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Heligious Denominations, &c. T Present State of Religion, &c. and were followed by the Fran- Morrison has long been employciscans. Their success at first ed, at Canton and Macao, with was rapid and extraordinary ; indefatigable labour, in instruct. but their imprudence (as is asing the natives and translating serted) brought on a persecution the Scriptures into the language which lasted 40 years, and end of that vast empire. And, have ed in their utter extermination. ing been joined by Mr. Milne, Population, 25,000,000. Gov- the great work of the translation ernment, absolute monarchy. has been completed. Though

the missionaries may not be alTHIBET, or TIBET. lowed to penetrate to the interiThe worship of the Grand or of the empire, they find Lama is the established religion means, by the assistance of the (see Thibetians) mixed with va natives, whose curiosity is much rious shades of Paganism. Pop-excited, to convey the scriptures ulation 2,000,000. Subject to and religious tracts into many of China.

the great provinces. There are, already, five missionary stations, and nine missionaries, connected with which are thirteen schools. The gospel is occasionally preached in Chinese and Malay. Upwards of 150 thousand Christian publications have been printed, besides many copies of the Scriptures.

INDIA beyond the Ganges, in

INDIA. cluding the Birman Empire, The Baptist Foreign Mission Malaya, Siam, &c.

Society of this country have a The Birman and Siamese mission at Rangoon, in the BirHindoos, are disciples, not of man Empire, in connexion with Brahma, but of Boodu; but the English mission at Seramthe Malays are chiefly Mahom-pore. This is conducted with etans. Some Dutch and Por- prudence and great persevertuguese settlements exist in dif- ance. And, though the obstaferent parts of this extensive cles arising from the sanguinary country.. The Catholics boast despotism of the government, of 300,000 converts in Ton- and the extreme ignorance and quin, and 160,000 in Chochin- obstinate paganism of the peoChina. Population 20,000,000. ple, are great, it has not been Government, chiefly despotic. without success, and its pros

pects are encouraging.

Religious Denominations, &c. Present State of Religion, &c. HINDOOSTAN.

HINDOOSTAN. The native inhabitants are Almost all the existing MisHindoos, (followers of Bramah) sionary Societies have made atMahometans and Persees ; tempts to convert the Hindoos. among whom, about 14 millions The “ Society for promoting are reckoned to be British sub- Christian Knowledge” bas Misjects. The Afghans are sup- sionaries at Trinchinopally, posed to be the descendants of Tanjore, Madras, and Cuddaihe ten tribes of the Israelites lore. The Danes while they carried into captivity, to whom had possessions in the East Ina mission is projected from G. dies, where active in this good Britain. It is mentioned, in work. The Baptists have been some accounts, that there is a particularly successful ; besides considerable body of professing the settlement at Serampore, Christians in the interior of the they have missionaries at Cutwa, country. In the report of Dr. Goamalty, Dinagepore, SaddoKerr, the Christians of St. mahl, &c. in Bengal, and in Thomas are stated at 70, or other parts of India. Calcutta 80,000; the Syrian Catholics at itself is not the seat of infidelity 90,000, and the Roman Catho- as formerly; but contains many lics (strictly so) at 35,000. For hundred serious Christians in all the use of the Syrian Christians, the ranks of society. a Malayan version of the New The Missionary Society (of Testament has been lately print. London) has missionaries in Vied at Bombay.

zigapatam, Madras, Ganjam, For the religion of the natives Bellary, Chinsurah, Oodagerry, see Hindoos and Yogeeys. The &c. The Society for missions forms of government are various, to Africa and the East have also but chiefly monarchical. Pop-two or three missionaries, with ulation 100,000,000.

native readers and catechists ; and there are perhaps among all the Societies, nearly 100 per

sons engaged in the instruction Tof 100 millions of inhabitants !

The United Brethren had a Mission in the neighbourhood of Tranquebar, and attempted one in the Nicobar Islands, but both have failed.

An Auxiliary Bible Society has been formed at Calcutta to co-operate with the Society in London, and with the Baptist


Religious Denominations, &c.

T Present Scale of Religion, &c. missionaries, in translating and printing the scriptures in every considerable language of the East ; and great progress has been already made in this im. portant work. The American mission at Bombay, with branches in the vicinity, was established in 1814, and has been conducted with great prudence and fidelity. It has sustained severe trials from the ravages of disease, but has been favoured with much success. Great exertions are made for the instruction of native children, and the missionaries have more than a thousand in their schools.

