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One bridge near Honiton is entirely about half past ten, P. M., when cowashed away, which cost several siderable damage was done. Tk thousand pounds in erecting some sluice of the mill-lead was entirel months since.

taken away, and considerable damag Kelso, Jan. 31.-The severe storm, done to Mr Minto, tenant in Ling which has continued during the whole lee. Several of his inclosures were of the present month, has at length broken down by the water, which been succeeded by a complete and ge- extended almost to his stack-yard, : neral thaw. The ice, in consequence, distance of about half a mile from it which had covered the rivers Tweed usual course ; and on Sunday mort and Teviot, broke up yesterday, and ing, about nine o'clock, the beautiful the large floating bodies of it, hur new bridge built over the Yarrow, ried down by the rapid current of the two miles from Selkirk, leading th: rivers, afforded a grand and majestic new road up Ettrick, was in a mo. spectacle to the numerous inhabitants ment swept entirely away. of the town, who assembled to wit From various other places, too te ness the scene. The rivers, from the dious to enumerate, similar accounts great quantities of melted snow, were have been received. prodigiously swelled, entirely covering the road to Teviot-bridge, and a great part of the adjacent fields. In LISTS AND MISCELLANIES one of these fields, surrounded by a PUBLISHED IN COURSE OF THE MONTE stone dyke, which was partly broken by the ice, a large salmon was taken als

within the bills of mortality, from

LONDON.–Christenings and buri: up by Mr John Wood, who was passing that way.

Three carters,

Dec. 15, 1807, to Dec. 13, 1808.

Christened in the ninety-seven pa: going towards Teviot-bridge, had a narrow escape, being with difficulty rishes within the walls, 1088; buried,

1372.-Christened in the seventee able to turn their horses in time to get out of the reach of the torrent. We parishes without the walls, 4503; bu have not for several years experienced

ried, 3969.-Christened in the twenso severe a storm, or one attended ty-three out-parishes in Middlese: with such intense cold. On the 10th

and Surry, 10,105 ; buried, 9737.of the present month, the Kelso and Christened in the ten parishes in th Edinburgh stage coach arrived here, city and liberties of Westminster after an absence of ten days, in con

4210; buried, 4876. sequence of the roads being blocked Christened, Females, 9,717 }


19,90 up by the snow.

Males, 10,228 A letter from Selkirk, of the 29th Buried,

Females, 9,726)

19,934 current, mentions, that a dreadful in

Whereof have died, undation happened there on Saturday evening, from the river Ettrick being Under two years of age,

6,075 so much swelled by the great rain, Between two and five,


Five and ten, and sudden departure of the snow from the high mountains around the Twenty and thirty,

Ten and twenty,

043 country.

1,20 It was never remembered, Thirty and forty,

1,79 by the oldest person, to be so high, Forty and fifty,

1,971 by 14 inches, as on Saturday evening, Fifty and sixty,




one. TE

zs entire ble damag

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sures we

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uces, to t ar account

stality, tire disease incident to infants, has ty.seres In the year 1795 there died in Glasin the the burials in the parish of Berwick Midda uthe year 1808 :

Sixty and seventy,

1,499 ty-one children were vaccinated graSeventy and eighty,

1,200 tis, at that useful and excellent instiEighty and ninety,

504 tution, the Edinburgh Public DisNinety and a hundred,

65 A bamired,

pensary, during the course of last A bundred and two,

year; and since that great discovery,

the whole number vaccinated at this Increased in the burials this year, Dispensary amounts to nine thousand 1,931

eight hundred and fifty-four, all of The mortality bill of the city of whom have gone through the disease Glasgow and suburbs for the year with perfect ease and safety; and al1818 anounts to 3265; that for though many of them have been since 187 amounted to 2463, being an exposed to the small-pox, not one of Lucreze in the burials of last year of them has been subjected to that loathHotel This arises chiefly from the some disease. great mortality which took place

Statement of the quantity of strong at year in the measles. In the city beer, denominated porter, brewed by and suburbs, 805 died of this disease the twelve first houses in London, last year ; whereas, in 1807, the numbe in the city was only 33, and the from the 5th July, 1808, to the 5th

Jan. 1809 : maburbs about as many. It is worthy

Barrels. LANTES d remark, that in the town's hospitil when 48 were affected with mea


64,361 Brown and Parry,

48,196 les, only three died; and that the


41,554 wall-pox, formerly the most destruc


40,719 Meux,

39,292 How in that place almost subsided. F. Calvert,

33,628 Combe,

25,439 Row of the small-pox 265, and in


18,09.5 last year only 14.


15,678 The following is a correct list of

J. Calvert,

14,881 Elliott,

14,877 Clowes,



turday last the directors of this esta.

blishment held a meeting, at their 20 to 30,

10 30 to 40,


gallery in Pall Mall, for the purpose 40 to 50,

of awarding the premiums to the 50 to 60,

pictures, &c., that were sent to the 60 to 70,


gallery by the several artists. The 70 to 80,

28 following was the decision :80 to 90,

To Mr G. Dawe, for his picture of Imo.

gen, from Cymbeline, 50 guineas. Of the above children, 33 have To Mr W. Sharpe, for his picture of died of the measles, and 25 of the the

music master, 50 guineas. small-pox, taken in the natural way, with figures, 50 guineas.

