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The observations in the preceding not more universally used in meteor-journal were made by two celebrated ological observations, as well as for opticians, Mr John Carey and Mr various other purposes to which it is Robert Bancks. To the first of applicable. But, even among men these gentlemen we owe the observa- of science, there is a prejudice against tions contained in col. 2, 4, 6, 10, 12; new inventions, which nothủng but and to the second, the observations time and necessity can overcome. recorded in col. 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11. The instruments which are at present The journal kept by Mr Carey is the in use for ascertaining the humidity first in which the dryness of the air of the atmosphere, are completely has been determined by Mr Leslie's fallacious, and ought long ago to hygrometer, the only instrument of have been superseded by the ingenious the kind in which any confidence ean instrument with which Mr Leslie has be placed. It is much to be regret. enriched philosophy and the arts. Led that this valuable instrument is




having fallen on the 29th, the snow

was so rapidly dissolved, that all the On the morning of Wednesday the level parts of the country were laid 18th of January, the shock of an under water. The devastation comearthquake was distinctly felt at Al. mitted in the south of England by loa, in Scotland, and the noise and tre. this sudden thaw was unusually mulous motion were very perceptible great. The views upon the Thames along the base of the Ochil Hills. from Henley to London were the

Sunday the 22d of this month was most interesting that could possibly one of the coldest davs in the



seen. To the writer of this arti. ry of the present generation. At's cle, who was then travelling from o'clock in the morning, the thermo- Oxford to London, the whole course meter in Edinburgh stood at 11° of the river had the appearance of a At a short distance from town, the succession of the finest lakes, arranmercury stood so low as 8°; and in ged in the most picturesque manner. Queen street, which faces the north, On the last day of this month, and it was observed at 8°. In the even on the 1st of February, the shocks of ing, it was perceived as low as 5o at an earthquake were distinctly felt Foxhall, about 8 miles west of Edin- in the West Highlands, particularly burgh. The large wet dock at at Arisaig and Moidart. Leith, though filled with salt water, On the 30th of January, at 2 o. was so completely frozen over, that clock p. m., there was a fall of methe sailors went upon the ice from teoric stones in Caswell county, New one ship to another. On the 22d, Connecticut. Their descent was disthe thermometer in London fell to tinctly perceived for a considerable 21°, which was its lowest position in distance round, and two reports were the month of January. The intense heard at Hillsborough, a distance of cold began to abate on the 26th. 30 miles. A fragment, weighing ? On the 27th, the mercury in the pound and three-quarters, struck a thermometer rose 15° above the free. tree where some wood-cutters were at zing point, and heavy showers of rain work: They immediately ran home,

but, being encouraged by a woman

MAY. to examine the place, they returned with her, and brought away the stone, On the 9th of this month, swallows which was still hot. It was ferrugin. were observed near Edinburgh, and ous, porous, and of a dark brown co- swifts and martins on the 16th. On lour.

the 17th, explosions of thunder were FEBRUARY

heard at Edinburgh for the first time

this season, and they were repeated Very high winds prevailed from on the 21st. he 16th to the 20th of this month, On the 2d of May there was a good Blowing from the west and from the deal of hail in London in the forenoon, south-west.

which was followed by lightening and On the 19th at London, the moon thunder. On the evening of the 14th, was encircled with a beautiful halo. at 11 o'clock, lightening was again

observed ; and on the evening of the MARCH.

17th, the lightening at London was

accompanied with a high wind, and On the 1st of March, the moon with a sultry heat. On the aftervas encircled with a very fine halo. noon of the 19th, there was at Lon

Vegetation was about six weeks ear. don a tremendous storm of thunder, ier in the beginning of March, than lightening, and heavy rain. t was in the year 1808.

On the afternoon of the 28th of On the 30th of the month the haw. May, a very sudden diminution of horn hedges had begun to put out temperature was experienced in Edin. heir buds.

burgh. On the 29th, a heavy fall of snow and hail commenced, and

continued at intervals on the 30th and APRIL

31st, so as to cover the ground to the Vegetation, which was advancing depth of a foot and a half in some vith such rapidity, received a severe places. shock from the sharp frosts between

JUNE. he 3d and 5th of this month. On he 27th, snow fell in a considerable Violent rains and strong easterly quantity, and the continuance of the winds succeeded the late storm of iocturnal frosts through the greater hail and snow, and produced great vart of the month destroyed the blos- havock in the gardens. oms of several fruit-trees, and gave a

JULY. shrivelled appearance to the young eaves of many shrubs and flowers. There was a storm of thunder,

On the evening of the 13th of lightening, and heavy rain, at LonApril, at 9 o'clock, there was a good don, at 2 o'clock pom. on the 4th, dealoflightening observed in London. the thermometer retiring 4o. A si. Next morning, at half an hour past 6 milar storm took place on the 9th, at o'clock, there was a good deal of 11 o'clock at night, and also on the thunder, and at 1 o'clock of the same evenings of the 25th and 26th. day hail and lightening came on.

