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Political, Commercial, and Statistical Sketches of the Spanish Empire in both ladies. 48. 6d.

Pinkerton's New Modern Atlas, containing Maps of France, the West Indies, and Japan. No. I. 11. 1s.

Pinkerton's New Modern Atlas, No. II. containing Switzerland, Scandinavia, and Southern Italy. 11. 1s.

A Map of the Southern Provinces of Holland, with Part of the Netherlands. 28. 6d. A Map of Zealand, with the River Scheldt. 2s. 6d.

A New Map of Germany, Holland, Poland, Hungary, and Part of France. By Ignatius Heymann, head Postmaster at Triest. 9 sheets. 21. 2s. on Rollers; or, in Case, bl. 3s.

The Ísland of Walcheren, with a General Map of the Province of Zealand. 5s. A Map of Portugal, drawn from the various provincial Surveys. Corrected by the Nautical Observations of Dr Vincente Tofino, and the Topography of Don Thomas Lopez. 45. 6d.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. Summer Excursions through Parts of England and Wales. By Elizabeth Isabella Spence. 2 vols. 12mo. 10s. 6d.

A Tour through Cornwall in the Autumn of 1808. By the Rev. Rich. Warnet, 9s. Travels in India, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, &c. By Ld'Visc. Valentia. S vol. 4to, with 70 Engravings, 91. 9s. ; large paper, 131. 13s.

Travels in the South of France, and in the Interior of Provence, Languedoc, and Limosin; made, by permission of the French Government, in 1807 and 1808 By Lieut. Col. Pinkey, of the North American Native Rangers. quarto. 11. 8s.

Travels of the late Duc de Chatelet in Portugal, corrected and enlarged, with Notes By J. E. Bourgoing. Translated from the French. % vol. 8vo. 1.S.

An Account of Travels in Morocco, South Barbary, and across the Atlas Mourtains; made during a Stay of sixteen Years in that Country. By James Grey Jackson. 4to. 21. 2s.

Letters from Canada, written during a Residence there in 1806, 7 & 8; showing the present State of Canada, its Productions, Trade, commercial Importance, and political Relations. By H. Grey. 8vo. 125.

A Tour through Denmark and Sweden; written during the last Winter and Spring. By Lieut.-Col. J. Macdonald. 2 vols, foolscap 8vo. 12s.

Voyages and Travels to Pekin, Manilla, and the Isle of France between 1784 and 1801. By M. de Guignes, French Resident in China. 4to.

Continental Excursions, or Tours into France, Switzerland and Germany in 1789, 1787, and 1789. By the Rev. Thomas Pennington, M. A. 2 vols. 8vo. 155.

A Second Journey in Spain, in the Spring of 1809. By Robert Semple. 8vo. &.

The Voyage of Nearchus and the Periplus of the Erythrean Sea. Translated from the Greek. By William Vincent, D. D. Dean of Westminster. Vol. III. 195

The Travels of Captains Lewis and Clarke, by Order of the Government of the United States, performed in the Years 1704, 5, and 6, by way of the Missouri and Columbia Rivers, to the Pacific Ocean. By Merryweather Lewis

. 8vo. Os A View of Spain, comprising a descriptive Itinerary of each Province, and a Ge neral Statistical Account of the Country. By Alexander de la Borde. Translated from the French. 5 vols. 8vo, with an Atlas. 31. 138. 6d.

Contemporary Voyages and Travels, Vol. IX. 8vo. 155.




Aldercreutz, General, seizes the king of

Sweden, I. 430
ABBOT, Mr, Speaker of the Commons, Alexander, Emperor of Russia, nego-

speech on Mr Madocks's motion against ciates with Sweden, I, 441. His re-
Ňr Perceval and Lord Castlereagh, I. ply to Prince Kourakin, II. 127. Pro-
245. On Mr Curwen's bill of reform, clamation, 271

Alexandre, M. discovery for purifying
Abensberg, battle of, I. 594

water, II. 454
Abercrombie, Mr, moves for the orders Algiers, revolution there, II. 28

sent out to Sir John Moore, I. 95. Althorpe, Lord, his amendment on the
Abercromby, Sir Ralph, monument erect question of the Duke of York's con-
ed to him, II. 79

duct negatived, I. 224
Aberdeen, storm there, II. 312

Alvarez, Don M. defends Gerona, I. 769.
Adair, Mr, his negociations with the Sent to Figueras, 785
Porte, I. 461, 463

