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and actuated by that fervent love towards it, which is so natural to a man, who views it in the native soil of himself and his progenitors for several generations, I anticipate with pleasing expectation that retreat, in which I promise myself to realize, without alloy, the sweet enjoyment of partaking in the midst of my fellow-citizens, the benign influence of good laws under a free government; the ever favorite object of my heart, and the happy reward, as I trust, of our mutual cares, labours, and dangers.

United States, 17th Sept. 1796.

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ADVERTISEMENT. The compiler has given, in the present edition, several original biographical sketches, written by some of the most eminent men in our country; and he deems it proper to state, that since the present edition has been put to press, he has received other original sketches, which will be reserved for the third edition, to be comprised in an octaVo volume, and to contain between four and five hundred pages. The very flattering encouragement already received for the third edition, would justify the Editor in putting it to press immediately; but having promised gentlemen in various parts of the Union, to delay it to enable them to collect and prepare sketches of our deceased heroes, sages, and statesmen, of the revolution, it will not be put to press until early next spring

The compiler tenders his sincere thanks to those gentlemen who have so liberally patronised the work, and who furnished materials for it, and we may with confidence assert, that “as Americans, we hail with delight any attempt to rescue from oblivion the words or actions of those whose names we have been taught to revere."

Easton, Pennsylvania, August 12, 1823.



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A Declaration by the representatives of

the United colonies of North America, setting forth the causes and necessity

of their taking up arms,... in A petition of Congress to the king of Great Britain, stating the merits of their claims, and soliciting the royal interposition for an accommodation of

differences on just principles, Proclamation for a day of general humi

liation, fasting and prayer, ' Declaration of American Independence, Proclamation for a day of public thanks

giving and prayer, on account of the capture of the British army under the command of Lieutenant General Bur

goyne, on the 16th of October, 1777; An address of the Congress to the inha

bitants of the United States of America,

upon the situation of public affairs, A manifesto by the Congress of the Uni

ted States of America, Proclamation for a day of public thanks

giving and prayer, on account of the capture of the British army under the command lord Cornwallis, at- Yorktown, Virginia, on the 19th of October,

1781, Proclamation for a day of thanksgiving, in

consequence of a cessation of arms between the United States and Great Bri

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General Washington's general orders to



the army, on the cessation of arms, between the United States and Great Britain,

.... General Washington's farewell address

to the armies of the United States, Speech of general Washington to the Pre

sident of Congress, on resigning his

commission as commander in chief, Answer of the President of Congress to

the foregoing,
Adams, Samuel,
Allen, Ethan, -
Alexander, William,
Arnold Benedict, ..

Anecdote of him,
Bartlett, Josiah,
Biddle, Nicholas, - '.-
Bryan, George, .
Cadwalader, John,
Clinton, James,, -
Clinton, George,
Clinton, Charles,
Davidson, William,
Dickinson, John,

Extract from an address of con-
gress, 1779, written by him,
Drayton, William, Henry, -

-- His charge to the grand jury, Franklin, Benjamin,

His rules and moral princples,

His laconic letter to a member of Parliament, in 1775, Gadsden, Christopher,.. - Anecdote of him, Gates, Horatio, Greene, Nathaniel, - -

Interesting story, Hamilton, Alexander,

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Hancock, John,

His oration commemorative of · the Boston massacre, 1774, Hawley, Joseph,

His ** broken hints," Henry, Patrick,

His resolutions concerning the stamp act, .

His speech in the house of delegates of Virginia, on his motion to put the colony in a state of defence, in 1775,

-His conduct in the case of John
Hook, - - - - -
Hopkinson, Francis, -
Hopkins, Stephen,
Knox, Henry,
Laurens, Henry, -, - -
Lee, Richard, Henry, .

His speech on his motion for the
declaration of independence, June 1776,
Livingston, Philip,
Marion, Francis,

Interesting incident
MiMin, Thomas, -
Montgomery, Richard,
Putnam, Israel,

His letter to governor Tryồn,
Reed, Joseph,
Warren, Joseph, i
Washington, George,
Wayne, Anthony, -

- -. His laconic letter to general Washington immediately after the sur

render of Stoney Point, 1779, da Yates, Robert, .

President Washington's farewell address,

to the people of the United States, annoi:ucing his intention of retiring from public service. -. -

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