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ds of joy in the street, which Captain Barclay and others amount lled on the breath of eve, filled already to a very great sum. The y virtuous bosom with sensations captain is backed freely in London at elight.

six to four, though a task of equal Vhat are the reflections which difficulty in its kind was perhaps ent themselves to the mind from never, before accomplished. A peirvey and recapitulation of this destrian of the name of Jones fore-Anatural association of ideas merly attempted to go a mile an hour tray a people, who, after having for a month, but he declined in less · groaned under despotic restric- than three weeks. Captain Barclay 3, severe bondage, and oppressive has apartments at the house of Buckle , are suddenly emancipated by the jockey, and his half mile out is firmness and virtue of inflexible measured from his parlour door iots. To them do we owe these down a lane leading to the northmoniesof gratitude and joy. And ward of the course.

He lives high, are they? - The Federalists of and takes rest about an hour and a Eastern States, who made a noble half at a time. His task will conti. d against unconstitutional and un nue for 41 days and 16 hours. We oppression, and drove its authors therefore refer our readers to the 12th the iniquitous ground they had of July, in this Chronicle, for an ac

count of the progress and completion 'pril 26.-A letter from the Ha- of this celebrated enterprise. jah, dated the 10th instant, says, James Adam, shoemaker in Banff, he French residents in this island became embarrassed in hiscircumstanobliged to keep close on board of ces in 1805; (his creditors then re

Is, &c., on account of the rage ceiving a composition of 15s. per he populace. American vessels pound, and granting him a discharge.) have arrived are overhauled by By industrious application to busiSpanish officers, to ascertain if ness, he has since recovered from his

have any French property on embarrassments, and paid his creditors d. Money is very scarce. New the remaining 5s., making full pay28 have been laid-10 dollars on ment of 20s. per pound-conduct

per bbl., and on other provisions which reflects much honour on himper cent. ; cotton goods 15 per self, and holds forth an example wor., and other dry goods 22. Su thy of imitation.

are from four to six dollars, and 4th, 5th.-KING's 16.-No sale for any articles. This day our gracious sovereign, EDESTRIANISM.—CAPTAIN BAR. George Ill., entered into the 72d year Y.-Captain Barclay started at of his


On account of this anni. ve o'clock this night, (June 1.) versary of his birth falling on Sunday, New-Market Heath, for a bet the joyful celebration of it as a nation000 guineas, with a Mr Web- al festival was deferred till the day fol. -, that he would walk 1000 miles lowing, Monday 5th. The return of he same number of hours in suc the festival was announced by the hon, walking not less nor more ringing of bells early in the morning

one mile in an hour. Great in. throughout the country, particularly st is excited in the sporting circles in London and Westminster, where this eccasion, and the bets with the merry peals rung the w of

the day. The standards and flags of it, her Majesty dressed in her super the united kingdom were displayed court dress. The Queen was adornec from the Tower, the different public as customary on the King's birth buildings, and all the churches. The day, in honour of the day, in th ships in the river exhibited their va. most costly jewels, particularly he rious colours. The guards were not crown and helmet, and her stomach inspected, as is customary, by some of er, and other ornaments and dia the royal dukes, owing to the inces- monds, to the amount of 150,000 sant rain that fell. A double royal The Archbishop of Canterbury wa salute was discharged at one o'clock, admitted into the presence of hé in St James's Park ; and the 60 can- Majesty, at the Duke's, and delivere non on the Tower Wharf were dis an oration of congratulation upon th charged at the same time. Owing to return of the day. the late indisposition of her Majesty, When her Majesty and the Prir and also to the fire at St James's Pa- cesses left the Duke's apartment lace, there have been but few draw. they were joined by their state as ing-rooms this season. The drawing- tendants, and proceeded through th room of this day was, however, pecu. gallery to the ball-room. Her Ma liarly splendid, and crowded with jesty and the Princesses entered th beauty and fashion. The company grand council-chamber exactly at continued going to the palace from quarter past two o'clock, attende half past twelve till five o'clock. by Earl Morton, her Majesty'

The Dukes of York, Clarence, chamberlain, and Colonel Desbrow Cumberland, Kent, and Cambridge, her Majesty's vice-chamberlain, o also the Princess Charlotte of Wales, each side of her Majesty, and othe breakfasted with their Majesties and attendants. The former held up he the Princesses, at the Queen's Palace, Majesty's train, and upon her taking at nine o'clock, and paid their re her station between the second an spects to their royal father upon the third window, he placed it

upon happy return of the day. In the marble slab behind her Majesty course of the morning, the Bishops The Princesses, as usual, arrange of Salisbury and Chester, several on themselves, according to their ages, ther dignified clergy, also a number the left of her Majesty, towards the of personages of distinction, attend- throne. The nobility and gentry ed at the Queen's Palace, to pay their after they had congratulated her Ma respects to their Majesties. 'At half jesty upon the happy return of the past twelve o'clock her Majesty and day, proceeded to pay their respect the Princesses left the Queen's Pa. to the Princesses. 'Her Majesty re lace in three carriages, the Princess- ceived the numerous presentations in es in their full court dresses, but her the usual manner.