Am Ende, General, enters Saxony, I. 629
Adam, Mr W. defends the Duke of York, America, Lord Grenville's sentiments on

I. 121. Examined respecting the Duke our policy towards that country, I. 8..
of York, 150. Interrogated by Colo Disputes with England, 403. The nor-
nel Wardle, 137. Letter to him, ib. thern states favourable to England,
His evidence commented on by Lord 411. Negociations respecting the Che-
Folkestone, 192

sapeake, 419. Mr Jackson sent there,
Adam, J. his generous conduct to his cre 417. Debates in Congress, II. 29.
ditors, II. 155

Breaches of the embargo act, 61. Elec.
Adelsparre, General, excites a mutiny tion of the president, ib. Commercial

amongst the Swedish troops, I. 428. regulations respecting the trade be-
Africaine, L', case of the deserters from, tween England and America, 22. State
II. 275

of the commerce, 169, 170. The pre-
African Institution, report of, II. 173 sident refuses to recognize Ferdinand,
Ainsley, G. escapes, Il. 23.

iv, 298
Alache, Count de, conducts a Spanish Amphitrite, French frigate, gets into Mar-

corps to the Duke del Infantado, 1, 477 tinique, II. 60.
Albergaria Nova, action there, I. 705 Anderson, Mr, discovery of painting li.
Albuquerque, Duke de, bis successes nen cloth, II. 443

against the French, I. 554, 557. His Anderson, committed for child
military abilities, 717. His success, 722. murder, II, 140
Appointed to command in Estrema. Andreossy, General, directs the bom-
dura, 757

bardment of Vienna, I. 602
Alcedo, Don A. surrenders Coruna to Anholt taken by the English, II. 153
the French, I. 492

Annual Review, observations on, II. 579


on, II. 551

go, I. 395

Antrim, escape of some prisoners there, Baird, Sir David, difficulties in joining
II. 158

Sir J. Moore, I. 65
Antwerp fortified by Bernadotte, I. 679 Baireuth taken by the Austrians, I. 625
Archangel, ships taken there, II. 236 Balderston, Mrs, pension granted to her,
Archer, Mr, his character as an actor, II. II. 63

Ballads, Old, Shenstone's observations
Areizoga, Don J. C. commands the Spa-

nish army, I. 783. Defeated, 765 Balman, Mr, attempt to liberate La Far-
Armstrong, J. convicted of robbery, II. ette, II. 514

Baltic fleet dispersed, II. 269. Arrive, 275
Armstrong, General, negociation with Bank of England, number of notes, II.
the French government, I. 423

124. Subscription to the patriotic fund,
Army, reformation in, I. 10. Number of, 250. Meeting of directors, 267

II. 78. General orders respecting ap- Bankes, Mr, proposes an amendment on
pointments on the staff, 305. Huma the charges against the Duke of York.
nity of the soldiers, 633

I. 183, 184
Arnold, Mr, manager at the Lyceum, II. Barcelona relieved by the French, I. 543

Barclay, Captain, his pedestrian exploit.
Aspern, battle of, I. 608

II. 181. Returns from Walcheren, 200
Assembly, General, meet at Edinburgh, Barham, Mr, objects to the questions put
JI. 140; dissolved, 150

to Miss Taylor, I. 169.
Asturias, the junta there dissolved, I. 709 Baronets, creation of, II. 252
Auckland, Lord, objects to acknowledg. Barquier, General, surrenders St Donir.

ing Ferdinand IV. I. 23. Bill on di.
vorces, 358

Barry, Mr, objects to the bounty on Irs.
Auco, Lorenzo, his heroism at Gerona, fax seed, I. 319
I. 771

Baseley, Mr, transactions to obtain a
Augereau, Marshal, his conduct at Ge deanery for him, I. 150, 151; II. 400,
rona, I. 786

Augustenburg, Prince of, chosen crown Basque Roads, attack on the French fieet

prince of Sweden, I. 440. His sudden lying there, I. 567 ; II. 82. Account of
death, 445

the action, 115. Trial of the French
Avintas, action of, I. 706

officers, 272
Austria, situation of before the war, I. Bateman, Mary, committed for trial, II.

