge assigned to preside in any district, or of any other unavoidable accident to him, by reason of which he shall be unable to preside, the Governor may require any Judge to hold one or more specified...
Seite 192 - The General Assembly shall have no power to deprive the Judicial Department of any power or jurisdiction which rightfully pertains to it as a co-ordinate department of the government...
Seite 193 - Department of any power or jurisdiction which rightfully pertains to it as a coordinate department of the government; but the General Assembly shall allot and distribute that portion of this power and jurisdiction which does not pertain to the Supreme Court among the other courts prescribed in this Constitution or which may be established by law, in such manner as it may deem best...
Seite 130 - ... the children of the State between the ages of six and twenty-one years. And the children of the white race and the children of the colored race shall be taught in separate public schools; but there shall be no discrimination in favor of or to the prejudice of either race.
Seite 261 - Governor, unless otherwise provided for, and the appointees shall hold their places until the next regular election for members of the General Assembly, when elections shall be held to fill such offices. If any person, elected or appointed...
Seite 31 - The President having taken the chair, and a quorum being present, the journal of the preceding day shall be read, to the end, that any mistake may be corrected that shall have been made in the entries.
Seite 35 - BILLS. [Every bill shall receive three readings previous to its being passed; and the...
Seite 252 - SEC. 14. The General Assembly shall have full power by statute to modify, change or abrogate any and all of the provisions of this Article and substitute others in their place, except sections seven, nine and thirteen.
Seite 233 - ... not exceed two hundred dollars, and wherein the title to real estate shall not be in controversy ; and of all criminal matters arising within their counties where the punishment cannot exceed a fine of fifty dollars, or imprisonment for thirty days. And the General Assembly may give to Justices of the Peace jurisdiction of other civil actions, wherein the value of the property in controversy does not exceed fifty dollars.

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