Newton's London Journal of Arts and Sciences: Being a Record of the Progress of Invention as Applied to the Arts. ..., Band 8

William Newton, Charles Frederick Partington
W. Newton, 1824

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Seite 224 - Outlines of a System of Medico-Chirurgical Education ; containing illustrations of the application of Anatomy, Physiology, and other Sciences, to the principal practical points in Medicine and Surgery, with coloured plates.
Seite 147 - Dissolve in a copper kettle, by heat, one part of verdigris, in a sufficient quantity of pure vinegar, and add to it an aqueous solution of one part of white arsenic. A precipitate of dirty green generally forms, which must be renewed by adding more vinegar, or till the precipitate is perfectly dissolved. After boiling this mixture, a granular precipitate will in a short time form, of the most beautiful green colour, which, being separated from the liquid, and well washed aud dried, is the required...
Seite 9 - London, merchant, in consequence of a communication made to him by a certain foreigner residing abroad, for an invention of " certain improvements in boilers for generating steam.
Seite 326 - Middlesex, merchant, in consequence of a communication made to him by a certain foreigner residing abroad...
Seite 62 - ... it will not equal the cost of the fuel required to propel a steam-boat ; and as a few butts of oil will be sufficient for a long voyage, vessels of the largest tonnage may be propelled to the most distant parts of the world.
Seite 181 - Patent for certain improvemerits in rendering leather, flax, sail-cloth, and other articles water-proof, Vol. VI. page 191. To JACOB PERKINS, of Fleet Street, in the City of London, and JOHN MARTINEAU, the younger, of the City Road, in the County of Middlesex...
Seite 317 - Unlike large ships, her galley and bitts are above deck ; and between the foremast and the first mainmast there is a fore hatchway, and a cable tier and messingplace for part of the crew, which look like a rude gap made in her cargo after it had been stowed. The height from the timber on which the cable is coiled, and where the men have two or three berths, is about six feet ; so that there must be even there about thirty feet deep of timber. But from the first mainmast to the second, the cargo runs...
Seite 166 - Carnaby-street, in the parish of St. James, Westminster, in the county of Middlesex, Lcad-pipe-manufacturer ; for his new-invented manufacture of metal pipes, the same being...
Seite 245 - ... weight of copper ; or two ounces of block or grain tin ; or four ounces of regulus of antimony ; or eight ounces of regulus of arsenic, in the same quantity of copper. Or, instead of employing these substances alone in the above-mentioned proportions, to l00lbs.
Seite 148 - ... pounds of the colour prepared as above, warm the whole over a moderate fire. The mass will soon acquire the required shade. If it is boiled too long, the colour will approach to Scheele's green ; but it always surpasses it in beauty and splendour.

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