To Mr J. Linnell, for his landscape none of whom were ever inoculated

To Mr S. Gahagan, for his model of

Sampson breaking the bonds, 50 guiCow-Pox.--Nine hundred and fif. neas.



and to

13, 18

188; bure de seront

Under 10

hed, 9732 rishes in Vestmins

years of

From 10 to 20,

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Naval Department.-Baron de Saba

sona, Count de Ayamans, Count de GiVice-President, Marquis de Astorga.

monde, Marquis de la Puebla, D. Lorenzo

Bonifaz y Quintano, D. Carlos Amatria. sirragon, D. Francisco Revolledo de Palafox y Melci and D. Lorenzo Calvo - Asturias, D. Gasper Melchor de Jovellancs and Marquis de Campo Sagrado that those of the third Henry, the

It is a singular historical fact, -Cataloni, Marquis del Villel and Baron de Sabzsona—011 Custile, D. Fran- third Edward, and the third George

, cisco Xavier Caro and D. Lorenzo Boni- should have proved the three longest faz y Quintano-Cordoba, Marquis de la reigns in the English monarchy; the Puebla and D Juan de Dios Rabe first having reigned 57 years, the se. Estremadura, D. Martin de Garay and cond 51, and the last 49, with a fair D. Felix Ovalle-Gullicia, Count de Gi- prospect of continuing to sway the monde and D. Manuel Maria Avalle British sceptre. Granada, D. Rodrigo Riquelme and D. Luis Funes y Salido--Juin, D. Francisco Whitehall. There is scarcely a

OLIVER CROMWELL'S HOUSE, Castanedo and D. Sebastian de Jocano -Leon, Baylio Fr. D. Antonio Valdes neighbourhood in town but is said and Viscount de Quintanilla- Mallorca, to have had a house which was occuD. Tomas de Veri and Count de Aya- pied by this celebrated usurper : mans-Madrid, Marquis de Astorga - Islington, Clerkenwell, and Westmin. Murcia, Marquis del Villar- Nuvarie, D. ster were full of those said to have Carlos Amatria and D. Miguel Balanza been his residence ; but the one best

- Seville, Archbishop Co-Administrator entitled to credit is that lately the of Seville and Count de Tilly-Toledo,

Wilson, Esq., (siD. Pedro Rivero and D. Josef Garcia property of de la Torre-Valencia, Count de Conta- hall,) whose family has occupied it

tuated near Caddick’s-row, Whitemina and Marquis de la Romana. Secretary of State, D. Martin de Garay. Oliver. This singular place by its

in succession from the decease of Department of Secretary of State for outward appearance, was trebly so Foreign Affairs.-D. Pasqual Genaro within : long dark passages, double Rodenas, D. Pio Augustin de Landa, D. Josef Costa Galli, D. Josef Victor Ce: doors, grated wickets, subterraneous vallos.

labyrinths, intricate closets, detached rooms, and gloomy windows, form its model ; and the furniture, every

way corresponding to such a dweliState Department.- Vice-President, Marquis de Astorga, Baylio Fr. D. An: ing, has been carefully preserved, tonio Valdes, Marquis del Villar, D. Pe- and, on the demolition of the premi. dro Rivero, Count de Contamina, Mar- ses, conveyed by Mr Wilson to his quis del Villel.

seat in Hertfordshire ; and among Law Department - The Archbishop other articles of a curious description, Co-Administrador de Sevilla, D. Rodri

were some of the protector's clothes, go Riquelme, D. Francisco Xavier Caro, watch, and some antique bronzes. D. Gasper Melchor de Jovellanos. One room was particularly curious, Wur Department.-Marquis de Cam

as being the place selected by Crom. po Sagrado, D. Francisco Revolledo de well for consultation with his confiPalafox y Melci, Count de Tilly, D. To- dants :—The floor was composed of mas de Veri, D. Josef Garcia de la Tor. small pieces of wood, to resemble a re, D. Juan de Dios Rabe.

tesselated pavement, and a retreat



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furnished against intrusion or sur- discipline, to what can at present be
prise, by a sliding pannel in the wain-, found in the old soldiers of our best
icot, that led to a dark stair-case, regiments. This gentleman has also
rendered only safe in descent by a shewn, that any of our battalions
rope similar to those formerly at the might in a few days be brought to
galleries of the theatres. That Crom move in a greater celerity in line than
well as in continual fear of assassi- has hitherto been deemed compati-

, is well authenticated ; and it ble with order, and with infinitely
sa known fact, that no person during greater accuracy than has yet been
de usurpation knew where he slept, found practicable. The elementary
which in some measure accounts for rules by which these momentous ob-
the variety of houses he is said to have jects have been effected, consist chief-

