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with Lord Castlereagh, 788. Resigns, Chalot, Governor of Vigo, surrenders, I.
790, II. 261

Cape of Good Hope, accident there, If.179 Champagny, M. letter to Buonaparte, II.
Caraffa, General, killed at Cadiz, I. 550. 126
Carey, Mrs, her influence with the Duke Charles I. celebration of the anniversary
of York, I. 120

of his death, II. 47
Carlisle, Earl of, action against the cor- Charles XIII. King of Sweden, I. 436

poration of Morpeth, II. 223. Charles, Archduke, addresses the army,
Carmichael, Gen. takes St. Domingo, I. I. 584, 589. Enters Vienna, 591. His
393, 395.

letter to the

King of Bavaria, 592. Sur-
Carolina, La, central junta formed there, prises the French at Ratisbon, 595.
I. 481

Defeated at Echmuhl, 596. Requests
Carrara, Gen. marches against Santiago, an armistice, 605. Arrives on the left
I. 711

bank of the Danube, 606. Situation
Carter, S. promoted by the Duke of of his army, 607. Gains the battle,
York, I. 159

613, 614. Letter to him from the Em-
Cartoajal, Count de, commands a Spa peror, 615. His preparations for the
nish corps, I. 477

battle of Wagram, 627. Concludes an
Castanos, Gen. situation of his army af. armistice, 631. Speech to the Em-
ter the battle of Tudela, I. 471. Mar-

peror, II. 164
ches to Siguenza, 472

Charlotte, Queen, celebration of her birth
1: Castlereagh, Lord, speech on the address, day, II. 33, 141.

1. 16. Reply to Lord Henry Petty on Chastellar, Marquis of, marches to the
the Cintra convention, 40. Moves for support of the Tyrolese, I. 644. Pro-
a monument to Sir J. Moore, 59. clamation of Buonaparte against him,
Speech on his last dispatch, 61. De 644, 645
fends the conduct of ministers during Charmilly, Col. attacked by Lord Grey,
Sir J. Moore's campaign, 68, 69. Di I. 88. Defended by Mr Canning, 102.
rections to Sir J. Moore, 87. Refuses Publishes a vindication of his conduct,
the production of the orders sent out 103
to that general, 95. Defends the cam- Chatham, Earl of, commands the expedi-
paign, 99. Answer to Mr Whitbread tion to Walcheren, I. 600. Obtains
on Col. Wardle's motion, 125. Trans the approbation of the king, 671. Re-
action with Lord Clancarty respecting moves bis head-quarters to Tergoes,
the sale of a seat in the House, 239. 678. Returns to England, 682. Leaves
Mr Madocks' motion against him, 244. London, II. 190. His dispatches from
His bill for recruiting from the militia, Middleburgh, 225—285. Proclamation
308. Speech on the Irish inland navi to his troops, 255
gation bill, 327. Duel with Mr Can- Chaves taken by Soult, 1. 563, 564.
ning, 788. Resigns, 790, II. 261 Chesapeak, negociations respecting, I.
Cassel taken by the French, I. 619.

412, 413
Catalani, Madam, action against her, II. Chladni, invents a musical instrument,

II. 450
Catalonia, not succoured by the English, Cintra, convention of, disapproved in the

I. 78. State of the war there, 504. king's speech, I. 1. Reprobated by
State of the country, 554

Earl St Vincent, 3. By Lord Gren-
Cattaro, description of, I. 452. Taken ville, 5. By Lord Moira, 12. By Mr
by the Russians, 454

Ponsonby, 14. Lord H. Petty's mo-
Cayenne taken by the Portugueze and tion on the subject, 34. Rejected, 52.
English, I. 396-399, 11. 94

List of the minority, ib. Blamed by
Cerigo fortified by the French, I. 465. ministers themselves, 54. Report of