August. Towards the end of the month there were several great falls of snow. On the 3d of this month, at half

past 7 o'clock in the evening, a se. On the 13th, at 1 o'clock p. Tuy vere thunder storm passed over Edin. there was another storm of thunder burgh and Leith, at the last of which and lightening, with heavy showens places the lightening killed a boy. of rain

and half-melted hail. On the 10th of August, during the On the 17th, lightening appeared night, there was a good deal of thun at London in the east in a dark and der, lightening, and rain at London. lurid sky. During this storm, about half past On the 25th, at 1 and 3 o'clock one o'clock in the morning, the whole in the afternoon, a good deal of thunof the sky appeared to be covered der was heard at London. with one unbroken mass of black pit On the 30th, in the evening, lightchy cloud, in which no break was vir ening appeared at London in the cast. sible, even during the vivid flashes of lightening, which seemed to come from

SEPTEMBER an inferior region of the sky. Over, or rather below this dark surface, were During the greater part of this spread light and flocky clouds, broken month, the weather was very variable

, into larger fleeces, and apparently lu- and by no means favourable for the minousthroughout. They seemed full operations of the harvest in this part of little dazzling and dancing specks of the kingdom. of light, that sometimes shone as stars On the 4th, at I o'clock p. Mag through a misty cloud. Some of there was thunder in London. those increased gradually, and then On the 19th of this month, between died away ; but one of them increa: 5 and 6 o'clock in the evening, appeared sed to such a degree as to equal Ve. a meteor in the south, at the distance nus in size and lustre. This lumin- of about a quarter of a mile from the ous body moved with considerable small commune of Breziau, in France rapidity round the edge of that mass Those who observed this meteor as. in which it appeared. Another bril- sert, that it was about a quarter of an liant meteor of the same kind ap- hour in collecting, and that after it peared in a similar cloud at a consi was completely formed, it began to derable distance. It was distinctly move in a northerly direction, and observed by Mr Staveley, to whom was accompanied with a frightful we are indebted for an account of the noise like the rolling of a chariot, or preceding phenomena, that no lighten- the noise of rain driven violently by ing broke from the luminous clouds, the wind, and was afterwards attend. but that they emitted a light of a ed with thunder and lightening. After pale phosphoric colour.

moving for some time in the same diOn the 11th, at half past nine o' rection, the 'meteor was suddenly clock in the evening, a meteor ap- changed into a column of fire,, peared at Edinburgh in the north. with the fog that accompanied it

, west. It was seen at the same time appeared to rise to the heavens.

It in Glasgow.

continued about a quarter of an hour On the 12th, at 3 o'clock in the in this state, at a short distance from afternoon, there was at Edinburgh the forest of Beaulieu, and at las: a great storm of thunder and light. sunk a little, and disappeared, leaving ening, accompanied with torrents of behind it a thick fog without any rain.


ed about from N. W. to S. E., acOCTOBER.

companied with a thick and obscure .

atmosphere, and during a considerThis month was one of the finest able portion of the evening dead in the year. Even on the 30th the calms prevailed. On the 4th, at noon, ash trees had not lost their foliage, the thermometer was at 76, and the and the bat was still fying about in wind S. E. and moderate ; but inthe evening.

creasing towards the evening, when

it degenerated into a perfect calm. NOVEMBER.

At half past ten o'clock the first vio

lent shock took place, and lasted about The weather was so open and two minutes, accompanied with loud mild that several jarganelle trees subterraneous noises, and after the were covered with a second shew of interval of a minute, a still more vioblossom, and full-blown roses were lent concussion took place, lasting gathered in the second week of this about two or three minutes, and at. month,

tended with a still louder sound, proA pretty hard frost began on the ceeding, apparently, like the first, 18th, and on the 19th the mercury from the centre of the Ward or Devil's was so low as 220 ; but on the 20th, Mountain. Before three o'clock in the weather again became mild. the morning, no fewer than 13 shocks

took place,running always in the samo, DECEMBER

direction, but gradually diminishing

in power. On the 5th, 6th, 7th, The whole of this month was un and 8th of December small shocks commonly mild, without any storms of were distinctly felt. During the se

vere concussions on the 4th and 5th, On the 4th of this month a severe the watches and clocks lost a good shock of an earthquake was felt at deal of time ; a fire-ball was observed the Cape of Good Hope. On the over the mountains in the west ; vari1st, 2d, and 3d of December; the 'ous shooting stars appeared ; the weather was extremely hot and op- firmament was completely free of: pressive. On the evening of the 3d clouds, and the barometer, which was of December the wind suddenly veer. ' 29.80, fell gradually,


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