ASIATIC_ISLES, Ceylon, Celebes,

ASIATIC ISLES. Borneo, Java, &c. | The London missionary society Pagans and Mahometans, with has 3 missionaries at Batavia, the an intermixture of European set- capital of the Isle of Java, under tlers of various nations. The in- protection of the British governhabitants of Amboyna, a Dutch ment, one of whom is invited to settlement, were in 1796 more Amboyna, the chief of the Mothan 45,000, among whom were lucca Isles. Here many Chinese nearly 16,000 protestants, and reside, and others trade, by about 25 Christian chapels. The whom it is expected Christianity native religion of Ceylon is the may be carried into the heart of same as that of the Birmans ; be- China. The same society has sides which it is said to contain two or three missionaries in Cey100,000 protestants, a great num- lon, and the Baptists one. The ber of papists, and in the whole Methodists have also very reabout a million and a half of in- cently commenced a mission in habitants. Population 20 mil. this island, and all have been lions. Government chiefly des- very favourably received. A potic.

bible society was formed at Co-
lumbo, in this island, 1812.-
The American mission at Cey-
lon, established in 1816, is in a
very prosperous state. It occu-
pies several stations, and has not
less than 800 adults and children
in its schools. A physician and
a printer are attached to the mis-
sion. A considerable portion of
the natives of Ceylon and some
parts of India are able to read.

Religious Denominations, &e. T Present State of Religion, &c. AUSTRALASIA.

AUSTRALASIA. Under this term are compre

NEW SOUTH WALES. hended the vast and innumera | At Sidney Cove, in 1809, the ble islands of the South Sea.

population amounted to between

8 and 9000, and has been gradNEW HOLLAND.

vally increasing. The gospel is Geographers are not yet pre

cot preached by Mr. Marsden, Chapagreed whether to call this a con

lain to the Colony, and Schools tinent or an island, or several ad.

opened under his patronage. jacent islands ; the whole length

Several of the missionaries sent being 1960 miles, and its breadth

I to the South Seas have occasion1680, which is nearly two thirds

ally resided and preached here ; the size of Europe, besides the

schools have been opened both surrounding islands. The ori. / for the Europeans and natives, ginal inhabitants are made of and one of them has met with two or three races, and in the very encouraging success in his Towest state of barbarism. In attempts to teach the latter, who 1770, Captain Cook took posses

| prove far more docile than was sion of the eastern coast in the

expected. name of his Britanic Majesty, and called it New South Wales, and here a colony has been set. tled, at Sidney Cove, chiefly formed of convicts from Great Britain. Dr. Carey estimated the population attwelve millions ; but I can find no authority to justify such a calculation ; the coast is thinly peopled, and great part of the interior perhaps uninhabited. Van Dieman's Land, formerly supposed a part of New Holland, is found to be a separate island. On mature consid- | eration I cannot rate the whole population at more than four millions.

NEW ZEALAND, New Guinea,

NEW ZEALAND. New Britain and Ireland, &c. | An island (600 miles in length

New Zealand is the most con- by 150) has been lately made a siderable island in this neigh. I missionary station, by the Church hourhood, heing about 600 miles Society for missions to Africa in length, and 150 broad. The and the East. others are inferior islands, differ. ing greatly in population, but the whole probably not exceeding 1,000,000.

*** Religious Denominations, &c.T Present Stale of Religion, &c. POLYNESIA, Pelew Isles, La

OTAHEITE. drones, Carolines, Sandwich This is the only one of these Isles, Marquesas, Society Isles, islands on which a permanent &e.

mission has been established, afAfter all that Navigators have ter the perseverance of more than said, I dare not reckon the in- | 20 years. The king himself has babitants of these islands at made a profession of Christianmore than the preceding. Pink-lity, though not a very honourable erton remarks that navigators one ; schools have been estab. have overrated them at least ten lished to instruct the natives, to one.

particularly their children. A

Christian church has been formMarquesas, Society Islands, &c. ed among the natives of Otaheite,

This is proved to be the case and civilization may be expectwith Capt. Cook : and it is not ed to advance rapidly. Missionlikely that either Forster or La aries are solicited for some of the Perouse were more accurate. other islands. On the whole, no Otaheite had been rated at 160,- Pagan country in modern times 000. The missionaries found has been Christianized with more it to contain little more thar success, than the islands of the 16,000. On the other hand, Mr. South Seas. Pinkerton, who makes this remark, has been quite as much mistaken in under-rating the population of some other places, particularly the Cape. I take The population collectively at 1,000,000.

! Barbary,


AFRICA. States of Babary. Mahometans, with a considera- Christianity can be expected ble number of Jews ; but few to make no progress in these Christians, excepting what are states while the system of Piracy in a state of slavery. Population is tolerated, and every Christian 3,000,000. Government, des. I made a slave : but it is hoped potic.

the restoration of peace in Europe, will lead to the suppression of this system of cruelty and violence.

North Western Coast.

Western Coast This district comprehends al Towards the end of the last great nuinber of independent century a Company of Benevotribes or nations, as the Monsel-lent persous, in this country,

inines, formed a settlement with a view

to the civilization of Africa and


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