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French prisoners, number of, II. 251 Gerona, siege of, I. 768. State of the
Frere, Mr H. dispatches sent to him, I. city, 783. Capitulates, 785

72. Accused of having misled Sir J. Gibbs, Sir Vicary, speaks on Mrs Clarke's
Moore, 80. His correspondence with evidence, I. 136. Wishes to ask MD
Sir J. Moore laid before Parliament, Taylor respecting her private affairs,
86. Defended by Lord Liverpool, 91, 149
93. Accused by Lord Temple, 97, 98. Gibson, Mrs, murders her children, II.
Defended by Mr Canning, 100. Ob ill
servations on his conduct, 105. Ne- Giddy, Mr, speech on Mr Curwen's bit,
gociates for the admission of British

I. 278
troops into Spain, 540. Wishes Albu- Gilcs, Mr, speaks on the system of te-
querque to command, 717. His ne cruiting, I. 309
gociations with the junta, 747, 751. Giles elopes with Miss Nicholsor,

Dispatches received from him, 11. 64 II. 289
Frogmore, fete at the jubilee, II, 279. Gladstanes, Mr, discovery in thrashin:
Fuentes d'Honoro, battle of, II. 634 mills, II. 448
Fuller, Mr, speech on Mr Curwen's bill Glasgow, a meteor seen there, II. 224
of reform, 1. 259

Glasse, Mr, transactions to obtain a
Furieuse frigate taken, II. 260.

deanery for him, I. 150
Furnass, discovery of an air-tight hinge, Gleizsor, a Pole in the service of th:1
II. 455

Turks, I. 468
Glenfinlas, Poetical Fraginent writte-

there, II. 645
Goethe, Von, translation of his Geniu

and the Bayatlerc, II. 647
Galaz, the Russians cross the Danube Gold seized on board the Hope, II. 934
there, I. 466

Gonzalez, D. Bernardo, surprises some
Galicia, state of the war there, 1. 561 French in Galicia, I. 562
Gallitzin, Prince, enters Austrian Po- Gordon, Col. examined respecting C
land, I. 615.

Brooke's exchange with Col. Kons
Galluzo commands the Estremaduran ar I. 132. His cvidence on the system
my, I. 486; retreats, 488

promotion, 139. On Capt. Malini :
Galston, fire there, II. 289

brother, 140. On Capt. Tonyn's pro-
Gambier, Lord, sails in pursuit of the motion, 154. On Colonel Shaw's car.

French fleet, I. 366. Brings Admiral 158. Evidence respecting the Duke's
Harvey before a court-martial, 368. hand-writing, 166.' Lord Folkestopt
His irresolution, 375. Demands a comments on his evidence, 191. la-
court-martial, 377. Acquitted, 378. quiry respecting his building near Chet
Letters to the Admiralty, II. 144, 146. sea hospital, 231

His trial, 202, 210. Sentence, 221. Gordon, Col. Alexander, killed at Ta' -
Game Chicken, a boxer, his death, II.

vera, JI. 246

Gordon, Duke of, trial against his, II
Garay, Don Martin, negociates with Mr 308
Frere, I. 545

Gortz, Dr, executed at Berlin, II. 19
Gardner, Lord, his death, II. 18 Gottenburgh, dinner there, II, 169
Garnerin, his aeronautic voyage, II. 266 Grahame, military achievements of the
Genius and the Bayadere, a poem trans family, II. 635

lated from the German, II. 647 Grant, Sir W. master of the rolls, spent
George III, celebration of his birth-day on the charges against the Duke

at London, 11. 155. And Edmburgh York, I, 185
158. His jubilee celebrated, 276. Grattan, Mr, supports Mr Parnell's L.
Address on the occasion, 287

bill, 1. 355
Germany, state of, I. 590

Great Britain, trcaty with Spain, I.

Negociates for the admission of troops Hampshire, county meeting for reform
into Spain, 539. State of the fi in Parliament, 11. 118
nances, i

Ilanson, Col. released from prison, IL
Greece, observations on the state of, I. 293

Harris, Mr, his address in Covent Gar-
frey, Lord, moses for the letters between den Theatre, II, 375
Mr Frere and Sir J. Moore, I. 81. Harvey, Admiral, tried and dismissed by
Supports Lord Rosslyn's motion, ib. a court-martial, I. 368. II. 145
Accuses Mr Frere of having misled Haultpoult, French man of war, taken, II.
Sir J. Moore, 86. Eulogium on Buo 144
naparte's military character, 89. Cor- Hawkey, Capt. killed in an engagement
respondence with Charmilly, 104. Re with the Russians, I. 441. II. 222
fuses to join the administration, 790, Haydn, Joseph, his death, II. 184
791, II. 268