575. Preparations for war, 578. State 31. Condemned, 88
of the army, 583. Manifesto of the Bath, floods there, II. 48, 58. Heavy fall
emperor, 584. Peace with France, 654, of snow, 120
xxv. State of the army, II. 87. Aus- Bathz, Fort

, taken by the English, I. 668.
trian prisoners employed, 159. Ar Abandoned, 681
mistice, 200. Peace, 292. General Bathurst, Mr, speech on the charges
orders of the emperor, 304, 305

against the Duke of York, I. 182. His
Ayr, thunder storm there, II. 141. Earth. amendment, 183. Negatived, 04.
quake, 199

Speechon Mr Madocks' motion against

Lord Castlereagh and Mr Perceval, 945

Bavaria ravaged by the Tyrolese, 1.646,

Bacquart, General, takes the village of Beck, Mrs, her numerous progeny, II. 1!
Aspern, I. 610

Beckwith, General, takes Martinique, I.
Bagrathion, Prince, defeats the Turks, I.

467. Defeated at Silistria, 468 Bedford, Duke of, statue erected to his
Bailey, Captain, Cataro given up to him memory, II. 210
by the Austrians, I. 454

Belem, affiay there, II, 292
Baillie, Miss, observations on her trage. Belfast, meeting to thank Colonel War.
dies, II. 397

dle, II. 133. A ship lost there, 265



Bell-rock Lighthouse, description of, II. Brandon, Mr, boxkeeper, discharged, II.

375, 376,
Berchtold, Count Leopold, his death, I. Brazils, Prince of the, loan for him, I. 302

Brest squadron gets out, I. 364. Re-
Beresford, Marshal, arrives in Portugal, leases the L'Orient squadron, 365.

1. 556. Organizes the Portugueze ar Part of it destroyed, 373, 376
my, 702. His proclamation, 703. Takes Brewster, Dr, discovery for viewing sub-
possession of the bridge of Amarante, jects under water, II. 445
708. Observations on his conduct, II. Bridgewater, Earl of, moves the address

on the king's speech, I. 2
Berkshire, meeting of freeholders, II. 114 Bristol, fire there, II, 303
Bernadotte takes the command at Ant- Britain's Jubilee, a musical farce, at the
werp, I. 679

Lyceum, II. 356
Berry, Mr, his character as an actor, II. Britannia, accident on board the ship, II.

Berwick, bill of mortality, II. 51 British Institution, prizes distributed, IT.
Bessieres, Marshal, defeats the Austrian 51
cavalry, I. 59:

Broad, Mr, discovery of a new guage, II.
Betty, the young Roscius, enters at Cam-

bridge, II. 95

Brooke, Lieut.-Col. procures an exchange
Births during the year, II. 329

with Lieut-Colonel Knight from Mrs
Black, John, convicted of stealing, JI. 99 Clarke, I. 118. His case stated, 127
Blake, General, takes the command of Brownrigy, General, represents the im-

Reding's army, I. 553. Assists Ge practicability of taking Antwerp, I. 679
rona, 775. Letter to the junta, II. 274 Brunswick, address of the inhabitants to
Blavier, M. discovery of a substitute for their duke, I. 634
emery, II. 450

Brunswick, Duke of, raises a body of
Bligh, Captain, burns two French ships troops, 1.621. Surprises Zittau, 622.
in Basque Roads, II. 374

Retreats into Franconia, 624. Insur-
Board of Control, II. 290

rection of his officers, 633. Defeats
Bolton, Captain, his improvement of jury the Saxons and Westphalians at Leip-
masts, II. 447

zig, ib. Retreats to Heligoland, 634
Bosnia, insurrection there quelled, I. 407 -638. Arrives in England, II. 246
Boston, thunder storm there, II. 204 Brunswick man of war, her shattered con-
Botany, new discoveries in, II. 437

dition, II. 73
Boulogne, the flotilla comes out of the Buchanan, translation of his Ode to May,
harbour, II. 184

II. 651.
Bowle, Lieutenant, killed in a duel, II. Buckinghamshire, Earl of, speech on Sir

J. Cradock's removal from the com-
Bowles, Mr, a Dutch commissioner, his mand of Lisbon, I. 695. Moves for
conduct canvassed, I. 347, 348

the instructions to Sir Hew Dalrym-
Boxing, observations on, II. 19

ple, 695, 696
Bozzini, M. discovery for throwing light Buddle, Mr, drowned, II. 170
into the body, II. 453

