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the world, "I had had an affair with the 'moon, in which there was neither lin ”nor shame," than have it pass altogether as my own act and deed, wherein there was so much of both.

But be this as it may. The moinent I cast my eyes upon him, I was predeterruined not to give him a single sous ; and accordingly I put my purse

I into my pocket-button'd it up--set myself a little more upon my centre, and advanced

up gravely to him: there was something, I fear, forbidding in my

I have his figure this moment before my eyes, and think there was that in it which deferved better.

look :

as I judged from the break in his tonsure a few scatter'd white hairs upon his temples , being all that remained of it, might be about seventy--but from his eyes, and that fort of fire which was in them, which seemed more temper'd by courtesy than years, could be no more than fixtyTruth might lie between-He was certaindy fixty-five; and the general air of his countenance, notwithstanding something feeind to have been planting wrinkles in it before their time, agreed to the account.

The monk,


It was one of those heads, which Guido has often painted— mild, palepenetrating, free from all common-place ideas of fat contented ignorance looking downwards upon the earth-it look'd

, forwards ; but look'd, as if it look'd at fomething beyond this world. How one of his order came by it heaven above, who let it fall upon a monk's shoulders, best knows : but it would have suited a Bramin, and had I met it upon

the plains of Indoftan, I had reverenced it.


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The rest of his outline may be given in a few sirokcs; one might put it into the hands of any one to design, for 'twas neither elegant or otherwise, but as: character and expreslion made it fo: it was a thin, spare form, something above the coinmon size, if it loft not the distinction by a bend forwards, in the figure- but it was the attitude of Intreaty; 'and as' it now stands presented to my imagination, it gain’d more than it loft by it.

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up to

When he had enter'd the room three paces, he stood ftill; and laying his left hand upon his breast, (a slender white staff with which he journey'd being in his right) — when I had


close hiin, he introduced himself with the little story of the wants of his convent,

and the poverty of his order and did it with fo fimple a grace and such an air of deprecation was there in the whole cast


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of his look and figureI was bewitch'd not to have been struck with it

-A better reason was, I had predetermined not to give him a single sous.

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_'Tis very true, said I, replying to a

IS cast upwards with his eyes, with which he had concluded his address~ 'tis very true and heaven be their resource who have no other but the charity of the world, the stock of which, I fear, is no way sufficient for the many great claims which are hourly made upon it.

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As I pronounced the words

great claims, he

gave a slight glance with his eye downwards upon the fleeve of his tu

. nick-I felt the full force of the appeal-I acknowledge it, faid la coarse habit, and that but once in three years, with meagre diet-are no great matters; and


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