Hay-Market theatre, performances there,
Frey, Mr R. W. trial against him by the II. 379

Duke of Northumberland, II. 223 Hayti, empire of, I. 388
Frenville, Lord, speech on the auldress, Hays, Mr, bitten by a dog, II. 275
I. 5. Objects to acknowledging Fer- Hebe, French sloop, taken, II. 67
dinand IV. 23. Speech on Sir J. Heligoland, jubilee celebrated there, II.
Moore's campaign, 59. On the orders 287
of council, 404. Refuses to join the Henestrosa, Gen. shot for treachery, I.
administration, 790, 791, II. 263. Cho 556
sen Chancellor of Oxford, 312. Verses Herbert, Mr, tried for an assault, II. 906
spoken at his installation, 641

Heredia, Gen. commands the army of Es.
Frieving's a Folly, a new coinedy, II. tremadura, I. 482

Hesse, insurrections in, I. 618
Grosvenor, Gen. evidence on the Duke Hewson, Hugh, Smollett's Hugh Strap,

of York's improvements in the army, his death, II. 94
I. 171.

Hierler, a Tyrolese, defeats the French,
Guillet, Charles, tried for forgery, II.

I. 658

Highland Society, transactions of, II. 24
Gustavus Adolphus IV. King of Sweden, Hill

, Gen. drives the French over the
his character, I. 427. Conspiracy Douro, I. 706
against him, 428. Removed to Grips. Hill, Mr, his will, II. 294
holm, 432. Accused of being illegiti- Hill, Beauchamp, Sir J. Newport's mo-
mate, 434. His abdication, ib. Re tion against them, I. 322
tires to Switzerland, 444. His resig- Hiller, Gen. forced to retreat, I. 598
nation, xvii

Hodges, Rebecca, committed for shoot-

ing Mr Birch, II. 80
Hofer, Andreas, account of him, I. 643.

Heads the insurrection in the Tyrol,

ib. Elected commander-in-chief, 647.

Defeats Lefebvre at Storzing, 648; at
Maddington, fracas in the church there, Inspruck and Schwatz, 649; at Lofer,
II. 276

and other places, 656. Resigns his com-
Haddingtonshire, meeting respecting the mand, 658; taken and executed, 659
income tax, II. 130

Hogan, Major, his pamphlet against the
Hamburgh, French edict relative to, II. Duke of York, I. 112

Holland, inundations there, II. 73.
Hamilton, Lord, a speech on Lord Cas French weights and measures used

tlercagh’s negociation for the sale of a there, 78. Answer to the French ac-
seat in the House, I. 294. On Mr cusations, 207
Curwen's bill, 257

Holland, Lord, arrives at Seville, II. 64


Holmes, a boxer, killed, II. 311 Jekyll, Mr, his improvement in military
Hompesch, Baron, attacked by a robber, discipline, II. 53
II. 248

Jerome Buonaparte, made king of West-
Hope, Gen. lands on South Beveland, phalia, I. 619. Marches against Kien
I. 668

mayer, and retreats, 625
Hostalrig burnt, I. 781

Imports and exports for the year, IL. 345
Hoste, Capt. takes a man of war brig, II. Independence, or the Trustee, a new co-

medy, II. 857
Hotham, Capt. forces three French fri- Infantado, Duke of, takes the comman

gates ashore, I. 365. Assists the Spa of the Spanish army, I. 476. Retrezs
niards at Coruna, 712

to Cuenca, ib. Reforms the army a
Howorth, Mr, speech on the private In the centrs, 584. Retreats into Valea
dia trade, and on the native troops, I.

cia, ib.

Inferno of Altisidora, a Vision, II. 582
Huger, Mr, his attempt to liberate La Inverness, circuit-court there, II, 259
Fayette, II. 514

Inverury, intense cold there, II. 79
Hughes, Victor, capitulates at Cayenne, I. John, Archduke, successful in Italy, I.
398, 399

603, II. 139. His retreat, I. 627. 0::
Humane Society, meetings of, II. 120 dered to join Prince Charles, 628
Huntley, Marquis of, debarks at Wal. Johnston, Mr, killed, II. 984

cheren, I. 664. Arrives at Edinburgh, Johnstone, Mr J. performances at Edo-
II. 153

burgh, II. 400
Hume, David, letters to Mr Sharpe of Johnston, Mr, speech on Mr Curren's
Hoddom, II. 552, 553

bill of reform, I. 252
Huskisson, Mr, defence of Colonel Gor. Jones, Don Felix, governor of Cadiz, his

don's building near Chelsea hospital, proclamation, I. 549
I. 231, 232. Speech on Colonel War: Jones, Sir Harford, concludes a treaty
dle's plan of retrenchment, 294

with Persia, II. 276
Hutchinson, Mr Hely, accuses Mr Frere Joseph Buonaparte appointed king of

of having misled Sir J. Moore, I. 80 Spain, I. 531. Enters Madrid, 532
Hutchinson, Thomas, kills himself, II. Joins the army of Victor, 721