Bulletins, manner of conveying them to
Brady, General, Austrian governor of Ca England, II. 1

taro, delivers it up to the Russians, I. Buonaparte, Lord Grey's eulogy on his

military character, 1. 89. Encourages
Braga, address of the inhabitants to Soult, the Servians, 450. Address of the in-
I. 573

habitants of Madrid to him, and his
Brand, Mr, objects to the questions put answer, 528. Proceeds against Sir
to Miss Taylor, I. 149

John Moore, 530. Returns to Ma-
Brande, Mr, his discoveries in chemistry, drid, 534. Conference with Count
JI. 431

Metternich, 578. Situation of his ar-

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mies in Germany, 593. Address to his
soldiers, 594. Speech to the Bava-
rians and Wirtembergers, 595. His Cabul, kingdom of, mission sent there,
proclamation at Ratisbon, 596. Ar II. 258
rives before Vienna, 599. Proclama- Cadiz, proceedings there, I. 502. Nego-
tion, 602. Crosses the Danube, 607. ciations respecting

its being garrisoned
His exertions to repair the defeat at by British troops, 541, 542. Disturb-
Aspern, 626. Proclamation against the ances in the city, 548. Contributions
Marquis of Chastellar, 644, 645. Ex arrive from America, 552. Some
communicated by the pope, 653. Sti Frenchmen murdered there, II. 97.
pulation to marry the daughter of the Articles received there from England,
Emperor of Austria, 656. Letter to 173
the Emperor Alexander, 792. Ad- Cadogan, Capt. tried by a court martial,
dress to the legislative body, 793. His and acquitted, II. 112. Duel with Lord
divorce, 795, 797. Proclamations at Paget, 151
Madrid, 11. 20, 21. Decree respect. Calva, Don L. appointed to communi-
ing Frenchmen in the service of na cate with Lord Wellington, I. 752
tions at war with him, 128. Procla- Cameron, Col. falls at Fuentes d'Onoro,
mation at Ulm, 139. At Vienna to the II. 634
Hungarians, 160. Italian pun on his Campbell, Alexander, tried for robbery,
name, 318. Remarks on his campaigns, II. 313
526. Observations on his character, Canada, good effects of the orders of

council with respect to that country,
Burdett, Sir Francis, defends General I. 411

Matthew's speech on the Catholics, J. Canning, Mr, speech on the address, I.
31. Speaks on Spanish affairs, 32. Se. 21. On the French overtures of peace,
conds Colonel Wardle's motion, 120. 24. Observations on Sir F. Burdett,
121. Speaks against intimidating Col. 33. Speech on the convention of Cine
Wardle, 141. Opinion on the ques. tra, 5). Speech on Sir J. Moore's
tion, 189, 190. General speech, 201. campaign, 72. Defends Mr Frere, 94.
Moves an inquiry respecting Col. Gor Speech on the same campaign, 99. Ob.
don's building near Chelsea hospital, servations on it, ib. Speaks in favour
231, 232, 233. Speech on Lord Case of a committee of the whole house on
tlereagh's negociation for a seat in the Col. Wardle's motion, 124, Objects
house, 240. Speech at the Crown and to Col. Wardle's delay in bringing for.
Anchor, 241. Speaks against Mr Cur ward his witnesses, 140. Answer to
wen's bill of reform, 257, 258, 278, Mr W. Smith, 141. Accuses Mr Whit-
Motion for parliamentary reform, 282. bread of secretly suborning Colonel
Anniversary dinner on his election at Wardle, 142. General speech on the
Westminster, II. 149

motion, 218. Charge against Lord
Burgos taken by the French, I. 478 Folkestone, 221. Mr Lyttleton's ob
Burita, Countess of, forms a body of wo servations on this, 222. Reprehends
men at Zaragoza, I. 510

the meeting of general officers, 228.
Burney, Mr, discovery itt navigation, II. Objects to an inquiry into the dispo-

sal of offices, 237. Moves a resolution
Burrard, Sir Harry, praised by Lord on Lord Castlereagh's negociating for

Moira, I. 34. His transactions with a seat in the house, 240. Defends Mr
the Duke of York respecting Colonel Perceval against Mr Madocks, 248
Shaw, 158, 159. His son drowned, II. Speech on the promise of seats in the

House, 277. Objects to Mr Whit-
Burton, Mr, speech on the charges bread's motion against placemen sit-

against the Duke of York, 1. 174 ting in the House, 351. Speech on
Bushnall, trial of, II. 100

the treaty with Spain, 491. Duel

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