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north end of it, as soon as the first rell. When formed in this new way, violent heat of the bed has subsided. muffles are said to be both cheaper By this means a most abundant crop and stronger than when manufactu. may be obtained.

red in the common way. See Trans. Mr Martin Furnass has invented a of the Society for the Encouragement new air-tight door hinge, of which of Arts. an account will be found in the A machine for closing boots and Trans. of the Society of Arts. shoes in a standing posture has been

An improved method of construct- invented by MrA. Stass. A drawing ing muffles for chemical purposes has and description of it will be found in been invented by Mr Edmund Tur. the Trans. of the Society of Arts.,

N. B. Well authenticated Facts for this branch of our Work will be thankfully received, and it is requested that Communications may be addressed under cover to the Publishers of the Register, at No. 48, Hanover Street, Edinburgh.





Jan. 17. For a process of setting Peek, of Charlotte row, Fort Place

, blue lead, for corroding the same into Bermondsey, Surrey, mill-wright

. white lead. To John Brierly, of River Jan. 23. A method for the appli

. Bank, in the county of Flint. See cation of stamps, dies, and piercing Repertory of Arts, June 1809, p. 11. tools, to the manufacturing of ears

, Jan. 23. For manufacturing a cer- handles, and bewels for culinary at tain description of wooden boxes, call. ticles of every description, whether ed chip boxes, or pill boxes, of all in wood, iron, brass, copper, tin, selthe various sizes and shapes hitherto ver, or any mixed metals. To Sa. made. To James Goddart of New muel Whitfield, of Church Street, man street, gent. See Repertory of Birmingham, brazier and scale-beam Arts, July 1810, p. 73.

maker, Jan. 23. For an improved method Jan. 26. For a transcendant ord. of hanging the bodies, and of con nance, or improved cannon, for either structing the perches of four-wheeled marine, fort, or field service. To carriages, by which such carriages Michael Logan, of Rotherhithe, care rendered less liable to be over vil engineer. turned ; and of constructing perch. Jan. 28. For a method of casting bolts and collar.braces. To Edward metallic and other bodies, together or Stracy, of Parliament street, West- separately, in moulds, in the state of minster, Esq. See Repertory of Auidity or softness, in order that the Arts, April 1809, p. 289.

said bodies may preserve the figures Jan. 23. Machine for casting thus obtained, when they shall afterprinting types, by which three mo wards become solid or consistent by tions out of five, made in the ordina. cooling, or by any chemical or other ry method, are saved. To John change which shall or may take place

or be produced in the nature, order, Feb. 7. Certain improvements on or proportions, or quantities of the machines applicable to various kinds component parts or ingredients of of spinning. To Archibald Thomhe same. "To Anthony George son, of Manchester, engineer. Eckhardt, of Berwick street, Suho. Feb. 7. For certain improvements

Jan. 29. Improvements on patent in the manufacture of soap, to wash machinery, for cutting and placing with sea water, with hard water, and

aper ; also certain machinery for the with soft water. To William Ever. manufacture of paper by a new me. hard, Baron Doornik, of Old Lisle hod. To John Dickinson, of Lud- street, Leicester Square. See Regate Hill, London, stationer. pertory of Arts, Nov. 1810, p. 321.

Feb. 4. For certain methods of Feb. 9. For a method of manufacnanufacturing various kinds of me. turing cards which are employed in al laces, so as to imitate gold and the carding and spinning of fax, tow, ilver laces; and also of manufactu- wool, cotton, and silk, so as to coming gold and silver open laces. To bine the quality of a fine card with George Finch, jun., of King street, the strength of a coarse one. To Soho, orris weaver. See Repertory John Stead, card manufacturer, Leith of Arts, July 1809, p. 65.