Josephine, divorced by Buonaparte, I.
Hydrophobia, ridiculous case of, II. 318 795, 797

Irby, Captain, takes some French ships

at Santandero, II. 168

Ireland, bills respecting, I. S17. Motion

on flax-seed imported into the Coun-
Jackson, Mr, sent to America, I. 417. try, 319. Distilleries in the country,

Insulted by the populace, 418. Nego 321. Revenue regulation bill, 328.
ciations with Mr Smith, 419. Retires Budget for the country, 526. Inland
to New York, 422. Returns to Eng navigation bill, 327. Tithe bill, 323.
land, II. 186, 317

Pubsc accounts, respecting, 346
Jackson, R. convicted of an assault, II. Irish Catholics defended by General

Matthew, I. 31
Jamaica, resolutions passed there, II. , Irish horses sent to Portugal, theù il

36. Insurrection of the negroes, 149 condition, I. 43
Janizaries, their insurrection, I. 461 Irenzo, General, joins Reding, I. 552
Iceland, outrages committed there by an Is he a Prince ? a new farce, II. 357
English privateer, II. 284

Ismael surrenders to Prince Bagrathio,
Idra, revolt of the inhabitants, I. 455

1. 467
Jedburgh, circuit-court held there, II. Jubilee, preparations for, II. 267. Ge

neral orders at Edinburgh relative to,
Jefferson, Mr, his sentiments with re 279. Celebration of, 276. At Walche
spect to England, I. 411

ren, Heligoland, 287

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pern, 614

Julian, trial for forgery, II. 129

Kola, some ships destroyed there, II. 249
Junon frigate taken, II. 111
Junot, Marshal, besieges Zaragoza, I.

519. Defeated by Kienmayer, 625
Junta, central, negociations with Mr

Frere, I. 539, &c. Proclamation to Labat, Father, acts as engineer at the
the people of Cadiz, 550. Reject the isles of Saints, I. 385
French propositions, 559. Their ill Lacoste killed at Zaragoza, I. 513
conduct, 750. List of the members, Lambert, Mr; death of, II. 165
II. 52. Proclamation respecting the Landshut taken by the Austrians, I. 593.
cortes, 303

Retaken by the French, 595
Langworth, General, killed at Talavera,

I. 727

Lapena, Gen. succeeds to the command

of Castanos' army, I. 470. Marches
Keats, Sir R. plans the expedition to to Guadalaxara, 473. Displaced by

Basque Roads, I. 367. His plan of at the junta, 558
tacking the fleet at Antwerp, 678 Lark sloop, loss of, II. 291
Kellermann, General, letter to Soult, I. Lasalle, Gen. puts some English to the
703. His proclamation, 760

sword, I. 484. Killed at Wagram, 631
Kelso, proceedings at the justiciary La Sards, taken by the English, II. 17

court, II. 31. X sharper there, 69 Lasnes, Marshal, besieges Zaragoza, I.
Kemble, Mr, bis address on opening the 513. His entrance into the city, 524,

new Covent-Garden theatre, II. 362. Dies of the wounds received at As-
Farther addresses, 364, 367. Confer-
ence with the 0. P.'s at the Crown and Latham, Miss, her trial, II. 264, 285
Anchor, 873. Address after the meet- Laval, Gen. governor of Zaragoza, I. 520
ing to the audience, 375

Laurel frigate taken, II. 86
Kennaway, Sir J. his house burnt, II. 10 Lefebvre, Marshal, enters Madrid, I. 483.
Kennet, Mr, transactions with the Duke Forced to abandon Landshut, 593. En-
of York, I. 162

ters the Tyrol, 645. Advances a se-
Kent, Duke of, speech on his being ac cond time into the country, 647. De-

cused of having instigated Col. War. feated at Storzing, 648 ; at Inspruck
dle's motion against the Duke of York, and Schwatz, 649. Advances again to
I. 297, 300

Inspruck, 657
Kensington palace on fire, II. 80 Lefebvre, Lieut. Gen. arrives in England,
Kienmayer, General, commands the Aus II. 29, SO

trians in Saxony, I. 624. Defeats Ju- Leipzig, the Saxons and Westphalians
not, 625

defeated there by the Duke of Bruns.
Killing no Murder, a new farce, II. 382 wick, 633
Kirwan,Dr, discovery of an anemometer, Lenieps, M. discovery of the Pyreolo-
II, 449

phorus, II. 451

Lieut. Col. procures an exchange Lerida, reception of Major Green there,
with Lieut. Col. Brooke by the means II. 56
of Mrs Clarke, I. 118. His case sta- Lewis, Archduke, raises forces in Hun-
ted, I. 128

gary, I. 591. Wounded at Tann, 594.
Knight, Mr Rob. examined on his bro Defeated at Abensberg, ib. His further
ther's exchange, I. 128.

retreat, 596
Knight, Mr, his appearance at the Ly- Lewis, Mr M. G, his monody on Sir J.