Taken by the English, 788, JI. 307 the board of inquiry, II. 2. Commu-
Cevallos, Don P. arrives in England, II. nication to Sir H. Dalrymple, 35.
69. His audience, 81

Circassians, revolt against the Turks, I. 468

Circassian Bride, a new opera, II. 352 Coke, Mr, specch on the charges against
Ciudad Rodrigo provisioned for a siege, the Duke of York, I. 191
I. 758

Colburne, Mr, speech on Sir J. Moore's
Clancarty, Lord, his cattle show, II. 270 campaign, I. 72.
Claparede, General, his situation at Ems, Coldbatb-fields, state of the prison, 1.557
* I. 598

Collingwood, Lord, destroys a cuavoy
Claretona, Donna Susan, her heroism, from Toulon, I. 787, II. 153, 299
II. 274

Colman, Mr, address written by him on
Clarissa lugger taken, II. 40

opening Covent Garden theatre, II.
Clarke, Mrs, her interference with the ar. 562. Action brought to remove him

my, I. 117. Examined on Col. Brooke's from the management of the Hay-Mar-
exchange, 128. Annuity granted to ket theatre, 379
her by the Duke of York, 135. Re- Colson, Miss, wounded by Mr Elliston,
ceives money from Colonel French and II, 259
Captain Sandon, 143. Pleads weari- Columbine, brig, mutiny on board, II.
ness to excuse her giving her evidence 288
on the case the same night, 144. Exa- Connor, Mary, convicted of pretending
mined at the next meeting of the magic, II. 293
House, 145. Her establishment at Cochrane, Lord, speech at the Crowd
Gloucester Place, 147, 148. Replies and Anchor, I. 244. Appointed to
to Mr Croker, 156, 157. Evidence command the fire-ships in the Basque
respecting Samuel Carter, 159. Calls Roads, 368. Effect of them, S70, S7L.
herself Mrs Dowler, 163. Evidence Rurs ashore several of the enemy's
respecting Captain Sandon, 164, 165. vessels, 373. His humanity, 374. Sent
Quarrel with Colonel Wardle, 297. for on board Lord Gambier's ship, 373.
Accuses the Duke of Kent, ib. Prints Made Knight of the Bath, 576. Dis
her Memoirs, ib. · The publication satisfied with the result, 377. His evi-
stopped, 298. Action against Colonel dence at the trial of Lord Gambier,
Wardle, ib. Account of her and her 377, 878. His character, ib. Defends
husband, II. 65. Colonel Wardle's Rosas, 505, 506. His farther servi-
trial against her, 269, 310

ces, 607. His exploits in Languedoc,
Clarkson, his indefatigable exertions a II. 15, and at Rosas, 47. Gazette ac-
gainst the slave trade, J. 100.

count of his action in Basque Roads,
Clavering, General, begs Mrs Clarke not 115. Letter from Mr Wellesley Pole,

to bring bim forward on the charges 203. . Answer, 204.
against the Duke of York, I. 147. Let- Cochrane, Sir Alexander, blockades the
ter to the attorney-general, 151. Exa squadron at the Saints, I. 585. Takes
mined, 152. His testimony confuted, two line-of-battle ships, 386.
156. Transactions with Mrs Clarke, Constantine, Grand Duke, conspiracy a
163. Examined again, 167. Commit gainst him, I. 447
ted to prison, 226

Constantinople blockaded by the Rus-
Clifford, Mr, his action against Mr Bran sian fleet, I. 447. Insurrection there,

don, II. 369. Action against him and 461
others for riots in Covent-Garden thea- Cook, J. drowned, II. 22

Cooper, Mary, convicted of murder, 11.
Cobbett, Mr, opinion on the campaigns in 237

Spain, I. 57. Observations on Major Coote, Sir Eyre, left to command at
Hogan's pamphlet, 115; on the treaty Flushing, 1. 682
with Spain, 492. Speech at the Hamp- Coruna, vote of thanks on the battle of,
shire meeting, II. 118. Trial for op I. 58. Surrendered to the French, 498.
pression, 197.