. Many attempts were made ly in supplanting the stiffened and ca es life, and some persons were most unnatural postures in which we apprehended, found guilty, and exe have been accustomed to see the cuted for plots against him. English soldiery, by easy, graceful, Since the interruption

of our com and firm positions, by which a most merce with the ports of the Baltic, valuable knowledge of muscular mobrials

, which were principally sup- tion, and of mathematical principles plied from Russia, have become so of movement, is attained in a very karce and dear, that invention has few hours, highly interesting to every been on the rack to find a substitute, individual in private life also. It is and a plan has at length been disco- supposed that by the same principles tered, of splitting whale-bone into our columns may easily be marched

fine divisions, from which brush- 50 miles a-day, as the French have

es can be made, and at a lower rate done in Egypt and on the continent, add than from bristles.

several times in emergency,
Some military improvements, of Mr William Scrimshire, junior, has

great importance at this particular discovereda vegetable product, of BriFT moment, have been exhibited on a tish growth, which, by particular ma

detachment of recruits belonging to nagement, may prove an excellent sub-
the first regiment of foot guards, it is stitute for foreign coffee. This is the
said by Mr Jekyll. It has been pro- iris pseudacorus, Aower de luce, or
ved, to the satisfaction of several dis- common yellow water-flag, the seeds
tinguished military characters, and of which being roasted in the same
other persons of scientific note, that manner as coffee, very much resemble
by rendering more simple and easy, it in colour and Aavour, but have
as well as more expeditious, certain something more of a saccharine odour,
parts of the present manual and pla- approaching to that of extract of li-
tona exercises, and by giving the sol. quorice. When carefully prepared,
dier a natural and unconstrained posi- they possess much more of the aroma
tion in standing and marching, he of coffee than is to be found in any of
may in three weeks, though not exer- the leguminous and gramineous seeds
çised more than two hours in each that have been treated in the same
day, be perfectly qualified for the manner. Coffee made of these seeds
maost arduous military service, far su. is extremely wholesome and nutri-
Jerior, in the main objects of military tious, in the proportion of half an

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ounce, or an ounce, to a point of boil- the end of December, the large quan ing water.

tity of snow which had fallen in that Crail, Fifeshire.)-The weather month had disappeared. The wind with 'us has for a considerable time however, remained chiefly at E. and past been exceedingly stormy; so N. E. On 28 January the cold be much so, indeed, that for upwards of came pretty severe, and it continued a month we have had no communi so for several succeeding days, accation with the island of May. The companied with much drifting snow, inhabitants of this solitary rock and some hail. On the 7th, the wind knowing well the anxiety of their veering for some time towards the friends for their welfare, and entirely south, a gentle thaw commenced. cut off by a tempestuous ocean from This continued till the 12th, when the common means of correspondence, frost again set in. The quantity of have fallen upon an extraordinary and snow near Edinburgh was, at this most expeditious plan, which has an- time, nothing to what occurred to the swered completely the purpose intend- north of the Forth. Between Queensed. At one o'clock afternoon of the ferry Kinross, it lay from six to 7th, the wind blowing hard S. S. E., ten feet deep for many days. On the fishermen, from their ancient look- Wednesday the 18th, in the evening, out station, the Castle Yard, obser- the frost became exceedingly intense, ved a bladder driving ashore at the the mercury in Fahrenheit's thermomouth of the harbour. This they meter falling as low as 11°, or 21 picked up, when a small piece of wood degrees below the freezing point, in attached to it was found to bear the the neighbourhood of this city. At following inscription :-“ Whoever Foxhall, about eight miles west from finds this, keep the bladder, but de- Edinburgh, in a window exposed to liver the inclosed parcel to David the current of air from the N. E., it Horsburgh, Crail.” The parcel was was observed as low as 6°, or 26 dedelivered as directed, and was found grees below the freezing point. Duto be a letter from William Martin, ring the three following days the therthe person appointed to keep the mometer indicated from 22° to 28o. light-house, dated the 7th instant, Sunday, the 22d, was one of the (the very day it arrived,) informing coldest days in the remembrance of his friends here of the welfare of his the present generation. At 8 o'clock family. What renders this the more in the morning, in this city, the mer. remarkable is, that the bladder should cury stood at 11°. A little way from arrive at the very spot it was intended town, it was observed at só. In to reach, from an island distant about Queen street, exposed to the north, 64 miles, and probably within a very it was as low as 6o. In the evening few hours from the time it was com it was perhaps still colder ; for at mitted to the waves.

Foxhall it was noticed as low as 5°, The snow has been so astonishing- or 27 degrees below the freezing ly deep at Stainmoor during part of point. The large bason of the new this month, that in one place a road harbour at Leith, though filled with was cut below it, and the mail-coach salt water, was so completely frozen passed under an arch of snow. over, that the sailors could pass from · EDINBURGH. Great Cold.-By ship to ship upon the ice. From the

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