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The following view of some of the most important moral in

stitutions in operation at the present day, whose professed object is the promotion of the best interests of mankind, consists entirely of statements of facts without comment.-Those who may not conceive all these institutions advisable, will certainly not be unwilling to examine their operations.


British Naval and Military Bible Society, formed in 1780.

Object.--To distribute the Scriptures among the sailors of the navy, and soldiers of the army. * In the progress of this institution, a vast number of Bibles and Testaments have been distributed agreeably to the original design ; and their good effects have been seen and acknowledged by many, Some of the captains in the navy state that corporal punishments have almost entirely ceased to be necessary on board their ships, since the introduction of the Bible, and that they have found by experience, that those men who read the Bible most, are the most courageous in battle.

From the last Report of this Society, the Committee state, that the call for Bibles during the year, by the soldiers and sailors bad been greater than their funds could supply ; but that they bad distributed 13,142 Bibles and Testaments.

Note.--The compiler being much occupied, this Appendix is prepared by another hand.

British and Foreign Bible Society. Tais magnificent institution was formed at London, March 7, 1804.

Object.To promote the circulation of the Scriptures in some of the principel living languages.

The sphere of its activity.--1st. The United Kingdom of GreatBritain and Ireland, and the European Continent, and afterwards in remute regions.

Each subscriber of one guinea annually shall be a member. Twenty pounds subscribed at one time makes a member for life.

The amazing rapidity with which the influence of this society extended, from the first year of its institution ; the greatness of its exertions, and the vast number of Bibles and Testaments it bas distributed among different nations, and in different languages, bas given it a name and rank nearly unrivalled among the religious institutions of the age. All we can do here is to give the principal results of its operations.

The following are the foreign countries or parts, where the British and Foreign Bible Society have enoouraged Bible Societies, either by pecuniary aid, or by example: Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Wirtemberg, Prussia, Poland, Saxony, Hanover, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Russia, Livonia, and Holland.

In most of the countries or circles above pamed, several distinct Bible Societies have been formed ; So that the whole number of us parent Bible Societies in Europe amount to about ninety. In Asia the British and Foreign Bible Society have five auxiliary societies; in Africa, two; in America, one, viz. that of Nova Scotia, which has at least fifteen branch societies. In the West Indies two. This Institution bas within the British dominions 729 Auxiliary and Branch Societies independently of Bible Associations.

The British and Foreign Bible Society has printed, or aided in the printing, or circulation, of the Scriptures, in part, or in whole, in one hundred and twenty seven different languages, or dialects.

In the 18th Report of the Society (1822) it is stated, that the foreign societies, aided by the British and Foreigo Bible Society, bave increased their issues from 739,045 bibles, to 830,955, and from 721,736 testaments to 361,377 ; these make a total of 1,742,332, and show an increase in the course of the year, of 141,910 bibles and 140,000 testaments. The total number issued on acoount of the Society, at home and abroad, bas increased from 1,307,044 bibles to 1,433,823 ; and from 1,963,118 testaments to 2,130,151 ; mraking an increase during the year, of 126,779 bibles, and 166,033 testaments, and a total of 3,563,974 copies.

The total issue of books from the beginning of the society, have amounted to no less than six million fifty-six thousand three hundred and six copies of bibles and testaments.

The expenditure for the eighteenth year (1822) was 401,977 dollars. The total expenditure of the society during the eighteen years since it was framed, is four million four hundred and thirty. eight thousand seven hundred and thirty-six dollars.

Swiss Bible Societies. The German Bible Society at Basle was instituted in 1804. From the presses of the society at that place there had issued during the

year preceding the last report, 9987 French and German Bibles, 700 psalters of the Protestant version, and 3606 testaments.

The Bible Society at Bern in Switzerland, was instituted in 1814. Since it was formed it has issued 15,667 bibles and testaments. The poor, it is said, hare shown the most affecting emotions of gratitude for the gifts of the society.

The Bible Society of Lausanne and Neufchatel have lately printed an edition of 10,000 copies of the revised version of Ostervald's Bible.

Hibernian Bible Society, formed in 1804. The last report of this society states, that during the past year 26 new auxiliaries had been added to it, making the total number of Bible lostitutions in connexion with it, 13.

The issues from the depository of the society during the year have been 8701 bibles, and 11,964 testaments, making a total of 20,665 copies. The amount of receipts for the year were 25,240 dollars.

Connecticut Bible Society, formed in 1809. Object.–To aid in distributing the Holy Scriptures, without note, or comment, to such as need Christian knowleuge.

The last Report of this Society states, that during the year ending in May, 1823, the Society had distributed 2047 Bibles.' The num her distributed in the state was 577. The number sent out of the stale chiefly to neighbouring states, were 1470. The expenditure for the year was 765 dollars.

Finnish Bible Society, formed in 1812. From the last report of this society it appears, that 3,000 bibles of the Finnish version had been printed during the year from standing types! and that two editions of the New Testament amounting to 11,200 copies had also been finished. A quarto edition of the Finnish Bible was on the point of leaving the press ; and plates for a stereotype edition of the New Testament had considerably advanced.