French account of the battle, 494, IL
Cockburn, Capt. his opinion against re 56, 58, 66. Evacuated by Ney, 1.71%,
taining Flushing, I. 690

II. , 180. Particulars respecting the

tre, ib.

battle, 38, 39, 40, 41. Number of Cumhy, Captain, blockades St Domingo,
troops embarked there, 43

I. 393
Cow.pox, report upon, 11.51

Curwen, Mr, his bill of reform, I. 249.
Covent-Ciarden theatre burnt down, I. Speaks on popular meetings, 252. De-

53. Foundation of the new theatre fends his bill, 279. His discoveries in
laid, II. 7. The company perform at botany, II. 208
the flay-Market, 356. The new thea. Cuxhaven stormed by the English, I. 632
tre opened, 359. Address to the pub- Çzerni, George, his revolt against the
lic on raising the prices, 360. (.P. Turks, I. 450
riots, 361. Committee appointed to
examine the accounts, 365; their re-

port, 367. Observations on the riots,

Dalecarlia, insurrection there, II, 118
Cradock, Sir J. appointed governor of Dalmatia, insurrection there, I. 651
Gibraltar, I. 694

Dalrymple, Sir Hew, blamed for not
Crail, storm of snow there, II. 54

transmitting the convention of Cintra
Crawford, General, joins Lord Welling sooner, I. 34. Communications to him
ton, I. 728

from the king, II. 35
Creevey, Mr, speaks on the bill to pre- Dalton, Mr, his discoveries in chemistry,

vent the sale of offices, I. 237; on the II. 433
board of controul, 338

Danube, bridges thrown across the river,
Crescent frigate lost, II. 31

I. 607. Destroyed, 612
Criticism, present state of, II. 556 Darnley, Lord, moves for the correspon-
Croker, Mr, answers Mr Whitbread on dence between Sir J. Moore and Mr

the overtures for peace, I. 30. Ad Frere, I. 81. Moves for the recal of
verts to the Irish Catholics, ib. Ex the latter, 86, 93
amines Mrs Clarke on Col. French’s Davison, Alexander, judgement on, II.
levy, 146; on her intercourse with Mr 121
Dowler, 156. Speech on the general Davison, Captain J. convicted of theft,
question, 186. Answers Sir F. Bur II. 239
dett's speech, 190. Defends the ap- Davy, Mr, his discoveries in chemistry,
pointment of B. Hill in Ireland, 322. II. 422, &c.
Speech on the Irish tithes, 336 Day after the Wedding, a new farce, II.
Cromwell, a house of his at Whitehall, 383
II. 52

Deal, effects of a storm there, II. 46
Crossand, Baron, his advice to Areizo- Deaths, list of, II. 320
ga, I. 764

D’Eben, Baron, defends Braga, I. 565
Cuba, the French expelled, I. 390. Their Debt, national, redemption of, II. 286
treatment, II. 155

Defiance, man of war, forces three French
Cuesta, General, appointed to the com frigates ashore, I. 365

mand of the army of Estremadura, I. Degen, M. discovery of rising in the air,
489. His operations in Estremadura, II. A53
535. Negociates with Mr Frere, 541, Denmark, feelings of the people respect-
545. Defeated at Medellin, 556. Col ing England and France, 1.425. 'Ex-
lects his troops, 557. His character as pedition prepared against Sweden, 426.
a general, 704. State of his army, 717. Peace with that power, 443.' Vessels
Refuses to fight on a Sunday, 719. taken by the English, 414
His conduct after the battle of Tala- Descrter, curious case of one, II. 318
vera, 730. Defeated by Mortier, 733. Dick, Mr, purchases a seat in parliament,