A few minutes Majesty was only in her morning after her Majesty had entered the dress, and proceeded to the apart. grand council-chamber, the lord ments of the Duke of Cumberland, chamberlain waved his wand of ofin St James's Palace, where her Ma- fice, as a token of her Majesty's jesty dressed. The Duke of Cum- pleasure, to Sir William Parsons, the berland received them at his door. master of the King's band, to whose A sumptuous cold collation was pro- judicious care the performance of the vided for them : after partaking of birth-day ode was intrusted. Sit

illiam was in attendance, with his green and silver tissue, with lace drapeajesty's band, in a room behind ries, richly ornamented with diamonds, 2 throne.

festoons of Valenciennes lace, and beauFor the Ode we refer our readers tiful diamond tassels ; border of the petthe Poetical department in the pre- This dress exceeded all former birth-day

ticoat, a most sumptuous diamond chain. t volume. The music, which was

dresses in magnificence. Pcted from the works of Handel,

Princess of Wales.—A superb lilac his Majesty's express command, and silver gossamer gauze court train, nmenced with an overture from the richly embroidered all round with a beauera of Floridante. A little be- tiful silver net fringe, embroidered with e six, her Majesty retired, evidently a magnificent plume of feather lame ch fatigued,'having been standing work, embellished with silver spangles rly four hours. The company up the front and centre of the dress; bonot leave the palace till about broidered in plate, silver-work, and

dy, sleeves, and pocket-holes richly eni. ht o'clock.

spangles; the drapery looped up with Among the company present were superb diamonds in clusters. The richCheir Royal Highnesses the Princess

ness and beauty of this dress were exAugusta, Elizabeth, Mary, and Sophia; tremely elegant. Head-dress-diamonds

Princess of Wales; the Duchess and rich ostrich feathers. York; the Princess Sophia of Glou PRINCESS CHARLOTTE OF WALES. ter; the Prince of Wales; the Dukes -A frock of pale blue patent net, emYork, Clarence, Cumberland, Kent, broidered in silver, with a light elegant nbridge, and Gloucester; the Arch-border of the same. ops of Canterbury, York, and Tuam; Gentlemen's Dresses.-PRINCE OF Lord Chancellor; the Lord President Wales.-Field-Marshal's uniform. the Council; the Lord Privy Seal ; DUKE OF YORK.-A ditto. first Lord of the Treasury; the Mas

DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE.-Scarlet dress General of the Ordnance; the First coat, richly trimmed with gold lace, to d of the Admiralty; the President of the Second Foot Guards. Board of Trade ; the three Secreta

On account of the continued defiof State; the Chancellor of the Exquer; the Lord Chief Justice of the ciency of his Majesty's sight, he did irt of King's Bench; the Lord Chief not appear in public on this occatice of the Court of Common Pleas; sion, though his constitution is exLord Chief Baron; the Speaker of tremely vigorous, and his health House of Commons; the Secretary good. War; the Lord Chamberlain ; the

ILLUMINATIONS.--His Majesty's d Steward of the Household; the Comnder-in-Chief; the Judge-Advocate; trades-people seemed to vie with each Judge of the Admiralty; the Attor other in the splendour and taste of -General; the Solicitor-General; the their respective illuminations. The ig's Advocate; the Lord Mayor of principal illuminations were at the adon; the Recorder of London; the Subscription Houses in St James's -riffs of London and Middlesex; their street, Pall-mall, and St James's cellencies the American, Spanish, square. G. R. a Star, a Crown, strian, Portuguese, Sardinian, Swedish, and numerous festoons of variegated 1 Sicilian Ambassadors. Dukes-Portland, Gordon, Bedford,

lamps, were every where conspiculufort, Montrose, Argyle, Rutland.

ously shewn. The Opera House Duchesses-Dorset, Rutland, Bedford, made a brilliant display, and the little ufort, Buccleugh, Newcastle. theatre in the Haymarket displayed Ladies Dresses.- HER MAJESTY.-A its usual taste. Astley's Amphi.

theatre, the Circus, Sadler's Wells, and tastefully fitted up for the oce &c., were not deficient in their usual sion, where his Majesty's health attractions : G. R. a Crown, the drunk, with a number of other loy Rose, Thistle, and the Shamrock, and constitutional toasts, accomp were displayed with their accustom- nied with appropriate tunes, by ed good effect. The Yellow Fever band of the first regiment of Roy Remedy Warehouse, at Charing- Edinburgh Volunteers. cross, was very beautifully illumina In every part of the united kin ted.