Walk, Edinburgh. Feb. 4. For a new process of free. . Feb. 13. For a peculiar construcng tarred ropes from the tar, and tion for the purpose of burning coke endering them fit for the use of the and lime, whereby the superfluous nanufacturer. To Thomas Potts, heat of the fire used in burning the of Hackney.

coke is applied to burning the lime, Feb. 7. For certain improvements and also whereby much fire may be pon a patent open stove, or appara. rendered perpetual, and which is deus for carbonising all sorts of raw nominated the “ Union and perpetual uel and combustibles, and reducing Kiln.” To James Grellier, of Aldhem into superior fuel or coke and borough Hatch, in the county of Esharcoal, as well as for extracting sex, Esq. See Repertory of Arts, nd saving during the same process, Oct. 1809, p. 259. he oil, tar, pyroligneous vegetable Feb. 13. 'For a thermometer, or cid and ammoniacal coal liquors; machine for ascertaining the heat of nd for extracting and refining all the bakers' ovens and various other puriflammable air or gas, so as to de- poses. To Stephen Hooper, of Wal. rive it of all disagreeable odour du- worth, in the county of Surrey, gent. ing combustion, and rendering the See Repertory of Arts, Nov. 1810, as itself salutary for human respi. p. 324. ation when properly_diluted with Feb. 21. For a new method of tmospheric air. To Frederick Al. manufacturing all kinds of boots, ert Winsor, of Pall-mall, Esq. See shoes, and other articles, by means of Repertory of Arts, Dec. 1810, p. 6. a substitute for thread made of hemp,

Feb. 7. For a mode of construc. fax, or other yarns. To David Meade ion or arrangement for any building, Randolph, a citizen of Virginia, in o as to afford security against fire, the United States of America, but at vith other advantages.' To William present residing near Golden Square, Congreve, of Cecil street, Strand, in the county of Middlesex, merchant, Esq. See Repertory of Arts, Sept. who, in consequence of a communi1810, p. 981.

tion made to him from his friend and

oorrespondent residing within the said certain black writing ink or compo United States, has become possessed sition, the durability whereof is zor of this method.

to be affected by time or change of Feb. 21. Method of producing fast climate. To Frederick Bartholomey greens on cotton and various other Folch, of Oxford street, and Willia articles. To Joseph Ilett, of Strat. Howard, of Bedford street, Lockford, in the county of Essex, calico fields, in the county of Surrey. See printer. Repertory of Arts, July Repertory of Arts, Sept. 1809, ; 1809, p. 75.

206. March 1. Certain improvements in March 9. For improved methods the construction of umbrellas and pa- of raising or supplying tubes or lamps sasols. To Leger Didot, of Two with oil, so as to remove away the Waters, in the county of Hertford. shade of the vessel containing the oil

, March 1. For a machine by which and informand use equal to anymohl is counterbalanced the weight of any or wax candle, which is denominated volume of water, or other Auid, re Proctor's Spiral Argand and Candike quired to be lifted by any steam or Lamp. To William Proctor, of Sher: water engine, or other machinery, field, optician. Repertory of Antig either worked by animals or men, Aug. 1809, p. 132. which gains a very considerable power March 20. For a machine for the over any machine now in use. To making and manufacturing of bobber Richard Scantlebury, of Redrath, in lace, or lace nearly resembling forever the county of Cornwall

, brazier. Re. lace. To John Heathcoat, of Laugh pertory of Arts, Aug. 1809, p. 190. borough, in the county of Leicester,

March 1. For a new method, di- lace manufacturer. rected by machinery, of using the March 20. For an improvement » screw, by which its mechanical power the construction of tables, chairs

, ed or its motion is increased. To Ed. stools, for domestic, military

, and s» ward Steers, of the Inner Temple, val service, and in the packing of the Esq. See Repertory of Arts, May same. To James Hakewell

, of Beas 1809, p. 361.

mont street, in the parish of St Mary. March 1. For a new improved le-bone. hook, for bearing up the heads of March 20. For a machine of "> horses in drawing carriages. To chinery for raising, lowering, dron Abraham Seward, of Lancaster, tin- ing, driving, forcing, impressing

, plate worker. See Repertory of Arts, moving bodies, substances, materiak June 1809, p. 14.

fluids, articles, or commodities. Tu March 1. For an improved con Simeon Thompson, of Maddon strat struction of shears for shearing sheep. Hanover square.