Removed from the command, 749. and resigns it, I. 246
Cumberland, R. observations on his Lon- Dillon, Colonel, defends the proclama-
don Review, II. 579

tion issued in Martinique, I. 383
Lumberland, Duchess of, her death, II. Dodd, Major, accused by Mrs Clarke, I.


ors, 110

Doe, H. trial for inhumanity, II. 250 the Directors, II. 81, 109. Intelligence
Dog, extraordinary death of one, II. 251 from there, 96. Election of Direct-
Donovan, Mr, his transactions with Mrs

Clarke, I. 117. Examined, 150. His Echmubl, battle of, 1. 596
committal proposed, 152

Eden, Mr, motion on Spanish affairs, I.
Dorenberg, Colonel Von, his insurrection 94

in Hesse, I. 618. Escapes, 620 Edinburgh, celebration of new-year's day,
Doveton, Colonel, defeats Bungas Cawn, II. 1. Great cold there, 54. Prizes
II. 196

at Divinity Hall, 66. Mad dogs in
Dowler, Mr, lis evidence respecting Cap the neighbourhood, 81. Proceedings

tain Sandon and Colonel French, in the Court of Session, 99. Celebra-
I. 144, 145. Intercourse with Mrs tion of the King's Birth-day, 158.
Clarke, 156, 163

Foundation of the Lunatic Asylum
Doyle, General, his exploits in Catalo laid, 161. Chamber of Commerce,
nia, II. 62

207. Competition of pipers, 207.
Druid frigate captures a French brig of Thunder storm, ib. College of Sur-
war, II. 305

gcons, 258. Celebration of the jubi-
Drury-Lane theatre burnt, I. 76, II. 77, lee, 281. Address of the Africans te

352. Meeting of the performers, 350. sident there to the king, 283. Edin-

They perform at the Opera-house, 353 burgh theatre, history of during the
Duane, W. an American journalist, ac year, 385. Defects of the orchestra,
count of him, I. 417

401. Manner of educating divines at
Dublin, embargo laid there, II. 196. Ce the university, 416. Meteorological

lebration of the jubilee, 278, 282 journal kept at Edinburgh, 468 ; quan
Dubutat, M. discovery for evaporating tity of rain, 510

water in brine springs, II. 448 Edinburgh Bible society, meeting of, IL
Duckworth, Sir J. sails in pursuit of the 274. Office bearers, 301
Brest squadron, I. 364

Edinburgh Review, strictures on, II. 561
Duels, political, II. 267

Edwin, Mrs, her appearance at the Ly.
Duff, Mr, evidence against the Duke of

ceum, II, 355
York, s. 162

Egerton, Mr, his appearance at Covent-
Duiveland, isle of, capitulates to the Eng. Garden theatre, II. 373
lish, I. 678

Eguia, D. Francisco, made commander of
Dundas, Sir David, appointed comman Cuesta's army, I. 751
der-in-chief, I. 226, II. 93

Eldon, Lord Chancellor, Col. Wardle's
Dundas, Mr, motion for a renewal of tho accusation against him, I. 125

East India committee, I. 338. Ap- Eliston, Mr, trial for shooting Miss Col.
pointed secretary for Ireland, II. 112

son, II. 259
Dupont, General, shot, II. 108

Elliot, Miss, killed, II. 250
Duroc, General, arrives at Stockholm, Eliston, Mr, speaks an address on the
I. 432

burning of Drury-Lane theatre, II. 384
Duroshel, General, taken prisoner at Elmes, Mr, discovery of a portable bridge,
Aspern, I. 611

II. 442
Dutch prizes, commissioners for, motion Elopements, II. 31, 32, 87, 114, 289
on the subject, I. 345

Elphingstone, Hon. Mr, sent ambassador

to Cabul, II. 258

Ely, inundation in the isle of, II. 59

Emery, Mr, performances at Edinburgh,

II. 401
Eagles, a flight of in Sussex, II. 318 Erskine, Lord, speech on Sir J. Moore's
Earthquakes, II. 43, 44, 199

campaign, I. 57. Bill against cruelty
East India Company, affairs of the, I. to animals, 359