dom, the inhabitants testified the At Edinburgh, on Sunday, in ho- joy upon this occasion by suitat nour of his Majesty's birth-day, the demonstrations of loyalty and aff royal standard was displayed, and at tion to our beloved king. noon the great guns were fired from ANTRIM.-On Thursday nig! the Castle and Leith Fort. The the 1st of June instants betwe ships in the Roads fired a royal sa twelve and two o'clock, four priso lute at one o'clock. On Monday it ers escaped from the county of A was celebrated with the usual demon. trim jail, Carrickfergus, in a ma strations of loyalty and affection by ner not inferior to any of the escap which the inhabitants of Edinburgh effected by the celebrated Bari ever testify their regard for their be. Trenck. They were confined in tr loved sovereign. At twelve o'clock separate cells, two in each, att the first regiment of Royal Edinburgh usual hour, nine o'clock. With t Volunteers, commanded by the Right assistance of a gimblet and penkmit Hon. Charles Hope ; the Mid-Lo. they cut the wood case of the do thian Artillery, commanded by Ma over the iron bolt, so as to introdu jor Brown; and the Prince of Wales's the finger, and shoot the bolt : ! Loyal Edinburgh Volunteers, com- this means they got into the passaçı manded by Lieutenant-Colonel In they had yet four doors to open b glis, were brigaded in Bruntsfield fore they could get into the yari Links, under the Right Hon. two of them they opened in the ma Charles Hope, when, after having ner above stated; but the third, toi performed several evolutions, three inches thick, and studded with iro volleys were fired in honour of the

was so effectually secured, that it day. The brigade was inspected by sisted every effort. They had now ri Lieutenant-Colonel Gillon, Inspect- course to a most singular metho ing Field-Officer of the district, who By some means or other they lighte expressed himself highly gratified a fire, by which they heated piece with the appearance of the different of an iron hoop and the bar of regiments. The Berwickshire and grate, and by this method actuall Aberdeenshire regiments fired three burned the door in two pieces

, a volleys on the Castle-hill. In the completely as if cut by a saw. Ha evening, the Right Hon. the Lord ving now got into the yard, the Provost, Magistrates, and a great carried out their two wooden bed number of the first characters, a-steads, and placed them, one on the mong whom were the Duke of Buc- other, against the wall of the yard cleugh, Lord Melville, Sir Edmund which is near forty feet high: they Nagle, &c., assembled in the Parlia. then fastened the blankets of the ment House, which was elegantly beds together by whip cord : +

d of the blanket they fasten- arising from so benevolent an institu. old iron grating, which they tion were calculated to inspire. At

in the yard, and threw the the commeucement of the corporaset and grating over the wall, tion, its capital did not exceed 10001. ing hold of the other end, and The annual expenditure of the Sohat means gained the top of the ciety at present amounts to nearly - and got clear off.

40001. The directors have also ef. s the prisoners were effectually fected, for the benefit of the Highred over night, and their opera- lands, a complete translation of the

conducted without the least Scriptures into the Gaelic language. ?, na possible blame can attach This beneficent undertaking was bene keeper of the prison.

gun upwards of forty years ago. Beh.-CENTENARY ANNIVERSARY sides the establishment of missiona. he Society IN SCOTLAND FOR ries and catechists in the Highlands PAGATING CHRISTIAN Know. of Scotland, the Society, in terms of GE.--This respectable Society its original patent, has, by means of commenced in 1701, by a few funds specially appropriated for the ite individuals, who met in Edin. purpose, established foreign missions, sh, as a Society for the reforma- chiefly on the continent of North of manners, and formed the no. America. On the whole, there is design of establishing charity perhaps no institution which has ever ols in the Highlands and islands had so powerful an effect in promoicotland. Their exertions soon ting religion and virtue, as well as cted public attention, and they civilization and comfort, in the most - enjoyed the countenance of the neglected regions of our native land, eral Assembly, and the aid of the as this truly excellent society; and wn. The date of their royal pa. its affairs have uniformly been con. , constituting a certain number ducted with a union of zeal and of ne subscribers into a corporation, liberality which confers upon its suce 25th of May, 1709, old style ; cessive directors the highest honour. ering to the 6th day of June, 7th.--The following

advertisement style. One hundred years, there has been published at Rouen :—“A - from that date are completed on considerable number of Austrian prianniversary. On this occasion, soners of war being arrived in France, kcellent discourse was preached his Majesty is desirous that, far from e the Society, in the High being a burden to the state, this cir. ch of Edinburgh, by the Rev. cumstance may be a means of giving

Henry Moncrieff Wellwood, fresh activity to the manufactories, 1., from Colossians, iii, 9, 10, 11, and supply the wants of agriculture. -h, as usual, was printed. Some . There shall be placed successively at Hemen came upwards of forty the disposition of the prefect 2000

to attend the centenary. After prisoners, who shall be sent into this je service, the Society dined to. department in detachments of 50 men. er at Oman's ; the Right Hon. The agriculturists and manufacturers I Napier, his Majesty's commis- who should desire to obtain some of fir for the church of Scotland, in those prisoners will present them. Chair. The Society spent a most selves to the mayor of their commune, eable day, such as the feelings who will receive their declaration as

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