Moore suppressed, II. 351
Knight, Mr, his experiments on vegeta- Lewis, Mr, takes ieave of the London

tion, II. 436. Discovery in training audience, II. 357
fruit-trees, 445, and in constructing Leycester, Mr, paneygric on the Duke
hot-beds, 454

of York, I. 185


ceum, II. 356

Lili, D. Miguel, conducts a Spanish

corps to the Duke del Infantado, 477
Lima, rejoicings there, II. 27

Macdonal), General, his success zBE
Limerick, arms seized there, II. 70

battle of Wagram, I. 630
Liniers, Gen. his disputes with the Ca- Macdonald, Major, frustrated in ano
bilda at Buenos Ayres, II. 126

change with Major Sinclair, I. 118
Lisbon, embarkation of the English army, Macdowal, General, his transactions

1. 197. Patriotism of the inhabitants, Madras, II. 190
II. 60. Earthquake, 292

Macgowan, letter to him from Shenstore,
Literary fund, meeting of the society, II. II. 549

Macedonia, revolt of the inhabitants, I
Liverpool, riots there, II. 175. Riots at 455
the theatre, 376

Machardy, Major, discovery of a new te
Liverpool, Earl of, speech in support of legraph, II. 444

the address, I. 10. Objects to produ- Mackenzie, General, his objections -
cing the correspondence between Sir J. acting in concert with Cuesta, 1. 341
Moore and Mr Frere, 81. Defends Appeases the tumult at Cadir, 34
the conduct of ministers, 83, 90; and Defends the passes at Abruotes, 703,
Mr Frere, 91, 93. Speaks in favour of Killed at Talavera, 727.
Mr Curwen's bill, 281. Speech on Mackenzie, Captain G. C. his tasan
the budget, 306. Defends the remo conduct in the duel betwist Lord Po
val of Sir J. Craddock to Gibraltar, get and Captain Codogan, II. 151.
695. Objects to producing the instruc- Mackinley, Captain, assists the post
tions to Sir Hew Dalrymple, 701. in Galicia, 1. 561. Defends Vin"!!
Negroes set at liberty from a Portu- Macklin, Sir G. duel in America, llei
gueze ship there, 266. Humane asso. Maddison, Mr, President of the l'a*:
ciation, 302

States, I. 412. Charges Engbaar 22
Lloyd, Major, killed in Ireland, II. 85 breach of faith, 492
Local Militia, success of the system, I. Madocks, Mr, motion against M. Peter

val and Lord Castlereagh, I. 211,3*
London bill of mortality, II. 50, 335. 246

Porter-brewers' list, 51. Address of Madras, insurrection among the trop
thanks to Colonel Wardle from the II. 190
livery, 104. Fire in the docks, 136. Madrid, Lefebvre enters the city, L 4S
Celebration of the jubilee, 280 ; of St Buonaparte addressed by the intado
Andrew's day, 300. Riots of the Irish, ants, 528. Oppression of the peu-
315. Answer to the petition respecting ple, 536. Surrenders, II. 90
Walcheren, 316. Meteorological Jour- Mahommed, Grand Sultan, I. 453. Thus
nal kept at London, 499

and is reinstated, 469
London Review, observations on, II.579 Mahon, Ensign, duel with O'Hara, II.168
Londonderry, small debtors liberated by Mahy, General, commands Romana's

the bishop, II. 302
Long, Mr, defence of Colonel Gordon's Maitland, General, his operations in *

building near Chelsea hospital, I. 231 tinique, 1.381. Reduces the Saists,
Lord Mayor's day, II. 291

Maling, Capt. obtains promotion there
Lottery, puffs in the paper, II. 109. Con Mr Greenwood, I. 119. His !
tracts for, 287

brought forward, 138. Misiale W
Lowe, Mrs, her and her children drown Colonel Wardle for his brother, l*:
ed, II. 266

Maltby, Mr, examined on negocista
Lyceum, the Drury-! ane company per-

for offices, I. 155
form there, II. 354. The English Man and Wife, a new comedy, II. SS
opera opened there, i 39

Manby, Captain, his experiment far so
Lyttleton, Mr, speech on the charges ving seamen from wrecks, II. 159
against the Duke of Yorki, I. 222 Mangata taken by the Russians, I

my, I. 709

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