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founded, but this was no time for hesita

GENERAL ORDERS. tion. The bugle was sounded, and they gave three loud huzzas, which were an Camp, two miles interior of Arum. swered from one end of the hill to the

booly Gate, February 10, 1809. other, in a downward direction, when Parole-Welsh. Countersign-Success. the firing increased. Unacquainted with

Lieutenant-Colonel the Honourable the success below, and determined not

A. St Leger has much satisfaction in to quit the hill alive, Major Welsh and conveying to the troops under his comhis small party pushed up to the summit, mand the most sincere congratulations still shouting and blowing.

on the brilliant achievement of this At this period Major Welsh, by his morning. The lieutenant-colonel deems exertions, and many severe falls in his it a duty he owes to justice, thus publicefforts, was completely deprived of the ly to mark the high consideration he enuse of his limbs, and he fainted several tertains of the perseverance, judgment, times. Being joined by the light com- and ability displayed by Major Welsh, pany 1st battalion 3d regiment, he was

commanding the Sd regiment of native afterwards carried, by his own desire, to

infantry, in the assault of this morning, the scene of action. As they approach

wherein the greatness of the enterprise ed, the day broke, and discovered the could only be equalled by the success whole bill in possession of the British. which attended it. The lieutenant-coloThe colours of the 2d battalion were hoisted on a conspicuous rock, and the the officers and men who composed the

nel requests Major Welsh will convey to guns of the enemy were turned on their detachment for escalade under his comlines, which were completely enfiladed. mand the most unqualified approbation They continued, however, to fire with of their gallant exertions in accomplishsome guns, until a party dashed down ing an object which must ever be conthe rock, and drove them completely sidered as entitled to an high place in away from the whole lines, killing seve

military records. ral

, and taking all their arms, &c. During this operation the whole force was Copy of Lieutenant-Colonel St Lemoving down rapidly to the support of ger's letter, dated Feb. 10, 1809, the storming party : a company of the to the Chief Secretary to Govern69th, and three companies ist battalion

ment. 13th regiment, joined them on the hill, by the same scrambling route.

“Sir-I had the honour this morning Thus, by a successful coup-de-main, fell to convey to you, by express, a small the strong and famed lines of Travancore, note in pencil, for the information of the the extent of which would require at Hon, the Governor in Council, by which least 10,000 men to defend them, and by you were made acquainted with the sanine o'clock there was not a man in tisfactory intelligence of the British flag sight, even from the upper posts. The being flying on every quarter of the Arumnorth bill, which is very strong, but

booly lines, as well as the commanding about three quarters of a mile from the

redoubts to the north and south. It is Dearest part of the lines, was abandon- impossible for me to describe in language ed in such confusion, that the enemy left sufficiently strong the obligations I feel about 50 stand of arms at the gate, pre- under to the personal exertions of Major ferring a naked state to insure their flight. Welsh, commanding the 3d regiment of A great quantity of cannon (some very native infantry, and the detachment for asbeautiful brass ones) have been taken, to

sault under his command. The southern gether with muskets, pikes, and ammu

redoubt, which presented a complete enfinition of all sorts. The troops are busily

Jade of the whole of the main lines as far as einployed in blowing up the lines, and the gate, was the object of Major Welsh's bursting all iron guns, &c.

enterprise ; an undertaking which, froi

the natural strength of the approach, ap- nance in the works, which has not yet peared to be only practicable to the ex. been ascertained. ertions and determined bravery of British troops, led on to glory by Major

BOMBAY, January 18.-By letters Welsh. It was ascended under cover of received from the detachment under the night, and our troops had actually Lieutenant-Colonel Doveton, of date escaladed the wall ere their approach was

December 29th, we are happy to ansuspected, and the ascent of such great nounce his having, after a march of difficulty, as to require six hours actual 100 miles, performed in 52 hours, scrambling so as to reach the foot of the walls.