Wirtemburg Bible Society, formed in 1812. This society is patronized by the King. From the report of 1821, it appears that the society bad sent abroad during the year, 2162 bibles to various places, and that there remained in the depository, at the time of the report, 12,438 bibles and testaments.

Russian Bible Society, formed in 1813. Upwards of 200 auxiliary societies are connected with this institution. This society has proceeded with a degree of energy in soine proportion to the vast extent of territory which had a right to claim its exertions. The ultimate publication of the scriptures in more than thirty languages, is an object which at the present time occupies the exertions of its Committee. Already translations of ihe scriptures are advancing in many new dialects; but the most important translation is that of the New Testament into modern Russ, the language of the country. This work is completed, and published. Three editions amounting to 30,000 copies have been printed. Great effects are expected from the prompt and energetic measures

pursued by this national institution. This society at the end of the seventh year bad printed ninety-one editions of the Bible or of parts of the scriptures, in twenty-six different languages, to tye amountof 411,000 copies.--lp the course of its seventh year it had issued 68,539 copies.

Prussian Bible Society, formed in 1814. This Society enjoys the patronage of the king. From the last report (1822) of the Central Society at Berlin, it appears, that since its first establishment, it had brought into circulation 58,241 Bibles and Testaments.

This society has 40 auxiliaries, which circulated during the year previous to the report 20.593 bibles and testaments.

Norwegian Bible Society, formed in 1814. This society is under the patronage of the King of Sweden. An edition of 6000 copies of the New Ķestament has been printed by this society, and is distributing in every part of the kingdom. The disposal of this edition goes on so rapidly that another will soon be printed.

Saxon Bible Society, formed in 1814. Since the formation of this Society, they have circulated 20,000 German and 3000 Wendish bibles ; and 6034 German and 1000 Wendish testaments. At the time of the Report in 1821, this society had in press an edition of the German bible of 1600 copies, also an edition of 5000 copies of the Wendish bible.

The collection in aid of the Society made in the churches, amounted, for the year, to 3212 dollars.

Hambro-Altona (German) Bible Society, formed in 1814.

The number of members of this society by the last account, wee 356. This society has printed, since its formation, 10,000 copies of Luther's version of the bible, and 4000 extra testaments. The sphere of their operations, includes a population of about 200,000 souls.

Danish Bible Society, formed in 1814. The last Report says that Denmark presents an almost unbroken chain of effective Auxiliary Societies, acting in their several districts under the sanction of His Majesty the King. The number of Auxiliaries are 36..

The Sleswig-Holstein Bible Society which labours in the German part of the Danish dominions, has issued during the six years since it was formed, 33,650 Bibles and Testaments.

Swedish Bible Society, formed in 1814. This society had issued according to the last returns 170,000 copies of the scriptures from its presses at Stockholm. Thus society bas its auxiliaries in every part of the kingdom. One of these societies on a late survey of its district, found within its limits 13,900 families which were destitute of the scriptures. Of these 4385 were unable

to pay the full price of a copy, and 4403 incapable of contributing any part of it.

Hanoverian Bible Society, forined in 1814. This society reports that constant applications for bibles and testaments have been made to it, from every province in the kingdom. The whole amount of its issues since its formation, has been 15,027 copies of the Scriptures. This society has about 30 auxiliaries.

American Bible Society, formed in 1816. Object. To encourage a wider circulation of the Holy Scriptures, without note or comment. The only copies in the English language to be circulated by the society shall be the version now in common use. Also to extend its influence according to its abilities to other countries, whether Christian, Mahomedan, or Pagan.,

In the Report for 1823, it is stated, that the society had printed, at their depository in New York, during the year, 23,500 bibles, 21,500 testaments in English ; 7,000 testaments in Spanish. The society had purchased 1100 German bibles, and had received from the British and Foreign Bible Society 500 Spanish bibles. Printed also for the society in Kentucky 2000 bibles. These numbers, added to 268,177 the number mentioned in the last report, make a total of 323,777 bibles and testaments, or parts of the latter, printed or obtained by the society for circulation, since its establishment.

The number of bibles and testaments issued by the society in 1823 was 54,805. The total number of bibles and testaments issued by the society since its establishment, is 248,623. Of the bibles issued from the depository during the seventh year, there were 444 German, 296 French, 335 Spanish, 3 Gaelic, and 1 Welch. Of the testaments 2,343 were Spanish and 712 French,

The receipts of the society for 1823 were 34,724 dolls. and 10 cts.

The auxiliary societies recognized by this institution are three hundred and sixty, of which, fifty-nine were received into union during the last year.

Frankfort (German) Bible Society, formed in 1816., This Society is very active. It has circulated during the five years since its existence, 7,000 Bibles, and 14,000 Testaments. The circulation of Protestant Testaments among the Roman Catholics continues to increase.

British Merchant Seamen's Auxilliary Bible Society, instituted

in 1818. Its object is to distribute the scriptures among the sailors of Merchant ships.

During the year ending at the last Report the society had distributed among the merchant sailors, 1356 Bibles and Testaments..

The total number of Bibles and Testaments distributed in three years was 12,061. In general it is said that the sailors show great apxiety to obtain Bibles.

United Netherlands Bible Society. The last Report of this Society exhibits a detail of facts which demonstrates the growing prosperity and usefulness of this national

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