To Thomas Clatworthy, of Wins March 20. For a new mode of er ford, in the county of Somerset

, namenting and painting all kinds o sheep-shears maker, and John Clat- japanned and varnished wares, of De worthy of the same place, sheep- tal, wood, paper, or any other com shears maker, his son. Repertory of position, and various other articles Arts, June 1809, p. 16.

To Charles Valentine, of the pare March 4. For a certain machine, of St James, Clerkenwell, japarare instrument, or pen, calculated to pro- See Repertory of Arts, May 180 mote facility in writing, and also a p. 323.

March 28. For a machine or in- der, of Abbey street, in the city of strument to be applied to stoves or Dublin, Bachelor of Arts. grates, for preventing accidents by April 19. For certain new and imfire, and whereby the fires in stoves proved methods or processes of manuor grates may be put out and extin- facturing, refining, and purifying guished with safety and facility. To muriate of soda, or common salt. To James Yonnie, of Theobald's Row, John Phillips London the elder, and Middlesex, smith.

Phillips London the younger, of the March 29. For a new street and parish of St Luke, Chelsea, Middlehall lamp, and the necessary appara- sex, gents. See Repertory of Arts, tus for expediting the trimming, light. April 1809, p. 327. ng, and cleansing the said street and April 19. For improvements in the hall lamp. To Elizabeth Perryman, making of umbrellas and parasols. of Greek street, Soho, Middlesex. To Phillis Bawn Thomson, wife of April 3. For sundry apparatus or

Edward Thomson, of Birmingham, nachinery for accelerating the manu- manufacturer. See Repertoryof Arts, acturing of felt or stuff hats, and for June 1810, p. 5. cutting and removing by machinery April 20. For a compound subhe furs of beavers, rabbits, and the stance or cake for the feeding of horwhole variety of skins, the furs or ses and other animals. To Matthias vool of which are used for the pur- Wilks, of Brabant court, in the city >ose of hat-making. To Richard of London, merchant. Willcox, of the parish of St Mary,

April 25.

For a machine for raiLambeth, Surrey, mechanist. șing weights or water with greater

April 3. For certain machinery for facility and at less expence than any acilitating the manufacture of stuff, at present used. To John Barton, pool, and other hats and bonnets felt- of the town of Tunbridge, in the d. To Richard Willcox, of the county of Kent, gent. arish of St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey. April 29. For certain inventions April 3. For an improved mode calculated to improve naval architec. f constructing buildings, by which ture and navigation, and to contriTeat expence, labour, and time is bute to the comfort and better sube aved, and the buildings secured from sistence of mariners. To Richard ry rot, with other advantages. To Trevithick, of Rotherhithe, in the ohn Thomas Groves, of Great Scot- county of Surrey, engineer, and Ro. and Yard, Whitehall, Middlesex, bert Dickinson, of Great Queen Esq. See Repertory of Arts, July street, in the county of Middlesex, 810, p. 8.

Esq. April 18. For a method of con Nlay 4. For a new mode of prepaerting salt or sea water into fresh ring soda and other mineral waters, Fater, both on land and on board of spirituous, acetous, saccharine, aroma

hip at sea. To John Frederick tic liquors, and sundry improvements - Irchbold, of Great Charlotte street, relative thereto. To William Ha. jurrey, gent. See Repertory of Arts, milton, of Lower Mount street,' in April 1810, p. 262.

the city of Dublin. Repertory of April 19. For a self-mover, or ma- Arts, Dec. 1809, p. 1. :hine which can keep itself in mo May 4. For improyements on guns, on. To William Pleasants the el. pistols, and other similar fire-arms,

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