come up with and totally defeated “ In consideration of the brilliancy of

the body of horse and infantry under this achievement, I feel a pleasurable duty Bungas Cawn, late a Sirdar of high in detailing, for the information of the rank in Holkar's service, then besieHon. Governor in Council, the names of ging Amulneer, a fort situated bethose officers who accompanied the de- tween the Ajunty pass and river Taptachment for escalade, which consisted tee. Colonel Doveton, with two de of two companies of the picquet of his tachments of native cavalry, and a Majesty's 69th regiment, commanded by detachment of horse artillery, were Captain Syms; the four flank companies about eight miles in front of the inregiment, under Captain Lucas: and it fantry; and on reaching a small emidid not require that confirmation which

nence, about ten o'clock in the mornMajor Welsh has conveyed, in the most ing, was gratified by a sight of the handsome manner, to convince me, that enemy's cavalry encamped in the valto have accomplished such an object, ley below; and without waiting for every man must have done his duty. In his infantry, he immediately formed the list of gallant fellows which accom up, and charged the camp. The conpany this dispatch, I have to lament the fate of Captain Cunningham, whose

sequence was a total defeat, and the wound I fear is mortal, which 'deprives capture of 14 guns, 5 elephants

, near his country of a brave and valuable offi 100 camels, and 1000 horses, three

When Major Welsh had once ef. principal Sirdars taken ; Bungas fected his security in this commanding Cawn's brother among the wounded. position, I dispatched to his assistance, This

Cawn himselfescaped to a strong by the same arduous route, a company hill fort near the frontier of Guzerat, of his Majesty's 69th regiment, and three and now in the possession of Myput companies ist and 2d battalions 13th Ram. To this fort Colonel Walregiment, under Captain Hodgson, to reinforce and add confidence to his party. and 25 miles each day, and Colonel

lace was making hasty marches, of 20 As soon as this addition was perceived, a detachment from his party stormed the Doveton was also, by another route, main lines, and by dint of persevering pursuing the fugitives. bravery, carried them entirely; and the DUBLIN, July 17.-A general em. northern redoubt was abandoned entirely bargo was laid yesterday morning on by the panic-struck enemy, who fled in all the shipping in this harbour, and all possible confusion in every direction, every other throughout the kingdom, leaving me in possession of their strong. in consequence of the sailing of the est lines; and I am now encamped in a convenient position, two miles interior grand expedition. So strictly was it of the Arumbooly gate. I am in posses. enforced, that the sailing of the packsion of the arsenal, which appears well ets for England was at first prohibitfilled with arms, ammunition, and many ed, but afterwards countermanded as stores, with a quantity of valuable ord to the Holyhead packets, but the


Chester and Liverpool ones were de him. They went to the Dolphin public tained.

house, where they remained all together 21st.-A gentleman is arrived in the rest of that night. The next mornEngland, who left Flushing last Sa. ing the mother went to Mr Cobbett, to turday, the 15th ; and so faithfully do speak to him in behalf of the boy. On public suspicions conspire on both Aslett and the tithing-man (who had

her return to the Dolphin, the defendant sides of the water, in fixing upon that previously joined them) went away, and place as the object of our attack, that the boy was left without any body but his previously to his departure, the ene. mother. He, seizing the opportunity, my had removed from thence all un took to his heels, and ran away frightennecessary stores, and whatever else ed: the mother and her son, William Bur. could become the capture of war, to gess, the plaintiff

, proceeded on their

way a more inaccessible position

homewards, and were accompanied by the

up river.

Aslett and the tithing-man, Dubber, as An embargo has been laid on all his mother were proceeding together

far as Mr Cobbett's house. Burgess and the shipping through the kingdom, along the turnpike-road on their way in order to favour the sailing of the home,(Constable Aslett having gone into expedition.