338. Abuses in the appointment of Erskine, Mr, negociations with the Ame
cadets and writers, 341." Meetings of rican government, I. 113. Exceesta


his instructions, 414, 415. Recalled town, 669. Surrenders, 675. Evacu-

ated by the English, 692.
ling, the village attacked by the Aus- Folkestone, Lord, objects to a commit-
rians, I. 610, 613

tee of the whole House on Col. War-
peleta leads the patriots in Catalonia, dle's motion, I. 124. Objects to the

questions put to Miss Taylor, 149.
zene, Viceroy of Italy, pursues the Exposes a case of corruption in which
Archduke John, I. 626, 627. Joins the Duke of York was implicated, 162.
Buonaparte, 627. Speech on Buona Col. Wardle's obligations to him, 173.
varte's divorce, 797

Speech on the charges, 191. Reply
to Mr Canning on his family, 221.

Mr Lyttleton's allusion to the same,

222. Moves for a committee to in-

quire into abuses in the disposal of
roni, discovery for making a colour offices, 234. Speaks on the bill to
rom aloe leaves, II. 453

prevent the sale of offices, 236
rfax, Mr, letter on the explosion of Fort Bourbon surrenders, II 110
he fire-ships in Basque Roads, I. 370 Foster, Mr, motion on Irish flax-seed, I.
rlop fair, account of, II. 179

319. His malt and spirit bill, 320.
rily Legend, a new tragedy by Miss Defends the appointment of B. Hill in
faillie, acted at Edinburgh, II. 395 Ireland, 322. Speaks on the Irish re-
ey, Mr, discovery of a new blow-pipe, venue regulation bill, 323. Brings for-
1. 447

ward the budget, 326. Bill for drain-
hions in January, II. 55

ing the bogs, 328
ette, La, account of his attempt to Foundling of the Forest, a new play, II.
scape from Olmutz, II. 514. Letter 382. Acted at Edinburgh, 392
Mr Huger, 523

Foveaux, Lieut.-governor of New South
dinand, Archduke, successful in Po Wales, II. 104
ind, I. 603

Fox, Mr, celebration of his birth-day at
guson, General, speech on the con Edinburgh, II. 46
ention of Cintra, I. 52. Speech Franconi, M. discovery of a new travel-
gainst the Duke of York, 221

ling carriage, II. 454
zuson, R. convicted of forgery, II. Frankfort, proclamation there, I. 650

France endeavours to embroil America
rand, General, commander in St Do with England, I. 424. State of the
mingo, I. 389. Defeated, and kills empire, 794. Requisitions for the ar-
imself, 391

my, 11. 43
rol, taken by the French, I. 494, 495, Franceschi, Gen. enters Santiago, I. 496.
I. 83. Evacuated, I. 712, II. 180. Taken prisoner by the Spaniards, 713
ist of ships there, 266

Francis II. Emperor of Austria, letter to
Joseph, kills himself, II. 162

the Archduke Charles, I. 615. Procla-
ances, state of, I. i. II. 172

mation, II. 128
land, state of the country, I. 427. Frederick William III. letter to the ma-
eded to Russia, 442

gistrates of Berlin, II. 43
nerty, Mr, prosecution against him Frederick Il. his system of tactics, II.
nd others on account of Major Ho 529
an's pamphlet, 1. 115

Freire, Gen. put to death, I. 564
william, Earl, speaks on the volun- French, Colonel, his transactions with
eering from the militia, 1. 309

Mrs Clarke, I. 119, 143
ods in different parts of England, II. French, Mr, objects to Mr Foster's dis-
18, 49

tillery bill, I. 322
rida Blanca, Count, at the head of the French eagles taken at Coruna, II. 63

French order of battle, observations on,
shing besieged, 1.667. Situation of the II. 526

Murcian army, I. 74

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