Mr Cobbett's,) but had not gone very Yesterday, at the Winchester as far, when they heard the sound of horses sizes, an action of assault and false feet after them, and on looking round imprisonment was brought against saw Aslett and Dubber riding after them. William Cobbett, William A slett,

The first thing they then heard was onc and John Dubber, at the instance of of them roaring out,“ Holloa ! stop, old

woman ! stop, you fellow! take that old William Burgess. The plaintiff laid

woman into custody: I've got a pistol, his damages at 1000l.

and will shoot you :" and they immeIt appeared, that in the month of De diately seized the old woman by the boncember last, Mr Cobbett took Jesse Bur. net and hair of the head. The plaintiff gess, a brother of the plaintiff, then a boy held up his stick, and said, if they touchabout 15 years old, into his service. Some ed his mother, he would knock them time in the month of February following, down: He told them they had no autho. the boy went home to his mother, who rity, and desired to know by what autho. lived at Droxford, a few miles from Bot- rity they acted in such a manner. They ley, and complained that his master had then thought proper to desert the moswore at him, and treated him so harshly ther, and seizing W. Burgess, snatched he could not live with him. The mother, the stick out of his hand. He again de however, sent him back to his service, manded to know by what authority he telling him she would go and talk to his was so seized, when Aslett replied, “ if you master. The boy accordingly went back, must know, it is by order of Mr Cobbett ;" but on the ed or 3d of March he return- and seeing two men coming across the ed home again at an early hour, and told common, Aslett called out to them to aid his mother that be had eloped from his and assist in the king's name, and then place: his master had so abused him be seizing the plaintiff by the collar, and could not live with him any longer. A war. using very ill language, he was proceedrant was issued on the following day to ap- ing to drag him along. The plaintiff imprehend the boy, Mr Cobbett having sta- mediately (very naturally), kicked Aslett ted him to be a servant in husbandry. in the leg, whereupon the tithing-man The boy being apprehended at his fa- came up, and struck the plaintiff in the ther's house, was brought by the defend- breast, which the other returned. He ant Aslett to Botley on the following day; was then seized; and as Aslett rode away, to which place his mother and the pre- he desired Dubber to handcuff him

if he sent plaintiff

, his brother, accompanied was refractory. They then, with most

gross language and threats, of the most racter of the defendant, Cobbett, into violent kind, dragged him along to a pub- disrepute. He called no evidence. lic house called the Cricketers, about Mr Justice Lawrence then summed up half a mile further on, and there kept him the evidence with his accustomed perspifor about five hours a close prisoner. cuity, and observed, if the plaintiff was Aslett came in about two hours after his taken into custody without any lawful first being seized, and again laying hold authority, he was entitled to damages. of his collar, said he must go with him. The jury were to consider whether the The plaintiff repeatedly requested to be other defendants had acted under the brought before his master, Mr Goodlad, order of Cobbett: in his own mind he who was a magistrate ; but this was not had not a doubt but they did. With res. permitted. The plaintiff was carried to pect 'o tlie arrest, there was no pretence the Dolphin, at Botley, and confined till for saying there was any authority. Whatnext morning. On asking by what au ever might have been the conduct of the thority he was detained, was answered, boy, it would not justify the defendants in

none, but by M: Cobbett's word of the offence they had committed on the mouth.” Next morning the mother and person of the plaintiff

. He had no ciffi

. son were carried before the magistrate at culty in saying, it was done without any Southampton, and on their arrival there, authority of law whatever, and there the first person they saw in the room was could be no doubt but they were guilty of Mr Cobbett, who, observing the door a false imprisonment. He was at a loss to little open, desired Aslett to place him- know how any political question could self against it, and not let them escape, be attached to this cause. Cobbett was while he went down to the magistrate. before the court the same as any of his But Mr Cobbett soon discovered that he fellow-subjects, and the same justice was most grossly in the wrong, for when should be done bim. He had done an he returned, he desired that this poor unlawful and oppressive act, and he was man and old woman might go about their amenable to the laws of his country for business, provided they brought back the it: the charge against bim stood unconboy to Botley by Monday morning. The tradicted, and the jury must give a ver• young man observed that he and his mo dict against him: It lay in their breasts iher had a great many miles to get home, to say what damages the plaintiff was eno and that she was not able to walk. Cob- titled to. bett answered, with an oath, “ you may 7 he jury, after ten minutes consulta: go and get home as well as you can.” He tion, returned a verdict for the plaintiff also threatened to send Burgess on ship- Damages 101. board, and his mother to Winchester jail

. SINGULAR CONDEMNATION.--A Mr Borough, as leading counsel for the physician of the name of Gortz was plaintiff, contenıled that Cobbett was the publicly executed last month at Berinstigator of the outrage, and that Aslett fin. He was a and Dubber, blacksmiths by trade, were

man of extensive merely his tools. He drew an animated practice, and had acquired considerapicture of the inconsistency between Cobe ble reputation in his profession, as bett's pretended zeal for the liberty of well as a noble fortune. The cir. the su'vject, and the reformation of abu- cumstances, however, which led to ses, with his violent and oppressive con this disgraceful end are briefly these : duct on this occasion; and he hoped the — The only daughter of Baron Goejury would let Mr Cobbett know, by their ler, of the Prussian board of finance, verdict, what was the value of civil liberty, and the impartiality of British justice. eradication of a scrophulous

was placed under his care, for the After the evidence for the prosecution was gone through, Mr Jekyll, counsel for plaint. His skill soon relieved the the defendant, contended, that it was a young lady; but after a short time, combination to bring the political cha. the disorder returned. He then de.


clared to the father, whose confidence pitated from a height of nearly 100 he had acquired, that unless the feet, and killed on the spot, his daughter was more immediately un skull being fractured, limbs broken, der his eye, he could not answer for &c. Mr Murray, who was much ber complete cure. The baron, up- respected by all who knew him, was on this representation, agreed to her married only about two years ago, residing some time in the house of and has left a wife and two infants to Gortz, who was a married man ; and deplore his loss. in this situation the latter found AYR.-We have waited for some means to abuse the confidence repo- time, in expectation of hearing of sed in him, by seducing the young some tremendous concussion of the lady. Dreading the manifestation of terraqueous globe ; but the immedi. his guilt, and sensible that his pa diate scene of the disaster may have tient's situation would not admit of been so distant, as to cause the lapse much longer concealment, he prescri- of some weeks before intelligence can bed a medicine which operated with reach us. Tuesday, the 11th current, much violence, and after a few days, was a fine day; the atmosphere be. terminated her existence. Previous- trayed no symptom of commotion ; ly to her dissolution, however, she not a drop of rain fell, yet a noise, made known her shame. Gortz was resembling that of thunder, was heard, immediately apprehended, and exa at the same instant, on the western mined. He denied the crime impu- shore of Carrick, and in the interior of red to him, and declared that his the island. By some it was compaprescription was intended to relieve red to the firing of two or three pieher pain. No evidence could be ad ces of cannon in rapid succession; duced of his guilt. The deceased to others it seemed the rattling of did not exhibit any appeara ace of be. many chariots ; and to others, the ing poisoned ; and the medicine, on falling of houses or other buildings; being analysed, was found to con. insomuch that the labourer for a tain no ingredient of that nature. moment suspended his toil, and But several physicians having given looked toward the nearest edifice, to their opinion, that they did not think ascertain whether it was still standthat a man of Gortz's experience ing, or hastened to an eminence, to could have given the medicine forbehold the expected cavalcade of carany other than a malignant purpose, riages; but no object met his view, the judges decided against him.--His either to realize his fear, or gratify family has been banished the Prussian his curiosity. There was no tremor

of the ground perceptible by human 22d.ABERDEEN.-On Tuesday sensation, but the brute creation perevening last, Mr Murray, tenant in ceived it ; for horses and cows, while Ferneybrae, a farm belonging to the feeding with the utmost composure, Earl of Erroll, had gone to the sum

were seized with a sudden starting, mit of one of the highest rocks be not to be accounted for from the antween Slains Castle and Peterhead, noyance of insects, or any similar in order to tether or remove some

cause, and ran, with marks of the sheep which he had stationed upon greatest consternation, from one end a very steep declivity near the rock, of the field to another. In short, and his foot slipping, he was preci- from every account which we have


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